Barron Trump Celebrates His Fifth Birthday!

03/17/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
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Happy birthday Barron William Trump!

He celebrated turning 5 with a pilot-themed party, held Tuesday at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. Joined by 25 friends from school and family, Barron toured the ship and ate chicken nuggets and pizza (which dad Donald Trump also enjoyed)!

Celebrity cake maker Elena Shumskaya of The Fine Art of Cakes designed a chocolate 3D model of Donald’s new 757 jet.

“It is hard to believe my little boy is turning 5 years old,” mom Melania Trump tells PEOPLE. “We had a wonderful time at the party and it was very special watching Barron celebrate his birthday with family and friends.”

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JM on

whichever way i say it the name Barron just sounds very odd to me. i know it’s none of my busniess i’m just sharing my opinion but i was wondering if people had ever heard of anyone else with this name? it sounds just like barren and i just tihnk it’s such an odd name choice. any idea where the name comes from?

Tess on

As rich as Trump is, it’s refreshing to read his kid had something as normal as chicken nuggets at his party. I’m not a fan of Trump, but he seems to have done a great job with his older kids.

Natasha on

Happy Birthday Barron ! Lovely Family

Hi on

That cake is awesome.

Sam on

He’s a cute little boy, I’ve aways loved his curly hair. The older Trump kids are very nice young people, from what we see/hear on the internet, but I’m not sure Mr. Trump had much to do with it till they were much older. I’m not a fan of him either!!

Stacy on

That cake is unbelievable!! Wish I could get something like that for my kids’ birthday. Wow. And I agree with Tess, nice to see the chicken nuggets, and that Trump ate them too.

ang on

it’s an upper class moniker-paris hilton’s bro is also called baron with 1 r. it’s a title for some royalty as well, i think. ps. I WANT THAT CAKE!

torgster on

What a handsome boy, but then he’s been beautiful since day one. Anything I’ve ever seen or read about Melania is always favorable – she seems very normal and down to earth so hopefully is raising her boy that way.

Tee on

Happy birthday, Barron! That’s one heck of a cake!

Sam on

Barron Hilton Sr. had two r’s in his name (it was his mother’s maiden name). Baron Hilton, Paris’ Hilton’s brother, has only has one r. (wiki!)

E on

‘Baron’ is indeed a title in Dutch (and French?) not sure if that has anything to do with the name. Anyway, I agree, I don’t care for Trump but the kid is cute 🙂

Angela on

They aren’t very original.. this party sounds identical to his 4th birthday party! 🙂

miche on

I know a girl named Baron. Her dad is a pilot. I think if you know someone with a different name, it just becomes natural after a while.

Marilyn on

I wonder if they’ll have another child since she’s young enough and maybe she wants one more baby and would like Barron to have a sibling.

Rae on

Barron is also a spanish last name as well.

JM on

i realise that in other languages it wouldn’t have this connotation (and i assumed it came from the aristocratic title, i also find that a little weird, imagine a kid called Lady or Duchess or Lord). like i said, this is just my opinion i am not saying they should have named their kid anything different, it’s entirely up to them (i know how easily people can get defensive when we discuss names). to me it just sounds like barren – makes me think of a woman who can’t have children, or barren land…. it just sounds very odd and i can’t imagine ever calling someone that…
but anyway, as long as they’re happy…

Traxie on

Both Melania and Barron are gorgeous – absolutely stunning. I wonder if they’ll have any more children? Melania should keep passing her genes on!!

Jillian on

Paris’s younger brothers name also has two R’s. They are not a jr and sr, since it’s the grandfather and grandson, they are Barron I and Barron II

David on

Tacky looking cake – I expected a fun whimsical air plane cake for a 5 year old kid. That cake looks like it’s for Donald’s 80th birthday.

Sam on

@ Jillian – you’re right, both have two R’s.
@ David – hilarious and so right! hehe

amandamay on

angela – i thought the exact same thing. it is a duplicate of his 4th birthday party. same cake, same food and all. he must really love planes!

Lorraine on

In fact, “Barron” is a status name from Middle English barron. A baron in Scotland was a member of a class of minor landowners who had a certain degree of jurisdiction over the local populace living in his barony. It’s also of Norman origin: from an Old French personal name “Baro”. I read somewhere that Donald wanted to name one of his other sons but Ivana nixed that. I like the name – it’s strong, different, and totally unique for a young boy and eventual man. Happy Birthday, Barron! I hope you get a sibling sometime soon.

Bancie1031 on

Happy 5th Birthday Barron! Barron is such a cutie!

MiB on

Well, I’d say that the fact that his 5th birthday party is so similar to his 4th indicates that Barron has had a part in planning it, and that he still likes the same thing. Kid’s obsessions sometimes last a very long time, if my my niece could have chosen any theme in the world, I’d bet that she would have had Julius themed parties for three years running.

Anonymous on

David, I soooo agree! Everything Trump has, has his name on it. A bit overkill. Leaving the last name off of his sons bday cake would have been much better, IMO.

Shannon on

Isn’t his wife pregnant again?

Toya L. on

I like the cake, Barron is such a cute little boy. LOL @David

Chefmungus on

Cake is sick

KikiOttawa on

Barron looks quite daper and Mom looks gorgeous. Looks like a fancy schmancy event, so why did the Donald put on the Oompa Loompa orange make up?

Lea on

I would have imagined a fun and whimsical cake too, kind of boring. The family looks great and hope he had a wonderful birthday.

Anonymous on

yeah the cake looks like it’s made for trump himself not his son,
adding his NAME on everything.. but maybe his son would like that?
plus why does barron have on “old man shoes?” what’s up?

MiB on

Because it couldn’t be that Barron requested a cake that looked like his fathers jet? (Which probably has Trump written all over it)

Anonymous? What’s wrong with Barron’s shoes, they are just normal dress shoes. Plenty of people, children and adults alike have dress shoes.

Pomegrammy on

I totally agree with your comment, David! Unfortunately my family had business dealings with Trump in Palm Beach. We found out first-hand how he has acquired at least some of his fortune. We could all be rich if we didn’t pay our bills and cheated people in business. Barron is cute, but I find his name quite pretentious.

Jillian on

Mib, “Because it couldn’t be that Barron requested a cake that looked like his fathers jet? (Which probably has Trump written all over it)”

It could be….but it is of the opinion that it is ugly.

IMHO3805 on

Bravo to the cake! Bravo to the cake maker. First rule of business: know your customer. Is Barron the customer? No. Donald is the customer. To Donald, EVERYTHING is about Donald. Perfect cake, for the occasion! And, it tasted great too! (I know someone who was there, and everyone was thrilled, including Barron with the cake.) Afterthought: Has anyone ever seen ANYTHING whimsical related to the TRUMP brand. To Donald “whimsical” = “sissy.” I’m just sayin’.

Barron on

Yes, the name is relatively rare. But I like it, and with the 2 Rs.