Anne Heche and James Tupper Awed By Sons’ Bond 

03/25/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
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Things never seemed to work out for families in Greek myths, so when you name your first son after the epic poet who penned The Illiad, and your second after the mythological Titan who was said to hold up the heavens, you’re tempting the Fates.

It’s a good thing Anne Heche and James Tupper are there to look after their boys, 9-year-old Homer and his little brother Atlas, 2.

It’s even better that the brothers’ idea of a sibling rivalry is to see who can dote over the other more.

“The two are having an incredible bond right now,” Heche, 41, tells PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of the HBO movie His Way. “They already look out for each other.”

An older brother looking out for his toddler sibling is part of the natural order of things, but a 2-year-old looking out for his 9-year-old brother? Turns out Atlas is doing his best to live up to his mammoth moniker.

“Atlas wears 4-year-olds’ clothes at this point,” Tupper, 45, says with a chuckle. “He’s a big, strong, big-hearted boy. Homer always jokes that Atlas is going to be a lineman.”

Not just a wunderkind at outgrowing clothing, the towering toddler also has proven remarkably adept at getting those pesky developmental stages out of the way. Apparently, Atlas wasn’t about to wait for his second birthday to experience the terrible twos.

“He had the terrible ones,” Tupper jokes. “He was trying hard at an early age to get his own way.”

A fact that wasn’t lost on the mother, who faithfully played the role of proud parent.

“He really was a prodigy in that sense,” Heche adds, laughing. “It’s safe to say that he was living up to his name’s reputation.”

— Reagan Alexander

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Did this actor ever divorce his wife and marry Anne seeing he left his wife for Anne!!!

Amanda on

I believe there listed as partners.

annie on

I believe Homer’s father is Heche’s first husband, Coley Laffoon. The article should really be more clear.


Anne seems to have really turned her life around since her first bout with motherhood…she reminds me of Nicole Richie

stephaie on

Anne Heche is a trouble women her choices she make is disturbing from using Ellen for own personal fame and now going with a married man hope her kids grow up good kids.

Shannon on

I thought they got married and divorced. Oops.

meghan on

Anne is such a phony. Life Ellen was perfection–until they broke up and she proved herself to be a whack job. Life with Coley was perfection–until she walked out on him for this guy. Now life is perfect with James and ‘their’ two sons. Wonder how long that will last?

Charity on

I don’t buy it…2 brothers who “dote” on each other? Yeah, right. If by doting, you mean wrestle, race, etc. Anne isn’t exactly known for being honest.

Cecelia on

Charity, she may be an odd ball but saying she’s lying about her sons bond with one another is the least out there thing she could comment on.

CelebBabyLover on

Cecelia- I agree! Who says brothers can’t dote on each other?!

meghan- People split up for all kinds of different reasons. We don’t really know why things didn’t work out between her and Ellen or her and Coley.

Anyway, I agree that Coley should be listed in this article as Homer’s father!

Marky on

Homer is not James Tupper’s son, unless Anne was cheating on her husband at the time she got pregnant. “Their ” boys? I think not. She is such a whack job, it’s kinda sad…..

meghan on

CBL, I am aware that relationships end for many reasons. I’m not naive nor stupid. I just find Anne’s pattern very telling. She always leaves her spouse/partner for the next spouse/partner. She ended a relationship to be with Ellen, she left Ellen for Coley and she left Coley for James. And while she is with that particular person she gushes about how great everything is in her life. Every word from her just comes off as very phony at this point.

Jillian on

Meghan, totally agree! Love your last comment!

Jacqui on

Did I skim this article too fast and miss the mention of Homer’s actual father, Coley Laffoon(sp?)? James Tupper is not Homer’s dad, correct?

Lola on

I find it interesting that no one complains when Matt Damon refers his wife’s oldest daughter as his. But so many of you are upset that Laffoon wasn’t mentioned in the write up. Anne Heche has had her issues but she seems to be a loving mother. She’s had a long acting career going back to her days on As The World Turns as Vicki/Marly.

I think it’s wonderful that her sons have a strong bond. It’s also great that the all the adults in the childrens lives seem to love and care about them.

Jasper1790 on

I find it so amazing how people can judge actors and actresses so harshly. They should look in their own closets first, think about how many people you know who have kids out of wedlock or different parents for their children. Anne is a wonderful actress and caring mother as Iam sure James is a father. People make mistakes and bad choices it doesnt make them bad people. I hope they go on to have a wonderful life and that the children grow up to be smart and loving people.

dawn on

I can’t believe how cruel some of these comments are. Everyone is allowed their fair share of mistakes. Anne’s children seem healthy and happy. The article wasn’t about her or her partner’s partners past relationships. It was about her children. Ease up people and cut them some slack for mistakes made in the past.