Vivienne Jolie-Pitt and Zuma Rossdale’s Painted Nails

03/28/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
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Just when we thought Zahara was the only girlie girl in the Jolie-Pitt family, we noticed Vivienne, 2½, rocking some red nail polish with a pretty dress and sweater while strolling with her family in New Orleans last week.

But as fellow celeb toddler Zuma Rossdale proves, painted nails aren’t just for little girls anymore. Thanks to his open-minded rocker parents — Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale — the trendy 2½-year-old (and his big bro, Kingston, 4½!) are often spotted out and about with fun manicures.

We think the trend is super cute, especially if parents use safe, non-toxic brands like Hopscotch Kids.

TELL US: Do you paint your toddler’s nails?

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Sasha on

I think 2-year olds are too young for nail polish. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t like to see boys wearing nail polish.

Jillian on

so cute

jess on

Angie likes to be provocative, nothing new there. Nail polish on a boy isn’t fun or cool at all, just corny.

Nebraska Ninja Bunny on

I think it’s adorable on both children. My daughter is 3, and I paint her toenails, but not her fingers, as she still puts them in her mouth a lot.

marion on

Am I the ONLY one who sees the hypocrisy and prejudice that labels Tom and Katie as over indulging and Suri too adult because she wears heels, but sees nothing off about a 2yr old BOY wearing makeup; simply because his parents are in rock bands? I mean seriously is it only me? I don’t deny being a huge fan of the Cruise’s as a couple and actors but COME ON. Please tell me how it’s fair to judge them for letting their daughter be a girl, but not at least question the Rossdales for letting Zuma wear things that most people would never put on their sons?

Tess on

Sasha – I agree.

Lady on

Gosh, she’s cute! It’s just nail polish, boys dont know the difference, they think it’s fun, who cares! Make-up is a different story though.

Ashley on

Awwww Vivienne is so cute…..why on earth is Zuma wearing nail polish?? Wow. I agree: boys shouldn’t be doing that. Just my opinion 🙂


Vivienne is gorgeous and I love her little red mani! Not a fan of boys having their nails painted.

Anonymous on

no, I don’t paint my daughters nails, they are 6 and 2 yrs old, they are GIRLS not teenagers. My 6 yrs old is allowed to paint her nails just for halloween, and she is ok with that, she is a well behave little girl and knows she has to respect mom/dad rules.
But these are MY rules, so to each their own…

Jax on

I think its great! I used to Nanny for a little boy in North Vancouver and he loved it when I would paint his nails. His parents on the other hand, well let’s just say they are extremely close minded.

brannon on

My son loves having his toenails painted … just did blue and green stripes last night. Very cute!

aurora mia on

Uh OH….release the hounds! Cant wait to see what everyone says on this topic. Just have to say I am loving Vivienne’s feather boa, stained dress and blanky.

A. on

Yeah, I don’t think boys should be wearing nail polish. It’s just weird.

Jessica on

I think its fine to have nailpolish for young kids. Infact they have nail polish called Piggy Paint that is non toxic and water based. As far as the nailpolish on Zuma, he probably saw his mom painting her nails and wanted his done too. I would probably have done the same thing.

Toya L. on

I paint my toddler daughter’s fingernails but not my sons. Viv is so cute.

Olivia on

I probably will if my daughter (or son should I have one) asks. I love keeping my nails painted so I don’t see the harm. Polish is fun and easily changed.

Anonymous on

oh people, quit being so homophobic. it’s just nail polish and at a toddler’s age it’s just a cute kid thing to do….it should not matter what the gender is. it should not matter what the gender is ever. to each his/her own!

Marie on

Marion- yes. Wearing heels can affect foot growth and posture. Finger nail painting is harmless. They are two completely different things.

I think the painted nails are adorable.

Dee on

Yes, I would. I polish my grandaughter’s nails and she loves it. They need to be old enough to keep their fingers out of their mouths though.

Shannon on

Painted fingernails at that age? How ridiculous.

Mommy of 2 on

I love painting my daughters ( 2 years old) fingers, but I guess I am old fashion because I would never paint my 6 year old sons nails. I dont think that it is horrific or anything, just not something that I would do.

Moo x on

I don’t see that there is anything wrong with it, personally. My niece is 2 and a half and loves some pink on hers – she literally won’t leave us alone til she gets some, and it does look pretty and if she wants it, why shouldn’t she? Its not harming them, and if they’re choosing it rather than it being forced on them, fair play to Angelina/Gwen.
There are bigger things in the world to worry about, frankly.

On another note…they are so freakin’ cute together. future hollywood couple?! lol.

Also…some on the Rossdale boys’ outfits are a bit much, but i kinda like the kooky style. Its cool.

Jane on

Just curious as to why Angie is being provacative. Zuma is not her son. By the way, both of Gwen and Gavin (yes, a father is involved) sons have had painted nails for quite some time and I am not sure if Kingston’s hair is not tinted.

Viv is a doll and Zuma is cute. Shiloh and Zahara have had their nails painted, so I don’t think this is something new in their family.

kelly on

Does Vivienne have brown eyes? Or is it just the way they look in this picture?

jessicad on

My daughter likes hers painted and she’s 3, she can actually do it herself! She’s a good mix of girly and tomboy, so I think it’s cute when she plays in the dirt with her pink nails:)

I don’t like how people are saying painted nails isn’t right for boys, seems very old fashioned to say that. If girls can do anything boys can then the same should go for the boys. My best friend has a son and she lets him wear blue polish because he saw it on my daughter and of course wanted the same, he also got a boy babydoll for his birthday. His Dad didn’t want him to have it, which is so ridiculous in my opinion. It may sound crazy and be a bit of a stretch but I actually think her son will be a better father because she lets him have the doll, boys are taught that dolls are gross and for girls only, then I see so many grown men look at their infants the same way….like that’s more for the woman to do!

heather on

My son is 5 and when he was 1-3 he loved to have his toes painted. Why wouldn’t he? They are fun colors. I don’t see much difference in that then if he asked to put tattoos or band-aids on him for fun. Kids are drawn to colors and it’s not harming anyone. My 2 1/2 yr old girl is now interested in having her toes done as well. My husband doesn’t object and has gotten pretty good at painting her toes blue when she requests!

Tiffany on

I’m really curious as to the reason why people don’t think boys should have their nails painted.

Amanda on

Oh my is Viv a beautiful child. That face is adorable, she, Knox & Shiloh are stunning children! They are truly blessed.

Barbi on

Little girls having their nails done is nothing new and absolutely normal. A boy wearing nail polish is absolutely abnormal. Then again, Hollywood has a way of promoting abnormal behavior to make it seem proper. What’s next for this young boy as he grows? Lipstick? A dress? I feel sorry for all these young kids.

Georgina on

Why would painting your child’s fingernails, a female one at that, be considered provocative?

And why is it just Angie that would be doing it for that sole purpose, when Gwen is in exactly the same boat here? If not being more provocative or attention seeking sinces she has painted her male childs fingers, which seems horrific to quite a few people.

Shannon on

Gwen needs a daughter stat! 🙂

mary on

How could you say “no” to painting someone’s nails, either boy or girl especially if they are as cute as those two?

I have never painted my sons nails only because my husband, I’m going to steel someone else’s words, was/is ‘narrow-minded’. But I guess if they wanted it I would have. My mom taught me a valuable lesson, choose your battles wisely.

It’s interesting! And another favorite saying of mine, ‘to each his own’!

Lisa on

Its all about being a kid and having fun, lighten up. Boy, girl, cat, dog… paint their nails, whatever floats your boat. Smile once in a while people, its good for you 🙂

Lotus on

I would probably let my daughter have a very light shade of polish when she gets older but two is still a little too young, PERSONALLY.

As for boys with polish, that’s not my thing. I teach my boys the difference between the genders at an early age regardless of who thinks it’s old fashioned or homophobic. I mean, if they know wearing nail polish is a no-no, they already know not to ask me about bras, lipstick and high heels. 😉

eva on

That’s not necessarily true Lotus.Children who bend gender rules ask all sort of questions.Not all children do but some are very interested on trying new things and forbidding nail polish is not going to stop them from being interested on stereotypically female toys or practices.I don’t see anything harmful or neglectful going on.My daughter was a tomboy from the moment she was born but she did like nail polish.She likes bright colors.I bought her child friendly nail polish and she was allowed to use them on casual days like sundays and little walks, not for formal occassions or school.She’s not a vain or insecure child obsessed with her appearance,fortunately.

Mia on

I think it’s the lighting-I believe all 3 (Viv, Knox, + Shiloh) have blue eyes–Brad has blue eyes, and Angelina Jolie has green’ish eyes.

Viv looks so much like Brad-where Knox is all Angelina (except for the eyes) + Shiloh is a mix of both-ALL Brad, except for the shape of the lips/mouth.

I don’t see anything wrong with nailpolish for either–it’s probably just a phase that will be outgrown after they are a few years older.

I don’t paint my nails-so that is just not something my future kids would be exposed to by me personally….vs. maybe somebody that does.

Mira on

Depends on the entire look of the child and the outfit they’re wearing. If painted nails are part of a pretend-play, fun look, I have no problem with them, whether they are on boys or girls. I do have a huge problem, though, with little girls looking like beauty queens or flirty little women. It sexualizes them and it’s disgusting. Obviously, a little boy dressed like a drag queen would be horrible too. Not because of the gay connotation, but because little boys are too young to have sexualized, period.

On the specific celebrity children we’re discussing– I think Zuma’s outfit is totally fun and he doesn’t look like a drag queen at all. I like it. Vivienne looks cute, rather than beauty-queenish, so I don’t mind her look either. I do hate Suri’s look, though– it’s completely sexualized and flirty. It’s quite creepy really.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

U Americans are weird!! for u its normal for 16 year old kids to lose their virginity but its a big no no for a 3 year old boy with nail polish!!please!! hes a kid! my little cousins always have nail polish on! no big deal!

kim on

I haven’t seen a photo of Vivienne for a while. She is so cute!!!

As far as the nail polish, I respect both opinions. If parents think that kids who are 2 years old are too young for nail polish then fair enough.

If parents don’t mind that their 2 year olds are wearing nail polish for fun, then that is ok as well.

That said, my personal opinion is that I would be ok with it if it is for pretend-play as I was about 3 years old when I wore (child friendly) nail polish because I LOVED dressing up when I was little and my mum used to wear nail polish all the time.

However, and I don’t know for sure of course so I am not trying to cause an argument, on Zuma it somehow looks like a fashion statement from mum and dad.

Maybe because his nails look too well done and on Vivienne you can see it has seriously worn off like she was just playing around with it.

Again, I could be absolutely wrong and this I am not trying to attack Gwen and Gavin’s parent skills.

Jillian on

I am curious….why is it wrong for a boy to wear nail polish?

Suri is sexualizies and flirty? What do you mean?

Devon on

What’s with the close minded, ignorant people?

bOfAN on

OMG, come one. Who cares if a little boy has painted nails, or plays with dolls, or likes to cook … why do we assume it’s healthy to only encourage traditionally male behavior? Look at our society?! Maybe we ought to consider that the traditional “that’s only for girls, or boys” really hasn’t been in our children’s best interest. Let kids express themselves freely, without judgment. And put some of that energy into the kids who are being abused and neglected!

Toya L. on


To answer someone’s question above, fingernail polish on boys, girls or toddlers is just a personal preference as a parent for me *my daughters can polish their nails but my son can not*. I’m sure people will make this into a homophobic issue though.

TC on

I don’t see anything wrong with painting a child’s nails regardless of gender as long as they have gotten over the stage of sticking their fingers in their mouths.

Allowing your son to paint his nails will not turn him gay, I assure you of that. I grew up with boys and they wanted their nails painted just like mine and all 5 of them are now either married with kids or dating a women. None are gay.

Tee on

I doubt my opinion is going to be popular but I do not think anyone should have painted nails, no matter how old they are. I feel the same about makeup. That being said, it’s particularly ridiculous to paint the nails of a toddler! Why would you do that? I’m sorry but I really don’t understand it.

Karen on

Personally I think under six is two young for long term make-up (playing at home and washing off though is fine), and would worry about nail polish if it wasn’t a non-toxic kind. Boy or girl though, make-up is a fun part of dress-up.

Terri on

Vivienne is adorable. I think she probably has blue eyes, rather than brown, since both of her parents have blue eyes.

Zuma saw his mama having her nails painted and wanted in on the fun I’m sure.

Kate on

How can you say toddler boys wearing nail polish is abnormal!!! Experimenting and copying parents is what being a toddler is all about! Kids love to immitate their parents and it’s up to the parents how far they go with this. As they get older they start to notice ‘normal’ gender typical behaviour and can then decide for themselves what is right for them.

Lyoness on

It’s seriously not a big deal. Like someone said before, maybe Viv saw her older sisters or mother with nail polish and wanted it too. I doubt they took her for a full blown mani/pedi. Same for Zuma. They’re 2 for goodness sakes. They don’t care and just want to have fun.

My little cousin just turned 2 a week ago and LOVES nail polish. Pretty sure she likes the color because green is her favorite color. We got her non-toxic nail polish and she wears it every once in awhile when she plays dress up.

Tonje on

I don’t see the fuss about a small boy wearing nail polish.It doesnt mean anything, nor does it imply anything.
I have two kids; a girl, 6 years and a boy, 3 years. Whenever my daughter wants her nails painted and my son sees that, he wants his nails done too. He also likes little hair clips and stuff in his hair sometimes which I see no harm in doing.

criticaleye on

I think both kids are cute, BUT..celebs are sometimes trying sooo hard to make their kids unique. This is the case here. I don’t think Angie’s kids ask for being dressed in black and white mostly, and I don’t think that Zuma was dying for that nail polish-or his older brother for a hair coloring.

Nella on

Nail painting is just for fun! I don’t see any harm in it on either of the genders. When my niece was around 3 i went to get a manicure and I happend to babysit her that day so i took her with me, and she kept eyeing all the colors and begged me to let her get her nails painted, and I did. We both had our manicures done together and it was so cute, she loved every minute of it. Now she’s 8 and every once in a while we’ll go get our manicures done together, it’s just a bonding experience for us and we love it! If the parents are okay with it then that’s their business. Also, both of these children come from parents that aren’t conservative and are unique in their own way so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. Lighten up people, it’s just nail polish! Just because a man paints his nails does not make him gay!!! The gay friends that I have none of them paint their nails so one’s sexual orientation is certainly not based on nail painting!

Dickie on

I dont know why some of you feel its ok that vivienne has her nails painted but its not ok for Zuma? Just bc hes a boy? I find that very narrowminded, but I guess you are proud of that.

Hea on

Everybody DUCK! It’s the gender police and they’re coming our way!

Alice on

I think they both look cute. I wouldn’t paint a toddler’s nails for “my own fun” but if they asked for it then I don’t see the harm, I’d choose a light shade. It’s so different from heels and make up.

bex on

Gosh people are closed minded.. What about breaking gender roles etc.

My six year old cousin LOVES getting his nails painted, and he is the roughest boys boy around… the reason why? He loves having green for ben 10 or sometimes his mum will even do little bug stickers on his fingers, the only thing he wont have is pink! Im all for what you do for one, you offer to the other. If my future son wants to dress up in a princess costume and paint his nails, thats fine with me! Like wise for daughters.

Elle on

I’m sorry, but I think it looks disgusting and ridiculous on the little boy. Like seeing heels and a designer purse on Suri, I think this rubs me the wrong way.

Jane on

Genietically, it is not really possible for Vivienne to have brown eyes, since both of her parents have light eyes, which are both recesive genes. If either of them had a brown eyed gene, then either of them would have brown eyes, which they don’t, so they can’t pass on what they don’t have.

I think parents can dress their children how ever they want and they can have long hair or short on either boys or girls. Sexualizing toddlers is just creepy. Much like poor Shiloh had to go through because she did not dress in pink frills and had a bob last year, all at the age of three. Adults need to back off small children of celebrities with their judging and other silliness. It is not your child. Stop with the mean-mommy police.

please on

lmfao so dressing in black and whit and wearing nail polish is unique! I guess I’ve been unique for years. Who would have thought that angelina jolie and I would have something in common?

Brooke on

Viv – what a beautiful little girl. She really is lovely.

Carie on

Oh jeez. My son is now 8 and when he was 2-3 yrs old we painted his nails black. He saw me painting my nails and wanted his done. No harm at all. He liked it because it was like the people who worked for daddy at his store, Hot Topic. Luckily for my son we are raising him to be open minded and not judge people just because of how they are dressed and how they look (being around people who work at Hot Topic has helped with this tremendously). People need to chill out and focus on things that are way more important than finger nail polish on a boy. Seriously.

J on

Actually Manal it’s not normal for “us Americans” to be ok with 16 year olds losing their virginity. Don’t base your generalizations from what you see on risque TV crap shows.

JM on

still haev yet to hear a single reason from the negative nellies (that’s the nicer word i had to choose from) who think it’s wrong for a boy to wear nail polish. seriously, anyone? anyone? want to come up with a sound argument for it other than the fact that apparently you like to be called old-fashioned? until someone has posted a sound argument surely this is a pointless conversation anyway, you may as well say you don’t think it’s right for boys to wear hoodies, or for girls to play football, or boys to have a mickey mouse school bag (my point being that all of these arguments are without any reason or logic behind them).

the only thing i can tihnk of is that it makes people uncomfortable to have outdated stereotypes challenged.
i have twins, my daughter loves to play football, my son likes to play with dolls, does that make you squirm?

The Sparkle Mama on

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JMO on

I think nail polish is fine for little girls. I painted my nieces toes at 6 months old for the summer! I think finger nails maybe after 18 mos or 2 years old only cause everything goes in the mouth including fingers. But most little girls I know love to have their nails painted. It’s harmless and means nothing!

Now boys, yeah right!! Never will happen with my son. I remember when my nephew came over with pink nail polish and my brother freaked out at his mother! My nephew didn’t understand why but my brother tried to explain to him that it’s a girl thing and boys just don’t do that! His mother I think did it just to piss my brother off as they weren’t together anymore.

And I also believe Gwen treats her kids more like accessories. I mean I love her and her kids are beautiful but the way she dresses them imo isn’t always cool. I think she’s in need of a girl desperately!! Maybe she should try for one or adopt one! Cause she seems to want to put girly things on her boys all the time!!

Cassandra on

My 2yr old daughter loves getting her nails done. She’s always asking me to paint them. :)) Its so fun but, I’m not to into the nail polish on little boys.

Kat_momof3 on

it depends on the kid… I wouldn’t unless they showed they wanted it done… and even without words, that’s possible.

My own daughter had hers done at that age and still loves having it done… but she goes long times with nothing on them, too… I paint them when she requests them done.

hannah on

Whats wrong with letting little kids be happy and making their own choices (as long as its not going to harm them) My 4yo son LOVES me to paint his toenails when I’m doing mine. Seriously.. he’s 4. Why does it matter? It only bothers the prudes.

Lotus on

@JM, everything doesn’t require a “sound argument.” If there are some parents who don’t want their sons running around with nail polish on, then you need to respect that. The argument that I guess you are looking for is that I am not one who will be bullied by the “open minded” crowd into doing something with my children I don’t care for. I don’t like boys in skirts, nail polish, makeup, etc. It doesn’t make me feel all fuzzy inside. My sons won’t bully yours if they do – believe it or not people who are gender specific and traditional are not all backwards, unintelligent bigots. I simply will not have little boys running around my house with nail polish on. My sons enjoy being boys and all the things that come along with it.

Respect the opinion of others and move on.

alicejane on

It’s strange to me that people actually think boys wearing nail polish is wrong or creepy, as some people have said. If my 2 year old nephew ever comes to me asking me to paint his nails, I’d do it in a heartbeat! And I know his parents wouldn’t mind. When he was one I stuck my pink headband on him, just playing, and he wore it the rest of the day (Mom and Dad both didn’t care). But geez, if I’d known that I was traumatizing him because pink headbands and nailpolish are for girls only, I wouldn’t have done such a “provocative” thing!

Kids will be kids, they want to do what they see their siblings or Mom and Dad, whoever, doing, and if it’s something so harmless as putting on nail polish I don’t see what the big deal is!

fuzibuni on

It makes me kind of sad that so many people are still rigid in their gender roles. Kids today have enough on their plates without their parents trying to control their identities and appearances.

That said, I don’t think it’s a good idea to put make up or nail polish on little kids… regardless of gender. I think kids should not think about appearance until they get older. It’s healthy for them to be as un-self-conscious as possible, for as long as possible.

There is so much attention placed on looks and adornment in our society. I think the Rossdale boys have WAY too much fashion going on for such little guys. It shows where their parents minds are, and it reinforces materialism and superficiality.

We seem to get personal identity confused with wearing trendy clothes and looking cool. Some of the shallowest people I know are the most fashion obsessed. What’s important is on the inside.

Indira on

There isn’t anything wrong with a boy wearing nail polish just as, there’s nothing wrong with people believing in more strict “genderizing”(for lack of a better word, I made one up). It doesn’t mean a person is closed-minded or a prude.

I’m only 22 and when I was growing up, nail-polish was for adults and for special occasions. I understand that isn’t the case for everyone but, it was for ME. The same way to some people having pierced ears as a child is obscene but, I had my ears pierced the day I was born and my nose pierced at 7. People shouldn’t be made to feel badly about difference of opinion, especially something so arbitrary as who should wear nail polish.

For the record, my boyfriend wears nail polish, has gages in his ears and wears my skinny jeans. I’m not narrow-minded about gender, I understand that society has A LOT to do with world-view and, it seems wrong(imo) to challenge that world-view as if it was wrong when there is no right.

soph on

Really, Elle? “Disgusting”? I’d love to know exactly why it is disgusting. A little boy and his mom having fun by putting color on his nails. Oh yeah. That’s just nauseating.

criticaleye on

Hannah, I don’t think these kids made their own choices. Nobody was there, right?
I work with kids and as far as I know, most of them are dying to wear Cars or Thomas T-shirts, not punk-rock outfits.
They used to dress Shiloh and Maddox in all white, too. Now who believed, that all Jolie-Pitt kids want to wear white from head to toe? Is it really their decision?

I have no problem with boys wearing nail polish, either. Rather with moms, who dress their kids for the papparazzi like dolls.

Can you distinguish between the 2 issues here?

Kay on

How do we know Gavin didn’t paint Zuma’s nails? I’ve seen Gavin with nail polish on his nails. Lots of male rockers wear dark coloured polish. For all we know Daddy painted them! And who cares?!

Kate on

Aw, I think it’s cute. My 5 year old cousin looks up to me, and when she sees me with my nails painted she wants hers done, too! I don’t think there is anything wrong with a soft pink. She loves it!

Imogen on

I don’t even understand the issue, it’s nail polish and they’re two. What is that issue with children wearing nail polish if it’s safe and why would it matter if a boy did. You people are weird sometimes and it’s entirely different to the heels thing because that’s damaging to her and nail polish is not….

stephaie on

Hello no nail polish because you a kid and be a kid. Nail polish is for grown ups and wend you give in to kids wearing nail polish they want you to let them wear lipstick no kids wearing nail polish let them cry.

stephaie on

I did not no Gavin have nail polish WHAT……..he boy

kai on


you had your NOSE pierced at seven? Where do you live? I’m honestly just curious. Never heard of that.

I’m with fuzibuni and others – don’t really care for kids being fashionable or “trendy” or whatever.

Shelly on

When I was in fourth grade (in the 90s) we had a project called Mini Society. Everyone had a business and my best friend and I chose nail painting. I think every guy in the fourth grade got their nails done and most wore it until it chipped or wore off. I graduated high school and college with some of those guys. They turned out just fine.

Silvia on

Not cute at all. Nor on boys nor on girls.

Amanda on

Nothing wrong with a little nail-polish. I sometimes do it for my little ‘uns when I’m doing my own. And yes, I include my boy in that. Stone me.

Maria on

I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old (both boys) and they are both currently sporting blue fingernails and we aren’t in any rock band 🙂

XOshaneavaXO on

I let my son, who is 3, try painting his nails at home when I do my daughters nails, who is 5. But I’m sure to take it off before we go out. It seems some celebs go above a.d beyond to make sure their kids are “cool” . Is Kingston rossdales hair died half platinum….Comeon now…but to each his own, I guess. My kids are free to play and be creative, but there are some things I just don’t see as “cute” or “cool”

Indira on


I’m Arab-Egyptian and west-Indian. Nose and ear piercings are common place amongst certain ethnic/tribal groups in Egypt.

JM on

Lotus, still your argument makes no sense. i never said that you should put nail polish on your boys, just that you shouldn’t object to other people putting it on theirs. simple as that, don’t try and twist my words round making it seem like i am saying ALL parents should paint their boys nails. i am simply saying that it is pathetic that adults on this board have a problem with a child painting their nails, i mean seriously what is it to you? i don’t get care how your sons dress or what activities they enjoy why would i? so why do people here care if a boy has nail polish – saying it is “wrong” or “disgusting”, who’s to say??

again, still waiting for that sound argument explaining why it is ok for grown women to be making statements like that about children.

and you say your boys wouldn’t bully my kids, that’s great. unfortunately parents pass on attitudes to their kids. i’m not saying you do. but it’s happened enough times that kids have told my daughter she will never be good at football because she’s a girl, that she’s not “normal” or not a “proper girl”. same with my son. a boy at school found out that he has a doll, starting calling him a girls name and drew all over the sheet he was colouring on in pink saying he should do it “like the other girls”.
these situations wouldn’t exist if parents just taught their children that there is NOTHING wrong with children liking things that are not typical for their gender.
THAT is my point, not what you do with your boys!!

MiB on

When I worked at a kindergarten I saw lots of little boys wearing nail polish every now and then, usually because they saw their mother painting her nails and liked the colour, and all of them seem to be quite normal teenagers today.

As for Vivien (and the other Jolie-Pitt children), I like seeing small children wearing white, and as long as they don’t protest I see nothing wrong in seeing parents dressing their children as they see fit. Angelina at least seems to prefer muted and neutral colour, so it seems logical that she would dress her children in that as long as she has a say in it. After all, she clearly lets them pick their own clothes once they start having an opinion about them, seeing that the older children have quite different styles.

T on

I live in an urban/open minded part of the country where many young boys were nailpolish mostly because mom or sisters have it on. Not a big deal and all kid love “paint”

tlc on

Criticaleye..I totally agree with you. I have a 2 year old and she NEVER expresses her opinions on her clothing. She knows all her letters and numbers to ten though! *I* choose her clothing and she wears it and she’s never said “Oh, but I want all white!” or “I only want black clothing mummy!” It’s ridiculous to think that these TODDLERS are dictating to their mothers what they want to wear. In fact, most of my friends with toddlers say the same thing. So unless these children at 2 years old are fashion prodigies, then I’d say this is all Angie and all Gwen!

“she literally won’t leave us alone til she gets some, and it does look pretty and if she wants it, why shouldn’t she?”

This is what is wrong with society today and why we have so many irresponsible and ‘entitled’ kids and young adults. There is a word you can use for your’s pronounced “NO”. The mentality that “she wants it so she should have it” is just ludicrous..especially for a TODDLER.

Heather on

I used to be part of the TomKat bashing with Suri in dresses, heels, etc. But, now my own 3 year old daughter only wants to wear dresses because “princesses don’t wear pants, they wear dresses!”. She also only wants to wear nightgowns to bed for the same reason. Most of the time it’s not worth the argument, as it doesn’t really affect anyone, unless it’s cold outside, then I tell her tough and put pants and a long sleeve shirt on her. But now I totally understand that young kids can have REALLY strong opinions about their clothing!

Jillian on

My cousins son, wanted his nails painted black when he was three. He wanted a mohawk around the same time and wanted clothes similar to Gwen’s kids…..Why? Because that was how his mom dressed. He even wanted a tattoo. I think it is WONDERFUL when a child expresses what they want, even if what they want is because they see it on someone else. She didn’t give in to everything he asked for, but she gave him many things.

It is very common for children to ask for dresses, colors, etc. Not sure why people don’t think this is a possibility.

Kathy on

Gwen…. jonesin’ a girl much???? How pathetic.

tamaralaschinsky on

Heck, if I could climb trees, play in the mud and play tackle football with the boys then I don’t see the issue with boys playing dress-up! The only issue is the close-minded fear-born people who see a problem with it! It’s fun, it’s play, it’s creative (and ALL kids are creative no matter their sex) so let it go!

It’s cute but I would not suggest using ANY toxic nail polishes. Hopscotchkids is a great water-based polish and is safe for everyone. Wears well and has cool and funky colors! If kids put their fingers in their mouths still I would say do toenails only for now!

As for high-heels – my daughter wears them but dress up shoes only, not out to the store – but whatever! It’s what makes her happy “She’s a princess” and darnit -why not? Life is too serious, too full of crap, to not let these kids have a bit of fun (Just saying!) 🙂