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03/25/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Toya L. on

Overweight moms and kid think they’re thinner than they are, study finds
I don’t mean to seem insensitive but LMAO.

Shaunie on

Ah! That list of “50 Best Esty Baby Shops” is doing nothing for my out of control Esty obsession! LOL
I can feel the money disappearing from my wallet already! hahaha

Erika on

I definitely think that a lot of obese people think they are thinner than they are. Evidence A- jeggings and bikinis are made in size 20 and above (US sizes). I rest my case.

Haha Shaunie! I love etsy and the whole idea behind it too! I don’t have kids yet so the list doesn’t feed into my addiction yet. But I still love a lot of the stuff from the list, even though they don’t apply to me and I shop at many of the shops on the site!

dsfg on

Actually, Erika, they make leggings in size 20 because there are people who are thin who legitimately wear a size 20.

When I’m overweight, I wear a size 4. However, I know many people who are pretty thin who wear a size 20. They just have a large skeleton.

I have to agree, though, I constantly see obese people walking around in leggings and skin tight shirts and it just makes me wonder . . .

Lacey on

I’m am overweight, size 14/16. I know I’m fat and what I look like. I agree with Erika. I am shocked at clothes I see in larger sizes. I would NEVER wear skinny jeans, a bikini or a dress that showed my upper legs.

Jenna on

Lacey and Erika, if skinny women can wear unflattering clothes, why can’t fat women? I see skinny women wear jeans that make them look like they’ve pooped their pants because they can’t fill out the butt. I don’t giggle at them or think they’re stupid for not checking in the mirror. I just assume they love the jeans and don’t care how unflattering they are. I also don’t feel superior when I see skinny women who wear shirts or bikinis when they don’t have the boobs to fill them out. Point is that people have their personal tastes and their body types don’t usually change their choices. Fat women and skinny women just wear what they like and the rest of us should be classy enough not to snicker at their bad taste.

BTW, super skinny women (you know with the bones sticking out or their skin hanging oddly) don’t really know how gross they look either so why would fat people be able to evaluate their level of fatness? I mean, you ever watch the Biggest Loser? They’re fat when the come on the show and they’re fat during most of the whole show – just a different degree of fat and those degrees can sometimes be hard for people to judge unless they’re on the scale a lot. I’m just saying most people can’t judge their appearances very well.

Indira on

I have to agree with Erika. Theres a girl at my job who was using the dryer to dry her jeans. I took them out of the dryer for her and, I’m nosey so I looked at the size. She’s a size 5! I personally couldn’t believe it because she looks overweight to me. There are plus size models who are size 16s but look a size 6.

Erika on

Jenna- I agree that there are some people who are thin and don’t look good. I’m just talking about the fat people because that is what the article is about, but there are definitely people of all body types who wear the wrong clothes!

I also see what dsfg and Indira are saying about sizes. I wear a size 0 but I personally don’t think I look thin at all. I actually hate the way people make it sound like a bad thing to be such a small size, because I really am not skinny, like most people think everyone who is size 0 to be. Because I am short (5′ 1″), I look to be average weight for someone of my size, but jeans that are a size 2 or above don’t fit in length or waist. But believe me, I don’t go around flaunting my body in g string bikinis or super tight jeans either- just because I’m not considered overweight, doesn’t mean I have a beautiful body!

Jenna on

Erika, my point was that no one has a really good idea of how their body looks. It’s just hard to be objective. As others have said and your size indicates, people can’t even look at other people and get a good idea of a person’s size. That’s why I think fat women wear clothes that don’t flatter them. Plus people like what they like and so they wear what they like, not what flatters them. I have a friend who hasn’t even a hint of a boob on her, but she wears these tops that are meant for Victoria’s Secret bodies. She likes the tops and doesn’t care about all the sagging material where her chest should be. That’s why I don’t make fun of people’s bad clothing choices. I wouldn’t want anyone making fun of mine because I’m sure my taste isn’t nearly as awesome as I think it is.

Alice on

No one has a really good idea of how their body looks, but when it’s a matter of being oveweight or underweight it’s quite a problem, isn’t it? Especially when there are children involved, it’s a bit sad that they think they’re a healthy weight when they are not.

kai on

Lol, the screenwriter in the working-mothers-article gifted us with “The Hottie and the Nottie” (starring Paris Hilton) – nice to hear you can live comfortably from that kind of crap.