Keep Your Tot Covered With Applecheeks Cloth Diapers

03/18/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy of Applecheeks

All cloth diapers are created equal, right? Wrong.

The fact is, some work really well and some don’t.

Applecheeks, which designs some of the best cloth dipes we’ve ever seen, uses a smart system that includes envelope covers ($20) and super soft rayon/bamboo inserts.

You simply fold the insert, slip it into the waterproof cover and you’re good to go.

The benefit of having the insert — as opposed to an all-in-one system — is that the diapers will dry much faster when you wash them and you can customize each diaper to suit the needs of your baby.

If you haven’t had the nerve to try cloth diapers yet, Applecheeks are the perfect place to start. Not only are their diapers adorable and easy-to-use, but they work really well.

Stephanie Phoenix

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Laura on

I love Applecheeks! They are fantastic diapers, so cute, with so many great colour options. AMPs are almost exactly the same (the pocket opening is at the front instead of in the middle), and are by far my absolute favourite!!

Katie on

The great thing about the opening being in the middle is that the insert agitates out in the washer 🙂

Little BGCG on

I love Applecheeks! They have such great colors!

Jessica on

I’ve never tried an Applecheeks diaper! Gonna have to try it 🙂

Mary on

Love our AppleCheeks. Our little guy has been in them since birth and they’re great. Never had an explosion… which is awesome! Plus they’re super cute too!

Brianne on

We LOVED our Applecheeks!
I say loved because after using them with our daughter she potty trained at 19 months!
With their vast colour selection, low price and ease of use they are really the best cloth diapers on the market.

Maggie Chilton on

I have been a retailer for AppleCheeks for a long time now and I have been so impressed with everything, from the customer service to the manufacturing to the design. These diapers are great for all occasions and especially good for those “baby blowouts”. Go Canada!

marianne on

what differentiates AC from AMP is the strength of the elastic. AppleCheeks last much longer because theirs is of a higher quality.

Global Enfant on

We don’t sell Applecheeks diapers (since I am partial to 100% natural fibers), but I am glad to see any reusable diaper getting more attention by the media. There is a cloth diapering solution for every family out there, and I have heard great things about Applecheeks. Modern cloth diapers are an easy way to help reduce our carbon footprint.

montrealnutrition on

Apple Cheeks really are the best cloth dips out there. Don’t bother trying anything else. I have wasted so much money on other diapers. Nothing comes close. They also happen to come in stunning colors too!

Joanna on

Apple Cheeks are the best cloth diapers out there! So soft and come in the best colors. Try them!

Meg on

AppleCheeks are the best! They never leak, they’re easy to clean, they are small and trim, and they’re adorable!

MamaBennie on

LOVE LOVE LOVE my AppleCheeks. They are always the first I reach for!

Tina on

We ❤ AppleCheeks! They are definitely one of our favorites when it comes to diapering our son! So happy to see something "green" and amazing for baby at! 🙂

Erica on

LOVE AppleCheeks. I tried all sorts of diapers on my first two kids and found AppleCheeks for my third and wow, I wish I had found them earlier on. They truly are the perfect diaper. I love the colours and the fit and the customer service is bar none. So awesome that they got this feature!

Anonymous on

I love our Applecheeks. I have never had a leak and they fit great – very very trim!!! So glad did this and would love to see them cover other Cloth Diapers – there are some more awesome ones out there! Such a great way to help the earth 🙂

Angela on

I love my Apple Cheeks diapers! I took my son home in them from the hospital and have not had a single leak in them. They are fantastic and super cute.

Hillary on

I absolutely love cloth diapering, and really need to try Applecheeks!! This isn’t the first time i’ve heard they’re AMAZING!!

mommaJWoww19 on

LOVE my AppleCheeks. By far at the top of my list of favorite diapers!

TC on

Yet another company that will not get my business

When a company tells it’s sheeple to show up on a blog and comment about the product they expect the sheeple to positively bleat about the product and some companies have even stooped so low as to offer a prize to someone who did comment.

News flash to companies…it turns people off the product. I am currently pregnant and looking at cloth diapers so I was a potential customer. Now because of the spam this company will not get my business.

Ilana @ AppleChees on

TC – I’m sorry you feel that way! We would never require anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do, nor would we offer incentives for feedback. We don’t work that way. We prefer to earn our feedback! All comments you see here are here because people love and support our brand and use our products. We did let people know about the article through our blog and let them know that they are welcome to comment if they so choose, but most of the comments you see here showed up before we even blogged about the article.

All the best in your pregnancy!

ilana @ AppleCheeks

Emilee on

Sorry but I agree with TC. All the comments left sound like they were written by this company’s advertisers. It’s cheap and tacky, and “real” mom’s don’t fall for it!

Leia on

Its funny I started cloth diapering about 2 months ago and when I was shopping around for diapers I remembered grovia and charlie banana doing this and it made me not want to even look into these brands. I didn’t know much about cloth diapers at the time but I was interested in them and then saw like 500 comments all saying practically the same thing. It was obviously some kind on marketing thing and it turned me off.

I use and love Bumgenius, Flips, Kawaii Bamboos, Ecobritches and tot bots. ( I love having a variety to choose from) There are so many great brands out there, anyone thinking of Cding should try different brands and styles to see what fits best for their families.

Emilee on

Gosh, I remember when I used to look forward to the new products that were blogged on here, because it used to have replies from all different kinds of moms about how the product honestly worked (or didn’t work) for them, but now they all seem like “infomercials”. It’s not just this AppleCheeks one either. It’s happening all the time on here. A product gets blogged about and then the comments are full of nothing but scripted joyful consumer replies. I want honest opinions on brands since I want what would be best for my soon to be born baby, but I can’t trust the brand when the comments all seem like they’re coming from the company spokesman/woman. Sorry AppleCheeks, and all the other brands that have been doing this recently. It may or may not be your fault, but it really does turn people off the product.

Jillian on

I normally get annoyed when I see these comments but only when the company offers incentives for writing comments. You didn’t do that. Of course you should boost about being on this site, who wouldnt! I have never heard of you, but I will keep you in mind if I ever have baby number two

Amy on

It might be nice- but you still have to stuff it! Try Best Bottoms-
they’re amazing! I wouldn’t ever try anything else.

Kate on

May be they’re getting the same comments because it’s all true…?

I have tried about 30 brands and this is the only brand that I stand behind 100000%.

No one told anyone to come over here.

Try them yourself before you’re rude about it. 😉

Katie on

why would the company ask for comments if People Magazine wrote great things about them? Obviously the review is true… that’s why everyone that has actually used them agrees. The only people that have rude things to say are the ones that haven’t tried them. Hmmm, funny huh??

Maggie Chilton on

I am so sorry to hear the negative responses some people feel they just HAVE to write down!!! If a product is GREAT why not shout about it!! Gone are the days it seems that honest great feedback has to be tainted with negative comments of people being “paid off” this is simply ridiculous and in my opinion – if you dont have anything good to say about something dont say anything at all. Give the product a chance on your own and make up your own mind! Just because someone loves a product does not mean that they have been paid to say that!!!! As a retailer I have come across some pretty bad products from some big cloth diaper companies and I have no idea how they got a great reputation – but each to his own you have to try a product to really give an honest opinion. So, I urge those who “will never look at this product now” to try it, you might be very pleasently surprised, and if not at least you gave it a shot.

Brianne on

TC and others:
I am actually a mom, and we don’t even use Applecheeks anymore because our daughter potty trained at 19 months old. She is now 2.

I wrote the positive comment because I wish everyone knew how great they are. As a mother, I researched almost every cloth diaper on the market (it was a long process and even harder to get my husband on board) but after finding the Applecheeks video – I was sold and so was he and now our whole family is singing the praises of cloth diapering in general.

I think it is important to stand up for what you believe in – and I do. That is why I posted. There are no “kick-backs” or pats on the back. I am actually a daily reader of People CB and I was amazed to see a product that I used regularly featured. I am influenced by the products that CB features (I just bought the Pluie Pluie rainboots off Gilt) and I wanted everyone to know my thoughts on using Applecheeks because that is what mother’s do – share positive and negative feedback.

Do your own research on BumGenious, Bummis, Kissaluvs, Fuzzi Bunz, WHAM’s, etc. and you will find out that Applecheeks’s design makes them affordable (compared to BumGenious) because you can use them as pocket diapers, and easier to clean because the insert comes out in the wash. Our friends and family members have learned this first hand – and now we have over 8 families using cloth diapers compared to 1 when I was still pregnant.

lucky x3 on

Me and my husband were not fans Apple Cheeks! The Diapers absorbensy was terrible and the customer service was even worse!! I would not recomend these Diapers or this Company to anyone.

Emilee on

I agree with Brianne about moms sharing their positive and negative feedback on these blogs, which is why I love these blogs so much, but that’s also why I have to agree with what TC and the others mentioned about so many of these featured products sounding more like a paid advertisement than moms sharing their positive or negative opinions. I also remember when items where mentioned on here and moms were leaving comments who had tried the product and liked it or disliked it, and why. But when the posts only have people who love the product more than any other, it starts too seem a little suspicious. That’s not saying that people can’t love this product but there’s no way 100% of people can feel the exact same way. I mean, most people love burgers but you won’t find 100% agreeing that mcdonalds is the only way to go. You’ll have others argue that burger king is better or wendy’s is the only place they go.

Again, it’s not to say that people can’t love this product. It’s just that it starts too seem artificial when there’s 100% of people saying this is the best product ever, because those who have frequented the celeb baby blog since before People owned it, know that it didn’t always used to be that way. You got a better feel for the product when others who weren’t fans of it left their opinions too because you could see if it applied to your situation. For example, I remember one product that most people loved, but through the comments we soon figured out that it worked better in a cooler climate because some moms from the hotter states were saying that the product didn’t work out so well for them because of the heat. So since I’m from Texas, I knew that the product, while sounding wonderful, probably wasn’t going to work out for me then either. So I tried out some of the suggestions left by those moms and found the perfect product for my situation. And I think that may be what some of those posters above me were taking about. It’s very difficult these days to tell if the comments are genuine when they’re all 100% postive, since there have been some products lately where the commenters were indeed paid in one way or another to flood the pages with nothing but positive comments, when you remember when it used to have views from both sides not too long ago. It’s not Applecheeks’ fault. It just seems that some moms have come to the end of their patience on it at the same time!

Anonymous on

I know that I (and many others) rely on these types of reviews and recommendations to choose the best diapers. I haven’t tried Applecheeks yet, but may just have to give them a try. I love my Eco Britches, Bum Genius, and Fuzzi Bunz!

sherrie on

Hi All ,

Just wanted to say Applecheeks are becoming very popular in Australia .
There are so many brands on the market these days i have tryed many and continue to have leaking problems .AppleCheeks was the first nappy i found to have a fantastic fitted adjustable leg and waist .
compared to other brands i have tryed they are a fantastic fit ,having a two size system is great they do fit a new born baby from birth.Without the baby drowning in a nappy it has to grow into .
for those of you looking for a cloth nappy AppleCheeks really are a fantastic product .

Nicole on

I LOVE AppleCheeks. They are so soft, so trim, the bamboo is actually antimicrobial so they NEVER smell.. they’re my absolute FAVORITE diaper, and I have a mish mash of brands. They’re the diapers I save for when we’re going out, because I know that they won’t leak and they won’t make my toddler’s clothes look all frumpy and weird. LOVE.

TC on

Thanks Emillie you said it better than I.

It’s not that I’m being negative, and if people actually read the comments I post on various articles here you will see that for the most part I am not negative. I just hate the fake reviews and that’s what this sounded like.

Go back a few months to another cloth diaper article and you will see well over 100 comments on how that particular brand was supposedly the best thing in the entire universe. A regular here decided to investigate and found that the company mentioned the article on their facebook page and said they would pick someone out of all the comments to give a prize too.

Now fast forward to a few weeks back and there was a lady who actually came clean, she posted about 4 different glowing comments but tried to change her screen name but with the technology that people uses caught that and changed her screen name back to her original screen name.

I, like some of the others here, rely on real reviews to decide if something is worth spending money on and I simply don’t like comments from people who were strongly encouraged through incentives to post a glowing review of a product and it has nothing to do with me being negative.

Think of it this way. Let’s say a new pizza parlor opened up down the street from you and you checked it out online and saw nothing but glowing reviews, nothing but people praising how wonderful the pizza was, how awesome the staff was etc. and so that convinced you to try it. How would you feel if you spent your money on this pizza you were told was going to be the best and it was absolutely disgusting and then you find out later that the company encouraged their friends and family to post glowing reviews and even offered the few customers it had a chance to get a free pizza if they would only comment on the pizza? Sure they didn’t tell them it had to be a positive review but it was strongly implied. Wouldn’t you be upset? Wouldn’t you feel as if they lied and were deceptive? How would you feel if it happened multiple times with other pizza parlors? Would you finally have enough and be skeptical of all reviews you see if they were nothing but positive?

Laura on

These seem like nice cloth diapers. The only thing that makes me cautious is the fact that they have two different sized envelopes. So that means I’d have to buy a stash of each size and that seems to cost way more than buying the one size fits all kind from other cloth diaper brands. I have no kids yet but have just been really interested in cloth diapering since I’ve seen many posts on here about it. I’d definitely be open to using Applecheeks but I also want cloth diapering to help me SAVE money.

CN Tower on

TC —
You shouldn’t have to defend yourself or substantiate your point further. Your initial comment was fair and made a lot of sense. Too bad if others disagree or simply don’t get it. BTW, I certainly don’t think of you as being negative, just a shrewd consumer.

Thanks for your comments.

Another mom.

dd on

I don’t like Apple Cheeks. I don’t like the cheap serging along the edges, nor do I like the elastic ruffling that does not lay flat against the baby, which allows baby’s clothes to get down between the diaper and baby, and then the clothes get wet. I prefer bum genius elemental all-in-ones. Expensive, but you only have to buy them once and they are much more absorbent.

Kate on

I agree with Amy; I don’t like to have to stuff a diaper and I too have Best Bottoms! I sometimes think about trying other types (which is why I read the review) but they are so wonderful why bother! BEST BOTTOMS are the BEST but keep the reviews because I love reading about the fluff 🙂 Plus, I might be willing to be swayed if the right one came out.

practicalmomma on

Well, here I am to tell you that I review cloth diapers, like a million other mommy bloggers. What makes me different? I will never sell myself out for a free product. If a product is deficient or questionable, I’ll let you know. I stake my reputation on it.

Eric Gagne on

I too am an Applecheeks lover, and I tell ppl who are intersted in cloth ALL the time about them!! I have tried many many styles (bum genius, which are microfiber and after about 8 months had to be replaced because of ammonia smells and lake of absorbancy, they were a great customer service company and replaced them with elementals, which are better, but I still prefer applecheeks, also happy Heinys, swaddlebees and fuzzy bums) apple cheeks are the ONLY diaper that has been a great fit, great quality and great GREAT absorbancy!! No leeks ever! I only discovered them when my daughter was 9 months old so I only have a few for her, but when we were expecting our son, it was the ONLY diaper we bought for him 🙂
I think blogs should be about both positive and negetive experiences as well, but I dont think you should jump to conclusions and assume that a company is “faking” positive comments, just because you have seen that happen before. Apple cheeks have amazing customer reviews, because that ARE amazing 🙂 🙂 (plus theyre canadian!!!!)
If you tried them, you’d know 🙂
A loyal AppleCheeks mom of 3!!

bluebutterfly on

Ok, let me get this straight… AC “designed the best diapers you’ve ever seen”?…It appears to me that a magazine/company that I held in higher esteem than other celebrity tabloid type news outlets has not fully done their fact checking.

The company you are promoting, blatantly copied (with a few minor changes…a pocket in the middle…big woop!) an ORIGINAL design by a Winnipeg company called AMP Diapers ( ) And was created long before AC was ever around. These “ladies” used to run azurewraps in Montreal. Azurewraps used to carry Annie Marie Padorie (AMP) brand diapers, made by a WAHM. AzureWraps are partly responsible for helping AMP grow. But they eventually discontinued carrying AMP and “created” their own (All they did was move the pocket opening two inches down. ), AppleCheeks, and then closed AzureWraps. Really, they are a complete rip off. They are so similar, I don’t know how they got away with it honestly. The “creators” of AC are low down rotten apples who took a great product and copied it. I find it very funny that Marianne says “what differentiates AC from AMP is the strength of the elastic. AppleCheeks last much longer because theirs is of a higher quality.” As a matter of fact ALL the bigger diaper companies use the same elastic. I have purchased AC bamboo inserts and was miserably disappointed. They warped and shifted about. And as for their “envelope” covers, come on…a pocket in..the..middle?? Where the poop is?? So if my 15 month old DD poops, I have to fish through the feces to get my insert out…cause I sure as heck am not putting that “crap” through my washer!! Lame. I am staunchly against AC, considering they carried AMP for years, it’s just… well, it’s disappointing that some mamas would be so awful to another fellow cloth mama. I PROUDLY use AMP diapers. Do a wee bit more digging People, you’ll see that all reviews for AMP’s date back pre-applecheeks….funny huh? Check out her background ::

Stephanie on

Love our Applecheeks! The elastic is super stretchy & yet very gentle on my daughter’s sensitive skin (most other pockets left red welts along the elastic line on her chunky thighs as a baby). And besides being an Awesome diaper, I found that using a looser snap setting allowed them to be an awesome pullup as well!!!

Anonymous on

If you haven’t tried the product, I don’t think you have the right to knock it.

I like the 2-size system because it allows for the better fit on baby. The colours are beautiful. I like that due to the pocket I can customize absorbency. I haven’t had a leak yet. They wash well and dry quickly. Many people buy/sell/trade the covers and inserts, and the quality is such that they last through more than one child.

Like I said, try one and if you don’t like it, fine. If you do, even better.