BumpWatch: Alicia Silverstone’s Peek-a-Belly

03/27/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

She’s keeping fit!

Though she’s not due until later this year, mom-to-be Alicia Silverstone flaunts her belly as she heads into a yoga class Thursday in West Hollywood.

Baby-on-the-way will be the first for the actress, 34, and husband Christopher Jarecki, who tied the knot in 2005 after eight years together.

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Nancy on

Umm… I could be wrong, but she is due later this year? How much later??

Liza on

Cute belly, I say boy for her!

KC on

Is she having twins? She seems a lot further along than “later this year”.

Anonymous on

to me it looks like she is ready to pop! Later in the year? Either way, congrats to her!

Miss Ann on

That’s good she is keeping fit. Looks as if that baby may be coming this summer versus ‘later this year’.

Shannon on

She needs a bigger shirt and a better bra.

MP on

Does anyone know her due date? I just assumed she was closer to delivering…

Rachael on

When is she due? She looks pretty big for later this year…

I’m thinking in the next couple months?

Soco on

that’s attractive…poor Alicia

Amy on

I realize everyone carries babies differently but she’s about the same size as I am and I’m due with my 3rd baby in 6 weeks! I’m hoping the “later this year” is incorrect for her sake!

Amanda on

I’d be very surprised if she’s not due in April, which I guess is later this year lol

cheryl on

“Later this year” could mean tomorrow. They are always vague in these articles when the celeb hasn’t divulged the due date.

It seems a bit ridiculous when it’s very early on in the year and they are commenting that the person is due later in the year… Duh! If it were longer, it would be an elephant pregnancy.

steph on

i thought she was due soon after lookin at that pic! i am thinking boy also.


momof3girls on

Maybe she’s fibbing a little about her due date to keep the paps away…

Helen on

Perhaps they mean later this year as in later on this year, not as in during the later part of the year? I know if I say “later on today” I mean at some future point today – could be five minutes, could be one hour, could be five hours.

Cath on

None of the pics I’ve seen of her pregnant are really flattering! She doesn’t have that “glow”!!!!

Toya L. on

Her belly is cute but big, good for her for keeping in shape.

A. on

It sounds like whomever wrote the article made a typo; I’d say she’s due in April.

Kelly on

she is due in May:)

sloanesmom on

She is huge for being due in mid MAY

sloanesmom on


Nella on

I think she’s due in May, her belly is so round and cute!!! I’m thinking a girl!

Alison on

They always say “later this year” when the celeb hasn’t revealed their due month/season. No big deal.

hannah on

I really hate seeing belly’s hanging out of tops. She could put a belly band on if she wants to wear too small tops and she’d look a million times better. She looks ready to pop in the next few weeks! I’m guessing its a boy.

tammy on

I’m about the same size right now and I’m due in June. I think she looks great, such a perfect round belly.

martina on

I wish they wouldn’t use such an unflattering picture. Every pregnant women (Alicia seems to be in her 3rd trimester) can photograph well or poorly depending on what she is wearing, the hair, the angle, etc. Catching her in a less then flattering workout outfit and publishing the photo is not very kind, IMO.

truehurt on

I don’t like women flaunting their bellies like this.

It’s just not a good thing.

Jana on

I think she is having a baby boy and that she is due at least in a couple of months!

Julie on

Martina, every pic I see of Alicia, she looks awful. I’m not thinking it’s an angle issue or the lighting. In fact, another site has a clearer photo of her and she looks much worse (seriously her nipples are trying to escape!) I don’t know what she looked like before being preggo, but she looks like a slob now. I mean she’s going to yoga so she wants to stay in shape. Would it kill her to wear a bra so her nipples aren’t pointing every direction? Maybe spend some of her money and buy a maternity shirt that fits? She’s not obese. She could easily wear decent workout clothes like Jessica Alba did during her whole pregnancy with Honor. She’s pregnant, not homeless.

I have no idea if she’s due tomorrow or in the summer based on this pic because her belly is hanging out, making her look ready to pop. If she were dressed better and her boobs were harnessed then she might seem smaller. I just don’t get why she looks so bad? She’s a good looking lady, but maybe she thinks being pregnant means she shouldn’t care about her appearance?

kristen on

I don’t know why Alicia has to dress in a certain style to make other people happy. She didn’t ask for her photo to be taken and published. Should she have to dress her body so that it is appealing to other women who happen to read about her in a gossip rag? She is pregnant and working out, she can dress how she wants to. Jeez don’t any of you remember how uncomfortable clothes begin to feel towards the end?

Toya L. on

WTH? Yawn, Rachel was overdressed, Elisabeth didn’t have any pictures that weren’t photo op’d but yet Alicia’s looks are unfitting for a damn exercise class? SMH & I guarantee that after 2 months she’ll be back to her pre-pregnancy size, unlike hmmm…..

soph on

Did you consult your magic 8 ball, Liza?

Grace on

Yay for Alicia and her new baby! I love her belly poking out. And due “later this year” could techinically be tomorrow (because tomorrow is later than today, therefor later this year). It’s a vague term used because there is no specific due date that is public knowledge.

As for her size, my sweet OB always said that people only say “You look tiny for your due date.” or “You are huge!” rather than, “You look just great. Congrats.” That’s really the only speculation that is really welcome. People who seem tiny are often self conscious, as are those who seem to carry larger.

Sarah on

I agree with Kristen! My gosh when I was in 3rd trimester I didn’t give a toot what people thought or liked about my clothes. I was sweaty, having hot flashes, sore and tired and none of my clothes fit properly.
She looks good to me. Everyone complains about celebs not looking down to earth? Well Alicia sure looks it to me and here you are complaining about it!

Kellie on

Soph-It is a guess, do you disagree?

Corrie on

Good grief, people, even pregnant celebrities are allowed not to look perfect all the time. Let’s take it easy on her, okay?

stephaie on

I would never walk out the street looking like that she seem like she don’t care and don’t have money to buy maternity tops to wear no class.

zami on

oh good grief. if she’s comfortable, who cares what she looks like. at this stage in her pregnancy (again, who cares if she’s 6 mo, 7 mo, or 8 mo along), comfort is a top priority. give the girl a break!

laurelcanyonfashionista on

she looks like she is coming home from yoga class, not on the way home from a premiere. she is a beautiful woman…and she looks like i did when i had a few more months to go (and everyone said…”any day now, right?!) fwiw, i am a very petite person but gain a lot during pregnancy (and lose it all after). i think people need to be nicer…

Cecelia on

I’m sure Alicia would like to apologize to all of you for not putting on make up and dressing up before she went to yoga. How dare she allow the lower half of her stomach to show! Such a disgrace.


Seriously, she just finished exercising. Who cares? I’m sure there are plenty of issues to get fired up about instead of how a woman chooses to look in her final weeks of pregnancy.

Stella Bella on

What kristen said.

CelebBabyLover on

Julie- Alicia very well could be wearing a bra for all we know! Believe me, I know from personal experience that sometimes your nipples show even if you’re wearing a bra (and even if it’s one that’s the right size!)! And if she isn’t wearing a bra? It could be that her “girls” are quite sore right now and wearing a bra just doesn’t feel comfortable to her.

Grace- Exactly! Alicia hasn’t disclosed a due date, or even the month or season she’s due. In cases like that, Moms & Babies tends to say that pregnant celeb is due “later this year”. Sometimes, once the bump pops out a bit, they, from what I can tell, make a guess about the season the celeb is due in from the bump size, and then start saying “Fall” or whatever. But even that won’t really work in this case, since it’s hard to tell whether she’s due this spring, or if she’s not due until early summer (summer begins in June, after all, and June is only three months away!). So in a case like this, there’s really nothing else they can say in regards to a due date!

soph on

Wasn’t talking to you Kells.

Emily on

She looks great. I’m guessing boy!

Carol on

Married since 2005 and they had been together for eight year before that! Kudos to the couple…

lifeasahouse on

She just came from yoga. I am thinking comfort was more important than fashion.

Jillian on

CBL, Do you ever come on here and just make a post with YOUR opinion? Every post that I see you make is a post that takes someone’s opinion and tries to tell them why they are wrong. At least one person. These are opinons. Writing a paragraph to Julie telling her that nipples can be shown without a bra…..? HER OPINION….. Every post, you have to tell us all how you know. So annoying…. Sorry for the rant but it gets so dang old.

cheryl on

Thanks, I noticed the same thing and made a similar comment on another post (Chyler Leigh??).

Anonymous on

I think she looks beautiful, and tired 🙂 like a very normal pregnant woman…

Rosalie on

I think she’s having a boy, and my guess is that she 33 weeks.

Who cares what she is wearing, i’m sure she wasn’t planning on getting snapped leaving yoga.

Grace-2 on

@Jillian: I agree. I also can’t figure out how CBL has time to respond in nearly every post and explain to so many people why they are wrong and why celebrities are always good and right and above reproach.

mae on

Jillian – I know, right? I mean, why let facts ever get in the way of a celeb-bashing opinion?

martina on

I am 34 weeks. Woke up today feeling miserable. A sore back, general fatigue taking over, nothing fits, and nothing feels comfortable. Here I am, in great athletic shape (with a small weight gain) and can barely function. Thank god I am not being photographed by anyone at the moment, and double thank god for not having those photos published anywhere!

Jillian on

Mae, I am all for facts. But none of us have them. We have our opinions. And I was told to respect them and that is something that CBL does not do. She tries to make everything postive. And everyone is not going to like everyone or everything. That is ok…..Learn to respect peoples opinion and each other.

cris on

By looking at her belly and how swollen her face is (honestly, I do NOT mean that rude, at all, I think she is gorgeous!) I would say we are going to be seeing a birth announcement VERY soon!!

Toya L. on

*rolls eyes* @CBL I have had that same problem some days with my bras & they fit right & don’t let it be cold outside. LOL

sue on

CelebBabyLover seriously needs to give it a rest. Seriously, do you even have a life? It seems like all you do is come on this site and give long, rambling responses to every single post people make, subtly telling them they’re wrong and shoving something about your personal life down their throats. And somehow, you always think celebrities are never in the wrong and there’s always some excuse for their actions. Really? I’d say celebrities are more apt to make stupid mistakes and mess up than ordinary people sometimes.

I find it sad when people say she’s nice and sweet, because she’s obviously not. And playing the Pollyanna is so fake. No one actually feels or thinks positively all the time. At least, not a healthy, normal human being. Playing the sweet, perpetually optimistic gal while subtly putting people and their opinions down and trying to tell them what to think is not okay. She seems like a very hypocritical individual to me.

I just had to get this off my chest.

Karen on

Did anyone think that maybe her pants just rolled down? Towards the end of my pregnancy everything rolled down, and you are too tired to bother yanking it up all the time. Plus that would have made for even more catty remarks.

CN Tower on

Thanks for speaking up. Many of us have noticed the same things and share your sentiments.

hayley w on

you no ladies and for some of you i use that word rather ‘loosely’ how about just not being bitching and mean on EVERY SINGLE POST hmmm i no i no crazy as it sound you could try being kind to a very very pregnant lady rather than make snarky comments about her belly size, shape , boobs hair eyes blood type ect ect .

this site is about mums and babies if you want to come here and slag them off why not try a few down market sites as they looovvveee that kid of trash

yes we are all have opinions but to be so negative alll the time jeez lets hope your kids are a bit nicer than you because some of you are down right rude and nasty .

theres my opinion , i say she looks lovely for a very pregnant lady x

Toya L. on

CBL can post whatever the hell she wants to post. If she’s positive so what, a few positive post in between the MANY negative ones is cool. Being so damn negative all the time is unhealthier. If you don’t like what she’s entitled to post then skip the hell over her posts!!!

Teig on

Holi moli! She can’t be due later this year! She looks like she is going to have the baby in May-June. Or that she is expecting twins. Congrats!

Jillian on

Toya, you said she can post whatever the hell she wants…..well so can we. You said we should skip the hell over her posts….well you should skip over ours 🙂 🙂 🙂

Toya L. on

Ditto Jillian, the difference is I wasn’t complaining about someone else’s post!!

JMO on

There’s an old myth that when a mother doesn’t have that “glow” or looks “run down” it’s because the baby GIRL is sucking the beauty from the mother. So based on every pic I’ve seen I’m going with girl LOL!!

I don’t care how she looks she’s coming from Yoga. She’s not supposed to look glamourous but I’ll agree a bra of some sort should be in order.

Jillian on

Voicing an opinion and asking a question that you don’t agree with equals complaining, Tonya? Yikes!!

Toya L. on

Okay, you’re right!!!

Toya L. on

Okay, you are right!! To express feelings of dissatisfaction,<—– one of the definitions of "complain"; but I can see how that differs from your “opinion”, that you have a right to so this conversation is pointless. Peace and Blessings!!

CelebBabyLover on

Jillian- I wasn’t saying anyone’s opinion is wrong, just that we don’t know that she’s not wearing a bra, so stating that isn’t like it’s a fact is silly, IMO (because we don’t know that it’s a fact!). And finally, I have an Autism spectrum disorder, and as a result I struggle a lot with social situations (including on the web). I’m not very good at picking up on social cues, so sometimes I say things I shouldn’t.

Also, I don’t like negativity. I KNOW it’s part of life, I KNOW it’s normal, but I don’t like it, and I have trouble dealing with it sometimes. Also, I actually only spend about an hour or two on CBB per day. I just like to write a lot, I get wordy….and I type really fast. Incidentally, I realize that I DO often get too wordy, and that’s something I’m trying to work at. Lately I’ve made a lot of posts that are just one sentence (like “AWWWW, cute!”) as well. 🙂

Also, I DO have negative feelings sometimes. Heck, I even feel negatively about celebs on occasion (for example, I definitely don’t approve of Charlie Sheen’s recent antics). But I don’t see the need to get negative in posts. In particular, I don’t feel that I should be criticizing a celeb when I don’t know all the facts and therefore don’t know if they actually did/do/are doing whatever it is people are criticizing them for!

And if I dislike something such as how they’re dressed, I don’t see the point in posting about it. I feel that if I don’t have anything nice to say, then I shouldn’t say it at all!

I also want you to know that I honestly don’t mean to annoy people here. Like I said earlier, I have difficulty with social situations due to my ASD and so sometimes I say things I shouldn’t, and stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. I apologize for annoying so many people, and I am seriously considering just being a lurker now.

Are you happy now, Jillian (I’m sorry, but I can only take so much!)?!

dsfg on

Wow, you guys are all being bullies to CBL. Sometimes I wonder if the majority of the posters on here are children . . .

suzyq on

dsfg– I don’t know how long you’ve been following this site, but celebritybabylover is the bully. Her passive aggressive rants are legendary.

lola on

I think she looks a bit sloppy here, her bump is not that big to me but she should cover it up, it reminds me of a lazy couch potatoe look. ugghh

JAE528 on

I enjoy all of your posts CBL!! 🙂

LB on

Cecelia-AMEN to that!!

KC on

Wow, all you ladies here being downright ugly and saying she looks awful – how ’bout we sit y’all all down together and see how pretty YOU look after you’ve spent an hour and yoga and are at the end of YOUR pregnancies? I’m willing to bet she looks like a supermodel next to each of you. She looks gorgeous, as does every pregnant woman IMHO.

Jillian on

CBL, Am I happy? I am not happy or sad about any of this. As I mentioned on another thread, I also have a disability. One which I will not share or one that I will not put any blame on for me as to why I say or do things on here. I own everything I do. I don’t share much of my personal life because this page is about celebrities….not about me.

I can’t remember the last time I saw you come on here and write about your thoughts on the celebrity. You are usually disecting others opinions. Julie didn’t think she was wearing one….that is an opinion. Stating that she is wearing one is silly because that is stating it like it is a fact 🙂 I think if you just said what you thought about about the post, it wouldn’t come across as so condescending and passive agressive.

The wordiness, that I think is annoying is when there is a long post and 7 people have their names in your post. I see it and think the teacher is calling 7 students after school. Who has been good and who has been bad? It is like a scolding session. And then there is the interpretion sessions…..

Remember other people can only take so much as well 🙂 we all have issues, some share them and some do not.

dsfg on

suzyq, CBL has never been anything but nice on here. If you don’t like her posts, then disagree, but why do you guys have to be so mean about it? Do you really enjoy making other people feel bad?

LisaS on

CBL, I always enjoy reading your posts. It’s so refreshing to come on here and see your posts amongst this sea of negativity. It’s too bad there isn’t an “ignore” button on here so that the people who like to whine, complain, b*tch, etc. about other posters can find something else to moan and groan about. I know I have a couple of posters I’d like to put on ignore. Anyway, I think it’s great that you always seem to have a positive outlook on life and I’m really glad to have someone like you on here.

Grace-2 on

@LisaS: You do realize that when you’re talking about posters who like to “whine, complain and b*tch about other posters” you’re describing yourself since that’s exactly what you just did in your posts. The people on here like you who always claim you want things to be positive crack me up, because you always end up lecturing, insulting, and being negative towards the people you claim to be so annoyed by. And you never seem to recognize your own hypocrisy.

MiB on

Keep going CBL! I havbe always enjoyed your comments and I have never seen them as anything but polite even when you disagree with people. And I certainly don’t see anything wrong in a positive angle.

I don’t bother with other celebrity sites since they are usually quite respectful, and because the venom spewed in the commenting section makes me queasy. This site has always kept a respectful tone, I have seen mature comments and discussions that I have actually learned something from (other than that people will say things hiding behind a screen name that they would never say to a persons face), and I hope it will stay that way.

b on

The people who think CelebrityBabyLover is respectful must be really blind.

Jillian on

Grace2, great post!

Indira on

I don’t mind cbl’s posts. I enjoy them as I do a lot of other regulars.

Jillian on

I am a regular poster and do not…..and a lot of other regular posters have said they do not.

Toya L. on


Indira on

and a lot of regular posters said they do…so?

dsfg on

There are lots of people whose posts I dislike, and, rather than criticise them and try to make them feel bad about themselves, I just don’t read their posts.

LisaS on

@Grace-2. Really? Considering the fact that about 80% of the posts on here are constantly full of people spewing hateful stuff and I’ve only commented a few times where I think people are being particularly spiteful and nasty like you are (you see, I can do what you just did right there 😉 ), I don’t see how I’m always lecturing and being negative towards these people. There is a bit of a difference between my post and the posts about CBL and that is that I wasn’t trying to tell anyone how and/or what to post and not to post.

People like you are always saying that everyone has a right to voice their opinion, good or bad. Well, I’m giving you my opinion so you should like that–I don’t like certain posters and I would use “ignore” on them if I could, but I wouldn’t go after them constantly for posting in a way that I don’t agree with.

kay on

I for one I’m glad CBL seems to be no longer around. It’s nice to simply read people’s posts without having her butt in and correct people and make assumptions or excuses for everything (99% of the time without being asked). It got very tiresome. Someone is always going to be nasty and pick a fight, but to me the threads seem more peaceful now.

Grace-2 on

@LisaS: Nice try at justifying your hypocrisy – but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re complaining about other people doing the very same thing you did.

And believing that people have a right to express their opinions – whether they be positive or negative – is not the same as thinking people have a right to badger others into agreeing with them.

mary on

Doesn’t she have any self-respect? I just mean have clothes that fit and look washed. She doesn’t need to be wearing a cocktail gown, but a little pride in her appearance wouldn’t go amiss…