Maya Rudolph Has An ‘Equal Opportunity Womb’

03/22/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

With two daughters already in the familial mix, Maya Rudolph isn’t sweating the sex of her latest baby on the way.

“I have an equal opportunity womb!” the Bridesmaids star, 38, tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “‘Womb for all’ is the sign that I hang on my belly. I don’t make preferences, so whatever is coming my way is cool.”

Having previously chosen to be surprised at the delivery, Rudolph insists that — whether it’s a boy or a girl — the latest addition to her and director Paul Thomas Anderson‘s family is already the perfect fit, despite the fact that their arrival tilts the balance of power away from the parents and into her kids’ hands.

“I feel very lucky just to have the opportunity to be completely outnumbered,” Ruldolph said while attending the Milk and Bookies Story Time Celebration in Los Angeles.

“Right now we have a very girl-oriented household, and it’s awesome. But the idea of adding another one is lovely, and the idea of somebody new to the family is really cool and exciting as well. As a parent, I’ll take what I can get.”

Pink or blue, the latest addition to the Rudolph-Anderson family will have to contend with the fully-formed personalities of sisters Pearl, 5, and Lucille, 16 months, who seem to be taking on the respective roles of director and impressionist.

“[Lucille] is like a parrot,” Rudolph says, “Which is really funny when you have a daughter who is four years older. Pearl, very sweetly, asks her to say stuff. For example, on the car ride over here she was asking Lucille to say ‘Achoo,’ and my baby kept going, ‘Aaachoo, Aaachoo!’ It was really adorable.”

— Reagan Alexander

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Liza on

I LOVE her! I think that is the best answer to give to the people who are like do you want a boy, you bet its a boy?

Corrie on

I love Maya and how down to earth she is…can’t wait to hear what name they pick for the new baby, boy or girl. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I love her comments! I understand having a preference for a certain gender, but it’s nice to hear someone say that they honestly don’t care what gender their baby is, that they’re just greatful to be having a baby in the first place. 🙂

tomatojuice on

I wish Paul Thomas Anderson was making films instead of making babies. He hasn`t made anything since the brilliant ˇThere will be bloodˇ in 2007.

TM on

I love Maya Rudolph! She always presents herself with such class and poise. I think that she will have a boy this time, but if not, who wouldn’t love a house full of daughters 🙂

Lola on

Loving Maya’s reporting of her life! A woman and mother whose love of family and living life that is so honest and refreshing!

People_fan on

I love her and her family! Congrats to them!

Shannon on

Yay for delivery surprises! She seems like a very laid back mom and she looks great.

KVB on

Awwwww, that is awesome. Congratulations Maya and family!!

Melisa on

I love Maya Rudolph…..she is hilarious…I bet she is one super fun mom.

meme on

Great article. I absolutley agree with her 100%. Everyone should just be blesses with a healthy baby, and not worry about what the sex is. I am expecting my third and just found out it is a boy. We have two girls already, and although a boy is fabulous, another girl would have been fabulous too.
Best of luck to her.

Terri on

Just beautiful!

Shaun on

Would love her more if she would be more active in the African American community, she is black you know!

Rebekah on

So happy for her. She seems to be a laid back,loving mom. And as for the comment that she should be married, I forgot that was the law. Oh,wait. It isn’t. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in a relationship and not being married. Her children have two loving parents,regardless. Ignorant, highly judgemental people should probably go crawl back under the rock they’ve been living under. Marriage doesn’t make a family.

Rebekah on

Last thing, I swear…..the comment “Would like her more if she was more active in the African American community.” Really? No one says that they wish white actresses were more active in the caucasion community, so why is that acceptable to say about her? Must this lovely article about a mother adding a new baby to her family become race oriented? Apparently, more people than I realized live under the same rock!

Toya L. on

Awww I love her comment and congratulations to her, Paul & their girls.

@Rebekah- They must have erased the comment you are referring to.

Jen on

I love her especially the fact that she’s not into being the stereotypical black woman in hollywood. Not because she’s hlf black doesnt mean she has to be “down” with black holloywood.
She is very open minded and seems to be happy with the way she lives her life.

Kate on

She is not black – she’s the daughter of a black mother and white father. I don’t see how one half of her background takes precedence over the other.

AubreeS08 on

Love her!! Congrats on the upcoming birth of her baby!!!

Hmmm on

Love this article and thought process!
Rebekah, I wondered the same thing…..hmmm?

Anonymous on

Way to keep racism alive, Shaun.

CDS on

I wonder if one of Maya’s children will have a lovely voice like her mother Minnie Ripperton did when she was alive.

ecl on

Ok, wishing a black person were more active in their community is NOT the same as wishing a white person was more active in their community. One group isn’t dealing with the same level of hardship and racism. And talking about race doesn’t make you racist. Often racism takes the form of colorblindness now a days. But ignoring man made racial inequalities that ARE a reality is more harmful than confronting the real consequences of past and present racism. So I believe the reactions to Shaun are unfair. In other news…congrats to Maya!

Debbie on

Could we quit with the whole “racial inequality, hatred, hardship etc.”. The woman is having a baby. Why does that have anything to do with her race? That’s why people are reacting that way to Shaun’s comment, Ed. And, no its exactly the same as wishing a white person were more active in the caucasian community. Nobody asks why she isn’t more active in the Jewish community. She’s half Jewish too. And I’d say thats a group thats dealt with a great deal of hatred and hardship. And antisemitism is just as prominent as racism toward African Americans. Why does her African American side trump that? It just seems that the only people worried about what race she is and what she’s doing for them are black. I’m half Jewish myself and I admire and congratulate her as an actress and a mother. I’m not worried about her ethnic background. Ed and Shaun should do the same.

Tia on

Online racism is getting sooooo OLD!!!!

LPW on

@ Kate: Comments like yours are always interesting to me. Has society really advanced to the point where having a black mother does NOT make one black? Or, does your insistence that she is not black reflect your underlying feelings about blacks in general? I’m just asking. Anyhoo, I adore Maya and wish her and her child all the best.

Patricia on

Seriously people? Which community do you want her to give back to more? Jewish or black? Both have had similar hardships! How about we let her live her life as she is and let her continue to provide the world with some laughs and let her raise her family as she sees fit. Let’s not dwell on the past. We as a people can’t forget it because we don’t want to make the same mistakes but we can’t keep bringing it up either. How is that helping anyone?

And what’s with bashing her partner about not making movies instead of raising his kids? Maybe he wants to take time to spend with the kids while they are little and he can afford to do it. His skills will not go away but you can’t get those years back. I’m happy for them.

2Little on

Paul wasn’t exactly being “bashed” for not making movies right now. It was one person’s wish. If that’s your definition of “bashing”, I’d say you are over reacting just a lil bit. Calm yourself.

And tomatojuice, I concur. I enjoy his movies very much and look forward to his next one.

Congrats to the family on the newest production!

Nella on

I’ll tell you why she isn’t black..because she doesn’t care what the gender of her baby is. If it was a black woman it would be “Oh my god I need to have a boy” because we all know how black women are suckers for little boys and can’t see girls as equal.

And finally it is SO refreshing to see that a third girl is just as welcome to Maya…unlike that loser Zac Brown who can’t be grateful for what he has!

ForeverMoore on

Oh the first half of these comments were so lovely…then we got to the black thing and it went down hill from there Really, who cares? We are all human beings with skin, a brain, organs, everything that makes us who we are.

showbizmom on

I love her, and her Equal Opportunity womb! This is all I’l comment on the “black” thing. I’m black, and feel she’s a great representation for all little girls black, white, Asian whatever. She’s active enough, by raising her kids not to see race and to be good people.

@tomatojuice don’t worry PTA is working, trust me when I say he’s not going anywhere and what he has up his sleeve is going to be good!

Lea on

Lana! you are obviously 3. Sit down and shut up!

Anonymous on

@ecl: The biggest problem with social injustice today is people pointing out our differences. There is racism, and there is reverse racism. I shouldn’t be punished for being white anymore than someone else for being black. And women as a group have dealt with just as much hardship and suffering as any other race/religion…does that mean my husband and sons should have to spend a lifetime repenting for the sins of their male ancestors? At what point do we all stop playing the race card to get what they believe is their fair share?

Niche on

Yes, the first comments were so nice and it all went downhill from there. Congratulations to Maya and her family on their upcoming new addition!!

@Shaun, what exactly do you want her to do for the black community? I’m black and I personally don’t see your point. We should be happy and supportive that she gets out and makes her own money in order too support herself and her children.
That alone says so much more to other Black women and girls.

And lastly, to Lana, you’re so ignorant you surely don’t even know how ignorant you are! What exactly do you mean by Black women not seeing boys and girls as equal? Please explain your idiotic views and please do me a favor and get some Black friends, I’m sure they could teach you a lot.

Debbie on

Patricia, just to clarify I didn’t say anything about her giving back to the Jewish community, I was actually saying the exact opposite of that. And it was in response to comments made by other people. My point was that it is ridiculous that when the story was about something as happy as a new baby it somehow caused someone to bring up the fact that “she is black”. And LPW, Kate’s comments had nothing to do with some “underlying feelings about blacks in general”. And I don’t think she was saying she wasn’t black either. It seems to me that to say that having one black parent makes a person black would express more of an underlying feeling about whites than the other way around. I think it should be ok for someone to be equally proud of both sides of their heritage,rather than be faulted for not considering themselves totally black. The difference between white and black people seems to more often be pointed out blacks than whites. I don’t understand why its considered racist for a white person to be proud to be white or to even point out a difference but its totally ok for a black person to say all they want about what’s wrong with white people, to poke fun at us,condemn us based on our ancestry, etc. That is just as hurtful and racist as whites hating blacks. The only difference is that its socially acceptable for blacks. I think this article has very much veered off subject but when someone responds to the story saying she should be giving more to African Americans its very difficult not to become irritated as so often even when it is totally irrelevant (as it was in this case) if the story has anything to do with a black person, race/racism is brought up out of nowhere. I don’t think anyone even thought of Maya’s race before someone felt they needed to remind everyone.

Shaun on

My comment was in no way meant to be racist. I am entitled to my opinion, and simply stated it. elc, thank you for seeing my point, and for the others, I really dont care what you think. Maybe if Minnie were alive, Maya would be more visible in the AA community, but she was raised by her white father, and maybe he did not allow her and Marc to intermingle with other blacks.

Tiff on

I bet you Shaun is proud of what she’s turned this thread into. Maya doesn’t owe you anything, Shaun. Get over yourself. I’m glad she’s living her life for herself and doesn’t feel beholden to any one community or the other. The attitude that stars ‘owe’ people something is so appalling and downright pathetic. Do something for your own community and stop looking to strangers like Maya to do what you should be doing for yourself. There’s line between being a fan and being a burden. Leave this woman alone and do not for one moment think that you speak for all of us.

Tiff on

Hear hear, Niche and Debbie. I find comments like Shaun’s so embarrassing and grating, especially on a topic that had NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE. Some people just LOVE to play up negative stereotypes. UGH!

Shaun on

All of you are idiots, its a blog, people are entitled to say what they feel. I mean, come on. she is black, why have we not seen her on the cover of Essence or Ebony? She does tend to stray from the AA community, and I feel Shaun has the right to speak her mind.

Marcie on

Somebody forgot to change their name….

Toya L. on

I feel Shaun has the right to speak her mind.
– Shaun on March 23rd, 2011

Hunh? Are you defending your own self or are you just speaking in 3rd person?

Abbe on

She’s black. She’s Jewish. She’s having a baby. She’s beautiful. She’s a fantastic actress, singer and comedienne and she has a lovely family. THE END.

Abbe on

It’s ridiculous to think she wasn’t ‘allowed’ to intermingle with blacks; her father is Jewish and was married to her African-American mother who was a famous singer who died of cancer. Stop it Shaun.

Callen on

Seriously ever since this blog was sold;it became less about babies and more about race, money, and whose sleeping with who. This isn’t the celebrity baby blog I grew to know and love.

showbizmom on

Can I just state that, as a black woman I find Shawn or Shaun ignorant and in no way speaks for any black women I know. Please for the love of all things holy grow up!

Marla on

I love Maya! And I love her attitude about the gender of her baby. Congrats to her and her family.

Tiff on

I feel Shaun has the right to speak her mind.
– Shaun on March 23rd, 2011

OMG how PERFECT is THIS?! LMAO! Thanks for the laugh, Shaun!

Congrats to Maya and her hubby! I hope that Maya, no matter what ignorant and foolish comments come her way, continues to live her life in a way that suits HER, and no one else.

Lorelei on

Congratulations to Maya and her beautiful family! She looks so beautiful and happy in that picture. I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby.

About the giving back to the community, black or otherwise, what people give or not give is totally their decision. That’s why it’s called voluntary!

Anonymous on

Yes, Shaun, I’m sure you feel that you are very hip and PC and liberal and awesome…the reality is that you are further promoting segregation with that mentality. And sure, you’re entitled to an opinion. However that doesn’t make your opinion correct.

Ryan on

I adore her perspective on the gender of her upcoming arrival! So refreshing and well-put! That’s how everyone should feel!!! :)))

As for the race comment….WHAT??? Such an out of the blue, random, weird comment to make on a thread about her pregnancy. What does her race have to do with anything? I don’t get it.

tc on

Shaun will either never come back to this article or she will try to lie even more and swear up and down that she didn’t post that comment. Its funny when a liar gets caught isn’t it?

kaitlyn on

I agree Callan! I wish we saw more of Maya and her daughters, I’ll bet they are gorgeous!

TM on

Amen, Kate! My mother is white and my father is black, and I refuse to choose between the two parts of myself. Furthermore, I form friendships with other people based on character, not on color.

Congratulations on your third child, Maya.

LauraPalmer on

I’m with you Callen. Bring back the old CBB!

Kate on

“Oh the first half of these comments were so lovely…then we got to the black thing and it went down hill from there”
You took the thought right out of my head,ForeverMoore! Here was a bit of happy news on a talented, sweet woman – where does race even enter into the equation? Why should it?

As for LPW:
“@ Kate:…Has society really advanced to the point where having a black mother does NOT make one black?” It has nothing to do with society advancing – it has to do with the fact that if it weren’t for Richard Rudolph (who happens to be white), there’d be no Maya.

“Or, does your insistence that she is not black reflect your underlying feelings about blacks in general?”
In fact, *your* apparent insistence on considering her “black” harkens back to the ridiculous, antiquated “one drop rule”. So what, are Maya’s daughters “black”, too? And what about their future children? And so on? This continues to propagate the small-minded classification of people based on appearance. By classifying her as “black”, you’re denying an entire half of her being, and her family. I think your comments say a lot more about how *you* feel about race, and it’s distressing.

Allison on

I just had my fourth, a son making out house even at 2-2. When we told people that we were pregnant with our third they would say, “WHY? You already have one of each?” Last I checked that wasn’t what parenting is supposed to be about! Now we’re dealing with the comments about, 2-2, “Oh so you’re done now right, they each have a playmate.” UGH

I loved Maya on SNL and wish I had her gift for sassy comebacks!

Ali on

What is up with people having to put a label on a person? Maya is half African American…if she shows verbal pride in being African American she would essentially be downgrading her caucasian ethnicity. Her kids are probably super fair too. They are only a quarter African American. She probably just sees herself as a HUMAN being and doesn’t feel the need to identify herself as an African American because it’s needless to do. Why should she be vocal about it??? What’s the big deal? We all have a mish mosh of ethnic background in our families that we don’t go around shouting about. I’m less then a quarter African American, a little Spanish and the rest Italian but I have blonde hair and green eyes and no one would believe I had those ethnicities as a part of my background so I choose to just live my life and be proud of just being ME. Who cares if she isn’t more “active” in the black community??? It’s ridiculous!!!

Indira on

She’s not an more obligated to do anything for the black community than any other black person off the street.

CelebBabyLover on

Kate- Exactly. Maya isn’t black, she’s biracial. 🙂

Lola on

I didn’t have a problem with the comment on race. Maya is not obligated to work in the black community. But it would be great if she did. It would be great if people of all races were more involved in their communities. I don’t think more or less of her either way. She seems to have a lovely family.

I find it funny that so many people are now offended when blacks call biracial children black. That was the law for generations. Even if the children looked nothing like the black parent. That’s what I love about my race. We embrace everyone. If blacks shake the family tree enough, all of us have ancestors of different races. So what’s seen as new to many of you is not new to us. Diversity is just a fact of life, not some ideal. My family runs the spectrum when it comes to skin color and features. But we all consider ourselves black. That doesn’t make us racists.

Kate on

Sorry, just had to add something else, because LPW questioning my feelings about African-Americans or any other race was really needless and actually offensive to me. You don’t know me, or what I or my family is comprised of ethnically, so you have no right to snidely question my “feelings about black people”.

As Ali said, “She probably just sees herself as a HUMAN being” – this is something I was going to put in my first comment. Exactly. I know in a perfect world (which it obviously is not), we’d all just be seen as human beings, devoid of race classifications stamped on our foreheads. Unfortunately, that mindset still exists, but why help continue it?

“We all have a mish mosh of ethnic background in our families that we don’t go around shouting about.” – Precisely, Ali. This is why classification and one drop rules and the like are just utterly ridiculous.

Lola – “I find it funny that so many people are now offended when blacks call biracial children black.” Well, because they’re not.
“That was the law for generations.” – Yes, and it was a moronic one created by racist whites who considered people “tainted” with black blood.
“That’s what I love about my race. We embrace everyone.” Absolutely, Lola. I just don’t understand why someone, let’s take Maya as the example here, who is half white, and raised primarily by that white parent in a presumably loving, supportive home, would then deny that connection entirely by considering herself “black”. It would be the same the other way around – why would a biracial person consider themselves “white”? They’re not, and again, to me, it’s denying and excluding that other parent.
Why not celebrate and honor all aspects?

Lola on

None of my family members with a white or non-black parent identifies as white or biracial. They consider themselves black. That’s the way the choose to identify themselves. One cousin considers herself a black hispanic. Their parents have never taken offense. They see how the world views and treats their kids. How some people change when the black or white parent is present. One of my family members says, “I don’t see the world through rose colored glasses. I see the world as it is.” But if consider yourself biracial you should identify as such. There is nothing wrong with that. But no one should be considered racist or wrong or excluding a parent if they don’t agree.

Lola on

By the way I never understood the we are all human argument. Yes we are all human but guess what? Race still matters. All you have to do is pick up a magazine or turn on a tv. Race is still an issue not only in this country but throughout the world.

mommashane on

Lola thanks for your clarity on the race matter. I as well have different hues of black in my family. It is a difficult black culture concept to try and explain to someone non-black about how blacks have and do embrace all family members and identify them despite their racial makeup as being “black”. From someone non-black they are quick to jump to a comment of racism but actually it is a concept in an attempt to build pride and self-esteem in a culture and community that is daily told through media and economic/job opportunities that you are less than. Sadly, Halle Berry was criticized for stating this recently about her daughter being “black”.

Frankly, I didn’t even know that Maya was the daughter of Minnie Riperton and I think the first person Shaun’s post was basically saying that at least from a public standpoint Maya’s involvement in the black community is absent and that it would be beneficial considering her mother’s lasting impression in the black culture. But I don’t know if this is the forum to express all this as it gets lost.

Kate on

“Race is still an issue not only in this country but throughout the world.” Lola, I never said it wasn’t. I said in a perfect world it wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be, but sadly that’s not the case.

As for your biracial family members considering themselves black, that’s obviously their choice. I happen not to agree with that; to me, it still feels as if one part – whether that other part is white, Hispanic, Asian, etc.) is being ignored, but again, that’s entirely their right. What I initially took issue with here was the comment made by Shaun: “she is black, you know!”

Halle Berry is a biracial woman who considers herself black. If Shaun’s comment was regarding Halle, it would make more sense because Halle has referred to herself as black. On the other hand, Maya, in everything I’ve read about her, considers herself biracial and has referred to being “half Jewish”, etc.

And as several people have already noted here, why did race have to enter into this happy news item in the first place? The piece had nothing to do with race whatsoever. That in and of itself shows that yes, “race is still an issue”.

Beck on

I am so sick of the race issue. Jeeeeeeeez, how much do caucasian people have to apologize before we stop hearing about how racist we are???? There is a double standard with racism that is SO unfair in my eyes. I am the only caucasian person in my work environment and while I love most of my co-workers a lot of them are constantly giving me hell about being white and I have even had incidences where people working under me wouldn’t follow my orders (which was my JOB) because they said they wouldn’t answer to a white person because of the injustices of the past. UGH! It’s so frustrating to me! I did NOTHING to African Americans and neither did my ancestors who came to this country in the early 1900’s.

Could you even imagine if white culture were to make a White Entertainment Television station in the same vein as B.E.T??? It would probably cause a war. I wish people would just MOVE ON!

Sidjazz on

Oh Beck…you’re so lost and you obviously don’t get it. One would think working with so many blacks that you would have learned a thing by now. There will be no moving on for blacks until we are treated fairly and equally in this world. You’re paying for the sins of your ancestors, get over it, it is what it is.

Lola I applaud you for you eloquent statements, however trying to explain these things to SOME white people is like hitting your head against a brick wall…THEY JUST DON”T GET IT. They use their white priviledge and cry reverse rascism which honestly doesn’t exist. Just by using the word reverse rascism is injecting white priviledge because its a word coined by white people just like the word “race” rascism” black” white”.

If you guys call me a rascist, I’m not, however it won’t matter what you think. Am I prejudice, yes, am I stereotypical, yes, but can I be a rascist, no. Sorry white people that one is solely on you. Your ancestors coined that words solely for their priviledges and yours, be thankful for how much you’ve benefited.

And if you doubt me a very intelligent white man taught me what I know about race, he was just able to see that his white skin and being a white male gave him priviledges, and my darker skin and that of my mother’s just didn’t bear us those priviledges, even though I’m part of him.

Beck on

Sidjazz, I disagree. There IS such a thing as reverse racism and for you to say that there isn’t is just ridiculous!!

Jillian on

OMG….I need….to…walk….away….slowly.
Beck, totally with you girl. I had a similar experience.

audrey on

If she wants to “pass” let her “pass”…our community has been doing it for years for survival, “Feast of All Saints” anyone. It’s really not that big a deal, we’re not related to her, or friends with her, so I don’t see the attachment factor with either the black and jewish thing, or even the “congrats on the baby” thing, people are mixed and people have babies everyday…L.I.F.E. These are unattainable people, living their own lives, if you don’t agree with who she is, wishes to be, or does with her life, then don’t watch her…I don’t, personally just don’t think she’s all that funny. Just do you and let her do her.

Lola on

“Could you even imagine if white culture were to make a White Entertainment Television station in the same vein as B.E.T??? It would probably cause a war. I wish people would just MOVE ON!”

White Entertainment Television is referred to as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. BET was started to give blacks a network that showcased people and topics that were important or of interest to us. There were programs for teens and news shows. Celebs who were ignored by the major networks were interviewed and their work was shown. That all changed after the buy out. BET is now owned by the same company that owns MTV and VH1.

Terri on

Oh my…how does one downgrade their ethnicity by talking about one part of their ethnicity? Who asked you to apologize for your ancestors?How ridiculous. But this whole thread has gotten very ridiculous.

Mariah on

Geez, why doesn’t Maya have the right to live her life as a free American woman? Shaun, free your enslaved mind — please!

I am a free black American female who was first married to a Black American man for 23 years and had three children. We divorced and I then married a white Southern man who passed away nearly two years ago. We were married for 34 years.

Of my three children (two girls and one son) one daughter married a black man, the second daughter married a white Jew and my son married a white Mormon. One of my grandson’s married a white Mormon and presented me with two lovely great-granddaughters. We are truly a loving diverse American family.

exotiq on

It’s so annoying to read stupid discussions about race…AGAIN!!!! …Is there no online forum or board anymore where someone doesn’t have to bring up the topic? …And let’s be honest here–Why is there always a black person lately that brings up such issues? …Why always the need to interject racial comments into every aspect of something or someone’s life, etc.??? …It must be true that many African Americans have an unhealthy obsession with race and/or racial issues.

…Look, whether you choose to accept the facts or not, Maya is mixed, biracial, mulatto, a half-breed, …whatever the heck the popular phrase is this year!!! …She shares & acknowledges both sides of her ancestry (as she should!)–She’s living her TRUTH as she knows it..There is no CURRENT LAW in the USA in existence that demands that she has to choose–The census form has now changed to accommodate our growing multiracial population…She is NOT EXCLUSIVELY Black or White…She is a mixture of BOTH…Those that can’t accept that TRUTH, need to deal with their own issues!

…I happen to be a mulatto or biracial Hispanic myself (and I don’t want to hear “Hispanic is not a race”…I’m sick of that too! It’s like an automatic response from some moron whenever they read the word!…I know it’s not a race–I don’t need you to tell me—THANKS!) I’m proud of my racial mix and I REFUSE to allow someone else to proceed to bully me into saying that “I’m just black”–This is not 400 years ago or 100 years ago–Heck–the “one drop rule” officially died in 1967 along with the ban on Interracial Marriage–So don’t spew that crap out to me either–unless you want to sound ignorant!!!

…And with regard to ‘public consensus’…I truly believe that there are more intelligent folks than there are ignorant, and with that–I will not follow a minority of morons, like dumb cattle to slaughter, into believing and reciting such ridiculous, out-dated racist rhetoric such as the ‘one drop rule’ and other nonsense.

…NOW…for the love of God…Can we move on from this futile argument??!!! …Unfortunately, the ignorant, will remain ignorant! There’s no point in reasoning with a moron!

…Love Maya and her new upcoming bundle of joy! 🙂