Eli Manning Welcomes Daughter Ava Frances

03/25/2011 at 12:40 PM ET
Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Eli Manning has scored a major touchdown: He is a new dad!

The Giants quarterback, 30, and his wife Abby welcomed a daughter on Monday, March 21, PEOPLE confirms.

Ava Frances Manning weighed 7 lbs., 4 oz., and is the couple’s first child.

The pregnancy had been had been confirmed in October, with a source close to the pair sharing, “They are both so happy and excited. Eli is being very protective of Abby.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Lesley Messer

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BA on

Beautiful couple! That’s gonna be a lovely child. Congrats.

Maddie on

He will be a great Dad


Congrats to the new family for the new little angel. Peyton is going to be a fun Uncle to little Ava.

SarahJane on

I love the Manning brothers. They seem like genuinely nice guys. What a wonderful new addition to the family!

Liz on

now we just need him or peyton to have a son for a third manning generation.

martina on

Congratulations! Eli lived in our building (I think they moved recently) in Hoboken, and was a total gentleman. Polite and low key. He’ll make a great dad.

Ashley Hornsby on

Congrats on the new addition to the family.

Liza on

YAY, I love the Mannings so much! Congrat to th family…now Peyton get to work j/k j/k he may not even want kids.But he will be a fun uncle!

Janice on

I believe there is already a grandson in the family. I think Cooper Manning (Peyton and Eli’s brother) has a son!

Sherry on

Congrats on your new baby girls. I am so very happy for you both……

L on

Congrats to Eli & Abby!!

kaitlyn on

Another Ava! Congrats! Btw, Cooper has a daughter and two sons.

Ashley on

I think Ava Manning is a very pretty name! Congrats!

dsfg on

Liz, maybe Ava will play football.

Synia on

Comgrats!!! πŸ™‚

Jon J. Fields. on


Pookie on

Peyton does NOT want children.

Deborah on

I hope she can wear NY Giant (pink) outfits,after all the are the BEST.

sharda on


Taylor on

What a classy, cute name! Congratulations Eli and Abby! I’ve always loved the Manning family!

Kate on

@Jon J Fields, didn’t you post that same comment on the Post or Daily News or whatever it was? Embarrassing…(think about Eli much?)

Carla McCarthy on

Yay Eli! You and Abby are going to be great parents. Always be there for her and she will turn out to be a beautiful person just like her parents.

Angel on

Congrats! Its only going to get better from here on out! πŸ™‚

Marie on

May God bless all of you. Congratulations!

Shayla on

Congratulations to the Manning family! Ava is going to be so spoiled by Uncles Cooper and Peyton!!

Marci on

Congrats to the entire Manning Family!!!!!

Marci on

I love this family!!!!! Congrats to the entire Manning Family. Hope we get to see a picture of her soon.

SusiQ on

wonderful news. . .couldn’t happen to a lovelier couple. OK, Peyton, the Colts could use a new little fan too.

Capri on

Amazing family….but im sorry…hope they have a boy somewhere…the Manning genes are incredible!!!

Winter221 on

Seriously. dsfg. Hoping for a little boy to be a future NFL player is just fun. Don’t even try to make it sexist. COME ON. Girls can play football, sure, but they can’t have a career out of it.

Filet MinBob on

I hope she doesn’t end up all cross-eyed like ole Mississippi Mommy.

sam and freya's mum on

Another Ava LOL. Cute name though. Haven’t heard of either of them before either!

LLB on

Cooper has two kids….and the Manning family says Cooper was the MOST talented of the three–he just blew out a knee(I think knee) in college and could not play again.

violetdks on

I was shocked to find out Peyton is married, he sure hides that fact and wife well, something tells me this is a marriage for convenience only, and I sure don’t see any little offspring coming any time soon, don’t thing it is possible for for Peyton’s type to carry children. I am thrilled for Eli and his wife, they looked so in love any time I saw photos of them or her at the games watching. And Peyton’s wife, is she where???????????Certainly not a big part of that big happy Manning family!

08girl on

Awww!!!!! I love them!! Congrats!!

Cecelia on

Capri, Cooper has sons so, if either wants to play, I doubt the genes will be in jeopordy.

Corrie on

I’m a Broncos fan, but I still love the Manning boys! Congratulations to Eli and Abby on their new arrival! πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Capri- As other posters have said, Eli and Peyton’s brother Cooper has a son, so there is a little boy in the family! πŸ™‚ Anyway, congrats to them!

Lisa on

Much love & an abundance of joyful congratulations to Eli, Abby, & the entire Manning & McGrew families!! I love Eli (he is my team’s QB(a darn good one at that & cool as a cucumber)& he handles the NY media as if he grew up here; Abby is a classy, smart, beautiful woman & is a part of Big Blue as much as her hubby is. Belated thanks Abby for braving the arctic weather at Lambeau Field in the ’07/’08 NFC Championship Game! May I also say that you both chose such a beautiful name for your sugarplum darling. Blessings of happiness to your families always!

Terri on

Awww…my niece just celebrated her 1st birthday Monday.

Donna on

Pardon me the PATRIOTS are the BEST!!!!!

Denia on

whats up with The other Manning Brother, Peyton??? Married since 2001 and NO kids????? Strange coming from a family oriented family……They could adopt if they can’t have kids……..

lvy on

I love that man, Eli Manning. Pure Yummy-ness. Congrats to the lovely couple and their sweet Ava!

CF98 on

Denia, I’m a Colts fan and most of us pretty much know that Peyton and his wife don’t want kids.

Its not for everyone.

Cecelia on

Violetdks, stop trying to create drama when there is none. Not everyone is comfortable in the spotlight. Peyton’s wife fully supports him but prefers to live a quiet life, running a real estate development company, instead.

Also, Denia, not every couple wants children. It’s not essential and I’m sure Peyton and Ashley are completely content with their lives.

David on

With the lockout probably wiping out the entire next season, Eli gets to spend more time with his little one. At least he won’t be spending that time throwing 28 interceptions!

CelebBabyLover on

violetdks- What makes you say that Peyton’s “type” can’t carry children? I googled pictures of Peyton and his wife….and there’s nothing about her that screams “unable to carry children!”.

dsfg on

“Girls can play football, sure, but they can’t have a career out of it.”

My point was, by the time Ava is a teenager, maybe girls CAN have a career out of it. It used to be not possible for girls to have a career in basketball and now they can.

BabyBlogAddict on

They all have nice names – Eli, Abby and Ava πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

dsfg- I was just thinking the same thing!

Kira Doyle on

Even though I can’t stand either of the Manning brothers and think they are complete overrated tools, I feel especially sad for his daughter. When I was growing up everyone was naming their daughters Jessica and Caitlyn and now everyone is naming their daughters Ava and Harper….How freaking boring and unoriginal. Now before all you haters start in on me, I’m not saying the kid should be named Apple or Pilot or anything too weird but come on-she’s gonna be one of like seven kids in preschool named Ava and the other seven are gonna be named some form of Aidan…ugh!

Jen on

Watch out Kappa Delta; you’ve got a new legacy for Rush 2029!

CF98 on

Well Kira Doyle you don’t have to like the name but if you don’t like the Mannings why are you responding to this post? And please spare people your fake sympathy.

Chances are people are going to end up with the same name but its their child their choice to name her.

Besides where she may end up going to school she may be the only Ava there imagine that.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them!

Becky P. on

Congrats to them..Love the name..If Peyton and his wife don’t want to have children, what’s the big deal? Just because you are married, that does not mean that you have to have children..

mo11 on

@ Kira Doyle, please STFU. LOL. People are such douches. Congrats to the happy family, btw. Love the Mannings AND the baby’s name.

J.C. on

Cooper Manning did not blow out a knee. He has a degenerative spine disorder called spinal stenosis and so he cannot play anymore.

Eli's #1 fan on

OMG!! Congrats!!! And Ava is such a pretty name! Eli and Abby will make wonderful parnets.

marion on

congrats to both – love the name.

Isabella on

Congrads to the Manning Family!!

Daryl Lockridge on

i look up to Eli manning ,he’s a person for me to look up to when i make a bad decision,when get into college i hope i can be trained by him so i can be a smart Quarterback like him ,thanks for being a great rolemodel congratulations on being a farther GO Giants!!!GO Ole miss!!!

pam on

Peyton and his wife just announced they had twins on March 31. Girl named Mosely and a boy named Marshall.

Carrie on

I am pretty sure Peyton & his wife have children – twins a boy & a girl….

Grace on

Jon J i suggest u keep ur mouth SHUT!

Anonymous on

my grandsons name is Peyton Eli , guess you can tell who we root for

burkes on

You people are a trip Peyton and his wife are very private…. THEY JUST HAD TWINS Marshall & Mosley jeez you people comment on stuff like they are your friends… maybe you should get a life Im from MS, (didn’t appreciate the cross eyed comment aimed at Eli’s wife I guess I’ll never understand why people are cruel for no reason)my room was plastered with Archie and Ole Miss from wall to wall, and I have every article on all things Manning… Cooper was very talented he played wide receiver and they discovered a congenital neck disorder his freshman year at Ole Miss that should he continue to play could cause paralysis if playing a contact sport like football. Oh and I’m a female

anonymous on

I cant stand Eli MAnning or his Brother Peyton