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03/23/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Laura on

I don’t see how facebook can do much more to regulate the user’s age. I mean it’s very easy to lie on those things. It should be up to the parents to regulate facebook use. Especially private settings and who the kid’s friend. I see my cousin (who is now 13 but got a facebook when she was 12) friending every single person at her school just because she wants to have lots of friends. Giving away her information to people she doesn’t actually know (sure they are kids too but who knows who they are friends with and then that could get back to my cousin’s page, etc.) So I think one thing parents must really do is make sure the kids are friending people they actually know. The number of friends you have shouldn’t matter but unfortunately that is something kids sometimes fixate on.

J on

Laura, my husband’s niece and nephew will friend anyone and everyone including their parents friends they barely know. They’re 12 now and have had their facebookpages for a fews years. The niece will post the typical “Look at me pose in front of the mirror in skimpy clothes and a mock sultry pout” and the newphew just posts some strange stuff about no friends, how he’s a loser and is constantly upset over being in and out of nostop relationships with numerous girls, etc. Looking at the times they post, they are online during school hours and they use their cell phones to make constant statuses all through the day.

The niece had a comment from a pal once asking about her posing photo once and then she replied about how mom caught her taking the photo and just laughed and told her she looked awesome. Their dad made a comment once about not knowing his kids interests anymore and I told him he may want to check out their Facebook pages and he just laughed and said he’s seen the pages and it’s cool that they are tech savvy. My husband and I just shake our heads, besides hinting to the dad to tke a look at the pages because some of the things are disturbing, we’re not sure what else to do since they aren’t our kids, but we care because they are smarter than that to post what they do.