Orlando Bloom Loves Bathtime Bonding with Baby

03/18/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Despite the initial shock of meeting son Flynn for the first time, Orlando Bloom is more than happy to embrace the “fantastic” role of first-time fatherhood.

“It’s mad because as a woman you carry the baby for nine months so you’re very conscious that you have a little one inside of you,” the actor, 34, told British morning show Lorraine.

“But, for a guy, it’s like suddenly there’s a baby there. It’s like, ‘What, whoa?’ But he’s amazing.”

Enjoying quality time with the 10-week-old and wife Miranda Kerr, Bloom reveals his favorite past time includes bathtime with baby!

“It’s great, I love it. I’ve been bathing with him a lot recently, it’s been really cute,” he shares. “It’s a really nice little moment.”

— Anya Leon

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Olivia on


Coraline on

How sweet 🙂 Flynn is adorable. I love his little white hat in that pic.

Jen DC on

Sure, it’s all fun and games til he poos in the water! 😀

FC on

Aww, it seems like Orlando loves being a dad. And that is such a cute photo of him and little Flynn.

Rae on

I cannot wait to see this baby blossom. I’m sure he’s gonna be a little stud!

Toya L. on

Awww that is such a sweet story.

Rosalie on

Gorgeous ❤

Michele on

Can you say cute? Flynn is so cute! Orlando is such a good daddy! Congrats! Good luck with Flynn!

Ashley on

Orlando is gorgeous, Miranda is beautiful. Flynn is gonna be a little heartbreaker! He’s precious and Orlando seems to be a great dad. I wish the three of them the best and hope they have every happiness in the world!

Jennifer on

Again, the most genetically blessed child since Knox and Vivianne Jolie-Pitt. What I think is hysterical is how very rarely Miranda is photographed holding Flynn if Orlando is around (“No, honey, I WANNA HOLD THE BABY!!!”), and if she DOES get to hold him, Orlando hovers so closely he might as well be holding them both. He is one smitten kitten!!!

Anonymous on

Tip: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Orlando, when it’s baby’s naptime, I’ll take a bath with Daddy!

Victoria on

I hate men with pierced ears. And Bloom has always been very girly-girly anyway. He sure doesn’t do it for me.

piratesfan on

He’s as adorable as his dad.

sabrina on

Love, love, love it! My husband was really hesistant to bathe with our baby (because she’s a girl) but it’s such a sweet bonding time.

Dee on

I always had a feeling that Orlando would make a great dad one day and looks like I was not wrong! I also agree with everyone else, that baby boy is going to be one beautiful man when he gets older!

Anon on

That is so sweet! The world needs more dad’s like Orlando!!!!! I bet he’s a real hands on dad and a big help to Miranda!!!!

Gelisa on

What a exciting time in both of their lives. I can’t wait to experience those moments.

Rose on

i must be living under a rock. Didn’t even know his wife was pregnant. What a sweet little man. God Bless the family.

jenny on

Well Victoria he sure does it for me! I love a pretty boy!!! And he’s sensitive too?? Awww, I love him!!!

molly on

AAAWWWW it is so nice to see a dad bond with the baby, BUT what about mamma not seen 1 photo of her holding her baby YET

dsfg on

Jenny, how do you know he’s sensitive? Do you know him personally?

MiB on

Molly, there was one a week or two ago where she was holding him, though Orlando looked like he was cradling Flynns head

Nikki on

It’s great to hear about a daddy who loves one-on-one time with his newborn. At first, my husband was like… “What do I do with him?!” With our son. But he eventually got the hang of enjoying those sweet little moments. It’s not like they come right out and are ready to play some baseball! Haha!