BumpWatch: Jewel and Baby Bounce Back

03/17/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Jay West/WireImage

Looks like she’s a-okay!

Days after her car was hit by a fire truck, Jewel and her growing baby bump film an interview for AOL Music Wednesday during the SXSW festival in Austin.

With a baby boy due July 6th, the singer was briefly hospitalized for testing but Tweeted, “just a little sore and banged up – but feeling so blessed this morning.”

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Jennie on

Jewel looks lovely, as always. We were so glad to here that she was okay after her terrible car accident. Many blessings to Jewel, Ty, and Baby.

klutzy_girl on

I like that dress!

And I’m glad she and the baby are okay after the accident.

Tracy on

OMG – her boobs are huge!! Wish that happened to me when I was pregnant!

Tee on

Such a scary thing, to be in a car accident while pregnant. I’m so glad that Jewel and the baby are okay!

Traci on

So glad she is ok. And her bust really did expand. Quite a bit more then usual, and she still has 3 months to go. lol:)

Cammy on

Thank goodness she’s OK. I slipped on ice when I was four months pregnant and was so scared. Luckily all was OK.

Tracy – LOL. Me too!

Cecelia on

She looks wonderful!

So glad to hear that she and her little boy are okay after the accident.

B.R on

After seeing the picture all I can say is thankfully she didn’t have anyone with her cause there is no passenger side of car left. And thankfully her and the baby a fine. That must have been so scary for her. Glad everything is going well and I hope in continues to go that way.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m glad that she and the baby are okay after this accident. She and Ty have made it clear that they wanted this baby badly and that concieving him wasn’t easy.

It would have been awful if the car accident had caused them to lose him (it’s always awful when you lose a baby, obviously, but you know what I mean!)! Anyway, she doesn’t look like she has much of a bump here, but for some reason, I’m getting the feeling that if she had stood up, her bump would have been quite visable. 🙂

Lila on

When I was 5 months preggo-and on my way to my sonogram- some color blind old lady ran a red light and smashed right into us. I was terrified that I would lose our baby. But in the end it all worked out as our parents came to the hospital and were able to see the baby on screen and we were all able to find out I was carrying a healthy girl!

Glad they are all ok! She will have quite the story to tell her little one!

Shannon on

She looks amazing! Glad she and the baby are okay.

Alli on

Jewel looks gorgeous! So glad to hear that she and baby are doing well after her accident!

Katie on

Hey Boobs!!!

Sam on

Glad to hear Jewel and her baby are ok – she looks beautiful, happy and glowing.

Jacqui on

OK, glad I’m not the only one who was like, HELLO! BOOOOOBS!!

She looks great! Glad she’s safe!

emily on

I fell on the ice when pregnant and was so scared (fortunately baby was fine) — but that’s nothing compared to her accident. I can’t imagine how scary that would be. Glad they’re okay.

I’m due a few weeks after Jewel, and we seem to be growing in all the same, um, areas. If you’re one of the ones wishing that would happen to you, I would happily trade places! I have a small frame and a large chest to begin with — now I cannot find a bra that fits ANYWHERE. Awful!