Mariah Carey Decorates Her Baby Bump

03/28/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Mariah Carey can’t wait to pop out her twins — but she also really seems to be enjoying her pregnancy.

Just one day after Tweeting a post — with a happy face — about contractions that sent her briefly to the hospital on her birthday, the singer, 42, posted a photo of a huge butterfly painted on her baby bump with the words “dem babies” written above the image.

“My attempt @ festiveness on 327!” she Tweeted Monday. “Comin soon #dembabies! LYMA+thanx 4 making me happy:).”

Courtesy Mariah Carey; inset AP


— Dahvi Shira

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Natasha on

Beautiful ! I’m so happy for her and Nick, they’re going to be amazing parents


Her belly is perfectly round and so cute. I knew Mariah would incorporate a butterfly in some form or fashion lol. I think she has a little ways to go…belly is kind of small for twins IMO. I wish Mariah a lot of rest and comfort during these last weeks of the home stretch. I can picture Nick rubbing her belly smiling from ear to ear. I can’t wait until their arrival. I am predicting one baby will be a mini-Mariah…the other a mini Nick!

Grace on

“dem” babies. Ugh. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. Her belly is cute, but seriously, why talk like that? Best of luck to her, though.

kjc on

Very cute! I like how one wing is blue, and one pink.
Nice to see a belly shot – I wish she hadn’t taped her bellybutton down though!

Toya L. on

Awwww so cute I let my kids paint mine and I also did the belly casts.
= )

Hea on

What is it with her and butterflies?

Lucy on

Hahahah I guess she is obsessed w/ butterflies.

Jessica on

I think the tape helped with the painting and giving it an even look.

Bancie1031 on

AWE! Mariah has the absolute CUTEST pregnant belly! I can’t believe how round her belly is ….. I’m so happy for her!

lissa on

I guess there always has to be some negative comment said under every picture!! I think she was just trying to be funny. I’m super happy for her! Her belly is adorable and i can’t wait to see pics and here the names she’s giving them!!

Shelly on

Gross! Whatever happened to propriety, privacy and modesty?

Toya L. on

Gross! Whatever happened to propriety, privacy and modesty?
LOL Shelly- I think it was replaced with judgmental and rude. = )

Brooke on

I am still thinking that she will give the girl the middle name Butterfly….

Anonymous on

Why does she have a bandaid on her bellybutton?

Capri on

Grace, stop being so ridiculous, you only get 140 characters, who cares!!!!!!

Awww, cute!!! So happy for her & Nick…can’t wait to hear what they name their little ones!!

hayley w on

I LOVE THAT XXX it such a lovely way to remember your pregnancy xxxxxxxx

shelly – if you don’t like it a. why look?? b. why comment ? if you havn’t got any thing nice to say then do as mother said and keep your lips together.

i didn’t do that with my first two babies but i may do it with this one 🙂 i think it looks soooo pretty

Kels on

Capri, “dem babies” is painted on her belly. I agree with Grace, as soon as I saw this “dem” stuck out to me. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear what she names them as well.

Jillian on

Capri, she only gets 140 characters on her belly???
Stop being so bossy. Grace is allowed her opinion. Just because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t make her ridiculous!

showbizmom on

Ha! Shelly. It’s not like she tweeted a picture of her vagina! Yes, I said VAGINA! Grow up. The picture is cute, I’m happy for he or any expecting mama. I wish I had more pictures of my belly, I just felt like a whale, so I kicked anyone within 3 feet of me with a camera.

Jimmy on

I think this is totally cute. She is just enjoying her pregnancy, but of course, there will always be negative comments!!

J on

I’m with Grace. I guess Dem babies i some inside thing, but it sounds cheesy.

LOL Toya’s attempt at sarcasm failed just a bit. =)

Toya L. on

I wasn’t being sarcastic so your comment failed just a little. = )

Jennifer on

what does ‘dem’ babies mean? Sorry if I sound dumb for asking that. I think Mariah’s belly looks beautiful…and really good for having two babies in there! I can’t wait to see how adorable they are!

Shannon on

“Dem” is a slang word. Some of y’all (another slang word…ooh!) need to lighten up.

Anyway I love the belly painting! Love Mariah and Nick!


Love Love mariah and her belly is cute and love the little nod to the kids “DEM BABIES” its slang you stuck up anal people on this site…. …just slang no one got harmed in writing it…sheesh

klutzy_girl on

I think this is cute!

Anyway, after the false alarm the other day, I think Mariah will have the twins sometime in the next week or so. Can’t wait to hear their names!

Cecelia on

It’s her stomach. Not a published piece of literature. Lighten up.

meghan on

“Dem babies” isn’t as annoying as adults refering to a stomach as a “bump”. To me that sounds juvenile. Maybe it’s a joke between Mariah and her husband.

JMO on


The bandaid I’m sure is strategically placed to hide the belly button. “Dem” pregnancy belly buttons are never cute haha! 🙂

Darla on

“Dem babies” sounds like something an uneducated, ghetto, trailer trash 16 year old would say. Classy…

Indira on

I think it’s a little ridiculous to complain about the usage of dem. It’s really how some people in America say ‘them’. Many west-indians pronounce the word as Dem, specifically Jamaicans but, I’ve known some southerners who pronounced it that way too. I’m not saying it’s the correct way of pronouncing it but obviously they were going for a casual lighthearted tone.

And meghan I agree. I hate the term baby bump.

Niche on

I love it!!

Love the butterfly and the pink and blue wings. Its good to see she’s enjoying pregnancy.

Oh and BOOOOO to all the Negative Nancies 🙂 Lighten up a bit, her belly isn’t an english paper.

Lotus on

Can’t wait to see “dem” babies! Seems like a more down-to-earth Mariah has emerged for everyone to see. Love to see her with a sense of humor.

truehurt on

That is disgusting.
I hate when women show their pregnant bellies.

Allegra on

Every time I see/hear one of them refer to the babies as “dem babies” I think they’re saying/read it as “damn babies.” I’m sure it’s something between the two of them but it’s kind of annoying, IMO.

The butterfly is really cute! I love how one half is pink and the other half is blue. 🙂

Sasha on

I bet “Dem” babies will be super cute! 🙂

meghan on

Yes, trueheart, we know exactly how you feel about this issue. Because you make a point of saying how disgusting the exposed pregnant stomach is every time one shows up on this site… When you’re not suggesting that mothers who work should quit their jobs of course. Please get therapy. Or grow up. It’s photo taken in her house for fun, she’s not running around in the public with a painted stomach hanging out of her clothes.

Niche on

Really Darla?

jess on

When do we get to see Mariah? Are babies being born by Surrogate?

jess on

Darla, you just made yourself sound like a ghetto/trailer trash I don’t know what… take a chill pill and get laid.

Maryanne on

If she wants to say dem let her. After what she went though to get pregnant with them, I say let her be happy! Can’t wait to see dem!

Sat on

Way to own it Mrs. Carey!!

Rachael on

Cute picture, but for some reason she seems like a 42 year old child who’s gotten everything she’s ever wanted in life… having children.

I wish her the best of luck, I think she’s going to need it.

Jillian on

Some ppl don’t like baby bump……and some don’t like dem. To each their own!

Anonymous on

Jess- Mariah is pregnant. No surrogate. There’s pictures posted from her baby shower with her belly.

Leave it to this site to turn a normal photo into a negativity war.

Lighten up. Grow up. Or better yet, find a new site to post your 12 year old BS on.

Can’t wait to see the twins! Won’t be long now. I am also not offended by ‘dem’ lol. Wow people..

Daniella on

Wow, I hope none of ‘youse guys’ ever come to Philly, New York, or any of the eastern cities where almost all of us carry an accent or use slang words on a daily basis. My heavy Philly accent would probably drive them crazy. I think this is a cute picture & the pink & blue butterfly wings are really creative.

Anonymous on

did anyone else read that perez hilton said “she waits for those bitchess to get birthed” then changed it to “she waits for those boo boos to get birthed”?????????

Amber on

yet you took the time to click on the post and comment on how much you hated the post. Just scroll down and keep it moving. SMH

kai on

I canNOT wait to hear what they’ll name their twins. It’s either going to be completely ridiculous (a “Butterfly” in there, like someone already suggested) or maybe she’s going to surprise us with William and Elisabeth or something 🙂

Cute picture!

Mia on

Well-yep…she’s definitely pregnant-LOL.

I’m not a huge fan of Ebonics either-but some people use them….it is what it is.

Maddie on

I adore Mariah, and that baby bump is so cute! What a lovely way to remember her pregnancy. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will go by fast, I bet she is keen to get them outta there! I still can’t believe Mariah Carey, the woman I grew up listening to, is having babies… still *so* excited about that!

Maddie on

forgot to add – love the pink and blue wings! So pretty… Her poor fingers look so puffy, that can’t be fun 😦

Rosalie on

Gorgeous belly ❤

CelebBabyLover on

I love it! And I hope the babies aren’t born too early!

Hea on

@ NELLY on March 28th, 2011

Well, I’m not stuck up nor am I anal. I’m Swedish and although I have a pretty good knowledge of American slang, some words do escape me. I did not complain over “dem” because I understood but some may not. Think about it.

Nancy on

Ummm. I dont care if I am bashed, I agree with Tanya. If a person WANTS to see a belly then fine. However, in this case, you scroll down and it is right there!! You don’t have a choice. On FB, I hate it when you click on someone’s family pictures and you get a huge belly. Some people don’t care to see other people’s anatomy. To each his own.

Hea on

Some people are ridiculously sensitive.

NM on

That’s one big tummy!

lola on

Lighten up ladies making the negative comments and stop being jealous of everyone who is pregnant. If you all don’t like it don’t look. Haters

Lyra on

I’m not particularly a fan of hers, but I think this is adorable. I also don’t understand why people would be offended by this picture. It’s just a belly, I don’t see how someone can find a belly to be indecent or disgusting.

Shelley on

How could you see that as gross? It’s beautiful!- Shelley with an E, NOT the other Shelly.

JMO on

really now people are now scared of a pregnant belly but are super okay when they see a breastfeedin picture?? hmm okay. I’m totally lost on how this is so crazy! But whatever!

Jillian on

I was waiting for the you must be jealous comment and the haters comment!

I am sure the babies won’t be born early, since Mariah said they are due in just a few weeks 🙂 So, they should be okay.

Jennifer on

Okay….dem means “them” for slang. Gotcha. Hey, at least I asked. I wasn’t trying to be snooty or anything. I love Mariah!

Nancy on

Right Jillian. That is the way it is with people so insecure with themselves that someone else CANNOT have a different opinion from them. They just have to attack and call elementary school names.

Terri on

Wow, pregnant bellies are gross. This is too sad.

T bag on

You all need to get a life and stop fighting on frickin celebrity blog. So weird.

Cecelia on

Geeze. Some people act like she Tweeted a picture of her vagina and said, “The place through which my children will make their debut in the world.”

Kayte on

Not sure if she’s choosing the babies’ political party or saying ‘dem babies be here’.

ReedFla on

Dem dere babiez

gagirl on

OMG you people are amazing. For the record, “dem” is just a slang way of saying “them”. It can’t be that hard to figure out. Basically, Darla’s dumb a** said what a lot of people were hinting at. They’re RACIST and are trying to say that her way of talking is “black”. Breaking news…..she’s kinda black. lol If slang talk and black people offend you then you really, truly need to get a life. I feel sorry for people like you. Anyway, I think her belly is adorable!!! You can tell she is so excited. I cannot wait for those twins to arrive; I know they’ll be beautiful. I’m just so happy all of her dreams have come true.

Darla on


Did I say anything about black people? NO! I hate how people are so quick to call someone racist. As far as I know, there are more white trailer trash people in this country than black ones.
Besides, its kind of racist on YOUR behalf that you would assume I’m talking about black people. Are you saying that ALL black people are ghetto or talk like that? Only uneducated, uncivilized people talk like that, and any race can fall under that category. Racist!

Jillian on

Wow. Rude, much? I am not a fan of the word “dem,” along with a lot of other people. It is a personal choice. Not my babies, not my belly. That doesn’t make me a RACIST. White people also use that word, so what does that make me? Geeze….. And you either are black or you are not black. You are not sort a black.

NBF on

That’s just not my thing to paint my belly and show the world and the slang “dem”…ugh. I am happy for her and Nick, but I hope she doesn’t name that little girl Butterfly and the little boy Caterpillar or something equally appalling because of her obsession with butterflies.

gagirl on

Darla…..I notice you didn’t respond to anyone else’s comment. You’re just mad I called you out. You are ignorant based upon your own comments, “Only uneducated, uncivilized people talk like that, and any race can fall under that category.” So now who’s being judgmental, hmmm????? Fool. And Jillian, I jokingly said she’s “kinda black” because she is black. That better???? Besides, my comments were not directed at you in the first place. But if you’re not a fan of the word “dem” then why do you think the rest of us care? Some people are so uptight it’s not even funny. It’s SLANG for crying out loud. Some of you are acting like she’s a UN ambassador or something. SMH.

Jillian on

Gagirl, You said a lot of things…..what makes you think anyone cares? It doesn’t matter if anyone does it is your opinion, which is why you said it. Just like it was mine, why I said mine. And if you don’t want people “responding” to your comment….you are in the wrong place.

gagirl on

Whatever Jillian. Thanks and have a GREAT day in your prim and proper world where no one uses slang. 🙂

Tristan on

“Whatever Jillian”?? Haha–I think we just determined how gagirl chose her screen name. Down, girl. Nobody hired you to be the Comment Police. You are free to have your own opinions just as everyone else is free to have theirs.

Stephanie on

Aww, I’ve seen people do this before…such a cute idea! Her belly is sooo round…poor girl must be all kinds of uncomfortable!