Melanie Brown Is Pregnant

03/21/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
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There’s another Spice baby on the way — Melanie Brown is pregnant, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

She’s the third member of the pop group currently expecting, following Emma Bunton, due with a boy in May, and Victoria Beckham, due with a girl in July.

She tells UK magazine Hello! that she is due this summer, “around July, August.”

Brown and husband Stephen Belafonte, both 35, are “really excited about it and ready for it,” she tells the magazine, out Monday.

The couple already has three children between them. The Dancing With the Stars alum is mum to daughters Phoenix, 12, and Angel, who turns 4 in April, while film producer Belafonte is dad to daughter Giselle, 6.

“Both my pregnancies have been lucky and happy and exciting, no matter what situation I’ve been in. This is different because we have been married for four years, we have a history together, we’re best friends, we’re in it together, and he’s totally supportive,” Brown explains.

She adds, “I like the feeling of being pregnant. I like being able to just eat something if I’m craving it. I definitely do put on weight [during pregnancy] but I think you’re meant to when you’re pregnant. I think it’s healthy.”

— Simon Perry

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The Spice Girls are popping again there children will be close in age and perfect playmates.

Synia on

She has 3 kids from 3 diffrent dads??

Amanda on

Synia – sure why not 🙂 Isn’t Eddy Murphy the baby daddy of Angel?

Lady on

Thanks for stating the obvious Synia…looks like that’s what it says!!!

Anyways, congrats to them!!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! LOLing at the fact that 3/5 of the Spice Girls are knocked up.

And Synia – That’s been coming up a lot. She was married to Phoenix’s father. She’s married to this baby’s father. The only one Mel wasn’t married to was Eddie Murphy. I don’t see the big deal in this, since she’s married!

Kewky on

@ DAWN I thought that too!
@ Synia Yes she has an adorable step daughter, two beautiful bio daughters (with different fathers) and this little one on the way with her husband if that answers your question

Congrats on a mini ‘scary’ spice!

Lynn on

Having 3 different children from 3 different fathers kind of says it all…sounds about right for her type.

Lynn on


Jennifer on

From occassionally watching her show they are great parents…Best wishes Scary Spice!

olivia on

i heqard mel c wants more children… so we may be getting another announcment

Michelle on

Yay!!! Love her and I know she has been wanting to get pregnant for a long time.

Mark on

Great. Another baby she can accuse someone else of being the father of.

J on

Darn you Synia for just asking a question. How DARE you. 😛

Emily on

@Mark: Pretty sure that the person she accused of being Angel’s father actually IS Angel’s father.

Congrats to them! I wondered if they would have a baby. Should be a beautiful kiddo!

Shannon on

I have a feeling it will be a boy.

Jeanine on

People learn how to read…..she has 2 children, and he has one child….TOGETHER they have 3!

Kara on

Why is it such a big deal she has 3 kids by 3 differant dads I am about to have my 5th child in aug and my 3 girls belong to my husband my 5 yes old son belongs to my ex and my 7 year belong to my other ex im so tired of people making a big deal out of it there is situations and what not that we do not know about as to why shes not with the fathers of these children for instance my first sons father beat me the whole time we were married and my 2nd sons father cheated on me so before u get all prissy about her having 3 kids by 3 differant dads remember u don’t know the whole story so try this for a change instead of thinking ur so perfect and making ingnorant comments just say

Congrats Mel glad u found happiness best wishes on the baby

Melissa on

Congrats to Mel and Stephen, i enjoyed their reality show i hope it comes back for another season.

Wow some of you people are really rude, its none of you business how many kids she has with how many people. She is happy and married and should be able to have a baby with her husband!

Stace on

Very happy for them, nice to see who enjoy their pregnancies. Lots of celebs popping babies lately!

@ Lynn – What exactly is her type? I see you are one of THOSE types.

greg on

accuse of being his baby? hello the baby WAS eddie’s murphy , she din’t wrongfully accused him

Kara on

Mark the one time she accused anyone she told the truth so ur not make a real good point there

Victoria on

For all of those who are judging….She was married to her oldest daughter’s father. She was engaged to Eddie Murphy, father of her second. He ultimately went all psycho on her and she’s been married for 4 years. Why wouldn’t she get pregnant again? It’s not like she was out sleeping around and having babies. She was in committed relationshps with all of them. I don’t see what the problem is. Geez! Everyone is so judgemental. Why can’t you all just be happy for her?

Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

cud she not b happy 4 victoria and emma i tin she felt left out didnt want dem gettin al d attention wat a loser…

Esme on

Congrats to her and her family!

@ Mark – it’s not an accusation if it’s true (Eddie you are the father! – {in my Maury voice}) and since she is married one would hope that she doesn’t have to “accuse” anyone else but her husband, lol :o)

Liza on

Mark- Eddie is Angel’s father….so ummm you so a bit immature.

Lynne was is her time? Someone who isn’t judgmental?

Kasiola on

No Lynne, what exactly her type?

Kelli on

Wow, what a bunch of judgemental people you are. So she will have 3 kids by 3 different men…WHO CARES? She was with Eddie Murphy, got pregnant and he broke it off with her. She has been married to this guy for 4 years so it isn’t like he is some one night stand. Is she not allowed to have a child with her HUSBAND? Jeez

Kasiola on

@Mark, she was married to 2 of her kid father’s and the person she accuse of being the father of Angel, Eddie Murphy turned out to actually being the father. She is married to the father of the baby she is carrying now, so she’s not and never has accused anyone. She always knew who her children fathers were.

Andrea on

@Kara….Use a condom. I’m sick of having to pay more taxes because ding dongs like you can’t use protection.

Nice roll model you are.

Sydney on

Congrats to Mel and her family.

Anon – she talked about her plan start trying to get pregnant at the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 long before Emma and Victoria got pregnant.

Soph on

Funnily enough, marriage does not equal good parenting. Being married didn’t stop my husband walking out on me when I was 3m pregnant!

Anonymous on

Hey Lynn. Would her type be “HO”…lololololol

martina on

She is married to Stephen. Why shouldn’t they have a baby together? If anything, it says that this woman loves children – not that she has a “bad” character. Never mind that she’s certainly wealthy enough to support her family. Congratulations to them.

MS on

Actually, Lady, it doesn’t say the other two are from different men; it just says she has two other children. So actually you are being kind of snide towards Synia.

cris on

Jeanine~ Maybe YOU should be the one doing the reading, instead of accusing others of not reading. She is pregnant with her third child, which makes this 3 babies by 3 guys.

From what I understand, EM has never been a part of Angel’s life, and Stephen has been a father figure to her since she was a baby. In my eyes, this would make this her 2nd child by Stephen.

gutsygirl on

Last I heard this was a rocky relationship and they were separating. Next best thing is having a baby to fix it, I guess.

Rita on

Does she not have any other trophies she can collect?..Must it be children from men she opens her legs to?

Synia on

Geezz ppl!! I was just asking a q… :/

Meems on

I can’t believe the children on here. It must be spring break somewhere… I don’t give a care if she has 6 different kids with 6 different fathers. She can support her own kids and she seems to be a very good mother. So grow up out there.

Chuck on

Kara, obviously you didn’t make any attempt to get some kind of education between men. You really sound kind of pitiful.

Cecelia on

Yes, Anonymous. You are TOTALLY correct in thinking that the only reason she got pregnant was because she didn’t like the fact that Victoria and Emma were getting more attention than her. How could I have not seen it before?

klutzy_girl on

Rita – Are you serious right now? I hope you’re trolling! Two of the men were her husbands!

me on

Seeing how she is due around the same time Victoria is, I don’t think she got pregnant just because the other ones did. Victoria never announced she was pregnant until here recently… that time I’m sure Mel was already pregnant.

Anonymous on

Kara, you sound really intelligent. I agree with whoever said to use a condom so that we can stop using tax dollars to pay for stupidity. Marriage may not be a guarantee for a happy family in every situation, but it sure as hell beats the alternative. It also speaks volumes about how much someone cares about their child seeing as how kids thrive in a stable environment. I can’t tell you how many people I know who are single mothers and constantly bring their drama with men into their child’s lives. For those of you who will argue that their situtation is different, therefore it’s ok for them to have multiple babies with multiple fathers…stop making excuses for your bad choices. Take responsibility for your actions! The rest of the world is not obligated to belive that your actions are right or moral.

ChellBellz on


So because it didn’t work out she is suppose to be a single mom and not find happiness? Eddie Murphy is a jerk and this man stood up and helps raise another mans child. I think he deserves to have his own child, with a woman that he married.

meghan on

@Andrea, Use a condom. I’m sick of judgemental a55h*les like you reproducing. It’s called a blended family, look it up. Should she have aborted Angel to make things more paltable for you? After divorcing her husband, she had a child with a man she thought loved her and learned the hard way that all he loves is himself. As far as I’m concerned Stephan is Angel’s Dad.

M on

I’m sure this wont be the last time. There will be a fourth child and a fourth father.

Her being married to some of them doesn’t make it any less sad. How do people not start feeling ashamed of themselves after awhile? If it were me I would’ve stopped worrying about getting some and started focusing on my kids.

Phoenix’s father accused her of adultery. In between that guy and this one she changed partners seemingly every year.

Annetta on

Congrats to them ! It’s nice to see that she and two of her fellow Spice girls are having babies together that’s sweet!! I hope she gets a baby boy! but whatever the sex of the baby is may she have a happy and healthy baby!

fay on

who cares if she’s had three kids with three different. her first kid was with her first husband, the second with eddie and the third with her current. children are a blessing despite the circumstances they come into the world in.

Anonymous on

Also, I should mention that this woman can make poor choices and get away with them because she has enough money to support her poor choices. The problem is that even though they shouldn’t be seen as role models, they are. And when every single celebrity is getting married and divorced as often as most people take a shower, it does set an example. I can understand maybe one divorce and remarriage…but three? Four? There is some seriously bad psychology going on here. Just read the comments on this site day after day! How many times have I read “it’s not 1950 anymore.” As if having standards and morals was a bad thing? Not to mention, I think it is incredibly anti-feminist to think that all of these uneducated women are capable of raising children alone. It does women a disservice, and does not make men accountable.

Natasha on

I think she is cool and good mom…no matter who is father ( I hate those comments!)

dawn on

And having all your children with one man makes you a better person and parent? Most people I know with 2 or more kids have had them with the same partner – married at that, and I can’t say that all of them are good healthy role models at all. And we all know professional, educated people who are the worst parents ever. A good healthy family raising good healthy kids come in all sizes, colors, genders. Don’t judge people you don’t personally know, and even then remember that most people only show the side of themselves that looks the best.

people_fan on

Everyone has the freedom to post whatever they like. They get to show their ignorance, low self-esteem and weakminded comments to the world. Judge all you want, just remember we are going to judge you too.

Congrats to the both of them. They seem to be a happy couple bringing another addition into their lives. Hey they can afford it, they have millions, do you? 🙂

Mandy on

Anonymous…. She’s due in July/August, Victoria is due in July so both their babies were probably conceived very close together. So there would be no way for Mel to know Victoria was pregnant and quickly get herself pregnant too. Doesn’t work that way hahaha.

Congrats to Scary Spice and her girls and Stephen. Can’t wait to see the new addition!

marina on

Come on, Synia just ask a question! I found that the way that the article was confuse and I was going to ask the same question. She can have as many children with how many she wants, it’s not my business.

nettrice on

@Lynn: Your comment offended me. @Others: It’s her business who she decides to have babies by, not yours. Just be happy for her, deal with your own issues and keep it moving! She can have as many as she wants because I’m not having any!

VannaPnk on

Totally agree with anon, and the one who told Kara to use a condom or birth control. Hello…..MORALS. 5 kids with random dad’s is not a great ‘family’ structure for children.

Toya L. on

Anonymous & Andrea
I think it’s very presumptuous of you to automatically ASSume that anyone’s tax dollars are paying for Kara’s children. My husband and I have the same amount of children and have never used any kind of government assistance.

If Mel B. wants to have 6 more children by 6 different men, what the *uck difference does it make since she’s taking care of HER own children? If you think that having children with different fathers is disgusting or immoral, simple solution, then don’t do it!! I find people that constantly negatively judges others are more disgusting than someone who has different fathers for children that THEY take care of without the state’s assistance.

Maria on

No, she has 2 children, the 6 year old girl is his daughter from a previous relationship.

Shi on

I would rather Mel B have a third child by a third father than to have some of you self-righteous people reproduce. I can only imagine what you teach your children.

Lmnop on

@Lynn: “Her type”? Did you mean “British” or “beautiful” or “wealthy” or “famous” or “happily married”? If not, what “type” did you mean, exactly? Your subtlety is…erm, non-existent, shall we say. I know plenty of “not her type” people who have been married twice, with kids from each marriage; plenty of “not her type” people who have had kids out of wedlock and gtakeood care of them. I also know that Mel B will always be prettier, richer and more famous than you OR I will ever be. Jealousy knows no color except green, oui? I wish her well.

Zee on

SHE DOES NOT HAVE THREE CHILDREN FROM THREE DIFFERENT FATHERS!!! She has two daughters from different fathers, and a STEPDAUGHTER, whose father is Stephen. The stepdaughter does not live with the other daughters, but are very close with them nonetheless. I absolutely love how everyone on here gets their panties in a twist over “3 children and 3 different fathers” though…kind of funny. If any of you gals are football fans, then you’ll know that even if that were the truth, it’s not anything close to say..Travis Henry? With like nine children all from different mothers? Come on, peepers…just be happy! This is wonderful news! Mel and Stephen’s first child TOGETHER!!

Mom Of Twins on

Happy for Mel B. and her husband. For those who didn’t know (in my Maury Povich voice) Eddie Murphy your are the father of 4 yr old Angel.
Why do people care about how many or who’s the father of her kids? Is she send you letters asking for child support? Heck no, she getting a pretty penny from Eddie.

Lenor on

I don’t see what’s wrong with her having a child from her third partner. Such things happen in daily life. You can’t expect a relationship to last forever and omg ever like in a fairytale and say a child should only be from one guy. That would have been the case back in the 50’s, but these days, patchwork families aren’t uncommon. As long as the kids are well brought up and taken care of with lots of love, it shouldn’t be an issue on who the father is.

Angelina on

She is wealthy and takes care of her own kids. She doesn’t expect someone else to pay for them.

Elena on

She was married to Phoenix’s father. She and Eddie Murphy had been in a committed relationship before she conceived Angel. Melanie’s daughter Phoenix was being homeschooled with Eddie’s children. I, personally, see this shows how involved they were. Eddie Murphy, for some reason, denied Angel’s paternity, but the DNA tests showed he actually fathered the little girl. Stephen and Melanie started to date after that and he practically raised Angel with her. Eddie doesn’t seem to be a part of Angel’s life. Melanie and Stephen seem committed parents to both Melanie’s children and Stephen’s daughter Gisele. I don’t see anything wrong about them having another child together. No one has right to judge Melanie about this.

Hea on

Congrats to them all! 🙂

Zee – Well she WILL have 3 kids by 3 different fathers. I don’t know if Eddie the maniac Murphy IS a father to their daughter though? As far as I know, Stephen has taken on that role?

Lynn – Please, elaborate. I need a good laugh.

Mel could hardly be blamed for Eddie’s antics and it’s only natural to move on with your life and I’m glad she can do just that.

Lady on

Hey Andrea….role model….not roll…just saying -_-

Mandee on

Congrats to her!!! I have been a long time Spice Girls fan, and I probably always will. I’m glad she is happy.

Demi on

I truly thing it’s disgusting to have children from various different people as if we were animals Birth control IS available…and why in God’s name would you have a child with someone like Eddie Murphy,who didn’t even want to awknowledge his paternity.

Situations such as these cause suffering, confusion and resentment from the children that are born…no one seems to keep that in mind.

It all comes down to self centered egotistical people that could really care less about the fellings of the new humans they are bringing into this world.

I mean really, 5 children all from different fathers in some cases?

Shouldn’t one make sure a relationship is solid,non abusive and caring even before considering having a child? Most of these pregnancies are a byproduct of lust or gold digging. Sex is all good, but not an excuse to go: Ooops, I got pregnant again !

jellybeans on

Oh please. So she’ll have three children by three different men??? Isn’t that classy!

I always believed she was a beard for her husband who seems to prefer boys than girls. Her husband comes across as very slimey and if she married him without a prenup she’s an even bigger fool than I previously believed.

Demi on

I just think people should stop acting like dogs. Use birth control until you are sure you want to bring a child into the world, and feel capable and grounded enough to do so. We are not talking abot 17 yr old teens here,

Melissa on

How can you people be so critical of her! She’s a wonderful woman with a fabulous life that she is happy with! And no one should judge her for being married or not being married, but engaged and having a child and the relationship doesn’t work out! Look at the facts – She has been married to this wonderful man for 4 years, are you kidding me people that you are questioning whether her and her husband deserve a child. She has more to give then most of you out there, so you that judge her should look at yourselves. This world today is a cluster of all different sort of family units – and it’s not for me or for you to judge how her family was put together, her first beaus were not meant to be, obviously this is, so let her be happy!!

Congrats to you and to your family – It’s amazing to see such a beautiful couple sharing good news in this world instead of all the hatred we usually see on the daily news!

I’d much rather hear about your new baby then whose doing crack this week!


It doesnt matter if she has twenty different kids by twenty different men! Its none of my business- yours either-and for all the people that love to judge, I bet if we looked into your business you would have a whole lot worse things going on than multiple fathers to your children- get over it already. I have never understood what it is about people where we feel the need to classify each other and create a better than less than mentality regarding each other- that’s why the world is the way it is now- you worry and comment about everyone but yourselves, meanwhile I bet your own business is a HOT STEAMING MESS, lol.

Congratulations to the family- babies are a blessing.

Toya L. on

Use birth control until you are sure you want to bring a child into the world.
Ummm I think it’s fair to say, in this case that is exactly what they did. *Well according to Mel B. anyway*

My husband and children love Sushi, I find it absolutely disgusting so you know what I do? I don’t condemn them because they enjoy eating it, I simply don’t eat it. If you find it disgusting to have children with different men, then you don’t HAVE to condemn others who find nothing wrong with it and do, just don’t do it.

Blah on

Honestly People, are your lives so perfect that you all are allowed to judge other people? I think Mel is a smart person and just because Eddie Murphy is a bad dad she is not allowed to have another baby??? No one would judge her for having another baby with him or with her eldest daughters dad.

Lenor on

Exactly why should she use birth control? Lol. She’s MARRIED to this man. Married couples usually want to have children together. My word, it’s as if she’s one of those women that pop out kids like Smarties just for the sake of getting child support money. This is not the case.

With that, I bow and return to washing my dishes.

Dee on

With what is happening in Japan, seriously who gives a crap???!!!

Sydney on

Demi – This isn’t an oops child! It’s a longed for and planned pregnancy between two people who have been married for several years. Why should anything that happened in their past mean they are denied future happiness?

veraroberts on

Her 1st daughter was by someone she married. Her 2nd daughter is by Eddie Murphy and her third child is by her current husband. Who cares how many kids she has and by who? As long as the kids are taken care of, it’s none of our concern.

Pam on

Yes Synia – you can do math. And she’s now in a healthy and supportive relationship – good for her!

daria on

completely agree with shi’s comment. wish i hadn’t bothered to read these comments. no relationship, marital or otherwise, is guaranteed for life, and there are many family structures that work out just fine for children. the horrible judgmental comments here are disgraceful.

robinepowell on


You didn’t know that Mel has two girls from two different dads? When she was pregnant with Angel, Eddie Murphy decided to get out of the relationship (after leaving his wife and family) and declared the baby wasn’t his.

Mel went to court, got a DNA to prove Eddie is Angel’s father, but other then that, I don’t think she bothered with him.

Oh and shouldn’t be “the couple already *have* three children between them”, not *has*?

Interesting that this family is all girls. Maybe they’ll try for a boy next time. Congrats to Mel and Stephen. 🙂

Demi on

Toya, I think digusting was an inappropiate word to use and apologize…It’s not about moralizing. I have 2 little girls from the same father ( myhusband), and that DOES NOT make me a saint, I never said I was.

As a Child psychologist, I am just worried about the effect on these children…there are many positive role models that include children from different marriages or unions…case in point Will Smith & Jada Pinkett -Smith, who act as a family unit, even if there are stepchildren.

I just wish people would give the CHILDREN more consideration than to what they want at the time…and being economically stable does not always guarantee a good outcome for children, especially if they are raised by nannies or assistants. I truly wish the best for ALL children, the Love, Respect and proper guidance they deserve. Like for example checking their homework, playing with them, teaching them to be civil and compassionate towards others, etc.

M on

This child may have been planned for. Angel was not. She got involved with this man *a wifebeater* while pregnant with Angel. Dating should have been the last thing on her mind during that time. I wouldn’t be surprised if her relationship with this man was the reason behind Eddie’s doubts. Her ex husband did accuse her of cheating.

It’s great that she has the money to financially support her children and all however the fans that look up to her do not.

Jessica on

Did anyone notice that someone didn’t even say anything offensive but others jumped on her back and started arguing?

carmen on

What is with all these rants about tax payers money being spent and society as a whole being messed up? Newsflash,Mel is a grown woman,with her own money,who decided she wanted to have a child with her husband.I am not sure why there is so much vitriol being thrown at her but I think you guys need to realize her decision to have a baby has nothing to do with you.

Minka on

Ok to all the ignorant people on here making comments about her having three children with 3 diffenrent men there is nothing wrong with that now in days is rare to see anybody have kids with one man only. If u do then ur probobly about to kick the bucket so many celeberties have kids with different men and woman come on people we are not in the 50s no more get over it with ur stupid as comments. I myself have 3 sons with different men i am marry to my last sons dad and we r happy as can be to all u old school folks get over ur selfs

Cyn on

There is only 1 person that is allowed to judge, and NONE of you negative posters are HIM!

My goodness! Are you that unhappy in your own life, that you feel the need to rip others who arent up to “your standards” to shreds! What if your child/children grows up to have more then 1 father… will you condemn them??? Probably so…. SAD.

Sydney on

‘We wouldn’t have planned and waited for four years to have a baby if we weren’t really excited about it and ready for it,’ Stephen Belafonte in an interview with OK magazine this week.

They HAVE been using birth control for four years. They are not ‘dogs’.

Jessie on

First, I’d like to say… Mark, you must have your head as far up your A$$ as Eddie Murphy did. That poor woman was engaged to him and became pregnant, just to have him leave her, while he was galvanting around telling people the baby wasn’t his, calling her a whore and worse. I remember hearing all of the horrible things he was saying, and I could only think, WOW — five seconds ago, you were sharing your life with this woman?? Sounds like she was better off!!

All that, only to determine in the end that in fact, the baby “Angel” was his as Mel stated all along. Maybe he should use even half of that energy he had doing whatever he could to make a total a$$ out of himself, and concentrate more on actually being a father to his child! Having compassion for what any woman goes through during pregnancy, I’m surprised she handled all that with such dignity and didn’t wrip his freakin b*lls off! That whole situation completely changed my opinion of Eddie Murphy in general. What a loser!!

Second, if anyone on this site would take the time to do the math, it looks like she became pregnant at the same time Victoria Beckham did, so I doubt she’s upset about someone else stealing the spotlight. They are all friends and I’m sure are excited to experience all of this together. I just think it’s a shame, cause had the whole Eddie Murphy experience never happened, and if she were still with him and this was to be their second child together, nobody would be caring or saying these negative things in her regard. It’s sad. She’s married, so is it really surprising if they’d like to have children of their own together?

TJ on

To Mark—accused, really? How about the fact that Eddie Murphy has had multiple relationships and kids, picks up prostitutes and then goes home to his wife, girlfriend or honey of the month? I can still remember the sweet irony that Angel was born on Eddie Murphy’s birthday. Congrats to Mel!

jessicad on

Wow, as someone who will end up having kids with 2 different men I find most of these comments to be very ignorant and rude. Don’t assume things about people you don’t know personally. I can’t stand the stereotype that surrounds single mother’s, I have a 3 year old daughter who I raise completely on my own because her father decided he couldn’t handle it and abandoned us both when I was 7 months pregnant. You think you know someone and suddenly you end up in a situation by yourself and make the best of it.

I was able to finish school, get a good job, and I don’t leave her with a strange sitter and go out every weekend looking for my next “baby daddy” while partying it up and sleeping around. I’ve dated TWO people in the last 3 years. The comment about “spreading her legs” was absolutely disgusting, and I know most people think that way about single moms, idiots. and I’m sure all of you on here judging have only slept with ONE person right?

She can have as many kids as she wants, they’ve been married 4 years, no big deal. I wish them happiness!

Shay on

Of course, everyone has the right to their own lives and opinions and no one should judge, but let’s be real here. The number of women who get pregnant while with a wealthy celebrity (like Eddie) or an athlete is amazing. Mel was a B-list celebrity with some $ but not like Eddie. When they can’t get the wedding ring, they get pregnant.

Child support is the new alimony!

Trish on

How the heck did this come to insulting people who have more than one child with the same partner? I think Mel B handled herself really well when all of the mess with the paternity of her second child was going on, I hope that she’s as good a mother as she seems to be!

Jillian on

Synia, I was going to ask the same question! I guess we learn that we can’t ask questions around here. Geeze people.

I get all the Spice Girls confused and didn’t realize she was the one with Eddie Murphy’s baby. If I did, I wouldn’t have wanted to ask.

Cecelia on

Of course no one would bat an eyelash if this was a man.

Toya L. on

You and your husband have two children and my husband and I have five children (same mother and father) as well as others on here. I don’t care what statistics show, marriage and children in wedlock and with one husband or wife does not guarantee emotionally stable, secure, compassionate towards others, law abiding, well rounded, mannerable children anymore than out of wedlock homes/with multiple mothers/fathers create emotionally unstable, insecure, breaking the law, no compassion for others, no manners having children.

I absolutely love that fact my husband and I say prayers at night with our children, we take turns doing homework with them, we have family night once a week and we try to make it a priority to eat dinner together every night but reality is, I didn’t have that and a lot of people don’t and we still turn out to be great people.

Having children out of wedlock or by different people may be more acceptable now days but there are plenty of young people/couples who do believe in marriage first then children and/or children with one partner/husband/wife and there is absolutely nothing wrong or outdated with that belief. However; I feel there is something wrong with condemning others who choose different LEGAL choices about marriage/children/families other than our own.

whatever on

Maybe u have a differend daddy too…synia

Brandi on

Funny how Charlie Sheen has a total of five kids by three women and no one ever jumps all over him about that! Married or not, I’m sure when couples bring children into the world that they planned on being together for a lifetime and never imagined that they would split up and have other children with different partners down the road. Sadly, it happens all the time. I’m sure it’s not the ideal situation for anyone but people need to stop passing judgement and just get over it already! As long as the kids are being brought into healthy and happy homes with loving and stable parents that are capable of caring for them, I don’t see what the big deal is…there are way more pressing and urgent issues in the world that could use this kind of attention!

kaylee on

Most of you ladies are bitter, jealous haters! Congrats Mel B!

Steph on

i never followed her love life but im curious…. I understand E.Murphy is the dad of Angel, who is 4 years old. She has been married to her current husband for 4 years. Does that mean she married him while pregnant with Angel?

Londa on

I like how everyone wants to always judge woman who have children with multiple men but never the guys. She’s married, has all her children and seems happy. Leave your judgment where it matters….to yourself.

people_fan on

@Brandi – I totally agree!

Mia on

Congrats to them!–I think it’s different if you have kids by an ex-husband and then get married again and have more kids…etc. I know on paper it sounds bad if you have 3 kids by 3 different people-it would be nice if 1 relationship can last a whole time, but things happen. As long as they are happy + this relationship lasts.

It just seems like if you go from relationship to relationship + have kids it demonstrates not having stability-but sometimes things work out when you’re older, and it’s on the 2nd marriage or 3rd marriage.

Sydney on

Shay – Mel B earned more than $40 million from the Spice Girls alone. She wasn’t with Eddie Murphy for the money.

Devon on

What a group of judgemental bitches. I would love to be able to see your lives spread out all over the internet and magazines just to see how perfect you all are. This minivan majority of self-righteous, hypocritical, smug & catty bitches is what is wrong with sites like this. You believe everyone should subscribe to your way of life and if they don’t, they need to be condemned. The way you raise your children, the way you go about your relationships, what you’d do if you were in their shoes…sit down! Why are you better than anyone else? Does being married make you a better parent? Does having your children all with the same father make you a better person? Spouting off your religious or political beliefs, does that make you better? You all want your cookie cutter celebrities to fit into your cookie cutter life. Well, you know what? Life isn’t cookie cutter. Not everyone wants the 2.5 children, the white picket fence, the stay at home mothers who bakes fresh cookies & muffins everyday, the once a year family vacation or the PTA meetings where you proclaim that you are the best parent and that your kids are amazing. Life is what it is and you won’t change it nor change others.

So what if Melanie wants to have a child with her husband? They have been married for 4 years. Her children are all from committed relationships and she had the unfortunate chance of having one with a man who dumped her as soon as she got pregnant. I don’t think it was her goal (couldn’t say for sure) to have a kid with someone who would do that to her. No mother would want that for her child. She didn’t need to have Eddie’s money either. In case you all forgot, she was in the freaking Spice Girls. They are one of the best selling female group ever. That title doesn’t come without a lot of cash. As for her husband, what was done in his past is in his past and unless you’ve got proof that he’s beating Melanie, then you have no business bringing it up. I’d love to see how many of you have things in your past that you regret, and have never done again, to only have people to continually use them against you. From everything seen, he is a great father to his daughter, along with Angel and Phoenix.

Micka Wright on

LOL, aren’t some of you people judgmental…are any of you taking care of her children? No…so why does it matter how many children she has by how many different men. BTW, Eddie Murphy is Angel’s father, so stating she has another child to blame on another man sounds ludicrous..wonder if that same judgment goes for some of these men who have many children with many different women..what a double standard.

Either way, it goes, Mel is pregnant by her HUSBAND, more power to her and congrats to her on the new bundle of joy 😉

Toya L. on

Yeah right, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Synia asking that question, the problem is that unless she has the comprehension of less than a 1st grader, then she knew exactly what she was implying.

You can’t BS a BS’er “ME”!! The post CLEARLY stated that amongst Mel and Stephen there are 3 children, 2 are Mel’s and 1 is Stephen’s. It never stated that Mel’s 2 children have different fathers, therefore making this her 3rd father for her 3rd child. Someone who truly didn’t know her or the situation most likely wouldn’t have assumed that all 3 had different fathers, they would’ve thought maybe her other 2 were by the same person *since the post didn’t say any different* and this one is by her husband.

Get real, people are going to get flack either way but don’t guise an seemingly questionable insult as an innocent question!!!! Be YOUR OWN damn kids role model and you wont find celebs that are held to higher standards mishaps to be so affecting in your household.

Jillian on

Cecelia, People posted the same things on the Antonia Sabato thread.
Kaylee, Are you twelve?

I don’t think its a big deal to have children by multiple people when the person is in long committed relationships with them, like she has been. If she had 3 children by 3 men in 3 years, then I think that would be a big deal…..This is not a big deal, IMO. I also don’t think Charlie Sheen having his children out of 3 relationships is a big deal.

J on

How exactly are people bitter and jealous, Kaylee…lol! Tat line gets so old…

Hea on

Cyn – I guess that means atheists are free to judge?

A on

Where I come from they would call her a whore! Who in their right mind thinks its okay to have 3 kids by 3 different men! Slut!

Liza on

Wow someone of you love to act like God…..unless you are living a Pure and Perfect life…check yourself.

Liza on

A- Those people should feeel ashamed.

Cyn on

Hea- Anyone that feels the need to judge or analyze, should start with their own life.

Milosh on

And these are “role models” for our kids?

Miami on

She has 3 babies by 3 different fathers..She slept with Eddie Murphy on purporse so that she would get pregnant by him and then sue him for child support. Now she receives over $50K month in child support for him, and he doesnt even see the hild. Her child with Eddie wasnt even 3 months old when she had already married Stepehen. So Eddie supports his daughter, Mel B, her husband, that pther daughter she had before meeting Eddie, plus the kid she’s pregnant with.

Synia on

Wowwww… people,cant you just chill???

Some of you are so nasty!! I didnt mean to “start” something,or anything like that! I WAS JUST ASKING A SIMPLE QUESTION!!!!

I got confused with all the Spice Girls that are pregnant now.

Miami on

People have the right to judge her. If someone here had 3 kid by 3 different fathers and then would talk smack about her it would be hypocrite. But who here has 3 kids by 3 different fathers? The ones “juding” probably have all kids by the same father, get me? Thats why they are entitled to “judge” or voice out their opinion.

Miami on

3 kids by 3 diferent fathers. And when she divorces this guy she’s gonna hook up with another guy and get pregnant again, so its gonna be 4 kids by 4 different fathers. I wowuldnt put it past her to do it.

kaylee on

– Jillian are you over 40 years old, yep you are. Kick rocks

Anonymous on

I think it’s hilarious when people call people with standards and morals judgemental…make. better. choices. Stop relying on the rest of the world to make you feel better about your own stupidity. And stop choosing men from the bottom of the barrel to procreate with. Choices like this make life terribly hard for you, and more importantly your children. Perhaps if we stop making excuses, we can stop the cycle of bad parents=bad children=another generation of bad parents.

Miami on

ZEE–She does have 3 kids by 3 different fathers. Her eldest daughter Phoenix is the daughter of backup dancer Jimmy Gulzar, her second kid is with Eddie Murphy, and her third kid she is currently pregnant with.

Miami on

Demi-The reason why she had a baby with Edie Murphy was to get his $$$. She bedded him on purpose to get herself knowcked out so she ould then take him to the cleaners for child support. Heck, she receives more than $50,000 a month in child support from him. Heck, with that money she supports her current husvand Stephen and her other 2 kids.

Lisa on

wow, I see that all the sour apple bitter bitches are in rare form today! technically, she’s having her second child with her hubby as Eddie signed over his rights. and I grew up in a household where my brother and sister have a different father than me and we have all grown up fine! so really, all this “its not good for the kids” bs needs to stop! As long as a child feels secure in any type of enviroment, they will be fine!

Lenor on

Oh the judgments. As someone mentioned before, there’s other and more important topics that have nothing to do with who’s whose father. Like children with no home/food, natural disaster victims and unneeded war. I’m very happy for Mel B. She seems happy as well, so I don’t understand why it’s even such a major case her third child will be from her SECOND husband. The way she had children is far from being a “whore” or a “slut”.

While I don’t judge anyone’s opinion, I still think it’s disappointing to see that the world still has the mentality of picture perfect lives that comes from a book. Be more open. My family is the same as Mel’s. And don’t tell me what she’s doing makes her a bad role model. I’m 26 and grew up quite normal, than you very much.

Anonymous on

I cannot believe that some of you people are actually arguing FOR women to have multiple children in unstable relationships. This thread isn’t just about this lady anymore. It’s become a larger discussion of whether or not having kids in poor environments is right or wrong…and as a society, it’s either right or it’s wrong. Rarely is there a true grey area. I’ve seen many more people procreating in situations that are absolutely, positively wrong for those kids than I have the rare exception where it was an issue resolved by two grown adults with the child’s well-being taken to heart. More often than not, it’s women choosing terrible men, having a child with him, and then a lifetime of baby-daddy drama. Then moving on to another terrible man, another baby, and so on. And yes, it is usually at the expense of the tax payer, unfortunately.

Brooke on

I love that I come on to this link and see 125 comments….First thing I think of is “Oh Dear God – here we go again….the hens are a-fightin”

molly on

Someone in my family has 5 kids to 4 different fathers (1 set of twins)
and now not with any of the fathers!!!. So anyone that is not married
or has children with different dads do not rate well in my books. Great role models NOT!!!!

Betwixt on

Has anyone ever heard of MORALS?

meghan on

Miami, Melanie is a millionaire. She was in one of the most successful music groups in history (along with other successful ventures on her own). She did not need Eddie Murphy’s money. And Mr. Murphy made the choice of not being a part of that little girl’s life. It’s his loss. Angel will grow up to be a lovely young woman with a daddy that truly loves her (Stephan) and her sperm donor will have nothing to do with the woman she becomes.

Jessica on

While I plan on waiting to have children with someone I can see a long stable life with and while I think everyone can do whatever they want, its just not the kinda life I want for myself.

k on

Synia, don’t be so hateful and negative. She supports her children, could be worse.. It’s not like she is spitting out children and relying on the government to support her and her children. Think before you type or speak. Comments can be hurtful, I am sure is aware of the fact her children have different fathers, she doesn’t need you to point it out. Have a lovely day:)

Sydney on

Miami – Mel has earned $40 million from the Spice girls. She didn’t get knocked up for child support!

Emily on

When it is a man having children with multiple women, no one says anything or questions his morals!! Get over it people, who are you to judge anyone!!!

Miami on

If she is so filthy rich then why did she take Eddie to the cleaners? A lot of women support their own kids without the help of the father. Specially a supposed wealthy woman like MEL B. She got a great pay day from Eddie.

3 kids by 3 different baby daddys. Seems right up her alley.

Lou x on

Congratulations to Mel and Stephen! Looking forward to seeing another Spice Baby! x

Lala on

Wow… Lenor, you stated that, “You can’t expect a relationship to last forever…” Umm… yes, you can – and you should! That’s why marriages and relationships don’t last these days! Because no one expects them to. People don’t put enough work or effort into them. Sometimes marriage is hard, and just because you’re married, doesn’t mean life is peachy. You will have trials and adversity in your marriage, but you must work on your marriage, to keep it strong. Agreed, sometimes there is no hope for a marriage, but a lot of times there is.
Someone said Eddie Murphy gave up his rights… then others are saying he pays child support. So which is it? He can’t be paying child support, if he gave up all rights.
I think if someone wants to sleep around, fine. But when you start bringing innocent children into the world – because of your sleeping around, it’s time to step back and take a hard look at your life. That’s when you need to stop making selfish choices, and think of your child’s future instead. More than likely, since Mel B. has multiple baby daddy’s… her children will too…

Lyndsey on

“Miami”, get a life. Unless you were the roach on the wall in the room when Angel was conceived, you know nothing about Mel’s motivations to get pregnant, and you pretending to know does not make you anything less than contemptible. Your obsession with her and this story is pathetic. Grow up, get a life and go find someone to love you.

And Lynn, we’re all still waiting for you to explain what ‘her type’ is. We know what YOUR type is, but it’s not polite to write such words on the internet.

Meems on

So because a woman has her own money a father shouldn’t have to support his kid? That is such a dumb way to think. I make enough money to support my kids on my own, BUT their father is just as responsible as I am for these kids so it is his job to help support them.

With Mel’s money Angel could live good, but with Eddie’s money too she can live great. Why should/would a father want to deprive their kids of everything they can do for them.

Miami must be a man who’s bitter because he has to help support the kids he made. Loser.

grammadee94 on

He surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre looks like his dad, Harry Belefonte!

Cyn on

Miami- Maybe she just wanted to clear her name since he was denying his child… Perhaps she did it for her daughter, so that her daughter would know that her he IS her father regardless of what he said.

Meems on

If anyone watched her show she and Eddie have put the past behind them, while Stephan is Angel’s “daddy” Eddie has stepped up as her father. The family got all together and even went to the last Shrek premiere WITH an invite from Eddie. And Eddie’s ex wife has always been friendly with Mel and included Angel in visits with the other kids.

I also saw Eddie on Ellen a while back and he said how many kids he had and in that count Angel was included. So it’s none of our business how she lives her life and how many kids she wants.

I say congrats and I wish her a happy healthy baby.

Cee on

they would call me a ho if i had that many baby daddys whether married or not. just cause u got money makes it okay to do it.

Stephanie on

Hmmmm…so it is so terrible to have children by different men, whether it be 2 men, or 3? What will this message board look like when Reese Witherspoon is pregnant with her first child with her soon to be husband? Will people say the same things about her as they are saying about Mel?? (Reese says she wants to have more children) Who cares how many dads there are. As long as he child is loved and cared for, it shouldn’t matter.

Toya L. on

Miami- it’s not about being able to judge others because you didn’t make the same mistakes as someone else did. Fornicators, people who have children out of wedlock *even with the same partner*, liars, cheaters etc… have no room to judge someone who has children from different fathers.

Since when is asking for child support from a non-custodial parent, taking someone to the cleaners? Lot’s of people expect the parents to take care of THE child THEY helped bring into this world and have to take other means to assure that. *child support* My brother has no children why? Because he doesn’t want any and because of that he protects himself, even from women who claim they don’t or can’t have any. Eddie obviously knew what causes bringing kids into this world and paying child support was, prior to Angel, he had 7 kids by 3 different women, if he didn’t want another child to pay child support for then he should have made sure he didn’t make another one.

Do you think he would just go up to a stranger or someone he just met and give them the keys to his houses, cars, safe deposit boxes, bank accounts etc….? Hell no, he would want to protect his assets, he should have done that with his sperm if he wanted to protect himself from having to take care of a child he helped produced!

Jillian on

“Jillian are you over 40 years old, yep you are. Kick rocks”

No, I am not over 40 years old. I am not even close to 40. Jealous?

Lynn on

Congrats to Mel & her hubby..babies are blessings and so what if she has 3 diff fathers..diff strokes for diff folks!

Rachel on

She says…….. “Both my pregnancies have been lucky and happy and exciting, no matter what situation I’ve been in.”

Sounds to me like she is trying to bring up old news about Daddy No.2, Eddie Murphy, and that horrific ordeal she put him through.

Give it up, Brown. You are married to THIS guy now. Geez.

Kari on


If you re-read the article, it sounds like she’s referring to *BOTH* her previous pregnancies,(with Phoenix and Angel) because she then mentions this one.

Congrats to Mel and Stephen!!!

kaylee on

– Jillian, Yep you are about 45 yrs old, I am in my twenties. Yes, be jealous-hater:)

alicejane on

Wow, some of the comments here are absolutely vapid. All you people spewing about morals, how does it make you any better to be so damn judgemental of someone you don’t know? That says way more about your morals than about Melanie Brown’s…

Congratulations to Mel, Stephen, and their girls! I’m excited to see what they have!

Indira on

I really don’t see what is wrong by having 3 kids by three different men. It’s not like all the kids are a year apart. She had her first when she was younger, she waited 8 years to have another and now almost 5 years later she’s on her 3rd. I mean what did you expect her to do? “Oh stephen, I know we want a child of our own but I’m on a two guy limit” PLEASE. Life happens. Stop judging, having a bunch of kids by one man doesn’t make you any better. People will look for any reason to get on a high horse.

Mia on

It also makes a difference that she is married–it means there is a bigger/higher power of commitment-vs- just being in a relationship for a few years + having a kid, then moving on to somebody else.

If it was somebody that wasn’t married, and didn’t seem like they were in a stable relationship-I think that’s a problem.

*And let’s not go in the marriage -vs- not marriage argument. Although I think you should be married just because to me that symbolizes the biggest level of commitment–there are some people that are not married, but have been with the same person for 20+ years because they found somebody they are more compatible with-so they stay committed.

;X on

every comment on here is spouting the same damn thing..and yup i agree….she is a bad role model…no wonder teens today think nothing of getting knocked up and having bunches of kids w/ any guy they are with…our society has gone down hill..and morals and everything else have gone out the window..its sad

Jenn on

The “horrific ordeal” she put him through?

Eddie Murphy conceived a child with her, then denied the child was his publicly. After DNA testing proved the child was his, he has failed to parent or care for that child in anyway, and has admitted that publicly with no plans to change.

So really, what is it that SHE put HIM through?

Victoria on

I have a son from a one night stand! Yeah a condom broke! So I guess I am one of THOSE!
I also have an MBA, PhD and am a tenured university professor! So I guess I was just a nerd that spent her life studying and the first guy who took interest in me ended up getting me pregnant????
I wish people would just stop accusing others for their life choices when those have no bearing on the lives of others.
And my son is fine and happy and the best boy I have met and last time I checked none of the people that judge me help raising him!

B.J. on

Congrats to Scary and her husband!

Jillian on

Kaylee, Your immaturity continues to show through…..Keep on commenting.

Luna on

If this was about a man having kids with multiple women, this news would only have like three or four comments and that’s it.

Kara on


M on

grammadee94 – He is not at all related to Harry Belafonte. He changed his last name to Belafonte because people always told him how much he looks like him. He was also a wannabe actor at one time and thought the name (and looks) would get him roles.

M on

*His real last name is Stansbury

ecl on

If Eddie Murphy didn’t want a kid, he should have worn a condom. Two to tango, but lots of you are putting it all on the woman…

Lara on

The father of Heidi Klum’s first child didn’t want to have much to do the baby. She met Seal while pregnant and they raised her together and had three more children. It is great that she was able to find love while pregnant with another man’s child. There are no guarantee’s, even with a ring. I’m sure Mel believed she was going to raise Angel with Eddie. She had no control over how he acted while she was pregnant. Then she found someone else. What was she supposed to do? Say “sorry, I’ve already filled my baby daddy quota.” These kids are spaced years apart and are the result of long term committed relationships – two marriages and an engagement – not one night stands! If you’re married and he up and leaves – how is that your fault? You would have enough to deal with and another relationship would probably be the last thing on your mind. But you would deserve happiness. You shouldn’t not go for it because you already have children. At the end of the day, she has to do what is best for her children, AND herself. Congratulations to he and her husband.

robinepowell on

Notice how no one say anything about Donald Trump or Rod Stewart? They also meet new woman and have kids with them, yet Mel can’t do the same?

Charlie Sheen is a whole different story, lol! He doesn’t need anymore kids, he needs a shrink instead.

As far as I’m concerned, as long as the kids know they’re loved, who cares how many half siblings their parents give them? Whether it’s mom or dad. None of our business and in this day and age, it’s more common then you realize. 😉

BB on

The claws came out-not surprised. Sad these posts have to become a place for people to go back and forth at each other. Let each person have their opinion and if you don’t like it, quit reading it and don’t comment on it! Comment on the actual post, not each other’s!! Wow, another baby-cool, congrats! Each child is a miracle and precious as I see it. Enough said.

Leslie on

There are a lot of people who can’t read…. she has 2 kids and one on the way. First child was with the guy whom she was married to, second was with Murphy and the third child is with her current husband. And her current husband has 1 daughter from a previous relationship. If you are going to be rude and judgmental you could at least comprehend what was stated in the article. It’s not that hard. 🙂

Hea on

Hea- Anyone that feels the need to judge or analyze, should start with their own life. – Cyn on March 21st, 2011

I bet you say that to all the shrinks. And to God.

CelebBabyLover on

Indira- I think you said it best of all! Melanie and Stephen are married and have been for four years. Why on Earth should they be denied the chance to have a child together? Anyway, congrats to them! 🙂

Me on

All that matters is that a child who is brought into the world is loved and cared for. Can your narrow minds grasp that?

tyannah on

I think that some of you are really rude.
It’s not as if she has three chidren who are each only one year apart, with three different fathers.
Phoenix was 8 when Melanie gave birth to Angel, and Angel will be 4 when the new baby arrives. Not to mention that Angel is practicaly Stephen’s “real” daughter as he was with her from the beginning. Plus he always says that he is her Daddy.
So genetically they may not be related but does that create love?
For me, in a way the baby to be will be their second child together. So no big drama here.

Of course morals and traditions do matter, but for some questions and problems a modern point of view is needed and better. Was she supposed to get back with Phoenix’s father or with that ass-hole of Eddie Murphy and have a biological child with them if she wanted to expand her family? Just to be able to say: “All of my children have the same father?” Don’t be ridiculous.

And never judge a book by its cover!

Here you are the story of my friend’s friend. Listen and read.
** She was married for 14 years, and has one child. Her husband left her with their daughter Louise who was 4 years old. She was feeling so bad, cried the night, lose weight, didn’t have a life of her own for 2 years. She was happy for her daughter, never showing she was destroyed.
One night, she went at a party with some friends who insisted she had to go out. She forgot her problems, had fun and met a man. They just wanted to enjoy themselves, USE A CONDOM (plus she has a IUD!!) but four months later she discovered she was pregnant!!! She was devastated, could not do anything. She welcomed her son Gabriel alone. (the “father” did not want to have anything do to with him)
She gave everything to her two children: working like crazy, being happy for them, never giving up! When Gabriel was 2 she met a man. They started dating (she waited a long time before introducing him to her children) and it has been three years now. She is right now pregnant with her third child (by a third different father!)and she has a lot of arrongant and negative comments just like yours!! Do you think that she deserves them? People are constantly implying that she is a bitch.. She is finally happy, feeling alive again but people like you are destroying her!!
Louise is now 11, Gabriel 5 and the baby is due to arrive in April. They are all a family, even if they do not have all the same blood in their veins!

Maybe Melanie Brown does not care, and won’t read this, but some people may recognize themselves and feel bad. Plus I suppose if you are able to be so judgemental on a board you can also be in real life…Just don’t forget that you say those horrible things and forget, but the person who was attacked cry at night because of you. I’ve heard so many times my friend saying how her friend felt dirty hearing people comments.. Some of you are disgusting!

Lilianne on

The only comment I have to make is that more people should either A) read over what they write before clicking post, B)buy a dictionary and a book on grammer and one on punctuation and consult them while writing, or C) not write anything at all. Typos I get…sometimes your brain gets ahead of your fingers and you miss something. But we are not just talking about typos here. :/

Alexandra on

Go, Kara!
I read a few of these comments about you and I was shocked by the ignorance, arrogance and prejudices of these women. I wish their parents had used condoms so the world wouldn’t have to put up with their stupid attitude!! HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE JUDGE SOMEONE U DON’T KNOW?? Get a life. You are absolutely disgusting!

And about Mel B: What gives you the right to judge her choices? As long as she loves and adores her children, she can have as many as she wants no matter who the father is!!! How many children grow up without love and care…?? Gee. Stop acting all high and mighty and take care of your own business.

Nuff said.

kaylee on

– Jillian, your 45 yr old maturity is showing, lol. Keep coming back though, lol

Jessica on

congrats mel b….my kids are from two different fathers…doesn`t make me a slut… son`s bio father wanted nothing to do with my son or me….then i met my hubby and we had our daughter….my hubby is my son`s real father and always will be

why can`t people be happy for mel b and stop being so judgemental of other people`s lives.

Once again congrats to Mel B and Stephen…love the Spice Girls

Jillian on

I would rather be perceived as mature than immature anyday.

Cyn on

Hea.. Why yes I do, and I will pray for YOU!!! Hahahahahaha!

Brianne on

Congratulations, Mel and Stephen! This is such a wonderful blessing for the two of you! I can’t wait to see pics of the new little one!

As for everyone on here who’s badmouthing her and calling her a bad role model, you all need to shut up and mind your own damn business! If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all! PERIOD!

Tiffany on

Oh for God’s sake. I’m sure all of you judgemental have only been in one relationship your whole life, waited for sex until marriage, have never made a single mistake and just have freakin HALOS over your heads, don’t you? If you do think you’re that perfect, then you need a reality check, big time. Face it, not all relationships last, whether they involve marriage or not. So should we just refrain from reproducing until we can be absolutely sure the relationship is going to work out? Even marriages that have lasted for more than 20 years have fallen apart. Having a child should be about wanting to bring another life into the world, and knowing that you will be able to provide for him/her, not about who the father of the child is.

Emily on

Congratulations to them. I reckon we still might be able to expect another from Sporty and perhaps a 3rd baby eventually from Baby! Love Spice Babies! xx

Momof3girls on

Let me get this straight…if you are in a relationship or marriage but it doesn’t work out and you have a child….then you get in another relationship or marriage and it doesn’t work out and you have another child…and it happens again…and again…this makes you a slut and a whore because of course you know none of these relationships are going to work…you purposely seek out the “wrong” guys….in reality you shouldh have just curled up in a ball and quit after failed relationship number 1…because if you keep going, you’re not a good role model…

Isn’t that what all you ignorant, judgemental people are saying?

Fail at a relationship or two that includes children and you’re done!!! Two strikes and you’re out!!!

Congrats to Mel B. and her hubby!!! I hope they have a healthy baby!!

Terri on

Congratulations to them. They seem to be a happy couple and a happy blended family. An announcement of pregnancy should be met with nothing but congratulations and wishes for good health from strangers.

Sarah N on

Lilianne – I guess you read over how you wrote “grammer” before you clicked ?

Mia on

If somebody is constantly repeating the same pattern-getting into a relationship/marriage–having a doesn’t work out, does it again…does it again, and it still isn’t working out–that’s an issue–maybe they should look at the bigger problem + not start up a family and then have it fall apart, but if somebody has a kid, it doesn’t work out-and then is able to make a relationship last because they found somebody they can be more compatible with–and it works, that’s fine. It’s all about stability.

It just seems complicated to have multiple mothers/or fathers of many kids instead of just 1 person people the same parent to all kids–and granted it’s different if it’s an uncontrollable situation, like the other person leaves…etc.

It’s about commitment and marriage-people used to stay married to the same person + have kids and that was it-yes sometimes people cheated/things happened, but it’s not like today where it seems like nobody takes relationships seriously anymore, or seems to have bad judgment + goes from one relationship to another, and has a kid or two in-between-there’s a huge lacking of stability and moral ground/common sense, whether male or female.

Shannyn on

It’s a sad..sad day in the world when a married woman gets called derogatory names & a bad role model for having a child with her husband! Mozel tov!! to Mel, Steven, Phoenix, Gisele, and little Angel!!!!

Maureen on

The ugly negative comments shouldn’t be allowed,do people realize how ignorant they sound fighting online?
What power ppl have hiding behind a computer. How sad.
The thing is people have lost all decency anymore.
~ lynn to say figures because of the type of person she is??
you don’t know and your no one to pass judgement.
Does being so ugly a person make ppl feel better?
Shame on you ugly negative ppl

KAY on

After reading so many posts on the topic, I truly believe that everyone take a step back and look at the big picture. I am probably the biggest proponent of family values. Most people dont take into account human error, they chose the wrong person, but that decision led them to where they are now. They have these beautiful children because of it. Did everyone just totally forget what the Christian religion is all about?? Dont judge..we all want to pass judgement, yet dont want to live by what we preach. Dont take the high road if you are not willing to live by it.

Anonymous on

I think that all of you are such hypocrites that are plenty of people out in the world who have a few children from different dad’s. Things don’t work out and you end up with someone else and by chance having another child. Things happen in life and you can’t really judge her for having 2 kid’s from two other father’s and now having one with her husband of 4 year’s. As far as I’m concerned, her husband is the father to her youngest daughter because what has Eddie Murphy done for the little girl and whoever is saying she just accuses guys of being the dad to her daughter are pathetic because she accused one guy (Eddie Murphy) and wow, he ended up being the father. You all need to grow up and it’s not like your paying your tax money for her to raise her children so quit complaining about it and for those out there who want to have children, that is their choice, yes some people rely on the government for help and it is sad and yes some shouldn’t have more children then but for some out there they are just having a family and they support them they way they are intended to, by working hard and doing what they have to do to get by. I myself have 2 girl’s and am pregnant with my third and my first daughter’s dad died in the military and I got remarried and my husband is the father to my second daughter and to our newest addition who will be here any day. You can’t judge someone when you really don’t know the details as to what is going on in their lives.
I say congrats to the two of them because they have chosen to have a child and regardless shouldn’t be judged on their personal life. You guys all think you are so much better when you are not.

Virlene Goliath on

Oh this is so sweet tx People magazine for updating us & I have watched her show on TSN, and she is so sweet & her hubby makes life easy for her & he supports her & that is really what a woman needs to be more successful ,


kdx2 on

Wow. Are all of you who are making derogatory remarks perfect? I don’t think so. So why do you feel you have the right to judge others? It is always blown out of proportion when a woman has children from different fathers, but when a guy has kids from different mothers it is okay. Who cares how many kids she has as long as she takes care of them! Oh, and for those naysayers, I have three children. The two oldest are from my first marriage and the youngest is from my husband’s. Any questions about that? Until you are perfect don’t judge others. Work on yourself.

Jenni Williams on

Wow some of you people are not very nice. If you want to point fingers for bad parenting, Eddie Murphy is Angel’s father and had a TON of other kids. Her husband has raised her as his own. What happened in her past, happened. She is happily married now and from what I have seen on their show they are fantastic parents. Congrats!

Katie on

I want to drink what the Spice Girls are drinking!!

Soph on

We ARE animals…

Having children with the wrong men does not equal being a bad mother.

I’m sure there are countless women who have posted on this thread alone who wish they had made better choices when it came to a mate, even those who proclaim a happy marriage. Nobody is psychic and sometimes, women are let down by their husband and children by their fathers. I note the same rules are not applied to male celebrities who spread their seed over Hollywood like some sort of paint (Jude Law, Ryan Phillipe, Mel Gibson…)

Tonia on

U ppl really need to get a life, Only GOD can judge, pick up a BIBLE and read it sometimes, I dont care if she have 10 kids by 10 by different men, as long as she can take care of them, That is her biznizz. U all act like u buy the pampers and milk.LOL IOW GROW UP.

Jillian on

Tonia, not everyone believes in god or the bible, but everyone does believe in opinions and their right to express them.

Synia on


Heather on

Whether you believe in God or not is completely irrelivant. If she is a good mother…who cares!!! I would rather see that, then a married couple with one kid who doesn’t care for their kid…besides all the people passing judgement probably have their own issues.

Magnolia on

So… Elizabeth Taylor (God bless her soul) has 4 kids by 3 of her 7 husbands and you guys are jumping on Mel B… Ok then…

No one jumps on Charlie Sheen or athletes when they have kids by all these women. There was a football player who couldn’t even remember the names and birthdays of all of his children. Mel B was married to her first child’s father, engaged to Eddie Murphy (a real charmer), and is happily married again. Her current husband is a father to Angel. Even Eddie’s ex-wife said it was bad how Eddie treated Mel B. How is Mel B a bad role model because of the choices of others? If Eddie was just a guy who worked in the industry as an accountant/finance guy/etc you guys wouldn’t be on here saying half of things you are now.

I hope they don’t pay attention to this. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

Awful… shameful people…

lola on

To all the haters don’t worry how many kids and baby’s father she has or if she is married or not. She has more money than all of you and can afford to care for them alone. Stop being jealous of these celebrites.

Anonymous on

Do we really need to mention every stupid celebrity whose made poor choices in order to make a point? I think Mia said it perfectly. Also, I think the men should feel just as ashamed as the women, and I feel that these people are making selfish decisions. It’s not just about how you feel at the moment…you’re bringing a person into the world who has to live under those decisions. Love is definitely important in families, but there are other factors that are just as important. Stability, morality, setting good examples for your kids, etc…90% of the time, you lay the blueprint and your kids follow it.

Rachelsun on

It would be a really nice world that some of you judgemental hypocrites live in where we can chose a mate, know it will work out, only have children w/ that mate and live happily ever after.
Well guess what that world does not exist and never existed.

Congratulations to this 4 year MARRIED couple having their first biological child together.

Terrie on

She is a great Mom and beautiful love her show and I wish the best for there family

Anonymous on

isnt that the norm now to have children from different fathers.. i even have two kids from different fathers.. and i have a new husband

Jenell on

I totally agree with Kara, No one knows exactly what she went through. Know your facts before you judge her. My kids have the same father, but i dont judge those who have kids by different dads. Its not my place or business. Im sure she didn’t plan it that way, it just happened, for whatever reason. And Eddie Murphy denied being the father of Angel so shame on him, not her.

Congrats to her and her husband!

Nikki Marti on

I just love how people are quick to speak ill of others. Be happy for the woman or dont care, but why waste time bashing her because she has two children by two fathers and a third on the way. If your mother had three children by three different men, what would you call her? But wait some people use abortion as birth control to cover up their mishaps. I’m sure you that are looking at her so negatively are in such situations. At least she can afford to have her children no matter how many fathers they have. HATERS