Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker and Tabitha – City Slickers

03/23/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Wagner Az/Pacific Coast News

Look who’s a big girl in the big city!

Sarah Jessica Parker and darling daughter Tabitha Hodge, 21 months, stay warm while running errands in New York City on Tuesday.

Making stops at Dean & Deluca and the local organic market with Tabitha, her twin sister Loretta and the nanny, the actress even made time to sign an autograph for a fan.

Parker, 45, and husband Matthew Broderick are also parents to son James Wilkie, 8.

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Jenny on

what a beautiful little girl. she has such a cute face.

Toya L. on

Awww look at those cute, red, little lips. “My kids have them too” =) She is so pretty.

Joslin on

Beautiful little girl!

Sarah S. on

Aww, Tabitha is such a cutie pie!

Nella on

Awww Tabitha is sooo cute! She looks so much like Matthew!

Mira on

OMG, this girl is the cutest!!

Mia on

She looks just like her dad-while their son + other daughter favor their mom a bit more.

Sophia on

So, so, so, so, so cute! I can’t get over how beautiful the little twins are!

Ali on

Sooooooooooooooo cute! I’m still curious if the girls are SJP’s biologically. I know it doesn’t matter since they are HER children regardless…just basic curiosity since I don’t see much of her in them. Hmmmm! I guess time will tell in the end. James Wilke looks so much like her. Maybe when they get a little older they will start to show more of her features.

ELO on

She is absolutely adorable.

CelebBabyLover on

Matthew-clone alert! 🙂

mimi on

No doubt who her daddy is….so cute..

Jay on

Is that her biological child?

Lady on

Why does everyone always have to bring up if their “hers” does it really matter to you or your life?! Who cares!!

Adorable little girl!

Anonymous on

Ali, why would you even ask if it doesnt’ matter? My daughter looks nothing like me but I sure would freak out if someone would ask me I know it doesnt matter but is she biologically yours?

Sam on

Not sure if that first comment I just sent sent, it disappeared on me. I’ll try again.

Cute! Cute baby girls. I saw the stroller in another picture and I don’t like it much. The child in the back is lower and behind the child in the front and vision is really limited. I’ve seen strollers with the back seat higher then the front one, therefore not blocking any vision.

@Lady and @Anonymous – – Ali asked because she wants to know, and that is a good enough reason. She didn’t use any negative, or rude words, no swearing or degrading words. In this wondeful world of ours many babies are not always brought in to this world the ‘normal, old fashioned’ way, so it was a good question. Why did you two assume it was a negative question?

Ali on

I wasn’t asking the question in a negative way. I was merely wondering if it had ever been mentioned if the girls were biologically SJP’s since I don’t see her in them as much as I do in James Wilke. I also said that they are “HER CHILDREN REGARDLESS” so I feel like I clarified that I truly don’t find it an issue either way. It’s just basic curiosity about whether these beautiful girls were conceived using her eggs. I love SJP and think she is fabulous and am thrilled for her family HOWEVER they have a family! I am just a super-curious person.

tlc on

She’s darling! But I do wonder where’s her hat? Mom has a thick wool hat on and the babe is hatless.

If this was Suri, people would be screaming for Katie’s head on a platter.

Brooklyn on


Marie on

I think these babies are obviously egg donor’s children

Sus on

This is one of the cutest baby girls around! Congrats, Sarah!

I can’t believe so many are questioning whether these twin girls are hers biologically, just because she used a surrogate?

In my opinion, her son looks a lot like her. I believe her daughter in this picture favors her father and the other daughter favors her.

Izzy on

Oh my god Tabitha is absolutely adorable! Sarah and Matthew sure know how to make some beautiful babies!!

Izzy on

In reference to everyone asking if the twins are biologically hers they are in FACT SJP and Matthew’s biological children. They had them via surrogacy meaning that SJP’s egg cells were placed into a surrogate mother and fertilized by Matthew. They are their biological children but birthed from a different mother. Hope I clarified (: !

Beck on

Izzy, you do not know that for a FACT. They very well could have used donor eggs. Until SJP comes forward and mentions it, which she won’t…we will never know.

Jillian on

Izzy, we don’t know that for a fact. Just because they were born via surrogacy, doesn’t mean they have to be SJP. They egg’s could be donated. I think her other daughter looks like her. But, it’s an assumption…..we don’t know for a fact.

CelebBabyLover on

Izzy- Exactly! Also, SJP said in an interview a few months ago that she was surprised to find that the girls (at birth) looked so different than James Wilkie. If she’d used donor eggs, obviously it wouldn’t have come as a surprise that they looked very different from James!

Marie- No, they are SJP’s children. No matter what method she used to have them, they are still her children!

Anyway, sometimes children resemble only one parent. Take me, for example. I pretty much look like my dad spat me out, with very little resemblence to my mom.

Also, for what it’s worth, in this picture, Loretta looks a lot like SJP:

tlc- Perhaps Tabitha had a hat on but refused to keep it on?

Tanya on

Her little girl is a little beauty! She looks like a very feminine little girl and I think she is a good mix between her mom dad and brother James. Nose and mouth from mom I think

Laura on

i think the surrogate thing is confusing. When Nicole Kidman announced the birth of her daughter Faith they made it clear that the child was theirs biologically by saying it was a gestaional carrier. But SJP never came out and clarified it to that extent, thus the many thoughts about whether the girls are bioligically theirs. In my opinion, Loretta looks like SJP so i believe they used her eggs.

Beck on

Yeah, anything is possible. It could be either or. They love the babies regardless….it’s just a curiosity factor for most people. SJP has very distinct features and you would think we would see them a lot sooner like we did with James Wilke. He was always a mini SJP clone since he was a small baby! So, it’s just interesting to see these girls looking so different. You can definitely see Matthew in them but I am not seeing a lot of SJP- SO FAR! Who knows!? I am sure we will all know for sure in a couple years. If one of them doesn’t start to show more features it will be a little more apparent whether or not they used donor eggs.

mimi on

I don’t think SJP is ever going to address the issue of specifics about the surrogate process and I don’t think she should It’s really a private matter and she and Matthew like that privacy and go to great lengths to maintain it. She has already said that they tried and tried for years and this was the first available option. I believe when couple are trying for years, the normal practice is to freeze the females eggs so that they can continue to try. I re Look at Celine Dion and Kelly Preston. Do you think they were producing their own eggs at their ages?? AFter 40, eggs lose their potency, which is why so many women of that age have difficulty conceiving.