Spotted: Tom Cruise and Connor’s Courtside Cheer

03/28/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Noel Vasquez/Getty

Rooting for the hometeam!

Tom Cruise and son Connor, 16, cheer on the L.A. Lakers courtside at the Staples Center on Sunday.

The father-son good vibrations helped the home team best the Hornets, 102-84.

Cruise, 48, is also dad to daughters Isabella, 18, and Suri, 4½.

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Jillian on

So happy to see this photo on this site. What a great photo of Tom and son!! Connor has grown up so much!

martina on

Connor looks so much like Tom… it’s just amazing. Yes, yes I know he’s adopted. But kids pick up their parent’s mannerisms and that’s what makes them resemble their parents the most.

Sherry on

Too cute!–Connor is like a pet in the sense that the longer he’s been with Tom the more he looks like him. Seriously, I know he’s adopted but remove the hair and he looks like the “tanned” version of Tom! Same smile, eye expressions, LOL!

Toya L. on

He looks just like his dad, they seem to have a great relationship too.

annachestnut on

cute kid

Grace on

Martina, I was thinking the same thing.

Connor is going to be a very attractive man.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

is they any chance that he is biologically his?!!

daniela on

It’s eerie, but I swear they look alike. Same smile, same eyes when they are smiling.

Shannon on

Connor is handsome just like his daddy. 🙂

merric531 on

I was thinking the same thing. They look an awful lot alike to not be biologically related. Very nice looking young man…

Luc on

I’ve heard Connor is the bio child of one of Tom’s close relative hence the resemblance. The more I see Connor, the more I hope this is true because if he is Tom’s bio son that would mean Tom cheated on Nicole Kidman.

I remember Nicole saying something recently like “I wish I could tell the world how we came to adopt those children.” Which I thought was the most bizarre statement. So weird nobody seems to pick up on it.

Winter221 on

It would make sense if Connor was the biological son of one of his sisters… he looks way too much like Tom to not be related!

Winter221 on

The part that gets me is that nose! Tom has a very unique nose but in this picture… Connor’s looks the same!

Brooke on

Connor is going to be HOT STUFF as he gets older. That kid is gorgeous.

Julia A on

It’s hard to believe they’re not biologically related. The resemblance is uncanny.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

omg! yes the nose!!!

Capri on

That has to be his biological son….they look so much alike it’s crazy, wow!!

Natasha on

I agree with y’all, I think there’s a very strong possibility that Connor is biologically related to Tom. I’m guessing it’s a sister (or other relative’s) son, which would equate to how they look the same – the nose is such a giveaway, never mind the eyes, brows, face shape and mouth. Throw in the statement/s Nicole made in the past regarding how they came to adopt him and you’ve got yourself a bit of a giveaway.

I usually NEVER believe gossip like this, but for some reason I’m sold on this.

I’m also wondering if he is perhaps Tom’s son? I’m not so sure about this, but it might be the case. I don’t mean to accuse Tom of infidelity, it is not my place to say or speculate, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. If that was the case, perhaps Nicole felt it was best to keep quiet for Tom’s career and for their marriage. They had already adopted Isabella and maybe thought it would be a good idea, for their careers, Connor’s mother and for Bella’s sake, to say it was another adoption (as it would have been anyway if Nicole adopted him).

Again, I’m only speculating, it’s not my business. Adoption or no adoption, he is Tom’s son either way, adoption is simply another way to create a family. Families are made through emotion, not biology. He’s a handsome boy and regardless of whatever our opinions of Tom Cruise are, I have no doubt he loves his kids more than anything.

Sasha on

The eyes, nose, smile, and mouth shape are exactly the same. That is all I’m going to say on the matter!

Sidjazz on

OMG…Tom Cruise, you are the father!!! Someone will have to prove to me that he is not or I need to hear my Tom himself who that child belongs to if not him.

Jen on

I am notoriously terrible for being able to tell how a child looks like one parent or the other, but when I saw this picture of Connor, my thought was “holy Tom Cruise jr.” It’s all in the nose. I’m thinking there must be some sort of biological relationship between them for sure. If I can see a similarity, it must be there! lol

Indi on

WOW they do look a lot alike!!. Maybe Tom is Connors Father and thats why Nicole does not have much to do with him, I have seen pictures of her with Isabella, but never Connor – One of lifes great Mysteries we will never know!!!

Devon on

I read rumours somewhere that both Connor & Isabella were the biological children of one of their adoptive parents…something like Connor was Tom’s bio kid & Isabella was Nicole’s bio kid. It’s just a rumour but looking at Connor in this photo, he looks a LOT like Tom. I wouldn’t be surprised.

To be frank, when it comes to Scientology, there isn’t much that would surprise me. It is so messed up, secretive & scary. If you haven’t read up on it, please do so. After reading it, I can now understand why Nicole isn’t in Connor & Nicole’s life very much. I wish it would go far, far away!

collete on

also isabella looks a lot like an older sunday rose. no lie.

Beck on

He does look a LOT like him but I think you have to just chalk it up to pure chance. I highly doubt there is any relation between him and Conor biologically. That would be very awkward to adopt one of your sister’s children and raise them as your own. I can’t see that happening. I think Conor just happens to look a lot like Tom and that’s the end of the story. Gorgeous kid! He’s gonna be a handsome man!

martina on

Reading all the comments, I took a closer look at the photo. The resemblance indeed goes well beyond their mannerisms. Their facial features are very similar. I don’t know what to say…

lilly on

its crazy how muvh connor looks like tom, i never noticed until now. his gitta be his son, that nose tom has is so unique and its funny to see an “adoptive” son with the exact same nose

coco on

I have said for years that Connor has to be Tom’s biological son. I always thought maybe he was the result of another relationship Tom had or he was the donor and he and Nicole decided to keep it a secret. I find it hard to believe that he isn’t related to him in some way. They look too much alike not to be.

Caitlin on

My dad was “adopted” by his biological dad and his wife (not his birth mother). Stuff happens. I wonder if we’ll ever know one way or the other.

Tess on

Devon – I’ve heard that Isabella is the bio child of David Miscavage. Who knows what’s true in that family and with that religion.

Lauren on

WOW! Connor grew up! he is going to be a very hansome man. they look so happy together.

Julie on

I get what everyone is saying about this picture, but I haven’t noticed it in earlier pictures…maybe it’s just this camera’s angle and/or manipulation of the picture.

My aunt and her adopted daughter look biologically related, they have similar hair, smile, teeth, jawline… but some of it is the result of having the same hairstylist and dentist… the rest is just a coincidence.

Carli on

Wow do they look alike!! Connor’s going to be one good-looking man someday! I never thought about it, but with all the weird stories surrounding Tom Cruise and his and Nicole’s breakup, I wonder if they’re biologically related? I don’t ever recall seeing many pictures of Nicole and Connor (and Isabella) together. Both of the older Cruise children do not seem to spend a lot of time with her. Does anyone know if Connor and Isabella live primarily with Tom? I would find that also a little strange since 99% percent of the people I know who have divorced parents lived primarily with their mom. Hmmm….

Rosalie on

Wow they really do look alike!

Synia on


stacey on

The resemblance is uncanny!! What a great picture!! Always nice to be reminded that celebrities are just like us, doing normal things with our kids!!

Ivey on

Well that would explain why the kids stayed with Tom, if he is the bio parent.

Amanda on

Um, when did Connor get hot? It feels wrong; he was a baby yesterday!

Daze on

He definately looks like his Dad. DNA does not lie. Connor has to be Tom’s biological son, or at a very minimum, the biological son of a lookalike sibling of Tom’s.

At any rate, he’s grown up to be a gorgeous kid.

And someone is right, Bella and Sunday do have a resemblence as well. But Bella has no resemblence to Tom.

Mom2boyz on

Maury says, “Tom, you ARE the father” I mean really can it be anymore evident?

dsfg on

Ivey, that doesn’t explain why the kids stayed with Tom. Both Tom and Nicole are the LEGAL parents, which makes them equal parents in the eyes of the law. Whether or not one, both, or neither of them are the biological parents is not relevant.

Kayte on

Really? I don’t see a resemblance at all. They both have their mouths open while smiling, but the shape of the mouth, eyes, and nose are not the same. I think Connor is very good looking and will probably tower over his dad when he is fully grown.

JM on

^^ kayte i am so glad i’m not the only one. i often feel that on this board with adopted parents people jump at a chance to say that the adopted children look “sooooooo much like their adoptive parents”. as if the adoptive parents need to somehow be made to feel better 🙂 like they’re missing out on something. i don’t see ANY resemblance between tom and connor, or between angelina jolie and zahara etc etc, certainly no more so than if you picked two random people off the street, squinted and said “yeah maybe they have a similar smile…” i mean, what’s wrong with accepting adoptive kids are unlikely to look like their parents? so what? that shouldn’t be what’s important in determining who is someone’s parent. by continuously insisting that they do, we make it seem more important than it is. and to be quite frank i often find it a little patronising. i mean, we all know, connor and tom just don’t look alike. they have completely different colouring, face shape, eye shape, hair and i wouldn’t be surprised if connor was already taller than tom. like i said, let’s stop making family resemblance seem like such an important thing when really it isn’t.

Winter221 on

JM, I normally would agree with you, and I completely agree with it comes to the Jolie-Pitts (People for some reason like to go on & on about Zahara looking like Angelina and Pax looking like Brad, neither of which are true). I also find this when it comes to Zahara and Brad. For some reason people love to go on and on about how much of a Daddy’s girl Zahara is, but not Shiloh. Even though he’s pictured just as much with Shiloh. Anyways… back to the topic.

This one instance, the adoptive parent/child really DO lookalike. I couldn’t really believe my eyes.

JM on

Winter221, fair enough, i see your point. i am glad that i am not the only one who has picked this up. i also agree about the zahara being a daddy’s girl thing. i mean how do we know? we only ever see pictures of them. when i was a kid my mum had a bad back so when were out my dad had to be the one to carry me, so if people had seen pictures of us they might have assumed just from the pictures that i was a daddy’s girl when really there was a perfectly reasonable explanation behind it… i just mean, we can’t judge from pictures…

in this particular picture i can see that tom and connor both have their mouths open and are kind of smiling in the same way, but in general i haven’t seen any picture where i would say connor looks like tom.

Anon on

Does anyone wonder why we never see these adopted kids with nicole kidmon. It’s almost like she left, started a new family, and forgot about her two older children.

collete on

well for one angelina has said zahara is a daddy’s girl and can wrap brad around her finger. so i don’t think people are going on nothing there. and i don’t see what’s wrong with saying people look alike. its all subjective. it doesn’t really matter who’s wrong or right. i happen to think zahara looked a lot like angelina when she was first adopted – there was a picture of her being worn in a sling on angie’s front with her head covered, where they had similar looking features. not so much anymore.
but that’s just me.
here though, these two do look alike.
also, its not just about DNA when it comes to adoption is it. i happen to think its wonderful to share mannerisms or expressions with your adoptive family. its the physical manifestation of a bond isn’t it?

Winter221 on

Actually Collete, I believe Angelina said “his girls” can wrap him around their little fingers, not specifically zahara. I could be wrong, but that was just one of the reasons why it was strange to me that people don’t say it about Shiloh/Brad.

It doesn’t really matter to me to be honest, it’s just something I’ve picked up on while reading comments here!

collete on

nope it was definitely about zahara. and how if angelina refused her anything, z would go to brad because she knew she could get whatever she wanted off him. i think they were talking about a biscuit.

Winter221 on

Oh I think I know what you’re referring to now! I remember both of them saying that the girls can do no wrong in their Dad’s eyes and that Brad has a special spot for the girls. I would think that means all of them are “Daddy’s girls”.

Jillian on

I remember reading something around the time the twins were born and it was about Zahara, but to me I don’t think that means that isn’t the case with the other girls or that he isn’t as close with them.

Christine on

You never see Isabella that much, maybe she doesn’t like being in the limelight?

jane on

They have a beautiful relationship. I don’t know about the theory that he is Tom’s bio kid but that nose can’t lie, that’s for sure.

me on

Nose, eyes, smile, forehead, head shape….that kid has got to have his DNA. The resemblance is just too great.

tsagrednerp on

I totally agree with the point that Tom raised him so of course their mannerisms would be similar.

What trips me up is that in that picture their noses look identical.I raised my eyebrow when I saw it.

Who knows though and we shouldn’t care they’re still father and son.