Rachel Zoe Debuts Her Alexander McQueen Baby Bag

03/18/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is no stranger to high-end clothing and accessories, but when the celeb stylist received Alexander McQueen‘s new mommy-friendly Folk Tote ($1595) yesterday it left her “speechless.”

The mom-to-be — she’s expecting a boy this month — was so excited she Tweeted a photo (left) of the gorgeous handbag to share with her fans.

Part of the spring 2011 collection created by new creative director Sarah Burton, the luxe purse features boho-inspired stitch detail and loads of zip pockets. Plus, it’s roomy enough for bottles, diapers, wipes and more.

It’s also available in four additional colors (tan, ivory, red and navy).

TELL US: What do you think of Rachel Zoe’s new baby bag?

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brannon on

LOVE. Hmmm…might have to wait for the hubby to be in a really, really good mood ….

Niche on

I LOVE IT!!! Not to mention, it’s so her. I can only imagine her reaction when she first saw it, lol.

It really is a beautiful bag, I adore the tasssel zipper pulls and stitching details.

I’d love to find a more affordable version!

nell on

its very cute, but way to costly for a baby bag and leather may not be a good idea for a diaper bag

Angi on

It is lovely. I don’t mind the price since it looks nothing like a diaper bag.

It totally suits Rachel.

Can’t wait to see her baby boy.

Jessica on

I’m an American and I’m gonna say it…. American are spending IDIOTS!!!!!

Jennifer on

Love it!!! So RZ!!

Lisa on

Love it — love her too. It’s so her. Can’t wait to find out the baby’s name.

JM on

i know i know to each their own, my opinion: it disgusts me that people would even consider spending this much on what is a pretty average looking bag… seriously, take away the designer name and would people still be paying this much? it is beyond me how people can care this much for designer labels… kind of sad really…
just to make it clear, i do believe everyone has a right to spend their money how they want, doesn’t mean i have to like how they spend their money…

Melissa on

I think its ugly and really overpriced.

nelly on

LOVE IT …so sheek and VERY Rachel I cant see her with no other type of baby bag especially those traditional colored ones…DO IT HONEY

Kristen on

I had a $20 diaper bag and it did all of the same things this bag can do. How lovely that she didn’t have to pay for it but how sad for those who will.

Michelle on

i would never pay that much for the bag, but if Alexander McQueen wanted to gift me one too…. I would defintitely carry it. love it!

Brooke on

I absolutely love it…..Nothin’ like freebies!

Toya L. on

I LOVE the bag but there’s no way I’d spend that much for it, I could buy me a tricked out caddi for that much. = )

A. on

It’s as big as she is! That might get kind of heavy with all the baby accessories inside it, as well as the baby in his carseat, to carry.

Jacqui on

The price doesn’t bother me. It is just not a practical baby bag, sorry. A bag with handles is really difficult with a baby — you spend a lot of time, even with a toddler, bending down and needing your hands free thus needing straps, ideally over the shoulder or messenger style. Maybe some moms would like it, I would not.

However, I will drop 1500 on a bag because quality bags can last and last!

Indira on

I honestly think it’s hideous and I HATE how much black she wears. It’s cliche not chic.

Shannon on


Sara on

I personally love the bag. Although it might not be practical for a diaper bag, as a large tote/purse it is amazing!

But keep in mind Rachel has an image to uphold. She has to be super styling because her job is to style celebrities. No surprise to me that she will be carrying a super-luxe bag for diapers!

Lisa on

I bought a bag that looks just like that at K-mart this weekend for $9.00 😉

Stella Bella on

There’s something about this photo that is just such a total turn off to me. It’s not just the bag, it’s the whole ensemble. Conspicuous consumption to the max and all about status, which leads me to the thought that the baby is just another status symbol to her. Bleh.

Karen on

I agree Indira. She looks so made up in this picture. I’d love to see her all natural in a cute maternity outfit rather than playing it up so much.

nadya on

Stella Bella, you must not watch her show. If her baby was a status symbol she would be like those other celebs who have more kids, flaunting them and the pregnancy but she hasnt been doing that. Also shes a celeb stylist so I would think in that kind of field you would have to always look presentable and only cause shes pregnant doesnt mean she has to wear maternity clothes and look a hott mess.

The bag is really cute and if Id have to money I would be spending!!!

Sue on

Looks heavy. . .

Catca on

Looks great to those who have not been a mommy before – but seriously, you can’t hang the diaper bag on the back of the stroller with those handles and the bags get a great deal of abuse. I’d say okay if you have the money and this is a diaper bag you’re using when you are going somewhere special – but the design, particularly the size and the handles – is way too impractical for everyday activities. I have a similar looking diaper bag with a more practical strap and a bit smaller that works great, even for everyday activities. Mine is also designer, Cole Haan. It was also about a fifth the price.

Sus on

Do you guys think she still looks pregnant? Maybe she’s already had the baby?

anomaly girl on

I absolutely dislike it, it’s not cute at all. It also doesn’t look very practical, the strap looks a bit short and there’s no shoulder strap and it does look very heavy. As a mom of four, I couldn’t imagine carrying that tote looking bag around along with baby + carrier + kids… headache

B.J. on

I think it’s ugly and impractical… And with a price tag like that, give me a break!

mommashane on

She’s in LALA land! She’s not a mommy yet so she’ll soon see that this is not a practical bag. But then again maybe her nannies that she’ll hire will carry the real baby bag and she can carry this wanna-be.

Aimee on

I like it but it doesn’t look like a diaper bag to me. Where’s the longer strap and the different compartments. Doesn’t look wide enough for all the crap you need.

Anonymous on

Did she even buy this bag? Probably not! And if she did, the amout of money she makes to the cost of the bag is not that big of a deal. Oh, and I am not a fan of hers.

Mira on

This bag looks more suitable for a mortician than for a mother.

amandamay on

somehow i just can’t imagine her playing on the floor with a baby.

Cecelia on

It was an item that was gifted to her. Since she’s a stylist, an item as such from a designer like McQueen more than got her excited and she just wanted to show it off. No big deal.

As for the usefulness of the bag, I can’t say since I haven’t seen it in person but despite some previous accounts, a tote has been working fine for me. I can’t drape it over the handles of the stroller but I put it in the storage compartment and to me, it’s easy access. As with everything, though, each mother needs to find what works best for her.

etsy on

I LOVE bags and have had many diaper bags. So many of them are really heavy even before anything is in them…something to think about, even though it is lovely and $$$.

M on

To JM:

Why does it disgust you? It sounds to me like you are jealous that you don’t have $1,000 dollars to drop so casually.
I am a successful woman, and I worked extremely hard to get to where I am today. I think I deserve to have money to spend on whatever I please, even if some people may find some of my purchases stupid or questionable. You should be happy that wealthy people are making expensive purchases. We are the ones who keep the economy going. If all rich people stopped making seemingly stupid purchases, just imagine how many businesses would close down and how many people would lose their jobs.

Toya L. on

Yawn!!! Impractical, straps not long enough, costs to much, wont be easy to carry. Let’s remember this is a gift, this is not the baby bag she chose “or why else would she be speechless, when presented with it”? We don’t know if she already had one cheaper, longer straps, lighter etc…. What was she supposed to do? If I had got a baby gift I would never tell someone I didn’t appreciate it, or frown at receiving it.

Anna on

JM, I agree! It’s so strange to hear people loving a bag but if this exact same bag was for sale for 20$ and without the designer name they wouldn’t like it!

It is ridiculous to pay so much money for any bag. This bag probably cost less than 20$ to make.

Crystal on

That bag is AMAZING and TOOOO DIE FOR!!!! It even has her initials on it! Wowza!
M-You sound like a snotty, immature rich kid. Not a grown adult with a successful, well paying job. While it’s nice to be able to spend that on a purse some people might think it a bit outrageous. To each his/her own. That being said to put someone down and flaunt your “success” and riches is terrible. You need a reality check. Seriously!

Sandra on

Some people have 20 dollars to spend on a diaper bag and not think twice about it. Some people can do the same with 1500. If you can afford it and are still wise with your finances then who cares?

M on

Crystal –

So its perfectly alright for JM to insult rich people who, in her opinion, make absurd purchases, but I am not allowed to become offended by it and respond in a less than nice manner?

What I said is 100% true. Purchases you and JM may find “disgusting” are keeping Alexander McQueen (and other companies) in business and thousands of people employed. Please explain to me, how is that a bad thing? Your logic is skewed.

The only real explanation behind your attack is that you are jealous as well. You need a reality check. Seriously!

TC on

With that much money I could outfit the entire nursery including the carseat and stroller.

The company got it’s money’s worth. They gave a bag away and the lady tweeted a pic of herself holding it. That alone will sell bags, then they have us sitting here talking about the bag. Again they got their moneys worth.

To each his own I suppose, if you want to spend that much then go right ahead.

Toya L. on

I don’t agree with your blanketed ASSumption that people wouldn’t love the bag without the designer name on it. Some people may be turned on just by the designer of the purse, however; I’m not into labels and if that exact purse was $20.00 and was by Cherokee or Jaclyn Smith, God knows I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Until today I had never even heard of the name McQueen and still don’t wish to look it up. The key word to use is “some or I”

It would be just as rude if I said, “anyone that doesn’t spend over $20.00 on a purse is ridiculously cheap. They are to cheap to even try and help boost/improve the economy. What’s ridiculous is to group everyone that likes the purse as basically label wh**es!!

SMD on

For those who complain about not being able to hang the bag on the stroller, the instructions on most strollers state not to hang anything on the stroller, especially a diaper bag because if you take the baby out the stroller may tip over. Bags are supposed to go in the bottom part of the stroller.

I absolutely love the bag! I bought a similar style diaper bag and find it much more functional than a traditional bag with a longer strap. Rachel is tiny and a tote may work far better for her than having some long strap cheap bag that pleases judgemental moms. What works for one may not work for another, diaper bag (cost of the bag), etc.

Indira on

I have to agree with JM-

I think it is ridiculous that people are starving around the world, homeless, can’t afford an education, no heat in their homes, unemployed while a bag can be priced at 1600 dollars. I think it’s ridiculous that servicemen get paid zilch to serve their country but, this woman is a millionaire because she dresses rail thin people in pretty overpriced garments. People can spend the way they like, no one is contesting that. to ME however, it’s no different than reading in history books about time periods where the elite were throwing banquets while everyone else starved in the streets. It’s gross.

I really resent the superficiality that Ms. Zoe represents. If a bag can render you speechless then you have priority issues.

Also- The rich aren’t the ones driving this economy but, they sure had a hand in messing it up.

Amanda on

I think it’s ugly and impractical. And I keep thinking to myself that the cost is equivalent to three of our mortgage payments. If I was going to spend that much on a bag, I would get an everyday bag, not something that I would only be carrying for a year or two and then putting away.

Crystal on

M- You? Uhhh I have designer purses! It doesn’t bother me to drop $1500+ on a purse. If I have the money and the bills are paid…….. I most certainly will. You ASSUMED that because I disagreed with you I would find that disgusting. I just don’t need to flaunt what I have and don’t have and insult other people in the process. I didn’t take offense to what JM said. That’s her opinion. I’m sure most of the majority would agree. I happen to be in the minority on this one. I think the purse is FAB and I would loooove to own one. It’s not what you said but how you said it that I found offensive. Be thankful not prideful about what you have because what the Lord giveth he taketh away! 🙂 The continued jealous comments accentuate my point further. Reality check for you indeed!

M on

Indira- So what are you implying? That rich people give their hard earned money to poor people? That sounds like communism to me.

JM on

lol M please do teach me more about my bank balance, oh and while you’re at it, enlighten me on what communism is… sure is entertaining.

anyway, i avoided saying this earlier because there is no way of saying it without sounding snobby (like you seemed to sound). i could afford several of those bags if i wanted to, there is nothing wrong with mine and my husband’s income trust me.

just because i can afford a lot of things now that i couldn’t in the past or that my parents couldn’t when i was growing up, that doesn’t mean that i have totally lost touch with reality and with the value of money.

a bag like this is nothing special, i have seen bags like it (and also much nicer bags) for much less money. so all i am saying is that whilst i could spend that much money, i would be a little disgusted at myself if i did. it would clearly just be trying to make a statement about how rich i am that i can afford designer gear when you get things for less money, exactly the same, without a designer label. like i said, people can spend money how they want, that doesn’t mean i have to like it. and yes it does disgust me that people are willing to spend this much money on something like this.

i’ll let you talk some more about communism now…

Lisa on

M- No one is ‘jealous’ of you. Snobs like to use that term to justify their behavior. If anything it shows how lost you really are to whats important in life.

ecl on

First of all, many poor or middle class people also work really hard for their money. What they do just isn’t valued by society (ie janitors, teachers, etc.). So to say that the rich deserve their money because they worked for it ignores all the work other people do. And actually lower income people tend to drive the economy better because when they get money, they spend it, whereas rich people save a lot of theirs. So redistributing the wealth is actually better for the economy. And I don’t think communism is any dirtier a word than capitalism since they both have their flaws and their losers.

Indira on


I don’t think that there’s anything with socio-economic differences but, I feel that there is something inherently wrong with someone having a bag with a price-tag that could feed a family for months. No, I can’t afford a $1600 bag, I’m a college student who works part-time but, even if I could I do not feel that I would make such a purchase the world being the way it is. That’s just me, I’m a humanist and I won’t buy a new phone unless I must to avoid conflict minerals. I don’t expect anyone else to be this way but these are the values I have and, I’ll defend them!

It’s interesting that you make the assertion that a rich person’s money is automatically hard-earned? Says who? I know many many people pull themselves up by their boot-straps but, plenty of wealthy people didn’t earn squat. The same way there are people who slave away doing taxing work, earning their money the hard way but, they can barely get by.

KatR on

Ok, I would never be able to afford this 🙂 but I love the idea of a diaper bag that’s not pastel with bunnies and lambs on it. Mama should be able to rock a little style even if she is hauling diapers and blankets.

Jillian on

There is nothing wrong with someone having expensive things. Sorry, but it irks me. People who can afford it should be able to buy what they want and not feel guilty and have to hear things like “well, people are homeless or hungry” thrown over their head. I could go on and on and list the comments. Just because they buy nice and expensive things, you have no clue if they donate or volunteer. If I want to drive a Bentley instead of a Kia, why shouldn’t I be able to without being insulted?

I hear you and agree that it is horrible that their are homeless people. But, I don’t agree that Rachel shouldn’t get this bag for free or pay for it when she earns millions.

MiB on

I, who have never in my life been able to afford a $1500 bag, don’t see any problems with her or any one else spending that kind of money on it, because it helps people keep their jobs.

@Anna, if it is a leather bag the production cost would have been higher than $20 since that sum wouldn’t even cover the material. Though I guess if they had employed slave labour along the whole production line, they might have gotten away with a production cost of $100.

Holiday on

She does not look like mom material to me. I cant picture her getting up 20 times a night with an colicky baby.

J on

Anyone saying Rachel Zoe is too “done up” for this picture….really? She clearly has no make up on. She’s wearing a casual black outfit, a summer hat and sunglasses. Big deal, that’s fairly typical where I come from. She’s showing off her new baby bag, which if someone had given me that I would be over the moon as well. Stop being so negative and just be happy for someone else, for once. By the way, she earns her money, she can spend it how she pleases.

Edith on

I think for it’s price it’s pretty…average. I was expecting solid gold or something.

MammaDucky on

Not my style at all. I wouldn’t give it a second look if I saw it in a shop. I also dislike her sunglasses. My Mom wore glasses just like that in the 80s. Blegh. I also think the bag looks way too big to be carrying around along with a child. Leather is heavy, add all the baby junk and that looks to be a backache in black leather.

Alyssa on

Just wait until she spills some milk in it. Bottles like to leak no matter how tight you twist the top on. She is in for a rude awakening once this baby arrives…lol…oh boy, I can’t wait. $50 she hires 3 nannies to raise her child.

wisdom on

what is the price? We, the overage salary-earners of America do not
fit in her designer-crazed-prices staff. Zoe should only advertize her staff got milliners. Besides, her fashion sense is displaying a denial that she is pregnant. She did not find a way to celebrate pregnancy in a stylish way. Her outfits and huge bags in front of the stomach are design to pretend that she is not really pregnant and want to be stylish despite of it rather then being stylish and celebrate pregnancy with her style. She could of use her pregnancy to start a new trend of motherhood celebration…not pretentious and superficial.
The reason so many people are critical of her is because she has a great deal of insecurities and it is turning many people off.
Wearing platform while pregnant is lucking maturity and imagination.
covering your stomach all the time is childish to say the list.
I can only advice her to turn the wave and start acting like a mom who celebrates her baby, not someone who thinks that being fabulous only applies to women who are not pregnant or cover their stomachs to pretend that there is no baby inside.
I hope she has enough talent to start a trend of celebration of the baby
and showing that motherhood is a happy time that does actually add to the women beauty…not subtracts as she it trying to demonstrate so actively.
Black and white-only colors? Not child-friendly.

GrandmaOnDeck on

Jennie is continuing to share joy to all of us.”Sharing joy spreads joy and this is what she does. She shares the joy of having
a good life,family, friends and must of all she feels she has been blessed.