Spotted: Max and Emme Join Jennifer Lopez on Set

03/18/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

“Take your twins to work day at Idol,” Jennifer Lopez Tweeted Thursday, sharing this photo of herself with kids Max David and Emme Maribel, 3, behind the judges’ table on set. Looks like little Max even got on the mic!

Ray Mickshaw/Fox/PictureGroup


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Charlotte on

Awwwwe the twin’s are all grown up now and so adorable! Love you Jenny! 🙂

Sarah on

Too cute!

Sus on

Love Jennifer on American Idol! Simon who? I don’t miss him at all! Jennifer, Randy & Steven are a great combo!

Jennifer’s children are adorable. God Bless you and your family, Jennifer!

Rae on

I have been very suprised about my likin’ to the new judges. I’m so glad we get to see a different side of Jennifer & her kids are cuties.

stephaie on

The kids look like the father the American Idol is so boring without Simon at least he speak the truth wend he criticize the contestant Jennifer every body is a good singer. Bring back Simon PLZZZZZ

Laci on

Yikes! She should have had kids with Ben Affleck instead. It should be against the law for Marc Anthony’s genes to be passed on.

Toya L. on

Awww they are cuter versions of Marc. I was surprised that I like American Idol without Simon “although I miss Simon *whispers* and find myself telling Jennifer to be quit and Steven to stop all that yelling”.

Mia on

Wow-they look just like her!-esp. Emme + Max has her eyes.

ang on

god help those kids-jennifer lopez has serious issues. this morning i heard a hotel labelled her the most difficulty celeb ever for ringing reception 20 times in an hour wanting cribs/beds. i went on a BBC tour in london last year and they said she’s the only celeb banned for life from the BBC for being too demanding.i saw her being interviewed on tv via satellite yesterday morning and she was so nice and sweet on camera but sounds like she’s got a temper when the cameras aren’t around. Just one of those tom-cruise type celebs who’ve been famous for so long they don’t remember how to be normal anymore. marc must be a very patient man.

Sage on

Ang- Actually Tom Cruz has always been acknowledged as one of the nicest. He will go into resturants and thank staff, greet fans etc…..

Nella on

Ang- I heard same things about Jennifer, that she’s one of the most difficult celebs, very demanding and rude. She seems nice on tv so I don’t know if that’s just an act or is she just rude at certain places… The twins are cute, i think Emme will look like Jennifer once she gets a bit older and I love their curls!

Catca on


When traveling with babies, why wouldn’t she want a crib in her room for the babies? I’m not a celeb and I make the same request. If she’s trying to get the kids to bed and the hotel didn’t bring the crib upon request, why wouldn’t she call reception to follow up? That story sounds more like bad service from the hotel than ridiculous demands from JLo. Having said that, I have also heard the diva rep many times, including from supposed “idol sources”. Who knows what’s true… As far as the pic goes, the twins are adorable!

Rachael McKenzie on

Wow, they are cute but I don’t think look anything like Jennifer… let’s hope that changes as they get older.

Jillian on

First year watching American Idol because of the judges. Very cute kids!!

Lyla on

Well, I have also heard rumors of Jennifer being a true DIVA in her demands at events and hotels. I have a family member who worked at a very well known hotel in West Palm that Jennifer would frequent and he told me she was VERY demanding. This upset me because I always thought she seemed so cute & sweet. 😦

The kids DO look like Marc Anthony…but cute. I hate to be mean about a person’s looks but he is one horribly unfortunate looking person. 😦

I also miss Simon. This season is the worst. Worse then the Ellen debacle of last year. Simon made the show.

ang on

didn’t know that sage, i will take that on board.thanks =)

CelebBabyLover on

Catca- I agree! Anyway, the kids are adorable! 🙂

Jillian on

Sage, you are correct! Tom is a very nice guy.

steph on

I wondered if her “sweetness” was an act. Also calling 20 times in one hour for a crib is obbessive to me. ONce upon a time my kids were toddlers and if i had requested a crib I know I would wait an hour and then call again to make sure they were on their way not 20 times in one hour. I feel bad for the staff that has to deal with her.


Hayley on

yeah i heard the crib thing on the gossip section on the Saturday morning news – i was quite shocked to hear that her big demand was -gasp- suitable bedding for her two young children, imagine being confined to a hotel room with 2 kids – trying to get them to sleep and you don’t have a place for them? i would also to be like yeah hurry up these kids are getting restless – especially if i was paying to be at some fancy hotel. The news lady was like – if that was me i would of called 50 times!!!

yes obviously she is demanding and likes her luxury, but trying to get cribs for her young children isn’t a ridiculous demand.

Shannon on

Emme looks just like Jennifer before all the plastic surgery. Funny how that happens. 🙂


Her poor daughter looks just like her father. So unfortunate.

elle on

Pretty sad to call Emme’s looks “unfortunate” because of her dad. Very mean thing to say posters.

Sage on

To all of you implying that these children are ugly…you have serious issues.

Jessica on

Her kids are cute. Ben Affleck? His Violet is not cute at all

Niko on

Emme looks far more like Jennifer than Marc, IMO. Max looks unmistakably like Marc, however.

nettrice on

Thank you elle. Very mean and immature to comment on a child’s looks (based on the father who is a fine Puerto Rican gentleman).

MiB on

I am not saying she is not a diva (as I don’t know anything about it), but why would yopu have to wait an hour for a cot if you have already booked one (or in this case two)? I think I would have gotten a bit impatient if I had prebooked two cots and then arrived with two possible jetlagged and cranky toddlers and find that there were no cots. I know a friend had the same problem when she travelled alone with her children once, she had booked and confirmed a cot since she knew she would arrive late, but when she arrived there was no cot in the room, and when she finally got one, after several increasingly frustrated phone calls, there was no bedding, and who wants to put their child down directly on the mattress? So she had to call again in order to get bedding, all while she had to deal with two young children in full meltdown mode. You bet she wasn’t happy even at the first call!

dd on

another reason i’m glad I cosleep-have never had to deal with this crib crap. Sounds like a real pain.

Sarah S. on

I just realized how much Emme looks like her maternal grandfather! Forgot Mr. Lopez’s first name, but there’s definitely a resemblance!

sadie on

@Jessica – oh I must disagree with you. I think Violet (Ben Affleck’s daughter) is beautiful!

clar on

for the people who posted stuff how demanding she was on getting the crib,,and nobody can be 100% on how demanding she was unless you were there,must not have young children,,i have 3 boys and after very long days of traveling or taking the kids off their daily routine can be very tiredsome,even we as grown-ups get very moody and tired,,so just imagine how hard it is on the children,,to those of you who dont have kids and know nothing about kids its very hard to settle an over tired child down in a strange place,,i have 3 boys ,,granted two of them are 17 months apart,,but one time after flying ,when i reached my hotel,,i had to wait for my crib,,i called few times to have sent to my room,,and the only thing that settled him down was when he layed down in his crib,,other then that he was bouncing of the walls,,To most people ” think before you speak will ya