Jessica Alba’s Prenatal Exercise Secret

03/24/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Michael Buckner/Wireimage

Just because she’s pregnant with her second child doesn’t mean that Jessica Alba has stopped exercising!

With the help of Reebok master trainer Yumi Lee, the mom-to-be is modifying her regular routine to accommodate her bump.

“I have Jessica doing exercises to keep her core strong and work on her balance,” Lee tells “We do curls using a stability ball, single leg balance movements and compound moves like squat thrusters.”

According to Lee, Alba’s fave exercise is a simple plank using a stability ball, which helps maximize muscle tone while improving balance.

But before you (and your bump!) hit the gym, there are a few things to keep in mind: “Monitor your heart rate and body temperature and be careful when attempting moves that focus on the back, or involve twisting,” Lee advises.

And as most celeb moms know, working up a sweat while you’re pregnant definitely has its benefits. Lee says that most women who practice pre-natal exercise bounce back to their pre-pregnancy shape faster than women who don’t.

TELL US: What was your pre-natal exercise routine like?

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Emilia on

Wow. That’s maybe the first unflattering photo I have ever seen of Jessica! I find her to be such a beautiful lady and I love her style, and also the way she dresses Honor. But this photo makes me feel a little bit better about the bad ones I sometimes take!

Emilia on

…and, prenatal exercise routine? Just lots of walking, some swimming, and I kept riding my bike until the end against my mother’s worried advice. I am guessing only the most die-hard mothers would keep up an actual “workout” with a trainer?

Shannon on

I’ve just been walking on my treadmill at a good pace. Its kind of nice because I can easily keep track of my heart rate and don’t have to risk injury. If I’m feeling extra great I pick up the incline a little bit. I’ve also been doing a zumba class, with modified movements of course so I don’t hurt myself or bambino. Just a reminder to all those readers out there, make sure to check with your Doctor too!

beth on

i have just been doing lighter weights than usual, then i hike the resistance up on the elliptical for 35 min. But, I was running 5 miles per day before this pregnancy, so this is not a stretch for me. Check with the doc before! And she does look tired, poor thing. Still beautiful though!

Juliw on

Yeah, I wish it was that easy. I don’t have the luxury of being a “celebrity” and working out being my job everyday. I am a working mother, who leaves the house at 530am and doesn’t walk in the door till after 5pm…on top of that I have dinner to make, homework to help with, and getting everyone ready for the next day. Ask me when I get to workout and try to lose the last of my baby weight that I have been carrying for 2 years. These celebrities live in a whole different realm than us real-world people.

m h on

To Juliw, if Jesssica wants to keep getting steady jobs, once she drops that bambino, it’s in her best interest to exercise before and after. Anyone who has multiple kids knows that baby weight becomes much more harder to lose, than with your first child. It’s a shame that hollywood will only hire you based on your looks and body fat.

Amanda on

I am just sad it took me until my 3rd child to work out during pregnancy (other than walking, swimming and other basic things). I bought the Lindsay Brin prenatal dvds and am SO glad I did. I’m not ‘die-hard’ at all. Just was interested in it being less of a struggle after the birth. I am pregnant with my 4th and these two pregnancies have been so much easier and I fully credit exercising. Of course there are a few things that happen when you are pregnant with your 3rd/4th child no matter what, but I’ve found it helps with nausea and fatigue. Not to mention I felt great until the end with my 3rd and really didn’t get much swelling at all. I’ve heard it helps with the birth too but all of my births have thankfully been easy so far so I can’t compare it for me.

Amanda on

She didn’t stop exercising with Honor either… why is this new news??

carolyn on

Amanda, maybe it was a slow news day and this piece came across their desk.

Joan on

I worked in retail during my pregnancy and I was just able to add yoga during my days off. I took a pedimeter to work and I averaged about 3 miles a day. I’m 5’8″ and I only gained 30 lbs. However it took me about a year to lose the baby weight but I also nursed my daughter until she was 16 months old. Now I’m trying for my second, but I’m a stay at home Mom. I plan on staying active during my next preganancy.

SAR on

Sounds like good advice, that can be used by the non-pregnant as well as the pregnant.

Daisy on

Good for her, what about all the poor women who have High Risk Pregnancy? Nothing but bed rest, shouldn’t even walk..

Jennifer on

I ran all the way up to my due date. I gave birth two days over and only pushed for 15 minutes. Of course, I have been a runner for years so it wasn’t like I started running when I found out I was preggers. I truly believe working out helped with my labor and delivery and also kept my blood pressure and glucose levels in check during my pregnancy. As for getting back to my pre-pregnancy figure. Who cares? That is the last thing I am worried about. I have a little one to take care of. I still workout daily (usually at 5 am after I have fed the little guy) but it’s more for my health and enjoyment then to fit into a certain size.