Pink’s Baby ‘Already Has Too Much Stuff’

03/21/2011 at 01:30 PM ET
Jordan Strauss/WireImage

More cake, fewer gifts! That’s what mom-to-be Pink demanded after spending the weekend with her family being fΓͺted with a baby shower.

“Such an amazing weekend with my family πŸ™‚ my mama threw me a baby shower + this bambino already has too much stuff!!!!!!! #morecakeplease,” she Tweeted.

Pink, 31, whose legal name is Alecia Moore, grew up in Doylestown outside of Philadelphia.

She is expecting her first child with husband Carey Hart in late spring/early summer.

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ahhhhh cake xx im craving cake like its going off , if don’t stop this baby will come out a cupcake πŸ˜‰

be merry eat cake its the best bit about being pregnant

Amanda on

She could always give the excess baby stuff to a hospial, home, etc. JMO.

anonymous on

Shoutout to D’Town, PA!!

Sandra on

She probably doesn’t realize it yet since this is her first baby…Babies need A TON of stuff. Especially in the first year. All those huge contraptions: swing, bouncer, playard, jumperoo, activity center, tummy time mat, bumbo seat..just to name a few. Then all the cute clothes! And if you think you’ll have room once they outgrow all those things..everything will be replaced by TOYS, TOYS and TOYS! They will take over your house!

Susan Lewis on

There is just one thing, about the donating. Whose gift do you give away, and whose do you keep? That becomes a loaded situation, as it is not about the gift itself, but the thought, and the feelings, of the giver toward the recipient. It’s very easy to say that, off the cuff. Pregnancy is 9 months of fat without guilt, by all means, have some more cake.

Amanda on

Sandra – I agree, the toys seem to reproduce in my living room like rabbits, there everywhere!

Kim on

God, she’s huge. She looks terrible, like a fat pumpkin with an ugly face and awful haircut. Ugh.

C on

Tummy time mat? I’ve never heard of that and I have 3. I usually just throw a blanket down. But I remember being completely in awe of how one tiny baby could take over our entire home. Now the toys have moved in πŸ™‚ but isn’t it so much fun!

Pink probably feels the burden of wealth knowing that many kids go without, something her baby probably will never experience.

C on

Why so nasty Kim? Just because she’s famous doesn’t make her immune to hurtful comments. Your words can really cause damage, so why don’t you think a little before you post.

NNJ on

Good luck to Pink and her little cupcake :)); PS – Kim …get a life

EMM on

Kim – really? Nice attitude ffs. You seem like a real peach.

Nicole on

@Kim….why the negativity?

jan on

Kim – – really? just a tad vicious, don’t you think?

CZY on

I love her music and to see such a major change in her since she started is such a wonderful thing to watch…. Usually someone like her would of did something different but instead she is and always was a smart one and did not care what people thought and did it her way. Pink turn out to be a soild person. πŸ™‚

valerie on

Wow Kim…couldn’t find anything nice to say? She’s pregant, your body goes to uncontrollable changes.

HT on

Kim – what the hell is wrong with you? Go away.

Anonymous on

@ Sandra: half of what you mentioned is completely unnecessary for a baby and should be replaced by “mommy’s attention”. bouncers etc were invented for moms who don’t have the time to bounce their babies on their legs etc..

@ Kim: she looks gorgeous, has hardly put on weight. Guess you’re around 40 and still waiting for a guy to have a baby with, or else you wouldn’t be talking about Pink being huge..

Melissa on

Really Kim? There is so much hate in the world……What ever happened to the old saying?? If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all!!

Toya L. on

I don’t like her hair color but she looks great.
@Kim- I’m sure stating that will make you sleep at ease tonight.

shelley on

I think Pink looks amazing! Good luck to you and your newest adventure – motherhood πŸ™‚ Keep it real…


So happy for her! I think she looks beautiful!

Carie on

If she has unwanted stuff, support the families at you local military base. My niece was born at JBLM in January and they have groups that knit & crochet for the babies – they get hats, sweater, 2 blankets and booties. Nurses said they used to get more but times are tuff.

shelley on

pink looks amazing! good luck on your newest adventure – motherhood – it is a blast! keep singing Pink, love love love your music πŸ™‚

dawn on

Geez people have you never had a bad pic taken? Had a bad hair cut? I’ve seen Pink too many times looking amazing, it’s going to take a lot more than one crumby pic to think less of her looks. I can’t wait to see how she dresses her baby – it’s going to be edgie I am sure.

shell on

Pink looks amazing! Good luck in your newest adventure – motherhood – it is a blast – love love love your music, keep singing!:)

Wrycrumbly on

I think she looks healthy, happy, and not “huge” in the slightest. The haircut is definitely horrific but the color defines her!

Vickie Glisson on

@ Kim, that’s a horrible thing to say about Pink!! If you can’t say anything nice, shut up!! I think she looks just fine!!

mb on

@Kim, Wow, does saying mean and hurtful things about other help you to feel better about yourself? Maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself how other may see you and what they could say about how you look before you make statements about others!!!

Camille on

Seriously Kim your an idiot!

ellen on

I agree really BAD haircut. I also agree that any “stuff” you don’t need donate to the CHOP hospital here in Philadephia near your hometown of Doylestown or St. Christopher’s here on Erie Ave in a really destitute part of town. As for cake I never met one i didn’t like!!!

Michelle on

Pink, you’re rocking this pregnancy like you rock everything else you do. πŸ™‚ Being mommy is the greatest feeling in the world. Your instinct will let you no what you need and when you need it for your child. God Bless!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!! ❀

missd on

Kim, seriously…what a witch you are.

Vickie Glisson on

She looks just fine, I mean she has a child growing inside her!! @Kim you need to get yourself in check before you say something about a woman with child!! You need to be quiet if you can’t say anything nice!!

alexa on

good luck, Pink! we’re all so happy for you. except for Kim. but, just ignore her. shes a lonely idiot!

kmb on

@Sandra – babies don’t “need” that stuff. ITA with “Anonymous”…all that stuff was designed for moms and is completely unnecessary. And if your home is overflowing with toys, then it’s probably time to start getting rid of some. Most kids only play with a few select toys at a time anyway.

kmb on

No baby “needs” all that stuff. Babies need basics, but all those toys, contraptions, etc are just to make a parents life “easier”. And if your house is overflowing with toys, you probably are spoiling your kid and need to get rid of some. Most kids play with a select few toys at any given time anyway.

kent on

KIM leave pink alone shes beautiful
shes with her “first” child dummy
show her some respect

kent on

Pink your beautiful
wish your baby well

kim go f yourself

Hazel on

@Kim, you’re probably some ugly 45 year old obese chick who hates her life. Pink probably looks better than you on her worst day.

Pink, congrats and get ready for the ride of your life!! Being a mommy is wonderful!!!!

2Little on

I think she’ll be a rock star mommy!!! She looks gorgeous. Always has. As for the haircut, she has already addressed it via twitter. “My hair dresser butchered my hair. I hate it. Thanks for pointing it out you guys. Helpful.” Not verbatim, but that was the gist of it. You’re not saying anything she hasn’t already pointed out w that one.

beth on

I am so happy for Pink and Carey ! First babys need alot of stuff, and they always get more than the 2nd,3rd, ect. Pregant woman are suppose to gain weight and eat ! she is great !

JLA on

Yes Kim – how nasty are you?? I guess you must be super smokin’ hot,skinny, with perfect hair?? Uhm, NOT!

Kelly on

Come on Kim, are you serious? How would anyone ever say that? I hope no one ever will say that or said that to you.

Kelly on

What a spiteful thing to say Kim. I’m sure you are “God’s gift to Men” – NOT. Pink you look beautiful

tlm on

Kim …. grow up please. Thank you.

tjc on

@Kim…..Obviously you’ve never had kids…..(Thank God)…

missd on

Kim you are not a nice person…

Diana on

@Kim…..your a jerk…Pink herself has said that haircut is aweful. I think she looks great. NOT huge. I think she looks good.

Mom Of Twins on

What baby doesn’t have too much stuff? Yeah, so many people taking about giving it away, I say wait until you have the baby. The if you still feel you have too much stuff, then do what YOU want with it. Newborn babies require a lot of stuff, they grow so very fast.

Jan on

she has a right to her opinion

KO on

Holy smokes! I have nothing bad to say about Pink, but damn! I haven’t seen a muumuu like that since I was at work yesterday (I work in a nursing home)! I didn’t even know they continued to make them after the 70s. Maybe it’s vintage.

Kim on

Okay, NOT the same Kim who made the nasty remarks!!! I adore Pink and think she looks healthy and beautiful. As for the haircut, if you follow her on Twitter you know she hates it and said the woman who did it butchered her hair. It’ll grow.

Lyla on

I am not a fan of the hair color but that said, she looks great! I am wondering if she is having a boy? She mentions bambinO instead of bambina…but, that could have just been a quirky little statement. Who knows! πŸ™‚

Patti on

Yeah a Pennsylvania Lady!!! I agree with whoever stated she could donate items to hospitals or domestic abuse shelters 2 thumbs up on that

lauren on

she’s nowhere near huge – mariah carey is huge

Lyndsey on

LOL Kim, it looks like you got the attention you were looking for. Serves you right πŸ˜›

ecl on

One person makes a nasty comment and takes over the whole post EVERY TIME. You guys always fall for it. It’s very easy to ignore people like that.

Jillian on

Wow. Kim makes a comment and people tell her she is rude and shouldn’t say it and in their responses, SOME people are rude right back to her calling her nasty names. YOU people are just as bad!

txlady on

I wish the well. Celebrity or not a new baby is such a wonderful event! As long as the new baby gets lot of love who cares how much “stuff” it has? Pink can well afford to provide for him/her and donating somethings to those in need would be a nice move. God Bless them and good luck.

Jen DC on

Hmm… babies and “stuff.” Well, as a former nanny, I say how much stuff depends on where you live and what you do for a living. My job was to pay attention to the kid, so I got by on the vibro chair (so I could shower and he could be entertained), t-shirts/onesies (a colorful one if we were going out) and reusable diapers and sunblock. Tummy time was on a baby blanket. When he started to crawl, there were pillows from the couch to either block his way or induce him to stand up and crawl over. We had blocks, left over from his parents’ childhoods. And pots and pans for when he was really mobile and could entertain himself. Past the crawling stage, he really didn’t play with many toy-toys, if you catch my meaning, but more stuff I/we turned into toys. Admittedly we were in Hawai’i, so he didn’t need many clothes, but we went through TUBES AND TUBES of sunblock. And that dude LOVED his pacifiers: Slept with one in each hand and one in the mouth.

So I fall on the “you don’t need much” side of things.

Becky on

Pink has even said the lady butchered her hair and color but there’s not much she can do about it. I think she looks great and they seem so happy and excited about the baby. Good luck to the soon to be parents!

Heather on

I’ll take the hand-me-downs!

Sylvia on

Congrats Pink!! I am so very happy for you and I know you will make a great Mommie! May you continue to be blessed. Best wishes to your husband also. You look great and happy. Forget the haters…f—–losers!!

Alyssa on

If she has too much stuff then give to people who aren’t as fortunate. Problem solved, why is this news?

Anonymous on

Love Pink, love her music, so happy for her. Can’t wait to see what she has and what the name will be.

Joanne Wrobleski on

Jen from DC…I agree with you, my boys always played with the box before the toy…too many toys will overwhelm the baby. Kim obviously never had a baby because while the mom-to-be feels fat and ugly, every other mom sees someone beautiful! Good luck Pink with your baby and your life with Carey…

Kat on

Why not donate the extra stuff to charity?
I wish I had such a problem. “What to do with excess stuff” πŸ™‚ on

God, she’s huge. She looks terrible, like a fat pumpkin with an ugly face and awful haircut. Ugh.

– Kim on March 21st, 2011

Dear Kim
You are a bitch. The END.
Sincerely someone who has had a child and discovered that people like you should F_ck off, come back and then F_ck off again.

jessicad on

Kim was obviously needing attention or wanted to start an argument, we should just ignore comments like that! What she said is so obviously not true anyway, you can barely see a bump in this picture.

Can’t wait to see what she names the baby!

Molly on

Ever heard the phrase “Don’t feed the trolls”? @Jillian has it right… how can you all respond to nastiness with more nastiness? You’re putting yourself right on the same level as the original troll. Do everyone a favor and just ignore people who chose to post things purely to get a response… you’re only fueling the fire.

Carrie Freeman on

I met Pink in the grocery line a few weeks ago. She was SO SO nice and said that she feels great. She introduced herself “Hi, I’m Alecia.” Lovely. I wish her the best.

ELO on

I think Pink looks great and am so excited about her pregnancy.For some reason I have a feeling that she and Carey are going to have a boy and are going to use a name that is traditional but with a little funk added somehow.
As far as all of her extra “baby gear” goes, I think donating it to the less fortunate is a wonderful idea. Pink seems to have a great heart and I’m sure she will do what she feels is right. while Kim’s comment was rude and unnecessary, your comment was extremely inappropriate as well.

ginae on

I think Pink looks great and am very happy for her. Can’t wait to see the new bundle of joy.

Amanda on

I agree that donating stuff isn’t as easy as just doing it, especially if it was a gift.
However babies do not *need* a ton of stuff. They need diapers, clothes, a car seat and their parents. Most baby toys you buy they’ll ignore and all the jumpers, activity centers, swings, ect really are just to give mom a break you don’t need ALL of them. I’ve gotten by with just a bouncer so I could take a shower, do dishes or tend to my other kids.

JMO on

I love P!nk!!! I think she looks great and she should just move back to Philly and visit LA when she has to πŸ˜‰ Paparazzi will leave her alone here and I know she’ll be totally irriated by them after baby is born!!

Holiday on

I loved getting all the newest baby gadgets with my kids. I have a 5 year old and 10 month old and the second you walk in my house signs of children are everywhere with the toys, exasaucer, jumperoo, blankets etc. I love it!

Clara on

Congratulations Pink for being one of the few celebrities that actually married before having a baby! Yes it does matter.

Shay on

I totally understand what Pink means by “too much stuff” I’m due June 1, and having my second shower in about 3 weeks and already have too much of everything. I’m waiting until the baby comes to see what we use and don’t use, than I’m giving what we don’t use to a friend or relative in need. I wonder what the sex of Pinks baby is, name, and of course what kind of cute clothes she’s going to adorn her baby in!

sherrie on

every woman has a glow to her when she is pregnant pink looks good who cares what people think about her she is a celeb do you think she even reads this stuff what people post to the ones who was saying the nasty stuff of her being fat i guess you are perfect and oh you probably dont have a life and like to see the bad in people look in the mirror shame on you

C from Doylestown on

Pink looks great and I’m so excited to see her become a mom!!! I’m from and work in the same town she grew up in and everyone was talking about how she was in town for her baby shower!! I wish she would move back and have the baby here but I’m guessing she’s going back to L.A. Best of Luck Pink and Carey!!!!

Shannon on

She looks great. It’s so sweet when other people help you welcome a new life into the world. Such a happy time.

nic on

Pink looks wonderful!
And as for little Pink Jr. , I’m sure his/her mamma won’t raise him/her to be a stupid girl/boy LOL

Hea on

Kim – Really? I think she looks like you only prettier and better.

CelebBabyLover on

Amanda- Babies need more stuff than that. They need a crib, for one thing, along with a stroller, high chair, bibs, bottles (if the mom is formula feeding, planning to supplement, planning to go back to work and have her baby fed pumped milk while she’s at work, or simply wants to be able to let other people feed the baby from time to time), not to mention all the safety gear that’s needed once s/he starts crawling!

ELO- Pink has said that if the baby is a boy, his name will probably be Jameson. But that being said, didn’t Pink say when she annouced her pregnancy that her doctor thought the baby was a girl?

Anyway, she seems to be carrying just like Nicole Kidman and Gisele Bundchen did, very tiny. πŸ™‚

Jay on

Must admit I had a huge laugh when Kim said Pink looked like a fat pumpkin. I love people’s descriptions of other people. I love Pink and she herself says she never takes anything seriously. So people, Lighten up. It is funny!

Amanda on

CelebBabyLover, I am expecting my 4th and I don’t consider any of those but a crib absolutely necessary. A stroller is nice, a high chair is nice but absolutely necessary? Nope. I’ve held my kids on my lap to feed them plenty of times and we have a high chair and a booster chair with a tray. A cheap umbrella stroller is all that’s really necessary depending on where you live and what you do. The only safety gear I bought when baby was crawling was plug covers and cabinet locks which cost less than $20, though I got all of that when my oldest was a baby. Most of the ‘stuff’ I see people think they need really isn’t necessary. I think it’s sad how much time babies spend in all the new gadgets as opposed to in their parents arms. I understand needing to set baby down but it seems like some people only pick their baby up to feed them, change them, or put them in a car seat to go somewhere. Not to mention I wouldn’t be surprised if the spike in learning disabilities isn’t due to all the new gadgets as opposed to what babies are supposed to be spending their time looking at, which is the human face

JMO on

I actually refuse to go to a baby shower twice for someone. I think it’s quite tacky. Of course you can’t control what others do for you but don’t expect me to come to your 1st shower then your second then your 3rd. Just like I won’t come to your 2nd or 3rd bridal shower either!! Sorry 1 shower per person. Only exception I make is when the second or so on child is many years later (and I’m talking atleast 5 years in between). But if you had a baby 1-2 years ago you shouldn’t need much of anything and asking for more stuff isn’t right!! sorry JMO πŸ™‚

CN Tower on

Amanda, as a mom of 2, I’m with you on most of your points except the stroller. Unless you rely on a car to get around, a stroller is an absolute necessity and I would advocate getting a good one too. Using a cheap one or an umbrella stroller for an extended period of time is asking for trouble (i.e. back pain, if you don’t have it already :)).

No1 Pink Fan on

Okay, This picture has had it’s pixels distorted, it’s not a bad picture. The haircut, well Pink tweeted about that, she wasn’t best pleased. But Who cares? She looks lush! Her bump is huge, and she’s carrying quite low so their could be a mini p!ink on the way! Pink is amazing, she’s one artist who I have so much respect for, she’s true to herself and never lets her fans down. @Kim, your comment was uncalled for, jealousy is a disease, get well soon!

Diane on

I am not a person who really knows Pink, but just a Mother to 5 grown children and Grandma to 12 with the 13th on the way!!! God bless Pink in her special time of caring her precious little one. I think she looks absolutely beautiful even if her haircut isn’t exactly to her liking. About stuff, sure do think that many items can come in handy and be very useful, so it doesn’t make it wrong to have them. Some of these items weren’t around when I had my babies, and then as grandchildren came, I got to see first hand how useful they were. I have also seen all the times when that precious little one is being held, cuddled and loved very much but I have also seen the times when Momma just needs a break !! So to have stuff that will keep baby safe and happy and will give that parent a time of rest or to be able to do something else that needs to be done, is a GOOD thing! My girls carried their babies around them very often in a baby wrap, where baby felt very secure, could hear their Mamma’s heartbeat and breathing, and would sleep………and Mamma could do other things…….Most women, in this very special time of their life, don’t need any negative comments from outsiders. Life is a gift from God and carrying this child is special to a woman, no matter if she doesn’t always “look” perfect, SHE IS !!! Let’s all just rejoice with her and be happy people!

Jillian on

I think a highchairs or booster seat is great and important. I want my daughter to be able to learn and work to sit on their own and eat with us as a family. Yes, I fed her, but being in her own chair is necessary. Also a stroller is important and necessary. I wouldn’t have been able to have ever been outside with her.

Pam 55 on

She looks gorgeous and I think she will be an awesome mom.Her smile says it all,she really is ready to be a great mommy.Best wishes for you and hubby.

krissy on

i think shes gunna be a rockin mom! πŸ™‚

Angel on

Congrats to Pink and her new arrival! Mommyhood is the best adventure. Keep your hands and feet inside and hang on for the ride!

Michelle on

She looks f*&^ing perfect to me! Congratulations, every child is a miracle. Enjoy your baby.

Anonymous on

shut the hell up @kim

susie on

love for pink to leave kim a comment you need to get a life and expereance life and take a look at your own face and body

shesdynamic on

YOU do what ever feels right for you. This baby is your private life, Enjoy it,
Best wishes πŸ™‚

Heidi on

has P!nk had her baby yet?

Misty on

Kim…..really? She’s pregnant….she has the right to be big…..she will loose the weight when she has the baby. You? Sorry… cant loose your stupidity. Obviously you are jealous…..she looks awesome. Pink….if you read this, you look beautiful. People like Kim need to get a life. She probably cant get laid to get prego. I hope if she ever gets prego she gets to be three times as big.

jacqui on

when pink said she had way 2 much stuff i would imagine that was a figure of speech everybody says that when they get baby gifts!! stuff doesnt make you a good parent love an bein there for your child does which im sure pink will do whole heartedly.

Beth on

Im so happy for P!nk! not everything out there is needed (silly me thinking I HAD to have a wipe warmer) but I know where shes coming from I thought I had way to much cloths for my little girl. then I found out they spit up more then I thought and soon everything was dirty.
Good luck P!nk you will do great!! πŸ™‚

Venus on

I love Pink’s music and am very happy for her and her husband in receiving this bundle of joy that was placed into their arms….what some ppl don’t realize is that she worked her butt off to be where she is and to have ppl trash her (Kim)….u don’t even know her and yet u stare through a glass window thinking that she thinks too highly of herself….she should….she earned it….it wasn’t given to her on a silver platter….wat a biography on Pink and u will get a little insight as to what she did to be where she is at right now….I’m so happy they got back toegther….if there was a couple put on this earth and they were made for each other….it was them….yes they might have a little bumps along the way….but who doesn’t….we should all raise a glass to this young woman and learn that if u want something….find that goal and go for it….everyone who wants to trash Pink….back off and leave her alone….

Sandy on

I am a huge Pink fan- having said that, I agree with her that the lady who did this to her hair, totally butchered it. I’ve seen her looking so much better. I think what went wrong here is she had the problem with her hair and then chose not the best dress to wear. This outfit is just not a good choice so put together with the hair made for some bad photo’s. No big deal. One bad outfit/hair out of a thousand great ones is no big deal. As I know, it’s hard to look good when your in your last trimester.

Rebekkah C on

Kim – go jump, you troll.