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03/17/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Niche on

I just wanted to add to the news around the web to see if anyone else is alarmed by pictures making their rounds on different sites of a certain celeb child being held by her mother while snacking on penis shaped gummies.

I won’t name the child but she’s featured on this site all the time for “her fashion” and daily morning starbucks runs. I find it hard to believe that her mother doesn’t see some sort of issue with it. I was truly shocked to see the pictures of the child curiously studying the packaging and the mother looking completely unfazed… my shock then turned into disappointment.

Am I too strict of a mom to my five year old son? Am I not fun and carefree enough? I have to say I would never allow my child to snack on candies that are clearly meant for adults at a party atmosphere. Is a situation like that worth overlooking and brushing it off because she’s a child and she doesn’t know the shape of the candy? When the child asks what shape this is, what do you say?

I’m at a lost for words on this one.

Please chime in and help me see some smidgen of understanding on this.

Good day everyone!

JM on

niche 🙂 you’re going to have to tell us who you’re talking about. i’m too curious.

Stella Bella on

Honestly, I’ve brushed off the whole “she needs to wear a coat” debate and am pretty unfazed by the high heels. But I’m unimpressed with hot fudge sundaes at midnight and rather horrified at phallic gummies. JMO

Alice on

@ JM, I’m pretty sure she’s talking about Suri Cruise. There were pictures of her eating phallic candies released recently.

Jillian on

Niche, I am not alarmed at all about the gummies because the story is false. I suggest you google the story and get the truth behind. There is not one photo of her eating the gummies or of them buying them. If you find one, please post it here because I couldn’t find one! The item was not purchased and wasn’t even at a store. I know….people are always quick to blame those parents. Maybe if people would sloooooow down a bit and read, they would see the full story. So sick of people reading half the story and assuming the rest.

Jillian on

Alice, Please post a picture of her eating the candies. I couldn’t find a single picture eating one and the story of her eating them has been confirmed FALSE.

marina on

Well I don’t know if she eat them or not, but here is a picture. If it’s real or not, I don’t know. I’m not good wit photoshop so or anything of that kind.

JM on

oh i see, (thanks for clueing me in alice).

i haven’t heard anything about this, is it actually true or just a rumour?

Niche on

Actually Jillian, I didn’t assume anything and the pictures I saw had no attached story. A picture speaks a thousand words, and well, a photoshopped picture will speak a thousand more. If in fact the pictures are false, I for one am beyond RELIEVED! I mean seriously, if it were true, would we really be surprised? I can’t say that I would be or not, only because the actions of this family are almost always jaw dropping and for lack of a better term, unconventional.

Oh, and I didn’t want to add the child’s name to my initial comment out of respect. There is as much negative publicity shown towards this family as is positive.

Like I said before though, I’m relieved now and can breathe again 🙂
I had so many questions running through my head, “Is this for real?”, “It couldn’t be could it?”, “Would they (the parents) really allow her to eat those?”… and so on.

Hmmm on

Niche, I said assumed because you said she was eating them. There is not one picture that shows her eating them. When people say a picture is worth a thousand words and they see that picture and say she was eating them, they are making assumptions. People assume the worst. The pics are not false…..she was holding the box. Picked it up while at a restaurant. They didnt buy them. She didn’t eat them, which is what you assumed.

I am sure ppl are freaking out bc she held the box. I also don’t see a problem with this. It was at the restaurant, she grabbed it, so what. I think it’s a bigger deal that a 5 yr old is out at midnight and still uses a bikini.

Rachel on

You know what I find truly sick about the whole thing?

The second story on this link is about a five-year-old little girl DYING from cancer 😦 (My heart goes out to her family!)

And aside from that… earthquake in Japan, major tsunamis, likely 100’s of thousands of people have DIED! and a nuclear meltdown is very possible…

and we really care about a 5-year-old picking up a box of phallic gummy candies?


It seems so trivial to be sitting here picking on two parents whose child is alive and healthy… and penis candies (appropriate or not) aren’t gonna do a thing to change that… when one of the actual stories on this post is a story about another 5-year-old little girl whose parents are deeply grieving her loss.

Ashley on

@Rachel Seriously, when I saw the number of comments I thought they’d be about the 5 year old dying of cancer and/or the essay about the mother preferring her son over her daughter. Instead, they’re all about something that’s neither listed on this post nor any featured acticles throughout this whole site. Words fail me.

suzyq on

@Rachel: Ditto!

Ashley on

@Niche- If this were any other forum, you’d have been reported and in trouble for hijacking the thread.

@Ashley and Rachel- My thoughts exactly

Jillian on

There are no rights and wrongs on this site of where you can and can’t post things. Many of us have been personally affected by what is going on in Japan. And even if not, by any of us discussing Suri Cruise, that doesn’t mean we don’t care or haven’t done things to help those over there. Same goes with the child who died of cancer. I don’t believe this was the best place to discuss Suri, but I don’t believe this page of comments needed to be blank because a child died of cancer or because of what happened in Japan. My thoughts….instead of telling people what they can and should post, maybe post “on topic” and get people to go back to the topic. Just an idea. I don’t know.

My heart continues to go out to those in Japan and to the young child’s family. Having lost 3 young children in our family under 4 years old in the last 4 years, I do understand how difficult the loss can be.