Rachel Zoe Welcomes Son Skyler Morrison

03/24/2011 at 01:50 PM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Rachel Zoe is bananas for her new baby boy!

The celebrity stylist and husband Rodger Berman have welcomed their first child, a son named Skyler Morrison Berman, in Los Angeles, her rep tells PEOPLE. He weighed in at 6 lbs., 12 oz. and is 20 inches long.

“Mom and Dad ‘LITERALLY’ could not be happier or more in love with their son!” the couple said in a statement.

Zoe, 39, later Tweeted, “Thank you all so much for your love! [Rodger] and I couldn’t be happier with little Skyler Morrison in our arms … he is everything.”

Zoe, whose notorious work ethic is documented on The Rachel Zoe Project, managed to take it easy during her pregnancy, which she recently called a “wonderful, drama-free time.”

While Zoe decided to forego gifts in favor of donations to the charity Baby2Baby at her recent shower, it’s safe to assume her son will be one fashionable baby.

— Alla Byrne

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Angi on

Welcome to the world!

Jacqui on

I know a lot of girl Skyl(ar)s, but no boys. Whatevs! Bet it’s a cute baby!

Shirelle on

Congrats to them and I love then name skylar

Elizabeth on

I love the name! I’m sure he is adorable! Congrats to the family!

Annie on

Ahhhh!! I’m so excited for them! Love the name.

Jurnee on

My teenaged nephew’s name is Skylar. He’s an awesome & well-liked kid. Great name!!!!

Andi on

yay! been waiting for this announcement! Congrats to the both of them

abbyc on

What a great name! Congrats to them. I wonder when he was born. I can see her having a scheduled c-section.

Macy on

Love the name Skyler/Skylar, on a boy obviously since that’s where it belongs. Morrison is more of a last name to me. Congrats to the couple.

wowjd on

Since I have a daughter named Schuyler, I prefer it on girls but still a great name.

jessicad on

What a precious name! Congrats to them!

soph on

But you picked the traditionally masculine spelling, wowjd.

Skyler Morrison is pretty cute – I like it.

Brooke on

So happy for Rachel and Rodger!

A. on

Cute name!

wowjd on

Soph….I guess I did but i see it as choosing the traditional spelling not the phonetic one. Either way I still like the name….male or female.

Annie on

I really like the name Skyler. Wonder if my husband will go for it!

Toya L. on

I really like the name Skyler. I don’t know one female named Skyler but I could see it used unisex.

Jessica on

I like Skyler, alot!!!

Mira on

I don’t like the name at all. Sounds like a car model to me. All the best to them…

truehurt on

She needs to stop working now.

Shannon on

Love the name! Congrats to Rachael and Rodger. I hope we get to see a pic at some point. I bet he is a doll baby!

amandamay on

Schuyler (The traditional spelling) is a male name and is very old, but I think it has been used as a girl name (Skyler/Skylar) lately. I prefer the traditional spelling (Not a fan of “creative” name spelling)

Hope they are all well – Congrats!!

Sarah S. on

Very nice name–congrats to them!! πŸ™‚

KC on

@truehurt It’s great getting the opinion of a man from the 1950s on the birth of Rachel Zoe’s baby. Thanks so much for cluing us in!

Bella mama on

Yay! What a blessing!

Annie on

@KC – LOL!

BF on

Blech- it sounds like a baby girl’s name. No aspect of it is feminine sounding at all. Poor kid.


Don’t think she’ll stop working completely, since she loves fashion so much, but I do hope (and I’m sure she will) she slows down! I’m so glad she was able to get pregnant, she seemed to want it so much! Congrats to them!

BF on

Correction: No aspect of it is MASCULINE sounding.


I don’t think she’ll stop working completely, honestly. Slow down significantly, of course. I’m so glad they were able to get pregnant! She seemed to want to be a mother so much! I’m so happy for them both!

Mina on

Mira, there is a car model Skylark so I can see it sounding similar lol.

How come people like the name Skyler/Skylar for both boys and girls, but everyone had a problem with the name Sundance for that one little boy?

lovemybabygirl on

LOve her and cant wait to see pictures of her little one…was one of my choices but i went for sloane!!!

Melissa on

LOVE the name Skylar. It has been my favorite name for a boy since I was 14.
Can’ wait to see pics of the little one!

Laura on

Skyler? Sorry, I think that’s a terrible made-up name. I know it’s popular, but it doesn’t make it acceptable. The middle name is a good one though. She should’ve used that as his first name. Would’ve been more interesting.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! I like the name Skyler more for a girl, but nonetheless I like the name!

Macy on

Its not made up Laura, dont be an ignorant and do some searching before you post such nonsense

Macy on

BF: considering it sounds like Kyle, Tyler and Kyler, all boy names, I think it does sound masculine. Please spare us from dumb posts

Macy on

@ amandamay, both the spellings Skyler and Skylar are used on boys. Why are people soooo obsessed when a boy name makes the girls chart, even if its lower, when a) its a boy name in origin, b) its STILL used on boys.

Carol on

My son’s name is Schyler. I didn’t go with traditional spelling but went with what I liked.

Moo x on

Congratulations to her and her partner, i like the name…different without being wacky!

Also: really glad he was a good weight, this was a big concern to me, so relieved to hear it! x

annie on

My son is named Skylar as well. I love the name, boy or girl!

truehurt on

She is married and does not need to work.

BF on


I really can’t take your post(s) seriously. You call what I wrote “dumb”, yet you clearly haven’t mastered the grammar of a four year old. I stand by what I said; Skyler sounds like a feminine name to me. I could care less if you agree with me or not.

First Time Mom on

Better than Apple or Sparrow!

Rosemary on

Congratulations Rachel and Rodger and welcome Skylar. So very happy that Mom and baby are doing well. Enjoy this magical time.

sinclair on

@truehart, please join us in 2011 when you have a moment. Ever think that Rachel Z is working because she WANTs to or NEEDS to? Do you know what her and Roger’s finances are? Even if you did, it is her choice to work or not. Don’t be mistaken, women have always worked–we just have not always been PAID for it.

Fashion is Rachel’s passion, she will continue to pursue her passion and incorporate motherhood into her lifestyle, as well. Stop being so one-dimensional and thinking that all women should do once they get married and have kids is stop working. Work/passions make us who we are, prevent boredom and allow us to develop personalities beyond being parents. It is really patriarchal Western society that is so caught up in trying to force women to stay home when that is not how things always were–despite how the media and society continue to hem and haw about the dangers of so-called “working women.”

Momof3girls on

Not a fan of the name for a boy…but it’s not my baby!! Cogratulations to the new parents!!

I have a female cat named Skyler..

Nella on

I like the name, it can be both used for girls and boys ,it just sounds cute. It’s not bad at all, i’ve heard much worse celeb names. Congrats to Rachel and her hubby πŸ™‚

Mrs.B on

Congrats to Rachel and Roger! What a cute name. Morrison is one of my favorite names for a boy.

One of our friends little brother is named Skyler or Sky for short. Cool kid.

AM on

Haha that’s funny Momof3girls cause I have a male cat named Schuyler πŸ™‚

Congrats to Rachel & Roger!

Shannyn on

Congrats to the family.

Cool, different name which is good

But that is the name of my female rabbit so is a bit weird to me.

Laura on

Macy, judging by your spelling, I think I can safely say that it is you who are the ignorant one.

Monica on

Ugh. Now I can see Skyler becoming a popular boy name because of this. I specifically chose Skylar for my daughter because I thought it was unique. Of course I’ve since met several other Skylar’s in the last year- all girls tho. Just my preference but I’m obviously biased!

Sus on

I love the name Skyler! I know an adorable little boy by that name! Congrats Rachel & Roger! I can’t wait to see a picture of Rachel looking motherly! πŸ™‚ I’m sure it will look great on her!

fuzibuni on

Congrats to Rachel and Roger!

Btw, I’m pretty sure that truehurt is just another name used by the poster Holiday.

carolyn on

Wow, maybe it’s the lighting, but he looks a lot younger than her.

Zoey on

I love the name Skylar. Its my younger sister name. She will be 17 this year. lol Great Name. It is boys name by the way. Always has been until recently.
and i love Morrison. I wonder if they named after Jim. πŸ˜€

Mia on

Congrats to them!!-I’m not a huge fan of the name–but I bet he is adorable! Pregnancy really suits her and I’m sure motherhood will do the same.

Nic on

I simply love the fact that she requested donations to a charity be given instead of friends/family give her gifts at the baby shower.

CelebBabyLover on

fuzibuni- Don’t egg her on. πŸ™‚

Anyway, congrats to them, and I like the name. I like the spelling, too. I’d never use the spelling Schuyler, because it looks like it should be pronounced to rhyme with jeweler or schooler rather than how it’s supposed to be pronounced. I am a firm believer in giving kids names that are fairly easy to pronounce. πŸ™‚

Sophia on

Welcome to the world little Skyler Morrison! And congratulations to Rachel and Rodger! How exciting! Skyler is quite a nice, albeit girly, name, and Morrison has been a favourite of mine for a while now! Lovely news πŸ™‚

Nana on

Congrats to them!! Another fabulous working mommy to add to a list of many. Rachel looked so wonderful pregnant.

Romy on

all the attitude she gives people and she names her son Skyler??

first time mom on


“LITERALLY” is in all caps and in quotations, could that mean they got the name from a book and that was their funny way of announcing his name even tho we all dont get it? lol

Ardnas on

I wonder if she had the baby early, scheduled or on time. He’s the exact same size (weight and length) as my little boy was at birth and I had him at 36 weeks.

Ashleigh-Faye on

I hope celebs never read this. Because the #1 thing people did when I was pregg. was tell me they didn’t like my sons name. Even strangers. He is 4 and his name is Paxton. (before Brad and Angie had their “Pax”) I couldn’t call him by his name for one month due to all the negativity about his name. Its none of your business. Say congrats and move on!


I personally think it is a very cute name. I think it could go for a boy or a girl.
Ashleigh-Faye, I ABSOLUTELY love the name Paxton. My sister is pregnant right and I kept trying to talk her into using in. She loved it but her boyfriend didn’t.

CN Tower on

Is there some kind of inside joke about using the word “Literally”? It seems unnecessary in the quote — “they literally couldn’t be happier” — as opposed to what, “metaphorically”?? They are paying a publicist to come up with something like this?

soph on

“Is there some kind of inside joke about using the word β€œLiterally”?”

Why else would it be capitalized and put in quotes?

TnanC on

I am “literally” excited for the new addition of inspiration to the fashion world this little boy will be..can’t wait to see the get ups she puts him in! Cheers to a happy, healthy little boy and lots of love for their family!

Kaylie on

I have never heard of the name Skyler on a boy but I’m completely surprised by how much I like it.

Kasee on

For everyone wondering why “literally” is there, it is one of Rachel’s favorite words – like “bananas” or “beyond”. She says “literally” and really emphasizes it all the time on her show.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

My friend named her son Skyler and he is cutest thing ever, but anyway congrats to Rachel and her husband. I’m sure their son is beautiful.

.arie on

Congratulations Rachel!!! I love the name Morrison, its so strong πŸ™‚

Holiday on

I really like the name Skyler for a boy.

CelebBabyLover on

Ardnas- He may have been early, but he may also have just been small. I was only a little over 5lbs when I was born, and I was born just two weeks before my due date, which is considered to be on time (two weeks either side of the due date is considered full-term). Not only that, but I was born two weeks early because I chose to be. My mother was actually scheduled for a C-section just one week before her due date (I was breech), but I had other ideas! πŸ™‚

babyloover on

Ardnas – Rachel Tweeteed last week or something about wearing something at ’38 weeks preggers’ or something along those lines so she was at least that far along πŸ™‚ I myself was only 6 pounds 3 ounces when born at 38 weeks

sks on

@ truehurt are you confused or were you just born in the wrong century because here in 2011 women work and have families (gasp)! I know I know apalling isn’t it, oh wait no what’s apalling is your mind set!! Wake up and join the rest of us here in reality. I am a mother of 2 children under the age of 3, I have a husband, and a full time job and i am proud of them all!!

L on

Skyler is really feminine!!!

Christina on

I love the name Skyler! My mom’s cousin and her husband named one of their 3 boys Skyler many years ago! The other two boys names are Hunter and Clayton. I like it and think it is a great name for a boy or a girl! I adore Rachel Zoe and am so glad that she had a stress free pregnancy; I know from watching her show she was always worried about becoming pregnant; she was afraid she would miscarry because of her thin weight (which is just how her body type is) but she did just fine! πŸ™‚ Congrats Rachel and Rodger!

urbanadventurertales on

Only thing I have to say is that I’m SHOCKED she gave birth to a 6 lb. 12 oz baby! She never looked more than 6 months pregnant!

Congrats adn glad he’s healthy!

Marky on

I was shocked when my sister gave birth to a 6lb3oz baby after she gained 65 lbs! Good grief, people, name your own babies and leave these people alone. They’ve waited all this time, struggled to conceive, and you have to complain about the baby’s name, whether she’ll work or anything else?! Do you have a life at all?

AVI on

I’m very happy for them, and, I hope RZ will come away from this experience with an appreciation of how truly beautiful she is at her correct weight and size, and, what a wonderful body she has that even though considered older for momming even though ladies have been having babies in their late 30’s for eons, she had no problems (at least not reported or enough to hospitalize).

rachel on

rachel and roger….

congrats….the little guy will keep you both busy
but in the most rewarding and satisfying way…

may god richly bless your family and keep you
all in perfect health…

love and peace to you


rachel on

@truehart, being a stay at home mom is a very very very hard task, but some women enjoy the choices available to them.

I applaud those that are able and desire to stay at home, but others opt to have marriage, children and a career. Rachel Zoe is an incredibly talented and creative individual….i am sure she will be a better wife and mother because of her creative outlet.



Jennifer on

Shut the front door!!! Such great news!!

MG on

My husband’s name is Skyler. He was named after his Great-Uncle Schuyler. However, his parents couldn’t remember the traditional way of spelling it when he was born, so they chose a more modern version. It is traditionally a boys name, Skyla was the female version. Lately, Skyler/Skylar has become more unisex. I like it either way for a boy or a girl.

Z on

Surprised they didn’t go with an “R” name…Congrats

shae on

im so happy for Rachel for taking time out to be a wife and husband. Roger is so sweet and im so glad she settled down to enjoy the best things life has to offer.. congrats

shae on

congrats to rachel and rodger so glad she gave him a child and understands the true meaning of life

Cindy on

Wow, I though Zoe was at least 45 – 47. She looks so old on her show. But congrats to the baby boy.

L. Stevens Morgan on

The very best to both Rachel and Roger and the baby. What a wonderful time it is for them and I am sure that Rachel will make a wonderful Mother. After waiting so long, she must be the happiest woman. There is nothing like having that baby in your arms!

heather on

people, get over yourselves with these names you “think” are unique, because they’re not. you think in the entire country, people haven’t used any pf these names before that you chose for your kid?

Wendy on

I named my son Skyler. It can be a boy or girls name, but I would spell the girls name with an a – Skylar and the boys name with an e -Skyler.