Family Photo: The Stefani-Rossdales – Lunch Bunch

03/29/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Sharpshooter Images/Splash News Online

Family outing!

Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and sons Kingston, 4½, and Zuma, 2½, head to lunch in L.A.’s Little Tokyo after a visit to the California Science Center.

“I’ve been with Gavin for 14 years, and, let’s face it, that is a huge accomplishment,” the No Doubt frontwoman, 41, tells ELLE UK in their April issue.

“I feel so proud of that — it hasn’t been the easiest journey.”

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hillary on

I know the clothing details that are sometimes provided usually pertain to the kids, but I was wondering about the nanny’s superman t-shirt. She has been edited out of this shot, but I saw her on another site and I want that shirt – I collect vintage t-shirts.

Hea on

Is Kingston wearing fur?

Mandy on

Zuma is pure Gwen!

And Kingston is a mini-Gavin.

I hope one day they add a girl to the brood. But another boy would be just fine too. 🙂

JMO on

I hope it’s faux fur!! ….but probably not!

shannon on

I had heard that Gwen herself doesn’t wear fur, so I would assume that she wouldn’t buy real fur for her boys, either.

Kate on

Am I the only person who think Kingston looks like Gwen and Zuma looks like Gavin?

Liz on

Gwen looks hot! I love houndstooth.

Mia on

❤ them!

I think both kids have features of both parents…like smaller similarities, but overall Kingston looks mostly like Gavin + Zuma is definitely his mom's side.

truehurt on

How many animals did they kill for that coat?

Michelle on

I love this picture for so many reasons, but the primary one is that we have actually seen Gwen in that outfit before. Whew!

For some reason, it makes me smiles when I see a celebrity wear an article of clothing more than once.

Tink on

Truehurt I’m pretty sure they didn’t kill any animals for that coat…

Hea on

I hope it’s faux fur. I don’t care how cute you are, if the fur is not actually a part of your anatomy and you yourself are, say, a fluffy bunny, then it’s nothing but abhorrent.

Kat on

I wonder how their child would look if she had a girl? Gwen needs to get on it. She’s 41…

annachestnut on

The kids are too darn stylized.

erin on

I’ve always liked Gwen. She seems like a sweet person in every interview I’ve seen. But I really wish she would quit using her kids like Barbie dolls. I’m sure they show some inclination towards certain things but not to this extent. The highlights, painted nails, mega boots, oversized fur vests. It’s just too much, all the time to be their wishes. And knowing she’s a designer makes it more apparent it’s her dressing them up this way. Yea, whatever, it’s her kids and she can do what she wants. I get it. This is a forum where opinions are placed and I think she’s too concerned with imaging.

lilly on

i dunno the jacket fur thing looks god awful. i cant see why they would allow him to wear that

Amanda on

I’m gonna say that it’s not real fur as Gwen has said in the past that she does not support it!

momof3girls on

Gavin is quite the hottie!! Kingston looks ridiculous with his highlighted hair and fake fur coat/vest. Let him look like a little boy, not like he’s walking in a neverending Halloween parade.

abbyc on

Agreed. I’m sure they are a great family but Kingston looks ridiculous. How embarassing… I see a Willow Smith in the making…

karina on

Can anyone tell me what brand are
the boots that Kingston is wearing ?

Noneya on

Gavin is a MAJOR hunk – Gwen is stunning! Great looking kids too! LOVE this family! They’ve been through a lot in their 14 years together and survived – and that says a LOT in this day and age!

MiB on

Kingstons “fur” looks like the lining of my dads old Barbour coat, ao it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what it was. If you look at it, it looks like it is Gavin’s size. It also doesn’t look heavy or glossy enough to be real fur and, as other people have pointed out, Gwen doesn’t wear real fur, so why sould she buy any for her kids?

RachelfromBoston on

Kate – yep, Kingston looks *just* like Gwen when she was small and Zuma looks just like Gavin did. In this photo you can see Zuma has dad’s jawline, nose & eyes and Kingston has mama’s big dark eyes, Italian complexion and mouth. 🙂

hannah on

Gorgeous kids! I know they have an eclectic style.. but really the kids clothing looks awful half the time. Gwen looks gorgeous as usual.

dsfg on

Isn’t it bad for kids to dye their hair? Dye can damage hair.

Jillian on

dsfg, there is stuff to put in kids hair that is not harmful

Tink on

Dsfg: hair is dead anyway, what damage can it really do? The only concern would be the fumes from hair dye. And we don’t know if his hair is in fact coloured so leave the issue alone.

dsfg on

Tink, I was asking because I didn’t know. I had heard that dying hair can be harmful for children, but couldn’t remember why. But yeah, I think we DO know his hair is dyed; come on, it’s pretty obvious. He has dark roots and platinum tips.

And please don’t tell me to leave any issue alone. I, as well as the rest of the posters, can bring up any issue we want to! 🙂

Ari on

True, hair is dead. However, our skin is the largest organ on our body and the hair dye permeates the scalp skin. So, it isn’t just the fumes that affect us.

Could Gwen be pregnant? Maybe it’s just the way that this dress is falling, but there might be a bump???

Mia on

I would love to see them have another baby-maybe a girl 🙂

And if you see pix of Gwen when she was little-Kingston definitely has her eyes/smile–but the rest is all Gavin.

Zuma looks like he has his dad’s mouth/eyes, but more Gwen.

I love when parents have a mini-me.

Jillian on

Ari, there is certain product that you can put in a Childs hair that does no damage. You also can get highlights during pregnancy.