Spotted: Heidi Klum and Lou – Shopgirls!

03/29/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Heidi Klum steps out with her littlest lady, 17-month-old Lou Sulola, while furniture shopping with family on Saturday in Brentwood, Calif.

The model says she and husband Seal try “to not curse or say potty words” when around kids Lou, Johan, 4, Henry, 5½, and Leni, 6½.

“I’m not saying I’m a saint by any means,” Klum, 37, explains. “When we’re at home, my husband and I try our best to make sure our children are proper and have good manners.”

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Sidjazz on

What a lovely little girl, she looks just like her sister Leni and her brother Johan.

meme on

what a beautiful little girl.

Shawna on

What a beautiful little girl! She is stunning.

mary on

such a pretty little girl

Scherriea on

She is so cute..she is like the mini version of Johan…so beautiful..she is gonna be a knock out!

Grace on

That is a gorgeous little girl. Seriously, so precious!

Toya L. on

Miss. Lou is so pretty.

Mira on

She looks like Leni? Ummm… no. I know you’re trying to be color blind and all, but.. no. I think she looks like Seal and Henry.

Georgina on

I dont see anything wrong with saying she looks like Leni. Yes she and Leni have different skin tones, but that doesnt mean they dont look alike. I mean they have the same mother, therefore half the same genes. AND people commented on how much Tom Cruise and Connor looked alike and they dont even share DNA!

I think she is an absoloute mix of everyone! I can see Seal and Henry in her, and Heidi, Leni and Johan too. Johan and Leni seem to have Heidis eyes and I think Lou does too.

B.J. on

I can see both of her parents in her, she’s a cutie!

Alli on

What a pretty little girl! I think she looks like a mix of both of her brothers.

mae on

Well, the reason she doesn’t look like Leni is because Leni looks exactly like her biological father, and not very much like Heidi (other than her coloring), while Lou looks like Heidi with Seal’s coloring.

Nella on

Awww Lou is a cutie pie! I think she looks like a combo of both of her brothers! She’s just adorable 🙂

Jen DC on

I think she looks more like Johan, Leni and Heidi than she does Henry or Seal. We’ll see how they all turn out as they grow, tho.

Mia on

She looks so much like her father in this picture-but usually she looks a lot like her mom.

Jill on

She’s a cutie! I think she looks like Johan’s twin! Lou and Johan are a good combo of of Heidi and Seal. I think Henry and Leni look the most like their (biological) fathers.

Toya L. on

I agree with the posters saying Lou looks like Heidi, Johan and Leni but in some pics I can see Seal and Henry too.

JM on

yeah don’t see leni at all, she is definitely a cutie though!

JMO on

I think she’s a nice mix of all them. A little Henry, a bit of Johan and Leni. Very cute!

Capri on

Soooooo precious, wow!!

Indira on

Yeah I gotta say, she looks nothing like leni to me and a lot like Henry.

fuzibuni on

Lou looks like Lou.

It always bugs me when people try to dissect a child’s features and dna.

Alice on

Really? I think it’s wonderful to see how children are similar to their parents and siblings yet have their own unique looks.

Mira on

Of course, she COULD look like Leni. She just doesn’t.

Shannon on

I think she looks JUST like Heidi and Johan. What a cutie.

Sydney on

Awww, she looks like a littler, darker version of Johan.

Toya L. on

She looks like Leni? Ummm… no. I know you’re trying to be color blind and all, but.. no. I think she looks like Seal and Henry.
Keyword I just because YOU don’t see Leni or anyone else in her beautiful face but Seal and Henry doesn’t mean others do. If we all saw people the exact same then we would unanimously agree on who is attractive and unattractive. I will say AGAIN looking from my OWN eyes, to ME she is a combination of everyone.

Jacqui on

Anyone know who makes that sweatshirt on Heidi Klum?

jessicad on

She’s precious, love the hair!

Allie-Rose on

She’s adorable! She looks a lot like Johan

Miss Ann on

Heidi, Please comb Lou’s hair. It looks very tangled and unkept. Besides she is a little girl that should be having burettes and ribbons in her hair at this stage.

Christine on

Biracial babies are a perfect example of our progression in this country.

JM on

miss ann don’t be ridiculous. little girls should have burettes and ribbons? what is medically necessary is it?

Miss Ann on

@ JM – Who said anything about it being medically necessary for a girl to have ribbons? That hair is tangled and unkept. Heidi combed her hair when she left out her home. Comb Lou’s hair also. You should comb your hair too when you go out in public. And IT IS necessary for a girl to have ribbons. Not medically, but necessary. Lou would be look like a baby doll with her hair combed. Hair combing does wonders. She is such a cutie pie.

Jillian on

I don’t put ribbons in my daughters hair. It has nothing to do with her hair, but because she and I don’t like them. Maybe Lou and Heidi don’t.

Allegra on

Miss Ann, what a strange comment. Food is a necessity, clothing is a necessity, hair barettes and bows are NOT necessities.

m-dot on

Lou is super pretty! I think she looks like Seal in a pretty, baby, female, kida way. =)