Baby No. 5 On the Way for Kevin Federline

03/29/2011 at 01:45 PM ET
Seth Browarnik/Startraks

It’s Papa Zao time again for Kevin Federline!

The former backup dancer and onetime rapper is expecting his fifth child this summer — his first baby with girlfriend Victoria Prince, a source tells PEOPLE.

Federline is already a father of four: sons Jayden, 4½, and Preston, 5½, with ex-wife Britney Spears; and son Kaleb, 6½, and daughter Kori, 8½, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.

This will be Prince’s first child.

Federline, 33, and Prince, 28, a former professional volleyball player, have been dating for more than two years.

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EMM on


jordan on

2+ years does NOT equal long time (as stated on front page).

Celebsarah on

One more baby and it will be time to break up! Kevin really set himself up for life by marrying Britney. We all know she’s funding each of his families.

Helen on

He is gross. Someone please start a spay/neuter program for him.

miameows on

that dude does not like birth control, huh?

Stella Bella on

I wish I had something positive to say, but, yeah. Oh, I know- I hope the baby and mom are healthy. There. That’s positive. 🙂

tunit on

neuter him!

Momof3girls on

Congrats!!! I hope they have a nice healthy baby!!

Shawna on

Does no one actually get married before popping out babies nowadays? Babies by three different women? Sorry, I can’t congratulate that.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I hope Victoria and the baby are both healthy.

But yeah, it’s time for a vasectomy for Kevin.

Lis on

How are women even attracted to guys like him? Can someone please explain this to me? And she’s a cute girl! I’m baffled!!! He must be a real smoooooooooooooth talker, LOL!!

Grace on

Oh dear.

@Lis, that was exactly my thought too. Hmmm, a man with four kids (does he pay child support?), by two women, without a real job…Oh yes, having a relationship, much less a baby sounds like a great idea!

Mandy on

Oh, how wonderful…………./sarcasm

anonymous on

Dude, take notes from Bob Barker….help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered! It’s not a contest to see how many kids you can have with different women.
and ladies, who finds this creature remotely attractive? Ick!

J on


Mandy on


Or he’s just really good in the bedroom. Oh wait, look who we’re talking about. Couldn’t be K-Fed. He probably can’t last long with that beer belly. Wouldn’t want him to hyper-ventilate or anything.

Victoria- Congratulations. Let’s just hope your baby inherited your genes and not his.

Mira on

Do Britney’s kids live with him? She lost custody of them during her crazy period and I don’t remember reading that she’s regained it.

Congrats to Kevin and Victoria. I think he’s actually not a bad father to his kids and seems capable of sustaining a good relationship with his exes. I don’t dislike him…

Beth on

If I have trouble about conceiving, I might give him a call.
K-fed seems to have super sperm.

tammy on

I feel like I read this somewhere else a few months ago.

Lacey on

Britney’s footing the bill.

Jennifer on

He is really gross. Slimy-gross. Why is he having more kids? And babies with 3 different mothers? What is wrong with him? I think he is just greasy.

Tee on

Oh dear! I try very hard to refrain from saying anything negative about a pregnancy announcement but I’m not sure this is a good thing!

Anonymous on

Snip snip K-Fed. Please.

Where’s Julie Bowen? She could use that rusty fork again lol.

But seriously someone neuter him. Anyone.

As if he could give his other kids enough attention he has to have another.

Marsha on

I am sorry but does this guy do anything other than breed?!?!?! Three different mothers? That would be fine if the guy was 75 or so (you know, one woman for every 25 years). What exactly does he do to support himself? Oh, I forgot, he knocked up Britt twice! What a nice legacy to have for his sons. Plant your seed and have others take care of/support you.

I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and the baby is healthy. Like most of the other posters, that is about all I can say that is positive.

daniela on

All those baby mamas….so sad.I have a funny feeling there will be at least one or two more. Snip, snip Kev!!

Tammy on

It sure is easy for him to dip his wick when he’s not the one paying for it.

Georgina on

As much as I want to have a go at him, the way he acted when Britney went off the rails wasnt at all what any of us expected. He seemed to really care, if not specifically about her but about his sons, and that IS what a father should be. You look at Halley Berry and Gabriel Aubrey, or Charlie Sheen, or Kelly Rutherford, and really, was it K-Fed who youd expect to behave in a mature way.

Perhaps his “timing” with Shar and Britney was the thing that put us all off of him, I dont no, but the fact that Shar still praises him, and now he and Britney are happily co-parenting says something.

I hope they work together, he does deserve some happiness, and she from what Ive heard, which isnt much, seems nice.


Mira- last I heard, Brit had regained 50-50 custody of the kids. Although, this is certainly not my favorite couple, I hope that everything goes well for all involved.

Erin on

The man is supposedly a good father. No one’s ever accused him of not taking care of or loving his kids. That said, you’d think he’d close up shop by now.

Meghan on

Congratulations and I hope they have a happy and healthy pregnancy and a happy and healthy baby!

Julie on

I don’t like K-Fed but he seems like a great dad. I know these days it’s all about whether or not the man pays for things (kinda sexist but ok) and clearly K-Fed lives off of Brit’s money. On the other hand, she gets to have the freedom she clearly enjoys and her boys are raised in a stable environmnent. Plus those recent little league photos are precious and I know a lot of regular dads who refuse to coach. Also Brit and Shar always say good things about him as a dad so I try not to view him as a no-talent mooch, but as a man who loves and cares for his four kids.

XOshaneavaXO on

Ahahahahahaha….Now Britney Spears will have another mouth to feed. The government won’t let Gay marriage be legal, but they let this clown do as he pleases….make sense? I think not!!

marina on

He does work actually, he has been producing and stuff, I don’t remember correctly now. He is not my favorite person but he do the right thing when Britney went crazy and he has a good relation with both babies’s mamas.

Toya L. on

He really does seem to be a good father and love all of his children. Not on this site but he and Victoria both are always seen with all four of his children. Congrats to them.

Erin on

P.S. – didn’t Marc Anthony do this same thing and not get the same flak?

Synia on

Wow… Congrats!!

(I hope the baby looks like her)

Stella Bella on

Nah, Marc Anthony is a slimy weasel, too. I actually like K Fed better.

Alyssa on

He needs to get neutered.

Mary on

More kids for Britney Spears to support. This guy is not working. He do not take care of the 4 kids he already has. Why do this Victoria girl think he should have another kid he will not work to support. He should have to work then he will not be able to lay around and keep spawning kids.

alicejane on

I’m no K-Fed fan, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard either mother of his children (especially Shar, and she was very public about how much he hurt her) say anything but wonderful things about him as a father.

And I don’t know if Britney has 50/50 custody officially or not, but I remember reading somewhere that with the amount of visitation/overnight visits she has each week, she essentially has them half the time.

Anyway, congratulations to Kevin and Victoria! All the best to them.

stephaie on

WOW he a baby machine and he gain weight good luck.

Nella on

I believe him and Britney share custody now….Personally I don’t like Kevin one bit. Seems like all he does is get women pregnant! He basically lives off of Britney’s money so I have zeto respect for people like that. He just seems nasty to me and I never understood how he got all the women to be with him. As far as Marc Anthony goes and some other celebs that did same things, I don’t respect them much either, but at least Marc had a career as a singer/actor before getting into his marriages and reproducing! Basically the difference is Marc already had fame and money and didn’t necessarily marry someone just so they can support him. Anyways, I hope for this baby’s sake that Kevin and Victoria last and wish them a healthy baby.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations. While K-Fed might not be my favorite person especially since Britney is SUPPORTING HIM!!! Here’s another mouth for Britney to feed ……

But it’s not Victoria’s or the baby’s fault so I wish them the best and hope that Victoria has a safe and healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby.

Whether you like K-Fed or not he does have beautiful children and he does seem to be a VERY hands-on father. He doesn’t get a girl pregnant then take off and leave her like a lot of fathers do.

Mia on

Wow-another baby… long as the baby is happy + healthy, but it just seems like he can’t commit to the same person….3 different women. I hope this lasts-but it doesn’t seem like it will.

Grace-2 on

@Mira: Kevin still has full legal and physical custody. But the visitation schedule is set up in such a way that Britney has the kids with her basically 50% of the time. But, no she does not have any custody. She is still under the conservatorship and therefore is not legally allowed to have custody.

Melissa on

Does anyone know for SURE that he’s not working? Just because he’s not all the internet and on tv everyday doesn’t mean that he’s not working. I’m not saying he is, however everybody seems to be jumping all over him for not working and I highly doubt any of you know him personally or what he does in his life.

As far as living off Britney, he HAS LEGAL custody of the kids, she has a legal obligation to pay child support. How many mothers do you know that live off child support from their child’s father, and goes out and gets knocked up with someone elses kid? Why is this situation(if this is in fact the situation) any different?

He seems like a good dad to his kids, pays support for the oldest 2, and took the high road when Britney had her melt and focused on what the kids needed most, which was a parent and some stability.

I am not a fan of Kevin’s, but it really makes me sick how people are jumping all over him when no one knows what really goes on in his world.

Anonymous on

He’s acting all black and stuff and he’s white. He’s so gangster having so many kids by different moms. Those poor kids.

He needs to go apply at McDonald’s cuz that’s all he’s qualified to do. Oh didn’t he used to be a dancer? Not with that gut.

soph on

Haha! We hear about this the same day Britney’s new album is released. Nice Kevin.

JM on

shawna, britney and kevin did get married, as did ashlee simpson and pete wentz, and christina aguilera and jordan bratman. so what’s your point? it doesn’t seem like marriage is the solution here 🙂

Carrie on

As much as I am not a big fan of his, I must agree with the comments that he acted very maturely after Britney’s break down. He stepped up and took the responsibility as the boys’ father. Even Britney’s own parents acknowledged this. Yes, he is getting child support from Britney, but at least the kids are taken care of by their own dad. Plus,Shar Jackson, despite the fact that Kevin Federline left her for Britney, never said bad things about Kevin. She kept saying he was a good father. I remember him being picture with Shar’s older children from a previous relationship long after they were separated.

Therefore, despite I find him a bit to eager to procreate, I don’t see anthing showing he is not giving enough attention to his four children. So I don’t get why everyone should be bothered by the fifth baby on the way. He is not the first man ever to have five children with three different women. He won’t be the last. As long as he is a good father, he can do whatever he wants to do.

Beck on

I LOVED XOshaneavaXO’s comment. I was thinking the same thing!!!!

Susan on

I can’t believe I’m defending K-Fed or wasting my time to do so.

Whatever he is as a man he redeems himself as a father. He acted clearly in the interest of his kids with Britney when she went coo-coo. And when she got her head straight he worked out joint custody. His first baby mamma also said he was a good father; he spends time with all of his kids and he doesn’t have ideal circumstances.

And he waited two years – this wasn’t something they did off the cuff. So congrats to them.

Marriage doesn’t equal squat. 10% of the population can’t marry in the US and he was married to britney when they had their two kids. He was with Shar Jackson a lot longer without a ring. And with this woman too.

showbizmom on

A baby is always a blessing, and I wish them the best. My question is what is his job? Who pay’s for all these kids? I see some on here say it’s Britney and their marriage, but jeez Louise.come on! I’m sure he’s a nice man and a good father, but what girl in there right mind would look at him and want to be with him? No matter how old my girls get, I would send them away if they bring home a man like him. And yes, a little snip, snip would be a nice fathers day gift for KFed.

Anonymous on

just unbelievable

Doreen on

It must be the good sex he has with these women that attracts them to him! LOL I remember Britney on her show, “Chaotic” talking about their sex life. 🙂

JMO on

Why do people continuously want to have babies with him?? What does he have to offer? Jobless, not very good looking, sure he seems like a good dad, but that truthfully only gets you so far. Whatever!

Sasha on

@Anonymous – I would remain anonymous too if I were an ignorant racist like you!

Amanda on

Do either K-Fat or Victoria have jobs or will this just be another child Britney’s money will pay for? He should get a vasectomy. Also, to the person who stated “doesn’t anyone get married anymore before having kids?” K-Fat probably stands to lose a substantial amount of spousal support from Britney if he did that. He’s a straight up leach. Such a shame that trash like this impregnates woman after woman while other respectable longtime for real couples can struggle for years and never have a baby.

B.J. on

Just in time for Britney’s new album…

Tracie on

So Britney is paying for ANOTHER kid. I don’t knock him as a father. I think he is a good father, but Britney’s money should only go to Preston and Jayden. She shouldn’t be paying tuition for Shar’s kids (which she did!) and now Victoria’s expenses. This is not alimony. This is child support.

kristen on

Not that I am a fan of Kevin at all but I am surprised at the amount of women who seem to have an issue with him because he may or may not have a job. How many of you are stay at home mom’s? Why aren’t you supporting your children financially? These women chose him- not you. He seems to be a hands on dad so what is the issue?

If he were a woman about to have her 5th and may or may not have a job would you still complain and blast her for allowing a man to support his children?

We can assume that the state isn’t supporting his kids- can all of the SAHM’s here say the same??

brannon on

Hmmm. Seems a double standard here. In no way a huge K-fed fan but he seems like a great father and I give him credit for staying out of the spotlight and maintaining a relationship with the mother of his children. He has had more than enough opportunity to go after Britney and has taken the high road. They have been quietly dating for two years … I wish them well.

Indira on

Double standards. So “mother” is the only title a woman needs to have but, a father MUST have a job? Are some of y’all serious. I can’t believe I’m defending this guy but, he mostly stays out of the press and raises his kids. Seems like a decent enough guy.

Momof3girls on

Do you all personally know Kevin or any of his exes or family?? Why all the negative comments? Is he on welfare and living off the government? Is he going to show up on your doorstep with his baby and want you to take care of it? So what that he’s had kids with three women, big frickin deal!!! So many commenters on this site are judgemental and just plain rude!!

Nella on

No double standard for me, I feel the same way about women who live off of their ex husbands money. It’s just not okay, I agree with paying child support, but he needs to earn his own money for his other children and luxuries in life. He hasn’t worked since divorcing Britney and why would he get married again, if he can just keep getting alimony this way…I’ve heard of plenty of people doing this and it’s just wrong to me. He just seems like a golddigger and I don’t respect golddiggers, men or women! Plus it’s just seems very odd that they would announce this on the day Britney’s album comes out, hmmm!

HappyGoLucky on

I don’t respect women who keep getting knocked up by men with money. I don’t respect K-Fed. No one remembers K-Fed spending all his time in Vegas while Ms. Spears was suffering from what appeared to be post partum depression. He didn’t step up to the plate until her complete break down. Now he seems happy to live off child support. He’s the female version of Kim from The Housewives of Atlanta.

Tiffany on

I guess K-Fed’s stint on Celebrity Fit Club a few years ago was wasted.

fuzibuni on

Just what the world needs, another baby Federline 😉

And I have a hard time commending KFED for being “a great father” when he has been seen on the club circuit for years. Yes, it does seem that he spends time with his kids, but isn’t that what people do when they are parents?

With men, we pat them on the back when they don’t abandon their kids after a divorce, as if they deserve some kind of trophy for sticking around.

soph on

omg, Momof3girls, calm down. Who on earth cares if we’re judgmental and rude? Newsflash: this is a CELEB BLOG. Worry about more important stuff.

Rachel on

Yeah… can’t believe I’m defending K-Fed either, but when it came down to it, he was the one that stepped up and stepped in and took care of his children when it really mattered. In the end HE was the one who proved himself the more responsible parent (by a court of law and in the majority of the public eye). .

People rip him up one side and down the other for leaving Shar Jackson when she was pregnant but in every interview Shar’s ever done she said the relationship was over before he left her and that he’s an amazing father to her two children.

As far as money goes — Kevin and Shar both have worked and made money. Kevin has appeared in numerous TV shows and several movies (even small roles pay something), he’s worked as a DJ and both he and Shar appeared on Celebrity Fit Club — and they get paid quite a bit for that I’m sure.

Now in the end, does Kevin get money from Britney? I’m sure he does… but as long as he’s actually using that money to raise their children, who cares? Pretty much any alternative is better than Britney up and losing her mind again.

Lacey on

WOW! You all are jumping on the bash kevin bandwagon… I for one am happy for them, the kids are happy and healthy which is the most important.. And I am sure most of you would be singing a different toon if this was a well known, good looking actor… And I am sure some of yall wouldn’t even say anything about a well known singer who just annouced her pregnancy which is her third and all have different fathers!

Shannon on

Funny how people like Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson can get knocked up by men they’ve only known for a few months, no problem…but Kevin gets bashed for having a child with his gf of 2+ years.

Becki on

I’m so skeeved out by this guy.

Sydney on

Charlie Sheen didn’t get this much grief when he and Brooke announced the twins and she was baby mama number 3!

Although not the most wholesome of characters, K-Fed seems to have done an ok job with his kids, especially when Brit was going through her rough patch.

Melanie on

Georgina–WELL said!

Marie on

Britney has bags of money and sacrificed her young adulthood to marry him and have children. So who cares if she is supporting him? It was a situation that was bound to happen as the marriage broke down and he was only a back up dancer with no money of his own. She got herself into a situation and is literally paying for the consequences!

Grace-2 on

@Tracie: If Britney paid for tuition for Shar’s children (and I’m not sure where you’re getting that information from) then that was her choice, and it’s no one’s business but hers is she chooses to spend her money that way. As for your claim that she is now paying Victoria’s expenses, I have no idea why you’re getting that claim from either, but it doesn’t seem to be grounded in fact but merely wild speculation on your part.

If at any point Britney feels that Kevin is spending child support money on something other than the children then she can take him to court and try to force him to have to prove that he is spending the money of the children. Since she has not done that, she must not be too worried about where the money is going. So why should it be of any concern to you or anyone else?

jessicad on

Well congrats to them! I also hear nothing but good things about him as a father, and he really stepped up when Britney had a rough time. I think most people expected him to do the opposite of what he did, as long as he takes care of his children that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter what we think, they were blessed with a child for whatever reason and I wish them the best. I’m also getting a girl vibe from her, seems like this rumor has been floating around for a bit so maybe we’ll find out the gender soon!

alicejane on

Yes BJ. I’m sure Britney asked Kevin and Victoria to please have a baby at the same time as her album comes out, because she sure needs help with the publicity. 🙂

Di on

I don’t take issue with the fact that Kevin will be a father soon to five kids, but I think having five kids with three different women within the span of a few years is troubling and add to that he does not have job or any recurring monthly income besides the 20k per month he receives as child support.

We all know Kevin was an out of work back up dancer when he married Brit and then he tried and failed at rapping and acting. In addition to the 20k, Kevin received additional money from accompanying Brit on tour otherwise he would not have given his consent for the kids to travel. He’ll probably get paid this summer for going on tour again. I believe Kevin only received one year of spousal because he was only married for two years which is standard. In the absence of the child support, Kevin would be homeless.

Lastly, I do not give Kevin too much credit for stepping up when Brit was on her downwards spiral because that is what responsible parents do just like Shar to care of her two kids full time when Kevin ran off to Europe to be with Brit or when he did not see his children for weeks because he was trying to be a rapper.

Jaedyn on

Well, at least he is getting BETTER (it was 2 y between Kori & Kaleb, 1 between Kaleb & Preston and not even 1 between Preston and Jayden). Notw it is 4.5 (will be 5 once the baby is born I guess)years! Keep up the good work, Kevin! 😉 /sarcasm

Allie-Rose on

Wow! I can’t believe how rude and judgmental some of you are! Seriously, get off your high horses. Yes, the man is having another baby, with another woman, and they’re not married. But it’s not like they met yesterday. Also, whether you like “K-Fed” or not, you have to admit that he supported Britney when she had her meltdown, he stepped up to the plate and did what was good for his children … or, and their mother too! Even while they were divorcing, he didn’t say one bad word about your beloved Britney. He behaved like a man when his sons’ mother was busy feeding the tabloids with her antics. You have to at least give him credit for that and stop seeing Britney as the poor, (ab)used America’s sweetheart that she’s no longer.

Niko on

Time for a vasectomy, Kev. You’re having all these kids and you’re not even working? Who’s supporting them financially? Lemme guess…Britney??

Anonymous on

If you can’t feed the baby, don’t have a baby.

Lola on

Spears won’t take him to court because the money keeps him in line. She spends as much time as she likes with the boys and Kevin doesn’t interfere. If she wants to them when she goes out on tour, she’ll just slip him alittle more cash. Just wait until she tries to regain primary custody.

Finally, of course Ms. Spears is supporting him and his girlfriend. K-Fed is unemployed. He’s living off the child support he receives.

Nicole on

It is believed that Britney pays more than $20,000 a month in child support, plus she also has to pay spousal support to Kevin and he got a settlement from their divorce. He also lives in a mansion, so I’m assuming she would have also bought that so her kids can have somewhere nice to live and she probably pays for it’s upkeep also as he doesn’t work.
So yeah, basically another mouth for Britney to feed.

Dee on

A baby is a blessing and it is appalling that some of you people are so righteous about marriage and what not. Two years is more than sufficient time to know if you want to have a child or not. And as far as I am concerned none of this man’s children live on welfare or suffer. They are being taken care of, if not by him then by their mothers.

Every woman deserves the right to choose who she mates with and this woman feels it is time to pro-create w/ her boyfriend then all the better, their child will be surrounded by lots of brothers and a sister to play with.

Stop being so judgemental and high and mighty because as much as we can all sit behind a computer screen and pretend our lives are perfect we know that’s BS!!!!

Congrats to them and I hope and pray for a healthy and succesful pregnancy and a safe delivery 🙂

h on

i think that picture was taken more than a year ago. He lost weight since then.
am i the only one who’s got the problem with the fact that he had his 4 first children in less than 4 years with 2 different women, that he divorced his first wife when she was still pregnant, that he did the same thing with the second wife just a 3 months after the child’s birth… and not with the fact that he’s having a child with this partner of 2 years?

on marriage before babies: can someone please explain to me how a simple piece of paper and a ring give the right/ ability to have a child???

Ashley on

Hope it’s a girl! ;–)

momof3girls on


Exactly…worry about more important stuff…like showing kindness and understanding and what’s going on in the world…that’s my point…and I don’t need to calm down…thanks anyway

paula on

Just because he might be a good father doesn’t mean he should have MORE kids. Maybe he should continue being a good father to the 4 kids he already has and not create a new family that will take his time and energy away from those kids that are already here. Oh well, I guess it’s too late for that.

Shannon on

@ h

That might be an old photo but he has gained back most of the weight he lost.

dsfg on

h, Britney was his first wife, not his second, and she left HIM when their second one was young.

H on

I must say that I agree with Georgina, Rachel, and others who have expressed similar sentiments.

Cannot believe this hasn’t been said yet, but I think we should keep in mind that all three of these women had the opportunity to use birth control should they have chosen to. Stop acting as if he is running around raping and impregnating these poor innocent women who had no idea what could happen.

I also wonder if you delve into the lives of people you see on a more frequent basis in your hometowns just to find out how their families and children are provided for financially and emotionally. Get a life.

Tess on

I’d rather Kevin have more kids than Britney have more kids.

Ellen Smith on

He is obviously well-endowed and “talented” in bed. He’s like a drug to these women.

KT on

I agree with Georgina 100%. When Britney had her breakdown, no one expected Kevin to act the way he did. I know a lot of people who were waiting around for him to sell her out and give interviews and talk trash about her but he kept quiet and gained custody of their kids quietly. The way he gained custody of their kids wasn’t through the media and it doesn’t even seem like it was for him, it was all for the kids and you can’t hate that about him.

He may seem like he’s mooching off of Britney but he seems to genuinely care for his kids and even his exes.

And it’s his life with Victoria now, maybe she’s the one who wants to have a kid with him? Maybe all of the women wanted kids and he didn’t mind for their sake? Why is everyone blaming him? He’s a good father and genuinely likes kids, which we can’t say for some men out there.

Nanny on

Sick and wrong.

annachestnut on

I agree with KT on this one

MARIA fernanda on

WELL done trash,move your a… and go to work, so you can honor your health and feed your kids(stop put weight as well)LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!LOL

Barbara on

How does an EX-rapper and EX-volleyball player afford to raise a baby? Especially when the Ex-rapper has 4 children already… just curious.

Jillian on

I am not a fan of his….but, congrats. I have never read anything negative about him in regards to him as a parent. Both of his ex’s have said great things about him being a dad. So, he must be doing something right! I don’t remember hearing about him not paying child support or being a deadbeat dead. I actually remember hearing about how he stepped in and picked up the slack when Brittney went through her breakdown. He has worked, so I am guessing he still is working.

There are many celebs (yes…he is one), who also have multiple kids by multiple men/women and don’t get slack. Not sure why some are giving him slack.

Heather on

2 words… snip snip

Ariannae on

K-Fed is ew to me personally, but each to their own. As a father he seems to be doing his job, you hardly see him and the kids in pap photos; unlike with Brit, it’s a photo OP.

K-Fed may not be attractive to most of us but he surely doesn’t deserve to be bashed wrongly. He seems to be doing right by all of his children, and in the end isn’t that what counts?

What does being married have to do with anything these days? A piece of paper and some jewelry does NOT guarantee that you are a good parent. There are plenty of married couples where the man doesn’t fulfill his job as a good father, and unmarried couples with children that do well, so pulling the married/non married into this is moot point.

Healthy Happy children, isn’t that what any parent ultimately hopes for? His personal life is his personal life, how many of you have had relationships that worked out the very first time? If that were the case we’d all be married by the age 5 with our very first crushes.

Rebecca on

I’ll bet if a gorgeous, educated, famous actor were in the same position, the naysayers would be offering their sincerest congratulations. Would you say this about Elizabeth Taylor (who had children with three different men?) I think not.

soph on

@mom: could have fooled me. Perhaps lay off the “!!” then.

Becky on

Have no problem with them having a baby together, just think that five is enough for anyone..As for Britney “paying” for this child, is that really anyones business but hers? A lot of people on here are right, he really stepped up to the bat when Brit went loco, and all you ever hear from her or Shar is how wonderful he is as a Dad, so again, if she wants to fork over money for this child, let her…

Trudy on

Way can’t these celebrities use some birth control? I think the women are getting pregnant so they can ‘snag’ the guy and/or get support for the rest of their child’s life. They are only sending the wrong messages to our young people who have babies out of wedlock. The young people can’t afford to have nannies and babysitters to take care of their babies the way celebrities do. Look how many are on welfare. Celebrities should contribute more money to the welfare system so we taxpayers done’t have to pay out of our incomes.

jessicad on

Maybe SHE wanted a child since she doesn’t have any, nobody said this was an accident. They’ve been together a few years

Jenna on

Not like Britney will be forced to give him more money because he has another kid… she is technically only responsible for her own two children… and if they share custody… im not seeing why she should have to pay him at all… Sorry but if my ex husband had kids before me, its not my job to support them… its his

Nelly on

Wow congrats to both of them…Kevin its time for u to dust of them dancing shoes cause baby # 5 is on its way..

Rachel on

K-fed did make around $200,000 in 2010 for appearing on the celebrity fit club (between what they’re actually paid for being on the show and being on the winning team) — that’s more than a lot of deadbeat dad’s EVER make.

Also, Britney made approx. $45 MILLION dollars last year… if she pays Kevin the reported $25,000 per month for child support, then she pays him $300,000 per year. POCKET CHANGE! If I made that kind of money and wanted my children well taken care of when they were in the care of their father (the man she CHOSE to marry and then CHOSE to have children with and then CHOSE to divorce) I sure as heck would be willing to pay what it took to make sure they were being well taken care of that 50% of the time — or more than 50% of the time for the period that she lost custody.

It’s funny really… I can pretty much guarantee that not a single person here would be looking at this situation this way if K-fed was the woman in the relationship. Any woman could go out and get remarried… and her new husband could make tons of money and pretty much everyone would still expect the man to pay child support. It’s sexist to think it shouldn’t be the other way around when the woman is the breadwinner and the man is a mutual part of the children’s lives.

Has anyone ever stopped to think that Britney may be perfectly content with the fact that Kevin doesn’t work and can be home with their children when she can’t be? Maybe Britney doesn’t want him to work. And maybe she offered to pay him to come on tour because that’s what she wanted him to do.

adri on

Off topic but I am almost certain that after the Britney Spears’ breakup he said he is going to lay off the blonds. I guess he changed his mind.

adri on

In fairness Rebecca, Elizabeth Taylor gave birth to two children by two different men, and one of her children was adopted. I wouldn’t compare her to Kevin Federline, ridiculous.

Grace-2 on

@MARIAfernanda: I’m just curious. Who are you addressing your screams to “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE.” And that’s a sincere question because I can’t figure out who you’re addressing with that.

laurelcanyonfashionista on

well, i can’t believe i am defending kevin either- but he really does seem to be a good dad. wish them the best and leave it at that. he makes gorgeous children!

also- i don’t know but part of me thinks that the reason he won’t get remarried is b/c his support level might decrease if he does get married again? could be totally wrong on this…but just my first thought.

Lauren on

There are so many methods of birth control out there these days. He is just rediculous. I agree, he does need snipped. There’s no way a loser like that can afford to pay child support for 4 let alone 5 kids. He’s probably so dirty.

Allie-Rose on

I miss the days when CBB was actually a blog and comments were actually moderated!

rebecca on

Someone hit the nail on the head. Look at what happened to Kelly Rutherford!! K-Fed is probably the BEST ex-boyfriend/ex-husband ever! Sure Britney is probably paying a decent amount of child support, but honestly, that is MUCH better than having to FIGHT to see your kids!!!! I like K-Fed!!

Grace-2 on

@Allie-Rose: Oh yeah, if only we could go back to the days when people were only allowed to make pointless, inane comments like “How great.”

I don’t agree with the people who are trashing Kevin, but I think it’s ridiculous and childish how so many people are always whining about how they liked CBB better back when 50% of the people were never allowed to give their honest opinion. I wish some of you would grow up and accept that people have a right to have opinions that are different from yours.

Nikki on

Kevin does have another source of income…He pays a paparazzi agency to follow him and his children around.

Look at past photos of the kids with Kevin, they are always taken up close with the kids. He had them take photos at the park(without any other families around ), going grocery shopping(inside the store), christmas tree picking, trick or treating, movies.. etc.
Plus they are almost always of only his children with Britney.
If kevin gets married again, he’ll lose a nice portion of the $35,000 he receives in support. Gross

He may be a good dad, but them again having two nannies can make any person a good one.

Allie-Rose on

@Grace-2 – Before jumping at my throat, why not ask me what I meant? Now THAT would be grown up behaviour. I never meant comments should be moderated so as to allow only positive comments. Actually, on the old CBB, people were actually allowed to post their opinion, even though it was negative (trust me, I DID post a bunch of negative opinions on there that WERE posted), but there’s a difference between being negative and being rude. I don’t like Kevin Federline either, but suggesting that he should be “neutered” or “snipped,” that’s rude and completely uncalled for.

kim on

I wonder if Kevin has ever heard of a condom

Grace-2 on

@Allie-Rose: I don’t feel like asking you what you meant by that. It’s your job to state what you mean in your post. I’m not here to draw out endless details from other people.

And I remember the old days when Danielle (who ran the site) would let negative comments be posted just so long as they were written about celebrities she didn’t care for. But no one was allowed to say anything negative about certain celebrities (Gwyneth Paltrow for instance) who she seemed to like. And when posters were reprimanded if they dared to disagree with Danielle’s millitant pro-breastfeeding stance or if they dared to point out that some women can’t successfully nurse. I don’t miss those days at all. At least now the moderation (or lack therefore) is fair across the board.

Niko on

“In fairness Rebecca, Elizabeth Taylor gave birth to two children by two different men, and one of her children was adopted”

Actually, adri, Elizabeth Taylor had THREE biological children by two different men. She had 4 kids total. Just so you know….

And I agree, comparing K-Fed with Liz is preposterous. At least Taylor had a GREAT career and was working constantly to support her kids, unlike slacker K-Fed who relies more on his ex-wife’s income. I don’t respect men that idle around. GET. A. JOB.!

Niko on

Actually, adri, Elizabeth Taylor had 3 biological kids with 2 different husbands+one adopted girl

Btw, I agree. K-Fed the slacker can NOT be compared with Taylor, an actress who had a GREAT career and was working constantly to support/feed her kids!. That’s preposterous. K-Fed needs to get a JOB, period!

Chris on

Some people shouldn’t even get the fun of reproducing…. YUCK!!!!

Amanda on

I hope K-Fat has put some money away and invested it, because once Britney’s youngest is 18 the gravy train is over.

Lynette on

Well, I applaud Kevin for not taking the easy route of suggesting these woman abort their babies. Afterall he is looking over his children with Brittney and was there when they needed most stability.
Live and Let live people..

Terri on

Congratulations to the happy couple and family.

Anonymous on

certainly a woman user and don’t know how to take full responsibility. settle down and actually have a family or get snipped. seems he getting a woman pregnant every 2nd year. your sick and gross guy, have feelings, we woman are not toys.

Anonymous on

he better stop having kids and all under of the age of 10 years old. 4 is enough federline’s in this world! This relationship probably won’t last and her parents are probably aren’t happy she’s dating him plus having his kid.

gumbo on

I think Kevin is a great dad and I hope he takes care of his kids alright.

dsfg on

Lynette, how do you know he didn’t suggest they have abortions? Do you know him personally?

J on

Reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.