Look for Less: Knox Jolie-Pitt’s Dapper Style

03/22/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Look who’s all dressed up!

For a leisurely family stroll in New Orleans on March 20, Knox Jolie-Pitt rocked the cutest outfit.

The 2½-year-old wore Tom & Drew‘s Sand Linen Blazer ($95) and matching Bull Dog Roll-Up Pants ($65) paired with a Baby Eggi grey graphic tee and green and white stripe Adidas sneakers.

Love Knox’s big boy style? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $34!


Courtesy Janie and Jack


Your tot will more than impress in Janie and Jack‘s Khaki Twill Blazer ($22).

From the tailored cut to the classic details (flap front pockets and button cuffs), this chic jacket adds polish to any outfit.


Courtesy Gap


Kick his plain T-shirt collection up a notch with babyGap‘s fun Retro Graphic Tee ($8).

Want more? It’s also available in other colors (green, yellow and tan) and styles (airplane, guitar and dinosaur).


Courtesy Gymboree


Whether he’s attending wedding or enjoying a lunch date with mom and dad, he’ll look oh-so stylish in Gymboree‘s Linen Blend Pant ($27). Plus, the adjustable waist ensures a snug fit.


Courtesy Zappos


Looks like Knox may be getting style cues from big sis Shiloh — she’s also a fan of Adidas.

We liked his sneaks so much (especially the price), we decided to add them — Kids Superstar 2 Core ($34) — to our look.

— Anya Leon


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This child looks sloppy from head to toe

Synia on

OMG!!! He is ADORABLE!!!

Sam on

hehehe, He is soooo cute! The clothes are a little big on him so I’m thinking they have been passed down from the older children. Way to go!!

Sam on

Oh, and I saw this whole picture on another site and how adorable is Zahara holding her baby brother’s hand!

bevvie on

He looks so cute!

Anna on

Ha! I love ERICA2’s comment. I was just coming here to say that even though I don’t usually comment on kids’ hairstyles, this kid would look so much better with short hair.

martina on

He is really cute – but the jacket looks so uncomfortable.

Maria on

@ erica2, I am noy sure if you have kids, but it is almost impossible having a well-groomed all neat 2 year-old boy!!

They all look happy, I am happy for them too.

soph on

Wow. Who dressed him? Nice unkempt hair.

Emily on

He is adorable…but does anyone else find making a 2-year-old wear a blazer a little strange? I don’t even wear blazers!

Alyssa on

Okay, Shiloh looks like a boy, Knox looks like a girl…What gives?

MiB on

Wasn’t Pax seen in a similar outfit a couple of years ago?

stacey on

cute kids, however it’s difficult to tell which one’s are boys and which one’s are girls!!

tilly on

I think I could find a similar outfit at goodwill! If a “normal” child was dressed this way, people would think he looked awful.

Shannon on

A blazer? Breangelina try way too hard. lol

ugh on

Do people make fun of kids to make themselves feel better? Calling him sloppy, saying Shiloh looks like a boy, saying he looks like a girl etc. are rude comments when directed at innocent kids.

It really reflects badly on the commenter to make such comments.

Jillian on

I think a boy in a blazer is adorable!!

daria on

ugh, thank you for your comment. i agree. also, children are not mini-adults. i enjoy dressing my kids up in crazy outfits just for fun. my son sometimes dresses himself in mismatched clothing and i don’t object. this is a family that seems to appreciate their children’s expression via clothing choices, or else just doesn’t care about traditional clothing choices. who cares? i think he is a gorgeous child with a unique outfit.

AP on

No, this is a new collection, Tom & Drew Boys. HE IS SO ADORABLE!

soph on

ugh, if a child looks like the opposite gender due to clothes or haircut it’s not “making fun of them,” it’s simply an observation. And that’s all the commenters in this section can do – read articles and observe the photos posted.

Some of you really need to get over yourselves…

Ali on

I agree with ERICA2 and Anna. Plus, I see “well-groomed” little toddlers and kids everyday just walking around town or whatever, and I bet their parents don’t have nannies or huge budgets to take care of them. Nobody’s dissing on the kids, I’m sure the kids are sweet and all that, when people are saying the kid looks sloppy they’re dissing the parents (which isn’t personal either) 🙂

Jace on

All of those kids look homeless.

Cammy on

The “scoop” on the “Today” show website shows the entire clan! All the kids together and Brad and Angie – not really seen usually all together. I’d post the website but there might be copyright rules. They look so cute together.


beautiful boy.

JMO on

They all look unkept including Brad Pitt!! Well minus Vivi she looked put together. They all could use haircuts!! But they’re all still gorgeous kids and Knox looks just like Shiloh! But agree he’d probably look cuter with a much better cut.

JM on

Alyssa… what you said, OR, shiloh looks like what you think a boy should look like, Knox looks like what you think a girl should look like. shame to have such a limited view of the world.

i also wonder whether people come on here and feel good about themselves for putting down a little boy. who cares if he has long hair and his clothes are a little too big?

Toya L. on

He is such a cutie but booooooo at Angie and Brad for bringing the twins out. They haven’t learned that people are just waiting to criticize their children? Oops I mean not the children but their clothes, hair and looks by now? SMDH

Hea on

He does not look like a girl and Shiloh does not look like a boy. They look like the beautiful kids that they are. You don’t have to look your gender, most kids don’t unless we dress them in certain colors and cut their hair in particular gender oriented haircuts. I “looked like a boy” when I was 3 because my hair was cut short and I wore shirts with trucks on them because my dad is a mechanic and he was the coolest thing in the world to me. I’m a girl. I was then and I am now. I didn’t, however, enjoy ballerina dresses and pretending to be a fae or a princess. I liked to climb trees, play with my dolls and my cars. And my best buddy David. My hair grew out, I started school and every girl there LOOOOVED purple and horses. I didn’t give a *beep* about horses but I thought I had to in order to fit in and count. I thought I had to wear purple since I was a girl but I’ve always preferred black, white and gray.

And have you never bought clothes for your kids that are one or two sizes too big for them to grow into? Is that really so weird?

Stef on

He looks like a little man going to work on casual day. Too cute!

GBX on

Well I’m sure some of you ppl wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the kids’ clothes and hair if they were some other woman’s kids.

Amanda on

Wow does Knox look like Shiloh! There kids they look fine with the hair, maybe like most parents they put off the first haircut and loosing the baby hair.

truehurt on

He is poorly dressed and needs more style.

Jessica on

I think he looks cute. I especially love his lil adidas shoes.

Molly on

I think he looks cute. The clothes are too big, but doesn’t everyone buy kids clothes to grow into? Especially something that costs that much money! All of their kids have unique senses of style. Why would Knox be any different?

And I really don’t think he looks like a girl. There’s nothing traditionally feminine about his outfit.

Ashley on

Wow, that hair 😦 Holy schnikes….

Tonya on

I personally think the kids look just fine. They look like my brood on an outing. I am shocked about the comments about Knox’s hair. I can only imagine what you would say to me if you saw my 2yo’s hair as its longer than Knox and it has banana curls.

Luci on

He looks downright ADORABLE!

truehurt on

Kid looks like he will be bald by ten years old. He already has a comb over.

Brooke on

I think he looks cute, but I don’t believe that the kids choose these outfits themselves.

Toya L. on

ROFLMAO @the last couple of trolls.

Elle on

I cannot believe how ADORABLE that kid is! He’s just dressed up like an old one… And I really love his haircut! Btw, why should every little boy have a short hairdo?

Shannon on

Wow. He looks a lot like Shiloh, just with darker hair!

Shannon on

Wow, he looks just like Shiloh but with darker hair!

smiley on

his hair isn’t any worse than Kingston Rossdale’s…at least it’s not dyed,

mmh on

Jace – LMAO!!! Seriously!

Lou x on

Here’s another picture of him in the same suit x


Mia on

He looks just like his mom-so cute!

Mia on

He also looks exactly like Shiloh in this pic too!-all of the 3 kids look so much alike, but favor each of their parents differently.


truehurt poor ickle troll posted twice and forgot to change her name …awwwww didums

get a grip, he is a child as long as he is healthy and happy who cares what he wears or if he needs a hair cut , he isn’t your child so why worry about it.

i think he is very very cute xxxx i love his long hair x what a sweetie xxx

Amanda on

He looks exactly like Angelina.

Stella on

I see we have the usual trolls insulting a Jolie-Pitt child. We all know this is due to Angelina Jolie being this child’s Mother. I personally think Knox (and all of the Jolie-Pitt children) looked adorable Sunday. No matter how these kid’s dress “certain” women (and you know who you are) will have a complaint. It has been 6 years…you really need to let it go. To think some these trolls are Mothers sitting behind a computer insulting a 2 year old baby. (shudder) Pathetic indeed.

ForeverMoore on

This family is just too cute. The kids always look so happy and isn’t that what is most important? They obviously let their kids dress the way they want to which is great parenting in my book. Kids are only an extension of ourselves in a very limited way. The way a child dresses doesn’t have any bearing on the child himself/herself. I want to let my baby boy’s hair grow out too…I love that baby hair and I want to keep it like that for as long as possible!

mrs. r. on

I noticed right away that the suit was big on him, and automatically assumed it was a hand me down. Angelina has done that with all her kids.

As for the hair – I Know a LOT of moms who let their toddler boy hair grow long… that first hair cut is SO hard when their first baby hair is just so beautiful.

I don’t think it’s a big deal whatsoever. They’ve said NUMEROUS times they actively individualize their children, following their cues. It’s something that I do to a certain extent as well – my kids cues are more mainstream, but then again, so are my husband and I. If I were a individualistic personality the way Angelina and Brad are, then my kids would probably reflect that.

I think the family does remarkably well for being so large, so ever-changing and for the pressures the children are raised under (i.e. paparazzi omnipresence and body guards and parents work life arrangements)

truehurt on

I didn’t change my name and am not a troll.

I just don’t like the kid’s taste in style.

Sher on

All of you that are so hateful and critical…..Would you criticize a handicap child?? Some of you I think would!! These are beautiful children. @truehurt YES your words would HURT children! @Jace they don’t look homeless….sounds like you’d poke fun at and hurl insults at the homeless including their children! GROW up!

Kresta on

I am looking forward to when Knox gets his hair cut. I think he would look so cute with short hair. My youngest son looked like a girl with longer hair and while I thought it was cute, I loved his hair when he had it cut.

soph on

“All of you that are so hateful and critical…..Would you criticize a handicap child?? Some of you I think would!!”

I think the word your small little brain is searching for is “handicapped.”

Mia on

He looks a lot like his dad here–around the nose/small mouth-but usually he is the carbon-copy of his mom, while Viv looks a lot more like Brad.

Sat on

What a sweet babe! Congrats to Brad and Angelina, they have created a beautiful family.

Shannon on

I don’t think that’s the same suit. The buttons on Pax’s blazer are dark while Knox’s are white. Unless Angie or Brad sew…yeah right!

miameows on

you are all fucking judgemental assholes and should be ashamed of yourselves.

I’m honestly just seeing if this gets posted or if there is ANY moderator left on this site…a little experiment…

But seriously, making fun of KIDS?? eesh. How is that not defined as bullying?? how do you people sleep at night??

Naomi on

Knox looks just like Angie and Vivienne looks just like Brad . Knox is cute

Amanda on

This is called not actually taking care of your kids. Trashy overpriced clothes and overgrown ratty hair. What 2 year old wants to wear a blazer? Kids that age need to be comfortable and able to move and play freely without being restricted. Nothing matches. Lazy lazy parents. This disgusts me – just like when I’m out in public shopping and I see kids wearing their PJs at 3 in the afternoon and hair thats a rats nest. This is the lazy parents fault 100%.

Anon on

He is so adorable! Great outfit too! =)

Sam on

No, it’s not the same jacket. I noticed the button colour right away. I’m sure it was one of the older children’s and he liked it so he wanted to wear it. Angelina has said she lets her kids pick their clothes and I think that’s great. As long as they are apporpiately dressed for weather (I’m not saying a thing!!), which they are. T’s and jeans and sweaters are comfy for kids, so why not!

And for those of you criicizing the ones you think are making ‘nasty’ posts – stop it. You’re words are often harsher then the original poster you are correcting. There are no degrading words here, no curse words, CBB does not allow it.

Jillian on

I knew the second this was posted their would be bashing posts. I find this family very adorable and I wish to see more of their photos.

Sam, miameows post a few above you has the f word……. So clearly they allow curse words aka no moderator….quite sad

Amanda, You need to see what a neglected child looks like then. It is heartbreaking and looks nothing look one of the Jolie-Pitt children. A $95 blazer for this family is cheap. Actually I believe my 3 yr old nephew has one similar price….a bit cheaper. He looks so cute in it! That doesn’t equal lady parenting….you have no clue what lazy parents are like.

Soph, you are always rude back….does it make you feel better?

Tanya on

I think Knox and Viv looks kind of cute, but Shiloh has always been my favourite Jolie Pitt child, even when she dressed and cut her hair like a boy. But I`m happy to see now that her hair is longer and shes dressed like a girl again. Knox looks OK with long hair and a suite, but offcourse he would look even better in a little boys outfit and shorter hair. Viv always seemed weird looking to me. Don`t know who she looks like really.

soph on

I feel great and this website has nothing to do with it, Jillian. Sorry hon.

Jillian on

So you are mean for no reason…..hmmm.

soph on

You consider what I write “mean”?

Need some tissues?

TuttiPutti on

@Maria. My children usually wear the clothes that fit them, not that runs 2 sizes too big. That makes children look a lot neater, regardless of actual cleanliness of the clothes.