Willow Smith to Perform at Kids’ Choice Awards

03/28/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Get ready to whip your hair back and forth.

Willow Smith will join the Black Eyes Peas and Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush as a performer at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

“I’m so excited to be performing at the Kids’ Choice Awards,” said the 10-year-old. “Really hoping I don’t get slimed!”

It’s safe to say the show will include lots of slime — and big stars. Presenters include Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Josh Duhamel, Jaden Smith, Sofia Vergara, Nick Cannon, Miranda Cosgrove, Cory Monteith and, PEOPLE confirms, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian.

Britney Spears is set to make a special appearance and funny man Jack Black is hosting for a third time.

Record-breaking numbers of fans — 140 million and counting! — have been voting for their favorites at Nick.com and will find out who walks away with a coveted Blimp when the ceremony airs live from Los Angeles on April 2.

Alla Byrne

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Willow looks cute in this picture she is properly dressed and her side ponytail is age appropriate….but I swear the racist comments are about to begin…….

Not a single person complained about Hillary Duff, Jamie Lynn Spears (until she was pregnant), JoJo, or Hanna Montana (until Miley became buck wild)…matter of fact they were praised for being positive role models for young girls. I don’t understand why people are outraged and spew hateful comments when a young African-American starlet is living out her dreams! The only difference is the complexion of her skin, which I think is beautiful by the way!

Willow keep reaching for the stars, no matter what anyone has to say about it! Have fun a the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards! Whip Your Hair! You ROCK! Even though this blog is about Williow I would like to commend Jalen’s acting skills…he was phenomenal in the “Karate Kid”!

Shannon on

Good for her. Go Willow!

Jace on

Go the hell away, Willow!

Kim on

Wow Erica2, play the race card much?? First off, in response to your unnecessarily defensive comment, how do you know that the other kids you have mentioned had no critics? There is no way you could possibly know that.

Second, I think from what I have seen and read, the reason some people are not liking Willow and Jaden is not b/c of skin color but because her parents have basically handed their kids whatever they wanted at a terribly young age. You want a record contract, boom, you got one with Jay-Z. You want a big movie role? Boom, you got it with Karate Kid. They have not had to work at making it on their own accord like others have had to do — so there is some loss of respect in that sense. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but people are entitled to thier opinions!!!

Furthermore, Willow and Jaden have both made public appearances (Oprah, David Letterman) wherein they acted very arrogant and entitled. And people just plain may not like Willow’s music. Does that mean they are racist?? Heck no…so please give it a rest…


Go the hell away to a 10 year old child…classy and mature Jace..You should make the world a better place and live by your own words Jace!

mypiecesandbits on

Kim, you said it exactly.

Lucy on

Jace- Are you serious? Why don’t you go the hell away!

Jillian on

Kim, perfectly said…..

Erica, racist comments. Sigh…. Just because people don’t like her, that doesn’t make it racist. Get it through your head and stop blaming everything on race.

I am not a fan of this childs. I think she is acting way older than her age and for that I blame her parents. Ever since she get neon yellow waist long extensions in her hair, I have been waiting for it to be posted here. I have every right to say I am not a fan of hers and that she should NOT have neon yellow hair, just as much as people who are fans of hers and who like her hair color and extensions. If you don’t like reading other peoples opinions, then close your eyes.

puna on

ERICA2, you are wrong, noone is being racist. these kids are spoilt. By the way i am African so hey now what?

Toya L. on

If you don’t like reading other peoples opinions, then close your eyes.
@Jillian are you the same person who had something to say about CBL’s posts?

Natasha on

ERICA2, I have a feeling you are the same user (just using a different name) as the one who made comments similar to this on a few other posts – constantly leaving comments regarding race and racism, stirring arguments that hadn’t even started, about a subject as horrible as racism.

It appears you have a huge problem with race and seem to be racist to a degree. I hope you can see past skin colour and learn to accept everyone for their beauty, whatever ethnicity they may be!


@Kim it was Willow’s voice on the hit record not Will and/or Jada…Jayden had to rehearse and perform all of the lines for a critically aclaimed 2 hr movie…not Will and/or Jada. To imply that they have not had to work hard at making it on their own is ridiculous.

Every parent on the planet tries to provide an outlet for their children to express themselves whether it be dance, sports, etc…based on what they can afford. For years, Will and Jada have worked hard in their careers and choose to support their children’s dreams. The Smith’s have the luxury of doing so because they are successful and have millionare friends i.e Jay-Z. There is nothing wrong with giving a child an opportunity to suceed at something they want to do.

When Lindsey Lohan wanted to act…boom her parents paid the money for auditions, an agent, headshots, etc. When Brittney Spears wanted to act and perform boom..her parents afforded her the opportunity to join the Mickey Mouse Club which could not have been cheap and may have resulted from connections they made. When other child stars are interviewed they are witty, confident, and cute but Willow and Jayden are cocky and arrogant…WHATEVER!

Again the only difference between Willow and the other’s is only obvious…call it playing the race card but I just call it like I see it. In the past, any post on Willow has generated 200 comments 190 of them are negative. I have never observed the down right hateful comments directed to other child stars (until they mess up).

If anyone can name a child star that is ridiculed for being dressed appropriately in hip kiddie clothes, singing kid-friendly tunes, and wearing different kid-friendly hairstyles like pigtails and braids please let me know.

Everyone does not have to like Willow’s music but she has a right to make it and her parents have a right to pay the studio fees regardless of what you or anyone else have to say about it. Willow will be livig it up at the Kid’s Chioce Awards while you are sitting at home living an average life.

Keep doing your thing Willow and give the haters something to talk about! Leave this talented child ALONE!


Natasha you are dead wrong try again…I have been only posting under the name ERICA2 for years on this site obviously there are other’s that feel the same way. I don’t have to mascarade as anyone else. It is my opinion and I have every right to have one you don’t have to agreed.

Kim on

It looks like you are the one that has the race issues!! Would you be defending her if she was white or mexican? I seriously doubt it. And you know nothing about my life so stfu. Yes her parents have the right to buy what they want for her but if they are going to be putting her out there then they also are exposing her to criticism.

J on

Wow, of course the first post has to be a loony who feels everything is about race. Good Lord, are people still that ignorant and pathetic?

Jillian on

Toya, I like reading other peoples opinions on the TOPIC, not their interpretation of what a poster means. Either way, I don’t have to agree with them. I would never tell someone to “go the hell away,” because I didn’t like their opinion….that is what someone who can’t handle others opinions would say. Which sounds like someone on this page…………

Toya L. on

@Jillian bottom line, like you said, “people can post what they want to whether it’s adding on to someone else’s, negative or positive if people don’t like it then they can skip the hell over someone else’s post or close their eyes, it’s that simple.”

I’m not CBL and I don’t give a hoot’s a$$ if someone doesn’t like my posts, skip the **** over them then!!

Jillian on

Don’t make up quotes, as that is not even close to what I said. I have no idea what your point is and I don’t think you even know what your point is….My original comment was not to you. My comment was to Erica, as clearly mentioned above. So unless you are her, I am not sure why you are throwing a hissy fit. You brought up CBL, not me.

Diana on

Uhhh Erica I’m African-American and I agree with Kim. As for Brittney, Justin, Christina, etc. at least their parents paid money to get their kids where they are now, unlike the Smiths who used their father’s A-list background. They get everything they want while there are many young actors still trying to get their big break, and instead of being greatful they just act spoiled. This is nowhere near about hating Willow or Jayden because of their color, it’s about their lifestyle.

lizzielui on

All of this venom in a thread about a ten year old performing on a kid’s show? Seriously?

Celeste on

Whenever race is brought into the picture many commenters become defensive (before listening). Perhaps these critics are under the assumption that we are living in a world where race no longer matters but how many make a note of the disparity in entertainment regarding the balance of white and other races, including children? How many Black Hollywood families like the Smiths are there vs. so many other white families who have legacies that go back several generations (like the Barrymores)? I’m white and I’m honest enough to admit that the playing field is clearly not level.

Culture, history and family dynamics are also something to note because in a truly diverse world there would be an open acknowledgement differences among white and non-white (black, Latino, etc.) families. In other words, some would say that Jaden and Willow Smith are arrogant while scholar Robert Farris Thompson would see it as a demonstration of “Itutu” or the “cool” attitude which is common in the African American youth subculture.

How many of you have seen Willow or Jaden misbehave, disrespect their parents or other adults? Jackie Chan had nothing but positive things to say about Jaden and Willow. He was amazed by their confidence, discipline and work ethic. How many have seen the pride in their parents eyes when they perform? I have and I recently saw Will Smith exclaim to the camera, “That’s my baby!” during one of their performances. Those children are working really hard and are not spoiled in the least. They have talent and proper guidance from their parents. It’s evidenced by the way they handle themselves in the spotlight and I’m willing to bet any of you that you won’t see them go the way of some of the white celeb kids/teens in the news recently (Lohan, Cyrus, etc.).

In my opinion, people just haven’t seen celeb kids like Willow or Jaden Smith who clearly represent the best of their family and community. I wish more celeb kids were like them.

Toya L. on

Wooo Hooo, GO Willow, I can’t wait to see Britney. I don’t think EVERYbody who doesn’t care for Willow is prejudice but I will say this, “Let’s say Willow and Jaden got record and movie deals handed over to them because of who their parents are *I think they both have talent but whatever*, ANYBODY who is in the music and movie business will tell you that’s the easy part.” People get dropped daily for not bringing the company they are signed with revenue.

The hard part is successfully maintaining, in other words if Willow’s parents did the easy part and got her a record deal, that’s still not going to MAKE people buy her album, buy tickets to her concerts, follow her tv interviews etc…. *hell look at Jada, if she couldn’t MAKE people buy her records or go to her concerts, common sense should show that she couldn’t MAKE people support her daughter’s* I don’t care how easy the record or movie deals came for these two, NOBODY can say these two do not work extra hard.

Niche on

I believe Natasha was referring to me and my defense of Willow. BTW I’m happy to know you remembered my position when it comes to The Smiths.
And it is true that there is a racial undertone when it comes to Willow and Jaden. People commenting seem to think they had their careers handed to them which isn’t a bad thing, its in their blood. Why not follow in their parents footsteps? Most commenters make it seem as though it would be ok if she were a white child and had these opportunities but she’s a black child and there are talented black celebrities and of course their children share those talents. As adults, we shouldn’t knock the child down, we should encourage and uplift with positivity and words of wisdom.
And to clarify Natasha, I have no issues with race. I simply call it like I see it. I raise my child to be acceptable of all people no matter color but I am a realist as well. You can’t overlook an elephant in a room.
ERICA2 and Toya L. are spot on in their observations of the hatred on this site directed at the Smith children. But its all ok, its just the world we live in.

Go Willow!!

Let me also add… Sure they have a confidence that may come off as arrogant but they also have to have a thick skin and be proud of themselves and their accomplishments thus far. They should have that attitude, they have no reason to hang their heads low and feel bad. They are living every child’s dream.

Niche on

Well said Celeste! Thank you for summing it all up. People reject differences when they should try to understand them. What these children have is unbelievable confidence instead of uneasy feelings like they aren’t good enough in an industry where people of other races dominate.
Will and Jada know what they’re doing and they are doing it right.

Erica2 on

@Kim your stfu comment speaks volumes..just as Jace’s go the hell away directed at a 10 year old…your foul-mouth was immature and shows a complete lack of intelligent vocabulary! In addition, I would defend any child that is being unfairly ridiculed for expressing themselves independent of race, so your comment indicating that you seriously doubt that I would not is of no importance to me. I SERIOUSLY could careless!!!!

@Diana/Puna/& other African-Americans who made the mistake of thinking I was speaking for the entire black race…I was simply stating my OPINION and I don’t need or expect every black poster to co-sign or agree with anything I say. I’m not running for office @ the NAACP.. I was simply stating my observations of what past comments regarding this talented child led me to believe. Please don’t be foolish enough to think that someone has to flat out call Willow/Jayden the N-word to be racist some of the comments IMO would not have not been directed to white children in their positions.

@Diana I am sure Will and Jada did invest and still do spend some of their hard earned money on coreagraphers, acting coaches, agents, etc. they are passing the entertainment torch to their children who gladly seem to accept it..do you honently think Will and Jada would not properly prepare their child for Hollywood they have been around long enough to know what it takes and they have the money to hire the best.

@Puna please name a child of two millionaires that is not spoiled… does Suri Cruise ring a bell? Will and Jada have every right to spoil their child just as other do.

@J, I am far from ignorant pathetic or loony I am a Senior Engineer that earns six-figures with a MBA, both degrees earned with full academic scholarships from esteemed universities. I stated an opinion and supported why I felt that way..

@Jillian, Willow can wear whatever color extensions HER PARENTS buy and allow her to…PERIOD! Her hairstyle pays homage to the 80’s punk rockers that dyed their hair every color in the rainbow. I though it was gnarly then just as it is now! She is not the first child entertainer that will experiment with hair color…Gwen Stefani dyes Kingston’s hair and what is he 4?? I doubt Will and Jada care about what you think THEIR child SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do with her hair.

I believe that Will and Jada can raise their children and spend their money to expose them to things as they see fit. They are raising children that are open to trying differnt things, pursuing their dreams, and are confident to perform for the world to enjoy…which many people do according to the ITune sales and box office receipts.

Continue to reach for the stars Willow and Jayden!!!

Please excuse any grammatical errors/typos..I wrote this in a hurry. I was not going to sit back and take the criticism for simply having an opinion.

Indira on

Yeah, I’m black too( biracial but, whatevs) and I can’t stand willow smith! Her and Jaden come off incredibly cocky which is odd because while Will Smith is corny- he comes off humble and sincere. I’m SURE some people who dislike the Smith’s because they are black, I am not one of them. I dislike(a bit too strong of a word) because she can’t sing or dance yet, she’s an entertainer. If she were modeling, I’d give her props! Because she is beautiful but, her career was given to her and I don’t like nepotism no matter how common it is. For the record, I don’t like Emma Roberts for pretty much the same reason and, she’s white.

Indira on

I’d have more positive things to say about Willow and Jaden if they were in school, getting As and, going to college… because no offense- we aren’t short black entertainers. Lets see some doctors, lawyers, researchers, environmentalists, doctoral candidates…..Those are achievements not flashy clothes and auto-tuned to death songs.

mypiecesandbits on

Indira, those are two wonderful posts and I agree with everything you said 100%.

Celeste on

Indira, Willow and Jaden are in school because that’s the law (who knows about them getting As though) and they’re too young for college. Plus, we really are short of young celebs who are positive role models because of their talent and work ethic. If they were talentless they would not be as successful as they are so early in their lives/careers. Even if they don’t have the staying power of the Barrymores (who definitely have/had issues) they are still positive and that’s a good thing!

Tess on

I’m beginning to think Will Smith has a deal with People mag to promote his kids’ careers.

Amber on

I agree with Erica2. A lot of the comments towards Willow seem spiteful. She is only 10! geesh. Pick on someone your own size.

Celeste on

Thank you Amber and Erica2. These kids are doing positive things, not negative things.

Ebi on

My goodness!!America has a long way to go. Here in Europe we see ALL of the Smiths as role models especially for what a family should look like and be like. The Smith kids are so decent especially with all the celebrity kids that are going or have gone Amok these days (Miley Cyrus,Britney Spears Sister, Lindsay Lohan etc) The smith kids are loved because they not only are talented but so far have exuded good morals. Willow never wears revealing things or age inappropriate things and i personally love the fact that she colours her hair – for her age it is fun. America, you tend to oversexualize children ie miniskirts etc and this child is Always nicely dressed in a fun way. i have to agree with the other posters it is true if you are coloured and you are confident then you are cocky because you “should know your place”. You guys need to search your heart and see where all of this jealousy is coming from. It breaks my heart to see this because it is not about the Smiths having the money because there are lots of people that can also give their children this opportunity, but what hurts is that the Smiths are really GREAT parents and are bringing up their children really well and although this is evident in the children, some people keep attacking them. Wow! how Sad.

Elena on

Are americans always so judgemental? Everytime I meet someone who is from United States they won’t talk to me because i’m russian?? Well to each their own..

Synia on

Well,I dont like her nor her music… but its not my kid.

Cassie on

Get. a . life …. honestly. To get so worked up over a message board ?!?! If that’s your biggest worry of the day, consider yourselves VERY lucky …… put things into perspective.

Kristine on

Wow…. really, just wow. Grow up people, she’s just a child. Whether you do or do not like her music is one thing, but attacking her? Disgraceful. No, I don’t care too much for her song either, but way to go Willow 🙂

Gaia and labans mom on

Its a shame that some of you look to Hollywood for role models. The girl is ten how negative of a role model could she be. Lets see when she turns sixteen. Go look at pictures of Lohan and Cyrus at ten and twelve nothing inappropriate or negative about them.

Ebi, both me and my husband are originally from Europe and I wouldn’t say all of the continent are rooting for the Smith family, that doesn’t make any sense.

Macy on

Celeste since when are Latinos a race? And non-whites for that matter? Latinos can be white, black, mixed, etc… they aren’t a race!

Amanda on

Urgh. There’s nothing worse than self-entitled children, with arrogance and attitude, who get places because of their parents. I can’t stand it. So whilst Willow’s up on stage, torturing the world’s hearing whilst whipping her hair, I’ll spare a thought for the real, talented musicians still slaving away to get noticed because Mummy and Daddy couldn’t put in a good word with the industry big wigs.

Kim on

I’m sick of people saying stop picking on her because she’s only 10 years old, etc. The bottom line is that if her parents are putting her out into the spotlight, she is subject to criticism. IF she can’t handle it b/c she is only 10 years old, then wait until you are old enough to handle it before you come out into the public spotlight.

Indira on


Actually they don’t have to be in “school”. I used to work in the acting/modeling business as a kid and I think the requirement was something like four hours of schooling by a tutor. I was never clear on how that was monitored.


I really really don’t see how they’re positive. There are plenty of black kids doing positive things in their communities that should be celebrated. There’s a girl near me who is trying to get a community vegetable garden started. I know a boy who started a toy drive around Christmas for Haitian relief. I consider those people to be role-model worthy. To me, willow smith is beautiful girl but, not particularly talented or offering anything that warrants her stardom. We’ll have to disagree!

Toya L. on

Willow hosted a skating party fundraiser for her fans called, “Whip Your Skates Back And Forth” the event was free but the donations (that were also matched) helped rebuild Chicago athletic fields. She performed FOR a charity event, she DID a charity concert (one was toys for tots). Willow, along with her older brothers, serves as a youth ambassador for Project Zambi, an organization that supports children orphaned by AIDS. She also joined Alicia Key’s organization, Buy Life, which supports children living with HIV/AIDS in India and Africa.

Going by the few things I’ve named that she’s done that are positive and helping others, I can see why people see her as a positive role model for children. I don’t care who it is celeb, non-celeb but the children of a celeb or a non celeb, “ANYBODY” that is doing positive things for others should be celebrated.

Celeste on

@Macy: On a job application, under the race category what do you see listed? Race may be a social construct but racism is a real social condition. People continue to debate the degrees to which racial categories are biologically warranted and socially constructed, as well as the extent to which the realities of race must be acknowledged in order for society to comprehend and address racism adequately.

@Indira: Tony addressed your concern re: Willow’s effort(s) in her community. She is a positive force and your attacks are unwarranted and, frankly, you have not shown clear evidence of how she is not a positive, talented role model for youth. It’s not about opinion. There is clear evidence that she is a positive young person.


@Indira please read Toya’s last comment…and eats a huge slice of humble pie….Williow has donated her time, talent, and positive energy to uplift several chairitable organizations…Toya, thanks for highlighting some of Williow’s CHARITABLE contirbutions and shedding her in a POSITIVE light, in the midst of all of this negativity that is trying to demean her from pursuing her dreams. Indira in the future please do your research so you don’t have to stick you foot in your mouth again!

It will never be ok for a grown women to verbally attack a child, or in your words subject a child to criticisim I don’t care how you say it, spin it, or fail to attempt to justify it. The audacity of you to say “IF she can’t handle it b/c she is only 10 years old” what 10 year old child can hold their own against verbal assaults from pathetic grown women…if the women had an ounce of tact Willow wouldn’t be put in the position of defending herself against tyraids to begin with! If you have issues take it up with her ADULT parents Will and Jada, criticize their parenting, but leave the child out of it…PERIOD. Learn to pick on someone your own size!

harlow on

Did anyone see her on Oprah? I have never seen a child act more phony/stuck up/entitled in my life and I honestly had never heard any of her songs or anything until I looked into her a bit after seeing her on Oprah. She didn’t impress me at all. Will and Jada should do their kids a favor and encourage them to do something else because they’re not talented.

Kim on

Erica2, excuse me but I am not criticizing her. I am simply saying that IF you put yourself out there for the public to judge, you are opening yourself up for criticism, whether you are ten years old or 50 years old. That’s ALL I am saying so stop twisting my words!!! Every celebrity is subject to criticism black or white, whehter YOU like it or not.

amy on

whew she definitely got her dad’s ears!?

Tee on


Jace, “go the hell away?” Really? You’re saying that to a child? That’s incredibly sad.

Erica2, sorry, but the only racist comment I’ve read here is yours. Way to stir the pot.

I am not a fan of Willow or her brother. I do think that their success strictly comes from the fact that their parents are well known. While I will not support their “careers” by listening to the music or watching the movies, I am also not going to sit here and say ugly things about them. Goodness, they are just children!

Sam on

FIGHT FIGHT!!! Holy, that’s a lot of mean words, Batman!

Willow is cute, but her voice is not. I don’t care about her clothes, she is ‘covered up’ appropriately, so if she wants to look like THAT then no worries from me. I find Willow and her brother spoiled and very forward, which is the type of child that doesn’t appeal to me. “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white”, so end that talk, please.

ReedFla on

Some of you people write novels as comments. It’s exhausting.

Sam on

@ReedFlorida – – BEST post I’ve ever read. Thankyou. Others please take note. Thankyou. hehehe

shan31 on

Stop hating on these kids, they are doing a great job an have many supporting fans. Will an Jada have worked very hard to get their kids where they at, an because you all parents are not as successful an can’t help establish your kids careers in dis way now you got somt 2 say! For all of you who saying you not a fan of Willows or Jayden who cares, yall old people to them anyway, they didn’t create their music for you! I would do the same for my kids if an any good parent would 2. The way the economy is the d^m time!

shan31 on

Haters! Haters! Haters!

dsfg on

ReedFla, it’s only exhausting if you actually read them.

Amanda on

I think Willow is adorable and see nothing wrong with her doing her thing. I competed with my horses through my whole life and now my daughter has followed my footsteps and completes too, and she’s only 8, started when she was 4. And at 8 years old she is a competitive force not to face in the show ring with a natural GOD given talent…does that make a bad parent, not hardly, more like a proud parent.

Sam on

@dsfg – hilarious and too true. I skim through too. lol

nettrice on

Some of you NEED to read more!

puna on

@ERICA2 go away with all your dumb comments and errors! you have too much time in your hands to hurry up and type crap!! I did not respond cos’ i was black i responded cos’ you sounded ignorant! Ignore her guys!!!!

Mia on

She’s 10-that’s the point. I think she is way too young + more importantly the one reason she has a career is because her parents have A-list connections + BAM she has a career. She didn’t have to work for it like a lot of younger/teen stars or other actual artists did.

chris on

There were plenty peeps hating on Rebecka Black too and she is a white kid. My 11 year old isn’t much into Willow, and none of her friends are either…. I think she is a bit mature for them. “I’m the type of chick who likes to rock the beat” is more of something you would expect to hear in a 21 and over club.