Constantine Maroulis Introduces Daughter Malena James

03/25/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Like father, like daughter? Not so for Constantine Maroulis and his 3-month-old daughter Malena James Reed-Maroulis.

A very “proud Greek-American,” the former American Idol alum, 35, admits that growing up with an unusual name often left him with plenty of explaining to do. “I got tortured for my name for years. They called me Dean. To this day they screw up my name, and I didn’t want that to happen to her,” he tells PEOPLE.

Instead, Maroulis looked elsewhere for inspiration and found his answer in the 2000 Italian movie Malena. “I always loved the name. I’m not fond of a lot of Greek female names,” he reveals. “James is my middle name and my father’s name. It just fit.”

Brooke & Eric Lagstein/Be Creative Photography


And while deciding on a moniker for his baby girl was smooth sailing, the same could be said for Malena’s December debut in Nevada, from where mom Angel Reed, 29, hails and chose to deliver their daughter.

“I was to have two weeks off [from Rock of Ages] during those Christmas dates,” Maroulis explains. “The baby came the 23rd, almost the 24th — Christmas Eve. I got there the day before. Came out, we had the baby the next day.”

Capturing the big event on camera, the proud papa admits nothing could have prepared him for the first time he saw his daughter. “She looked like a raspberry when she came out — like a blueberry in Willy Wonka,” he laughs of his “beautiful” baby girl. “Then they swaddled her like this little Glo Worm.”

However, after spending quality bonding time with Malena and her mom, Maroulis had to pack up and head back to work. “It’s really hard [to be away], but I’m working so she can have a better life,” he explains. “One day Malena can look back and be like, ‘My dad did some cool stuff.'”

Brooke & Eric Lagstein/Be Creative Photography

Once Maroulis wraps his Tony-nominated lead role, currently touring through July, he plans to head back to New York, where he and Angel originally met while rehearsing Rock of Ages in 2008.

Rock of Ages has been a huge blessing for me. I met Angel and we had Malena,” he notes. Though not currently a couple, “we’re best friends, and all our focus is on our baby.”

And with their “incredible network of support” in the Broadway community — something Maroulis says can’t be found in Hollywood — the doting dad is excited to one day introduce Malena to the world of musicals.

“She won’t be seeing a show like Rock of Ages for a long time, that’s for sure,” he says.

“I think she could probably appreciate some of the great shows at as young as 2, 3 years old. Mary PoppinsLion King could be inspiring … I’m looking forward to that.”

— Rennie Dyball and Anya Leon

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Hea on

Her eyes are amazing.

Paula on

Awwww! She’s precious, and I couldn’t be happier for Constantine & Angel! 🙂

Jeff Silvey on

So, when the baby is fussy, does he call HER Constantscream? Just wondering.

Alana on

aaawww, look at those beautiful eyes. She’s so precious. I love her name, because it’s my niece name. it’s very feminine and soft and elegant !!!:-)) All the best to little Malena and her parents!

Brooke on

Those eyes!!! Beautiful.

melissa on

She is adorable! Congrats!

Brooke on

On another board, we call him ConstantPreen, which really fits with the second picture here.

Kris on

What a gorgeous little bundle!

Toya L. on

She is so pretty and has beautiful eyes.

Kelly on

beautiful baby and beautiful name!!

Anonymous on

such a pretty baby

Vivian on

She’s beautiful, gorgeous eyes. 🙂 Daddy’s eyes too. 🙂

Debbie on

Congrats to you and your girlfriend on a beautiful baby girl. You are in for the time of your lives with her. Children are so wonderful, Enjoy

Judy on

What a great article and photos of the new family! Malena James obviously has talented, doting parents, extensive supportive families will have substantial roots in the world of Music and the Arts, whatever else may come her way. She is an adorable, lucky little girl.

Thank you, People Mag!

Ashley on

Gorgeous eyes, wow!!! What a cutie

Janet on

Congratulations to the birth of your beautiful daughter. Melena is precious and I am sure she will provide you guys with a lifetime of joy.

Psms on

Sweet and precious she is. So happy for Constantine and Angel. 🙂

Zoe Moon on

She is absolutely gorgeous! Her eyes are what got to me. Simply stunning. Congrats!

Vicky on

What an adorable little girl, with two beautiful parents and born with show business in her blood! Destined for the footlights. 🙂 Many congratulations.

Synia on


Makes me wanna have another girl. 🙂

gutsygirl on

“Not currently a couple?” How sad for tiny Malena…already in a broken home.

Donna on

I’ll say it again,a star is born!!

Patty on

She’s a Beautiful Little Angel…Like my oldest daughter she got brown eyes very young…They usually stay blue for a few months at least…She is a Little one that know whst she wants :)…Congrats to both of you!!!

Ginger on

Debbie, actually the mother of his child is not his girlfriend. It says in the article that they are “not currently a couple”. Hopefully it won’t affect their childraising.

Very cute little baby!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

She is beautiful. Congrats!

Lisa on

My daughter’s name is Malena Rae! Its a beautiful name! One of a kind.

Karen on


Kim on

Congrats, Constantine! She is absolutely beautiful! And no doubt, she will be a very talented young lady! And, don’t sell her short on seeing “Rock of Ages” – we took our daughter to see “The Lion King” on when she was 8, but brought her back to see you in “Rock of Ages” when she was 10, and she LOVED it! We just covered her eyes during the bathroom scene… 🙂

Patti on

Oh, Malena, what big eyes you have. 😉 Those amazing Maroulis/Reed big brown eyes are going to serve you well.

You are simply beautiful just like your lovely mom and dad.

I’m so happy for all of you!


@Brooke I totally agree! Constantine kills me with the prima donna rico suave looks lol (see 2nd pic). I think in his mind he is God’s gift to women. I am sure Angel probably never got a word in during their relationship. Nonetheless, Constantine is very talented and Melana is quite the beauty…she resembles her mother.

jcchic on

Wow those eyes are beautiful, you can tell she got that gene from her dad! Beautiful baby, congrats!

Taylor on

She is adorable, look at those eyes! I’ve never heard of this name before, is it pronounced MaLAYna or MaLEEna? Either way, it’s very pretty! Congrats Constantine and Angel!


I forgot to mention that Melana’s big eyes remind me of Anne Hathaway’s eyes. Melana is beautifully beautiful.

emma on

aww she’s so cute but he seriously creeps me out!

Danny on

How sad to be saddled with a father like him! I wish the little darling all the best.

CD on

Thanks to Constantine & Angel for sharing their beautiful baby.

Nikki on

Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! Does she wail as long and powerful as you do? You will definitely be a hero to this little girl! Na sas zisi!

Nikki on

Watch out for those big and beautiful Greek eyes! I bet she already has you wrapped around her little finger! All the best to you and Angel!

Nikki on

How cute is she? Congrats! How are you going to keep those boys away? Thanks People for finally putting another article about Constantine! Truly one of the most talented and underrated of the American Idols!

Libby on

thank GOD that most GORGEOUS baby looks like her mother.
I NEVER understood the Constantine appeal. My old doctor told me that he’s friends with Constantines ex gf from college. He was all proud and I started gagging!!! lol

S on

What a beautiful baby! 🙂

Nikki on

Awwwwwww! So cute! All the best to you both. You say you are not a couple but don’t forget what beautiful being that you have to bind you forever..never say never.

Nikki on

Congratulations to my favorite Greekboy! What a beautiful girl! I have met Constantine a number of times and he is one of the sweetest people you could meet! All the best to you and Angel!

Karin on

Congratulatons! She is beautiful! I hope you all have a wonderful life!

kweed on

My husband calls him Constan-TAINT

Kristen on

What a skeeve – look how he’s doing duckface on the second pic! Thank goodness that beautiful girl favors her mother!

Jillb on

My god she looks just like her mom!

Indira on

He’s gross.

Buffy on

Wow what a beautiful baby she’s perfect 🙂

BoSox for Life on

Congrats from another December 23rd baby!

Anonymous on

gorgeous, she looks exactly like her mom right to a T, congrats

Lola on

This article is good and I like the way He included Angel and published a photo of the three of them. A beautiful baby that she is.

Kiki on

Malena is precious!
can we look forward to future updates on Constantine’s career and life as a father?

Kiki on

Malena is precious!
I trust your readers can look forward to future updates on Constantine’s career and life as a father?

Jenna on

I’m a nurse and I cringe when I hear people calling their babies this, (it’s not a nice medical term), but what a beautiful baby, those eyes!

Geneva on

OMG, she’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Donna on

Maybe if Angel had worn a shirt like this – she would be saddled with an unplanned pregnancy. The kid is gorgeous but I find Angel’s attire humorous.

Kelly on

Interesting that they’re no longer a couple… When I first heard Constantine & some girl were having a baby, I had wondered why it was kept so under wraps. That’d be why… I wish them well! I think Constantine is not only super talented (“Rock of Ages” is great!), I think he’ll be a good dad.

Sammie on

She’s the precious sum of two sweet people! Congrats to Constantine and Angel!

Malena Michael on

What a beautiful gift. I hope he stops his player ways and takes good care of his daughter and her mother.

cris on

If that baby could talk, in that first picture it looks like she would be saying “help”

She is cute, and def favors her mother! I don’t watch American Idol, so I don’t know this guy, but I agree with a lot of the above posters, this guy DOES look like believes he is Gods gift to women…could be because he so closely resembles one.

Holbridan on

She is beautiful…Just like her mommy and daddy! You both must be so proud! Congratulations!

Holbridan on

She is beautiful! Just like her mommy and daddy! Just wait…..Imagine the talent and spark that will come from her with you both as her parents! You must be so proud! Congratulations!

amandamay on

beautiful baby! congrats!

i’m also one of the few, apparently, who have never understood constantine’s appeal. he’s a bit creepy – the greasy hair, the cheesy snarl/smirk, the cleft chin – not my cup of tea… and he also seems rather taken with himself. to each his/her own, i suppose 🙂

tammi on

what a cute baby, congrates hope she has a healthy safe life, god bless wish yous all the luck in the world

Anna T on

No doubt that beautiful baby Malena is and always will be much loved by her parents and extended family. I’m happy to see her sweet face! May she always see beauty in the world with those gorgeous big brown eyes of hers.

Virginia on

Pretty baby, indeed. But…she has got pretty parents. 🙂

Nikki on

Very sweet. Congratulations on a sweet lil girl. I have met Constantine too on two occasions and he is very nice and very handsome!

Nikki on

One more thing People Mag.. Keep up with pictures and articles about Constantine! This was a nice one.

Auntie M on


Beck on

What a beautiful baby! I think she looks a lot like her mom! I agree about his duck-face in photos. He does that a lot! It’s so funny & strange! I think he thinks he has big lips…but, he doesn’t so it just looks weird.

Mia on

Her name reminds of the song by The Walflowers “3 Malenas”-it’s a great song + on a great album.

Too bad they are not together anymore-and the baby is still really young…this why it’s important to be really sure that you want to be together + be committed before you have kids.

Pomegrammy on

That is one stunningly beautiful baby. Her eyes are exquisite. I can’t stop staring at her and I love her name. I’m not a fan of his and he’s always seemed so full of himself, but I am happy that a precious new baby is born. I’m confused about one post…Jenna, what does your post mean: “I’m a nurse and I cringe when I hear people calling their babies this, (it’s not a nice medical term)…” What “term” are you talking about? I reread the article to try to understand the implication.

Pomegrammy on

I read that the movie he is referring to is called “Malèna” which would be pronounced “mah-LAY-nah” if he is using the traditional pronunciation. I haven’t see the film, but I’ve read a synopsis and it seems that the character is an outcast in the movie and, due to war and poverty, becomes a prostitute. I personally would not want that as an inspiration for naming my baby.

kai on

No clue who he is (I’m not from the US), but Malena is a nice name. So is Constantine, didn’t sound weird to me at all?!

Daze on

I’ve been a fan of Constantine since AI. What a beautiful little girl. She def. has her Dad’s eyes. Love the name too. Hopefully, although they are not a couple, they can continue to work together for what is best for this child and he will be there for her the rest of her life.

Emilie on

Lovely that he has a child. Bit of a shame he and the baby’s mother are nipo longer a couple…. He looks like a douche in the second picture, he’s wearing the Miley Cyrus pout.

anonymous on

wow why shouldnt Angel be included in this article and a picture, she IS the MOTHER of his child, i find that such a demeaning comment

anonymous on

absolutely beautiful baby looks just like Angel, way to go Angel you have a beautiful daughter

anonymous on

wow what a shame they are not getting married, the baby will bond them forever though and maybe theres still time

anonymous on


E on

Jenna – agreed! It was my first thought too! As anyone with a medical background will tell you, this is a dreadful name for a child! She is stunning though

megan on

Very cute, congrats! I’ve been a fan of his since idol, although his stint on a soap opera wasn’t his best work, I am seeing him in “Rock of Ages” come April and am SUPER excited! I’m sure he’ll blow his soap opera days out of the water!!

Anonymous on


Mia on

Her name reminds of the song “3 Malenas” by The Walflowers-great song and a great album.

It’s really too bad they are not together anymore-I understand things happen, but it’s really a better idea to be in a committed relationship before you have a kid/family together.

Nella on

Malena is beautiful! Please people take note! Angel carried on her last name to her daughter – so girls can absolutely carry on the family name!

Skylar's Mommy on

Not a fan of his and dont think he’s particularly handsome, but that baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Dottie on

The baby is simply gorgeous.

But… if he knows the horror of being ridiculed because of one’s name ~ why did he choose that of a female character who had to resort of selling her flesh?

Shannon on

I’m not really a fan of Constantine, but I have to say I’m kind of sad that they’re not a couple. Only because every kid deserves to have both parents together. Obviously I realize that doesn’t always happen, but its still sad.

crissy on

They all have such beautiful eyes!

Gorgeous little baby!

Denia on

I always liked him and his baby is so pretty-love the name

amandamay on

mia – the song is actually called “three maRlenas” (not malenas) 🙂

EssCee on

What a beautiful photo of Dad and Malena! She looks so engaged, already so smart!
I’m looking forward to hearing about what she’s up to now and then, I’m sure she will be a great artist in her own right. Congratulations to Constantine and Angel!
Love and blessings to you and your Tiny Dancer. Thanks for a great article, People Mag!

Lynne on

Too bad he won’t get the opportunity to showcase his talent in the movie ROCK OF AGES. He would have gotten his first oscar nod for his work.

suzy diamond on

“Though NOT currently a couple, we’re best friends.” Sorry, I’ll congratulate them when they make “the commitment!” Grow up. That’s the kind of parents a baby should have. Anyone can “have” a baby! Tired of the cart before the horse. NO excuses! MAKE THE COMMITMENT!

ashley on

Oh my god what a gorgeous baby!

crissy on

Gorgeous baby. Ridiculous how some are trying to make her name into something bad. This can be done with any name. You don’t need much imagination to be mean.

Only Angel and Constantine know the particulars about their relationship. Angel obviously chose to have a baby with him and she knew who he was. They did have a beautiful baby together.

Congrats to them all and I wish the best for them.

Ashley on

Wow so cute.. Congratulations 🙂

RN on

For those of your wondering what the medical definition of Malena is:
“The passage of black, tarry stools composed largely of blood that has been acted on by gastric juices, indicative of bleeding in the upper digestive tract.”

crissy on

All three are beautiful. Blessings.

janet on

First and formost , she is beautiful. Look her big brown eyes. Too cute!

Second… I can’t stand him. He creeped me out on Idol. The way he gazed at the Camera like he was mesmerizing all the woman out in TV land. I don’t think so Tinny… you gross me out.

Wish great things for your child though!

Ashley on

Congratulations to Constantine! What a beautiful baby!

Ashley on

Congrats Constantine! What a cute baby!

Jillian on

I am confused……they are broken up. Why on earth should they be married just because they have a child? Obviously it didn’t work out. Better that they didn’t get married. Maybe the pregnancy was an accident.

Mia on

He looks a lot like Dave Mustaine from Megadeth to me-except with different hair color..etc + plus Dave Mustaine is a badass-LOL.

Anonymous on

Reply to Janet,

Constantine DOES mezmerize most women. Sorry you just can’t understand his magnetic charm. His little baby is adorable and I wish her health and happiness. I must say I’m glad that Con is still on the market. Girls, CON IS STILL AVAILABLE!!! YIPPEE!!!

Try again on

Wrong spelling.

In medicine, melena or melaena refers to the black, “tarry” feces that are associated with gastrointestinal hemorrhage.[1] The black color is caused by oxidation of the iron in hemoglobin during its passage through the ileum and colon.

Mrs.B on

Beautiful baby and a pretty name.

The name is from Hebrew origin and means “woman from Magdala” and is a form of Madeline or Magdalena.

Don’t care for Constantine but I hope that he is going to be a good father to his little girl.

anonymous on

Angel your baby is just beautiful, who needs anything else in life but that beautiful little girl, she looks just like you and your love and dedication to her is all the love she needs

crissy on

RN, what a disgusting thing for an adult woman to do. Google the innocent babie’s name to find something yucky with a similar spelling. Wonder what your name is? Sue rhymes with poo yanno. I know because I’m a nurse.

crissy on

I actually am a nurse and we never use that word. It’s not used often and also spelled differently. Someone is really trying hard to be nasty.

Maddie on

Try Again, i was just thinking of that… lovely name, but it will always remind me of the medical one, unfortunately. Baby is gorgeous though!

kimmy on

beautiful eyes and a beautiful baby and the name is cute also

Nelle on

@Jenna, @E & @RN, everytime I hear/see the name Malena (or any other spelling) I think of that medical term melena! Would never name a child that!
I’m a Histology Medical Scientist and I would encounter that term half a dozen times a year on specimen request slips.

Nelle on

I’m Australian, I have no idea who these people are. I have no opinion on them as parents despite their poor choice in name (from a medical perspective).
Btw, where’s BR? I missed her long-winded ramblings about her ‘grand’ life. Is she still lurking under a new user name? I hope her helicopters are still running well :-p

Jen on

the post by Aunt M (allegedly the baby’s aunt) sounds very negative. Aunt M, why did your sis decide to pose for the pic then? Sounds like you are a meddler!

Jillian on

Anon, I don’t know one female that is into him….just sayin

Nikki on

Hmmm… Auntie M? Really now.. If you were truly a family member, then somehow I can’t see you stoop so low as to say such negative things to the public. If she truly is your “niece” as you claim, then shut your mouth and be a positive support instead of a negative one. God help this child if you are indeed related to her.

Nikki on

Such a sweetie. Congrats guys..all the health and happiness.

Nikki on

Wow, such a wonderful family Angel supposedly comes from.. Nothing like printing things that should be kept in the family, Auntie M.. That is your supposed name, right? Maybe that is part of the reason they are no longer a couple.. Good luck and God bless Constantine and Angel.. She is a cutie!

Nikki on

Yasou Costa! An adorable koritsaki! Enjoy her because they grow up sooooo quickly.

Nikki on

Just like some of the other readers, I have met Constantine a handful of times. He is really a nice guy and very charismatic. He has come a number of times to our Greek church to perform and raise money. All the best to you and the family. Congrats!

amandamay on

jillian – agreed!! he is soooo smarmy and creepy looking. if you cut his hair and actually looked at his face, he’s got no chin and that horrible “i’m so hot, look at me!” grin. yuck yuck yuck. maybe midlle-aged women would swoon, but probably the same crowd that swoons over fabio. and his “singing”? um, yeah….

Jillian on

Wow Nikki…..

Anonymous on

Dear Auntie M,
Constantine is out on the tour working his tail off to support this baby and Angel. Gucci is not free my friend and your sister is reaping the benefits of all of his hard work she won’t have to worry about anything, but “babysitting” until he is off of the tour… she was smart and hit the lottery having this baby with him… good for her, she wins – leave him alone.

rocker on

Wow, what a precious little beauty! I had no doubt that Constantine’s little girl would be pretty, but she is breathtaking, just like her gorgeous Daddy. Mom’s a beauty, as well. Congratulations to the entire family. I know Mama Maroulis is thrilled about her new granddaughter!

Marie on

Auntie M, you are an idiot, every child needs a father’s love regardless of whether she gets enough love from you or otherwise and anyway its absolutely none of your business about his relationship with Malena.

anonymous on

Angel i hope you will let your fans see pics of her as she grows, why dont you put out a public blog or open up your facebook, YOU have as many fans as the rest and we would love to see her as she grows and keep up with you too

anonymous on

The story should focus on Angel more shes the celebrity and is the mommy, congrats angel

amandamay on

i can’t get over how creepy he is – that “i’m so hot” look he always has on his face. ick ick ick. if you cut his hair and actually look at his face, he has no chin and he looks like a duck. i don’t get the appeal. i think the women who find him attractive must be the same type who find fabio (another icky guy) attractive.

anonymous on

i think it was insulting to announce on this article that they are no longer a couple and demeaning to Angel who seems like a beautiful person inside and out, that was totally jive!!

anonymous on

how sad that Constantine wont marry Angel now that shes had his baby this is so unlike a traditional greek man !!!

anonymous on

Angel congrats to you and your beautiful little girl, your a classy woman to not only have the baby but to dedicate your life to her now , alone-shes a doll and is the spitting image of you !!

anonymous on

a “proud greek american” MAN would have married the mother of his child!!!!

anonymous on

to who announced constantine was still available to us women now, so not cool on an article with his baby and mother of his baby!

anonymous on

congrats Angel, shes beautiful just like you , you sound like a wonderful mommy isnt it joyful???? good luck hon to you

anonymous on

people mag needs to take all these comments down, that was a terrible one about Angel just babysitting , shes a dedicated and beautiful mother who CHOSE to have this baby and dedicate her life to her by herself, $$$$$$$$$$$$ means nothing

anonymous on

everyone must read Angels blog its just beautiful and shows the kind of person and mom she is , kuddos to you Angel

Xanthoula on

He named her Malena because he didn’t like Greek female names. Has he never heard of Eleni or Sofia or how about Melina (Melina Mercouri, proud spokesperson for Greek culture)?

anonymous on

Angel i just read your blog its absolutely beautiful, how do we get you to have people mag print your blog so we can all keep up with your beautiful baby girl????????

anonymous on

Every one knows how C is….
Angel knew how C was and still is ! In 2011 no reason for a unepected pregnancy. Just because he is not good boyfriend material doesn’t mean he is not going to be a good dad. I just hope he settles down and finds that special soul mate. Saw him in Kentucky and he looked pretty happy with a beautiful young woman by his side. say no more…..

anonymous on

Angel just also saw your Blog love itttttt girlfriend, show us more, you are a treasure of a woman

Anonymous on

Sad to see the haters come out to try and ruin such a joyous occasion. I mean Really? Move on with your lives obviously Constantine has! Just stop…You’ve directed this to C for years and now it’s going to go to his daughter, is that really what you want? Is that the kind of person YOU want to be? Just stop….

Beautiful Family 🙂

anonymous on

Congratulations, Constantine. Your beautiful baby daughter is the spitting image of you and will grow up to be a beautiful and talented woman.

And Auntie M…get a clue and while you are at it, take a look at your own life. You are hardly in any position to be throwing stones in glass houses. No one likes a bitter woman…seriously. Accept the fact that he is not in love with, and has no intention of marrying, your sister. That does not make him a bad father. Nor does the fact that your sister got pregnant on purpose make her a bad mother.

anonymous on


anonymous on

Are my posts coming through? Congrats, Constantine.

Anonymous on

Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl!!

dsfg on

Anonymous, in 2011, there is still no birth control that is 100%, so you are wrong, there are still plenty of reasons for unexpected pregnancy to occur!

anonymous on

Point Taken….If you actually protect yourself and swallow your pill everyday.

Nikki on

Anonymous, not everyone knows how “C” is, and remember, there are two adults in this relationship who made the decision at one point, to move forward, and the end result, is Angel got pregnant. Some are quick to point fingers at Constantine but he isn’t in this relationship alone. Angel is a big girl too. By the way, the “beautiful young woman by his side” is assigned,by management, to help him out before and after the shows.

ssexy on

Baby Malena James is the most adorable baby ever! Her parents must be so proud! Constantine is currently working very hard on Tour for “Rock of Ages” he spends as much time I am sure as he can with Malena. Once the tour is over I bet he’ll be sad and happy. Happy to spend more time with Malena. Sad that the Tour is over. Angel should be very proud of herself right now for putting her career second to give all her time to Malena. The Baby has very talented parents! There are many who do not really Know Constantine, never met him and are giving their opinions by heresay about him. He is a very dedicated and down to earth person who deeply cares about those around him. He has been to many many Charity events in the past. He deeply cares about his fans. There were times when very ill and he would still perform and go the the stage door no matter how he felt to say Hi to his fans. Do not judge someone unless you know who they are first!! He is already planning on Malena’s College Fund. I am sure he is a Very happy Daddy who probably feels very bad that he cannot be in 2 places now at the same time. (On Tour and with Malena.)

crissy on

Well said ssexy.

anonymous on

Angel your blog is so emotional and so sweet thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on this gorgeous baby, she looks like your twin

Marie on

Can someone please post a link to Angel’s blog?

anonymous on

And Auntie M, while you are at it you might want to let your sister down gently by letting her know that in this day and age, a pathetic and desperate attempt to keep a guy by purposely getting pregnant just doesn’t work anymore. If the love ain’t there, a baby sure as heck ain’t gonna seal the deal. She really needs to give up the fantasy that he is going to marry her and they are going to live as one, big happy family ’cause it just ain’t gonna happen. Sorry, but her very desperate attempt to keep him just didn’t work — thank God.

fuzibuni on

Wow. This post has totally degenerated. Seems like it’s just the same people posting over and over again to defend this Constantine dude. I have second hand cooties just from reading it. Shudder.

anonymous on

google that should bring you to the link for her blog, it is just beautiful what she has shared with her fans i hope People will print it and keep doing follow ups so we can see how her little girl grows.

Psms on

Wow, an article about the birth of a beautiful baby and her parents who love her and it brings out sick and spiteful haters??

Congratulations to Constantine and Angel and much love to Malena. Prayers to the haters in hope they find something better to do with their lives. (C & A, sorry you have to read such crap)

Lynn on

Beautiful baby, and a beautiful mother.

Malena Reed will grow up surrounded by loving family. Angel, Malena is very lucky to have you for a mother!

Christina on

What a lovely baby little Malena is! Congratulations to both her parents.

As a Greek woman, I take offense at those who say a “real” Greek man would have married the woman who had his child. How demeaning to be tied to someone you wouldn’t have chosen to spend your life with JUST because you’ve had a child together. Bad for the child to have parents who don’t love each other and stay together just for their sake, heartbreaking for the parent who isn’t being loved the way they deserve to be, and lonely (at best) for the parent who’s “doing the right thing”. Being Greek doesn’t mean being forced to make decisions that aren’t in the best interest of all concerned!

Sometimes things happen and pregnancies occur where love doesn’t exist, but both parties have already obviously already done what they think best by choosing to allow this precious baby to be born. No doubt in my mind that little Malena will be adored by both parents and her extended families, and maybe someday by a step-father or step-mother who loves her like their own, AND loves her mommy or papi as well. Both parents deserve real love in their lives, and if it’s not with each other, maybe being “best friends” is more than enough for their child to thrive. Blessings on all of them!

greekster on

Melena is the medical term for black, tarry stool not MALENA

that said, i take offense to his statement that their aren’t pretty female greek names. there are many many beautiful greek girl names.

greekster on

ps, auntie M i find your statements really obnoxious. why would you air out your sister’s personal business like that? you sound pretty trashy.

Lynn on

Congrantulations, Angel and Malena! Two beautiful girls taking the world by storm. 🙂

Mary on

Congrats to Constantine and Angel on the beautiful little Malena James.

We wonder why our middle school and high school students can be so mean on the internet and at school. We have major discussions about how to stop cyber bullying, yet some of these kids have parents who are posting bullying statements like some these statements on the internet as well. Yet we wonder how to get through to some of these kids why saying nasty things about others on the internet is wrong.

JoAnne Nichols on

Congrats, Daddy. She is beautiful! She has your eyes. You are going to have to chase the boys away from her with a baseball bat. Guys will have to be approved, by you, before they can take her out on a date. Her first prom date will have some rules he has to follow. Ha ha. Love it. Enjoy every minute. Life goes by so quickly. JoAnne (a fan since day ONE.

Terri on

When I saw it I assumed it was pronounced MaLAYna. It’s a beautiful name. And she has beautiful eyes.

rukidding on

Her prom date will have some rules to follow??? If you know anything about what Constantine likes to do with teenage girls that remark will resound with a ridiculous amount of irony. Maybe when little Malena is old enough to hit the google she’ll learn about what her daddy likes to do to teenagers too.

AuntieT on

Malena is a beautiful baby and Angel a wonderful Mom. I have not met Constantine, but the article overlooks Malena’s ethnicities and heritage passed on from her Mom. This article makes it sound as if Angel has no role in carrying, naming or raising Malena. Guess this is slanted press.

Lynn on

If a father wants to play the role of “protective dad” when his daughter is a teenager, he has to first play the role of “present dad.” Not just “I’ll be there when we take a picture for a magazine” dad.

crissy on

I doubt if Angel wants him to quit this tour right now to be with her and the baby. They all need the income.

tam on

Beautiful Greek Princess

CD on

Constantine just released 2 songs on iTunes- BEAUTIFUL!

Jackie M on

What an absolutely precious baby girl!!! Congratulations Constantine!!!

Tracey on

Angel, shame on you for trying to trap Constantine into marrying you by getting pregnant. It didn’t work for Bridget Moynihan who got pregnant by Tom Brady (the New England Patriot quarterback) and it won’t work for you. You got what you wanted — Con’s money and a baby, but you’ll never get Con. Constantine, I congratulate you for being a wonderful dad! You are a great singer, performer and human being, and your fans will always love you.

MR on

Beautiful bottle. Hope there’s some pumped milk in it and not formula.

ella on

I actually like James as her middle name, something I have not heard before, but as a family tradition its nice to see that its not just for the boys in the family.

nurse on

idk who this person is, but in medical terms melena means bloody stool. How sweet.

sara on

Constantine’s and Angel’s baby’s name is spelled Malena, not melena. And actually some people do have the name “Melena”, as the actual spelling of their first name, including a writer for the NY Times.

janet on

“Reply to Janet,

Constantine DOES mezmerize most women. Sorry you just can’t understand his magnetic charm. His little baby is adorable and I wish her health and happiness. I must say I’m glad that Con is still on the market. Girls, CON IS STILL AVAILABLE!!! YIPPEE!!!

– Anonymous on March 26th, 2011 ”

CD on

Check out Constantine’s new songs on iTunes!

Unchained Melody – Single by Constantine Maroulis – Download Unchained Melody – Single on iTunes

Karma on

One can only pray no one ever treats his daughter the way he treats women.

sally on

WOW !I don’t read much, but I surely appreciate them doing this article. Do people ALWAYS go through the “celebrities’ ” lives and post such NOSEY, personal, demeaning comments such as they have here?I mean, get a life, people!!!! Constantine does not deserve the crap he’s getting; Angel does not deserve the crap she’s getting, and the baby SURELY doesn’t deserve to have her name drug through the ringer like this. Why don’t you people LOOK WITHIN your own families? I’ll bet that you have— an illegitimate child , — parents that have a kid together but don’t live together, –someone that has a name that makes you think of a yucky word. Do you carry on like this about it? Let’s face it. I believe the percentage of unmarried couples(or women) delivering babies in the good ole USA is now equal to, or may surpass the percentage of married couples having babies ! (HMMM….WONDER WHY THAT IS???…—–another blog)……………So, what is the big deal?? Did “Raine’s” parents, or “Shilo’s” unwed parents catch this much when they named their babies?—-IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE ARTICLE IN PEOPLE, JUST MOVE ON TO ONE YOU WOULD ENJOY READING!! DON’T READ THE ARTICLE AND RIP EVERY SHRED OF IT!—AND SURELY DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME POSTING NEGATIVE, IRRELEANT THINGS!!!!

sally on


bev on

beautiful baby

Lynn on

Someone give Sally a Valium.

Someone who's been there on

The only one I feel anything for in this article is poor Malena. Angel was having back problems and could no longer perform the moves required to be a cast member of ROA. She found her ticket in Constantine. Right around the same time, HE asked ME (and I’m sure others – he’s known to regurgitate lines) to settle down, telling me he wanted children and get married. Once the tour was over he’d take a job in the industry, but more low-key. When I asked about Angel, he had less than kind things to say. I walked away from the situation before I knew of any of this (thank God!). He admitted in the past to being close friends with her, but the fans always twisted things.

He is capable of alot of negative things – and I hope for the baby’s sake, he keeps them away from her. I hope nothing ever happens to that child like the things he’s done to other women. The stories are out there – you just have to Google them. And no, they are not agenda-pushing by the haters…the truth hurts. He’s no idol. He’s a fallen idol. And Angel is no Angel – she knew what she was doing. Although, I do give her some credit for basically raising the chiid alone.
As always, the victim is the child.

Cheesy on

Baby is ADORABLE, but Constantine looks CREEPY. Yuck..

Jef on

Congratulations to Constantine and Angel. And welcome to baby Malena!

It’s such a shame that a beautiful birth announcement has such hate-filled comments from two rejected groupies of six years ago and their handful of minions. Stop with the vendetta, and go on with your pathetic lives. No one is interested in the fabricated lies you attempt to promote. You’re irrelevant. You know what they say about karma, and you have plenty of The Nasty coming your way.

crissy on

“Someone whose been there” You’re anonymous so we don’t really know if you’ve really been there or not do we? Lets say you have and you’re telling the truth. You say you care about Malana but you are more than happy to say horrible things about her parents, which is not helping her one bit. You say her Dad is no Idol and has done horrible things to woman? The agenda-less ones point out every chance they get a story in which the girl was of age and more than willing by her own words. It’s just not that incriminating.

Angel and Constantine are not perfect but they both seem to want the best for their daughter. I hope they can maintain a friendship and work for her best interests together, while ignoring haters and meddlers.

Arlena on

Wow, I’ve never seen such a beautiful baby! get her an agent!

Someone who's been there on

First of all, crissy, the child’s name is Melena not Melana. Secondly, I am not one of his stalkers or groupies, but have been followed by a few. I am not one of two rejected groupies from years ago. My friendship – and I use the term loosely – lasted about 4 years.

I read that story you are referring to, and yes – the girl was of age and consented to what she was doing. I am not that girl. I am not one of the “haters”. I am someone who was fed the same lines he feeds to other girls he surrounds himself with so he’s never alone. As far as how he treats women…have you ever been alone with him?

All I can say is if some man did to Malena when she was older what I had experienced with Constantine – I don’t think any father would accept it. Nor would they condone any drug use – and yes, I have seen it with my own eyes.

If he and Angel were “super-tight friends” (his words in the very beginning), I’m sure she was aware of his extra-curricular activities. The baby is beautiful, but why bring a baby into the world when you know exactly what you are getting with the father…and when you also know he’s sleeping with other women.

He has women that fly from all over the country to see him – he calls them his girls. I’m not condoning what I did – I’m glad I finally opened my eyes to see what was really going on. I’m also glad I didn’t take him up on the offer to have a baby – because he’d have 2 of them now. The night we had this discussion, he had the guys over and they left so we could be alone.

Angel was always nice to me, until she realized who I was. The entire time, Con maintained that they were just friends. Like I said, the one I feel bad for is the baby.

Penelopy on

A bottle? Really..

Jef on

As Don Henley sings,

“Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies
We got our dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie
Love to cut you down to size, we love dirty laundry.”

CD on

Some people never grow up.
Some people are bitter because they want more then they got.

Luckily Malena will grow up with two parents who love her.

anonymous on


anonymous on

Pretty baby.

Lucy on


J on

That first photo is so cheesy, holding the baby up to HIS face for a closeup. And then there’s the duckface, squinty thing going on in the secon photo. It reminds me of Chris Kattan’s Mango character from Saturday Night Live.

B. on

Beautiful, gorgeous, absolutely stunning baby girl. I wish the 2 parents only the best, and may God have His hand, on this family.

astoriagal on

Congrats to the proud momma and poppa on the birth of their beautiful baby girl. But, hey– Constantine– you don’t like the female Greek names???? What about “Zoe”– meaning life or “Demetria” the female version of Demetrius or James? I think that Zoe Demetria Reed-Maroulis would have been a rocking name and would also preserve some of her Greek heritage in that name. Just not feeling that “Malena” name– the preface, “mal” means “bad” in Latin. Kids might call her “Lena” when she grows up, which sounds better to me than “Malena.”In any event, best of luck to the Reed- Maroulis family.

P.S. “Marouli” in Greek menas “lettuce!”

Stavros on

Yassou Constantine and Angel on your lovely baby girl!
Keep on Rockin.

Benigna Marko on

Benigna Marko

many who care on

Our wishes and prayers are that con will read this and reflect on his ways of living. I guess he can’t see right in front of his own eyes. How is it everyone else can ! It’s time for him to grow up.It is very obvious he cares for someone. A very strong,beautiful and talented woman. (say no more) Too many random women. For what,one night? I hope this makes you think about how your spinning out of control! You have a beautiful daughter you love. Your working hard to have a working relationship with the mother. You don’t need baby #2 with someone you met the night before. Please be careful and keep healthy ! We really wish you the best.

Dimitri on

Cute baby…it’s a shame he didn’t like Greek girl names…I’m sure his mom is proud that he picked an Italian girls name over her name….I think we should call him Dean MALAKA Maroulis…!!!

understand on

Dear “Someone who’s been there”… Understand ! GLAD YOU WERE STRONG AND MOVED ON.

anonymous on

So, Constantine doesn’t like Greek’s female name. I don’t get it. That shows how stupid he is. Like he doesn’t admit that he is Greek. He doesn’t like his own origin? Weird and creepy.

FC on

Oh, my goodness, Malena is so precious! And look at those big, pretty brown eyes. I’d have a hard time looking at her and not melting, especially when it came to discipline. I’d have to find a way, though, lol.

Congrats to Constantine and Angel. 🙂

Maggie on


Flipper on

for all you fans, on a radio interview he called the mother of his child just another naked dancer on stage he got pregnant, nice huh? Sorry Angel you had to be humiliated like that, we all love you and know what a great person and mom you are !!

Barbi on

I don’t know this actor, but this photograph is beyond adorable!! Congratulations on such a beautiful daughter 🙂

GetReal on

Well, he’s a loving father but not very responsible, obviously. What kind of “cool stuff” is Daddy going to do? Not change a lot of diapers, that’s for sure.

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