Josh Kelley and Naleigh Sing On Key – Together

03/22/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

It’s a humbling experience for Josh Kelley — he’ll be hitting the road with Miranda Lambert this spring and Taylor Swift this summer, but given the choice, daughter Naleigh, 2½, would rather listen to Yo Gabba Gabba! than Dad’s tunes.

“I lose out to The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba!,” Kelley, 31, says. But fear not, Naleigh is beginning to recognize her own name in one of her dad’s songs, ‘Naleigh Moon.’

“She loves it when I sing — if I’m playing the piano or guitar, she’ll come over and sing with me.”

Naleigh is growing up fast, and along with mom Katherine Heigl will join her dad on tour for the first time this year.

Kelley — whose new album Georgia Clay hits stores today — has no problem gushing over his growing girl, who has adopted her parents’ artistic talents. “She’s a really smart girl — she’ll come over and strum my guitar and even sing in the right key.”

Whether or not Naleigh will follow in mom and dad’s career footsteps is up to her. “I’m not gonna push anything on her — I want her to do what she wants to do,” Kelley explains.

Click here to listen to a click of the track!

— Katie Kauss

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Kristi on

She is absolutely adorable!

Becky P. on

Such a cute story..

Tee on

That’s quite a tour he’s joining in on! Glad to hear that Naleigh and Katherine will be able to join him on the road!

Tee on

That’s quite a tour that he’s joining in on! Glad to hear that Naleigh and Katherine will be able to join him on the road.

Brooke on

I know this pic is older, but I love it of Naleigh…she is such a little princess.

brannon on

She is so adorable. They appear to be a beautiful, loving, happy family.

ae on

They seem like such a beautiful family.

Marcee on

Adorable! They are fortunate to have this little girl. Likewise for Naleigh. I love Katherine! Her older films are great.

Meems on

She is absolutly adorable.

B.R on

She is so cute, and I love watching Rocker dads with their little girls, add the wings even cuter. He seems like a really sweet dad, and I think is great that they are all stay together for the tour, since time a part can be hard on a couple, and I would really like to see these two last and have more adorable kids together

Tiffany on

I think that it’s so wonderful that this couple has chosen to adopt a child with special needs. Because of their jobs, they can really afford to give her the best care that is available. More celebs should follow in their footsteps.

Mar on

Beautiful song, cant wait to hear the whole song.

Treva on

Cute kid. And i am happy Katherine has time to travel with them. I bet she wishes she had kept her day job. That’s what happens when you are a complaining jerk. She has done what, 5 movies with only 1 of them bein a success? great job, Katherine

Rachel on

Naleigh isn’t a special needs child. katherine said she was born with a hole in her heart but that was corrected in South Korea (where Naleigh) is originally from) and she’s a perfectly normal and healthy child now.

julie on

Naleigh would rather listen to ‘The Wiggle’ or ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ instead of Josh’s music? Smart kid.

Amelie on

Naleigh doesn’t have special needs. She needed heart surgery to repair a hole as my son did, but should be perfectly healthy.

As someone who was adopted myself, I love to see other families like this!

MariaP on

I hope so see some day videos of these two like the ones of Jorge Narvaez and Alexa

Sarah K. on

For adoption purposes she was considered special needs when they first adopted her because she had a heart defect. She wasn’t considered a “healthy child,” and was therefore easier to adopt. But now she is no longer considered special needs.

This picture is adorable!

Donna on

Wow Julie maybe you don’t like Josh’s music but other of us do….so keep your hateful comments to yourself!