Nina Garcia Names Hollywood’s Most Stylish Bumps

03/22/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
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It’s the season of the baby bump with everyone from Jessica Alba to Victoria Beckham stylishly flaunting their growing bellies on the red carpet.

But which fashionista has the chicest maternity style? The choice was easy for Project Runway judge Nina Garcia.

“I love Kate Hudson!,” the mom-of-two and Marie Claire fashion director told PEOPLE at the Target GO International Designer Collective launch party in New York City on March 10.

“I think she’s carrying really well. I just saw a picture of her on the beach in a little bikini, she looks great.”

Garcia also gave the most talked about mom-to-be this year, Natalie Portman, her stamp of approval.

“It was a big deal to do the Oscars and be pregnant but I think she pulled it off. I think Rodarte was a really good decision,” she said.

And as for her thoughts on the Viktor and Rolf pink frock Portman wore to the Golden Globes: “Gorgeous! My favorite look by her all season.”

Garcia — who recently gave birth to her second son, Alexander, 3 months — is no stranger to dressing up while pregnant. Her secret: keep things simple.

“I just bought bigger sizes or shopped in the men’s department,” said Garcia, whose maternity staples included men’s button up shirts and V-necks. But there was one thing she couldn’t find in the men’s department: jeggings!

“I did buy jeggings!” she said laughing. “Jeggings saved my life.”

She also bought many of her pregnancy lifesavers at Target. “You can mix high-end and affordable, that’s how real women dress,” she said. The retailer is also her top choice for shopping for both of her boys, Lucas, 4, and Alexander, as well as her husband.

“For the little one, we buy pajamas and other baby things,” she said. “It’s a one stop shop. They make it so easy, I can shop for everyone!”

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Marlee on

“Carrying really well”? What a strange statement. I guess some women do it better than others.

CN Tower on

“Carrying Well” ???? Although she appears to be paying Kate a compliment, the comment is rather strange — as though Kate can choose how she carries the way she would choose what accessories to wear.

Megan on

I have a hard time taking fashion advice from Nina, between her mostly black wardrobe + an outdated haircut.

miche on

Yah, I’d hate to think that the way my bump sticks out would make me unstylish… 🙂

Mom on

Indeed a strange expression! I’m pregnant and will not be seen in a small bikini, no way, I must be carrying really bad?!

Marla on

I’m glad I’m not the only person who paused a bit at her comment. I like Nina Garcia (or at least who she is on Project Runway). But I hate it that not only are these women’s bodies scrutinized when not pregnant, but aren’t even left alone when they are pregnant.

Some women are genetically blessed and don’t get stretch marks and appear to gain their 30-40lbs only in their bellies. Others get stretchmarks or gain the same weight but see it distributed in their butts or their arms or their faces.

I guess I wish Nina would’ve left their bodies and how they look in bikinis out of the equation. Having style is one thing (you can control that) but the other part of it rubbed me the wrong way.

And I loved Target during my three pregnancies. I bought regular matte jersey wrap dresses that lasted the pregnancy and through nursing. But given that Nina was at a Target event, I’m not surprised she says she shops there.

Indira on

Her comment really doesn’t strike me as that strange. Some pregnant bellies look ungainly and weird. Hudson’s looks really cute! I also think it’s cool that Nina shops at target.

violetdks on

I have heard that comment many times over the years, and I do understand what she means. No, a woman can’t change how she carries a baby, but she can stop herself from over eating and still maintain a nice body while pregnant, and I don’t mean skinny either. I didn’t think twice about her comment until I saw the comments. I also agree that Nina needs a haircut, those frayed ends and middle part just don’t cut it for a woman in her position. At least if it looked healthy and cared for that might make a difference but it doesn’t. And she didn’t have a “look” while pregnant, I don’t call the things I saw her in a fashion look, they are just what she says, leggings (Black) and white button down shirts. The few times I saw her dressed up, were things other actresses wear often while pregnant and go about their business and they aren’t in the fashion industry. I would have thought she would have set a good example to follow with fresh ideas, but she didn’t

Shannon on

Jeggings? Nooooooooooooooo! 🙂

Tess on

“You can mix high-end and affordable, that’s how real women dress.”

I guess I’m not a real woman then, because I just go for affordable. And I seem to have managed just fine so far.

Liz on

I too agree that how your body carries a baby has NOTHING to do with style, her comment was unrelated to the topic at hand.

carolyn on

The remark about “carrying well” was lame, but this woman looks amazing for someone well into her 40’s.

Erika on

I agree the ‘she carries well’ thing was a little odd. I get that she works in fashion and that celebrities are going to be scrutinized, but it is still a little insulting, I guess. If she were just commenting on their pregnancy style (what they wore and such) I wouldn’t find it odd- fashion is something you can choose, and with her job I can understand her making suggestions based on what celebrities are wearing. But you really can’t choose how well you carry during pregnancy. And I do like her on project runway, I don’t have anything against her. I just thought it was a weird comment.