David Beckham ‘Amazed’ By Gender Scan Surprise

03/16/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Frazer Harrison/Getty

These days David and Victoria Beckham are thinking pink when it comes to the baby they’re expecting this July — but the soccer star admits that wasn’t always the case.

“It’s something obviously we hoped for, but obviously when you have a baby you kind of just think as long as it’s healthy … [then] that’s all you worry about,” Beckham, 35, told On-Air with Ryan Seacrest Tuesday.

“When you have three boys, you just kind of assume that you’re going to have another one.”

Initially told they would be welcoming their fourth son, a later ultrasound revealed a special surprise: it was a girl!

“When we went to have the 3-month scan they said, ‘Oh, it looks like a boy,’ and we were like, ‘Oh, great, we’re going to have another boy,'” Beckham shares. “Then we went back and they were like, ‘Actually, it’s a girl.’ The emotion hit us, and … it’s amazing!”

Equally as thrilled? Big brothers Brooklyn Joseph, 12, Romeo James, 8Β½, and Cruz David, 6. “Some people like to be surprised [by the sex of the baby], but it’s good to be prepared,” he explains. “The boys are so excited as well thinking they’re going to have a little sister.”

— Anya Leon

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Sadie on

So wait, did they really not know it was a girl when the first round of rumors went around? Or did they know and are just now confirming it?

Barbi on

I’m very happy for them! Congratulations!

Sara on

@Sadie It sounds to me that when the first round of rumors went around, they thought they were having a boy and it wasn’t until recently that they found out it was a girl.

Monie on

Sadie… that’s important WHY?

Diane on

She needs to eat a cheeseburger or something.

Shannon on

Yeah right!

emme on

Congratulations to the Beckhams!! It’s just downright wonderful to see (what appears to be) a happy family in Hollywood welcoming children, regardless of the gender…although I would be pretty tickled to be welcoming a girl after three boys! She will be a blessed and protected little girl.

Anonymous on

Leave her alone! That’s an old photo anyways. She’s obviously a healthy weight because she was able to get pregnant. Congrats to the family!

emmylou on

Um, maybe I’m wrong, or maybe they do things a little differently in the UK medical systems, but the last time I checked, you had to be 16 to 20 weeks pregnant before an ultrasound could help you determine the gender of your baby. And the article clearly states, “When we went to have the 3-month scan…” So, at the most, she would have been 12 weeks pregnant. Maybe she’s just so skinny, a normal ultrasound can see right through her.

Mom Of Twins on

I think deep down, every mother wants a daughter. I did.


I am sure they knew…. They just didn’t confirm it… They annoy me and she needs to eat!!!!! Also needs to sotp wearing those 5 inch heels, where is the common sense? STOP wearing heels when you have precious cargo in the belly…..

Karen on

Congrats! I’m very happy for them since they are going to have their first girl. she’s going to be a beauty!

Amy on

Ahh I can’t even wait to see this little girl and hear her name! SO excited for them!!!!!!!!!!!


These two annoy me, I am sure they knew they were having a girl…..
She not only needs to eat but she needs to STOP wearing those 5 inch heels with precious cargo in the belly…That is so dangerous…. i do wish them the best even though I don’t like them…..Glad she is getting a daughter…..

Ann-Marie on

It’s great that they’re expecting a daughter. The same thing happened to me, I had three boys, and fully expected another son, but surprise! I had a girl. Children are such a blessing, congratulations to them πŸ™‚

Toya L. on

Awwh they sound really excited, congratulations to them. We were over the moon when we had our 4 princesses and then a prince. = )


Who the heck cares, I’m sick of these two losers!!

Jennifer on

I hate to sound like a Debbie-downer, but I do hope that Victoria takes care of herself during this pregnancy. She’s older now, as well as being still incredibly skinny. This girl has been longed-for for years by them, and I just hope that the pregnancy goes smoothly. I hope that she doesn’t do anything stupid for vanity’s sake (e.g., watching her weight, etc.).

kj on

@emmylou you can now find out the gender at 12 weeks, here in Canada. So happy for them. I pitty the first boy this little girl brings home.

Sophie on

As someone who is naturally(too)skinny I’m sick of people saying “just eat”. I eat plently. I would love to have some meat and curves but that’s not my body type.

Congrats to them!

co_girl on

@emmylou… the gender can be found out much earlier. I found out at 13 wk 6 days with a routine ultrasound

Shirelle on

Im Happy for them I cant believe the first ultrasound said it was a boy.

gwen on

I always thought with her being so girlie and having 3 boys and all that they would go the test tube route to make sure the next was a girl. I sometimes wonder that with celebrities. Like the whole flat belly/zero stretch mark phenomenon that seems to happen to them all after having kids. I always wonder how many had tummy tucks, lol! Not that I’m hating or anything. If I had 3 boys, I would love to have a girl too. And they have the money to make it happen. But it does make you wonder if they just got lucky, or if science was involved? πŸ˜‰ Either way, congrats to the couple! Their 3 boys are absolutely adorable, I’m sure their daughter will be as well!

Carrie on

Victoria Beckam looks like a characature of herself.

mom of 3 boys on

To mom of twins;
I am very happy to have my 3 perfect boys, and have never longed for a girl. My boys complete me, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

josy on

so happy for them! I bet shes excited after 3 boys!

Jennifer on

People are pathetic – what right do you have to critisize her wearing heels – she wears them all the time adn is probably more comfortable in them !! I wear heels and am awkward when I wear flats. People need to stop being so judgemental and just be happy for them – it’s awesoem news !!!!!

noname12345 on

why is everyone so critical about her weight … who cares and she looks great, not ematiated. just naturally skinny, I wish I was that skinny. congrats on the baby news.

Jenny on


You can find out the gender sooner than 20 weeks, since I was having a boy the second time around they could tell very early…and maybe they didnt have the ultrasound in the uk maybe they had it in the usa? Either way I am happy for them, I agree with Ann-Marie, children are a huge blessing boy or girl πŸ™‚

Jess on

It amazes me that people take the time to not only think such hurtful things as i’ve seen in the comments for this post (about a couple’s blessing!!), but also to post them. Perhaps that time would have been better spent correcting whatever is causing you to harbor such ill will.

Lindy Lou on

Don’t think that just because you already have 3 boys that you’re going to have another boy. My brother had 5 girls first, than 5 boys. Congratulations Beckham clan!

Stephanie on

I am glad that Posh and Becks finally get the girl that they have longed so long for. Congratulations. I may have been born in the USA but I spent most of my adult life in the UK so I am British by heart soul and mind.

Ally on

emmylou~you can find out as early as 12 weeks here in the US as well. All depends on your Dr I assume. I found out at 13 weeks.

heather on

wow Tori…obviously you cared enough to click on the article and then comment on it. This IS an entertainment site you know…if you dont care about any of this then go somewhere else for goodness sakes. I think they are a great family and Im so excited for them!

iluvperfectparents on

They should have said, “If you aren’t paying our Dr. bills, didn’t contribute any sperm or eggs then it’s really none of your business on how OUR daughter was conceived and when we found out the gender of OURchild”.

jane on

As wealthy as they are I am sure that they had the gender picked out long before it was implanted. I find it hilarious that its a big surprise!

nelly on


No way honey I dont want a daughter not every woman wants a girl..

loretto scully on

Congratulations to all 5 of you…. I hope Victoria, you are as blessed with your daughter as I am with mine, she’s 31 now and preparing for her wedding next year….

G.G. on

In MY opinion, they ruined the best and most exciting surprise ever by finding out in advance….but that’s just MY opinion of course. I do understand the need to prepare but really people, what do they need to prepare for that they can’t do AFTER the baby is born or done in a gender-neutral way?? I mean people have been doing it this way for centuries! Please. it’s just the age of instant gratification. And we’re talking about the Beckhams here….what do they really need to “prepare” for? Just saying. Happy for them though, they seem so nice and wish them the best. And for those of you who have to put in their two cents about finding out vs. not finding out, please don’t bother. You’re wasting your breath. Have a nice day!

Terri on

Well that was definitely a surprise after being told that they were having a boy!

TB on

Oh so very happy for them. Having a daughter is wonderful.

lucia on

i am sick of these insame poses we see her in. what on earth does she think she is going? she looks ridiculous in every single picture i have ever seen of her. i don’t know who the heck she is trying to impress…..she is now the wife of a soccer player, stop trying to look like a 21 year old model from the UK version of vogue. also, just once, i wish you could get a smile out of her. she just looks really phony to me. from all i have heard of her, she is insane about what she eats. this frame may be small, but she is known for eating practically nothing in order to maintain her size. okay, she is small, but how about looking about more normal. even movie stars show a bit more of themselves looking like normal people. not her.

Diamond on

After the ultrasound told my friend she was having a boy, I went to her baby shower the other day and all of the decorations were for a boy. We even got an “It’s a boy” souvenir. Well, a month later she ended up having a girl. Those ultrasounds aren’t always right. Plus, in this case, the technician wasn’t sure himself. I hope the Beckhams get what God thinks they deserve.

Tess on

With four kids, it’s usually a 3-1 split, so I’m not sure why they were surprised.

emmylou on

@iluvperfectparents…actually I don’t care when they found out the gender of their child, what I was trying to infer was that perhaps it was too early to confirm if they were having a boy or a girl, and, if so, this was just a rumor floating around the internet.

MV on

I love that she is soo skinny, maybe most Americans need to start looking like her and stop eating so much and looking like fat pigs, I love the Beckham’s, congrats on the baby girl, your life your business.

Laura on

I’m from the Uk originally and was never a fan of Victoria but they are a happy family, why so many haters? Don’t be jealous, she is a real person and has wanted a girl for so long so just be happy or don’t care, but if you don’t care keep you’re thoughts to yourself, dont waste you’re time being negative!

hannah on

Who cares if they knew it was a girl already! Who cares if they used gender selection and IVF! Who cares if she’s wearing heels and why does her weight bother you so much?! They dont have to share everything with fans (or non-fans) high heels are fine to wear sometimes – I’m sure she’s not wearing then 24/7 and she’s obviously healthy enough to become pregnant!

Congratulations to you all! A little girl after 3 boys would be wonderful ❀ Cant wait to see some more photos and find out this little princess' name!

strikerowen on

Congrats to the both of them. The David/Victoria Beckham farawell tour hits San Jose, CA on June 25.

goodtxgirl on

Wow….all the critics. Victoria Beckham has carried three strong healthy good looking boys – she wore her heels, she eats what she eats…..and all of you know whats best for her huh?

Dary on

Well planted piece of press to try and throw everyone off the trail of their gender selection adventures to have a girl.

Denise on

They should have used their boys middle names as their first names. Hope they pick a cute normal name for the girl, I’m sure she will be beautiful just like her older brothers. Congrats!

Flip on

The haters are just jealous.

diana on

i am sure they used ivf gender selection…..they have enough money too.

Deborah on

I have always liked David and Victoria. Whatever their faults, they stand out among the rich and famous by having a solid marriage that has weathered a lot of stress, they obviously love and spend lots of time with their children, and they both keep working at their goals in spite of setbacks. Beyond that, weight and heels don’t strike me as that significant.
I am very happy for them. I agree that sometimes ultrasounds can be wrong, so I hope their celebration isn’t premature. Nevertheless, I am curious by the comments of ‘gender selection’–how, exactly, is that accomplished? I think people assume that when a person has a lot of money that they can accomplish miracles, but I think the idea that these two were able to ‘select’ the gender of their child is a bit out there…

Beth on

Congratulations to them both. They seem like good, involved parents. And I agree with Mom of 3 boys…not every woman really wants a girl. I wanted a boy and got one and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s a personal preference but of course you are happy with a healthy baby. But don’t label all women as wanting girls; that’s ridiculous!

Just me on

All these negative comments irrate the he!! out of me. If you don’t like them, don’t read about them. As for her being skinny, SO WHAT!! I looked about 4 mos along with my first and fourth pregnancies (at term). Skinny as a rail, but ate all I wanted. Some people just naturally are thin. Quit being haters! Congrats to the Beckhams! Good luck with the new little princess .. what a lucky little girl!


I had a scan done at 12wks to check for down syndrome and they told me I was having a boy and they were right. So it is possible to find out that soon.

Aimee on

Wow i hope the doc got it right this time lol. What does it matter if they did use gender selection good on them. They have definately done their bit for the male population. But I’m just curious as to why anyone even thinks that this is what they have done. It seems like a pretty elaborate story (it’s a boy whoops its a girl) to make up. I also don’t get why any of you think its your RIGHT to know what the gender is as soon as they leave the sonos office. They can tell the public when and if they want to. Hell they could have the baby and dress it it gender neutral clothes until its 18 if that’s what they want. I also agree with heather I really bugs me when people go on to celebrity GOSSIP websites then actually click on to the comments only to write “who cares” duh! obviously you do. When i see a post about someone i don’t like/don’t care about i just use my little scroll key and i don’t read it. Maybe try that.

Shelley on

I am so excited for the Beckham family. After having three boys, I am sure they all wanted to see a little girl in this family especially if this was going to be their last child. With each of my pregnancies I prayed each time to have baby girl and I got my wish! I got my 2 girls and would not trade them for the world. Girls rule! Little frilly dresses and bows and clappy shoes would have Victoria so happy ! LOL!

SW on

With our third child we were originally told it was a boy at 14 weeks. Imagine our surprise at 20 weeks when that boy turned out to be a girl! It can happen. Congratulations to the whole Beckham family! I’m sure the newest addition will be treasured by all.

gwen on

For the person who thinks it’s out there to gender select a baby, it’s really not. The procedure has been around a while. You don’t even have to be super wealthy to do it, although it certainly helps (insurance doesn’t cover it) I know someone that had it done.

And to clarify for my comment, I don’t think there’s anything wrong if they did go this route. I actually would have if I would have been in their situation. I’m just curious if they did. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wondering. People can’t help thoughts. Doesn’t automatically make it malicious or rude. Not to mention, they’re celebrities and this is an article on a very public forum. People are going to voice opinions. All ya’ll yelling at us thinking we’re rude, I have to wonder if you would have commented at all if all the comments were “Aw! Congrats to the Beckham’s!” The negative comments gave you reason to post back in argument. Pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think?

Here’s the information on gender selection:


soph on

Flip — are you 12?

Diane on

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had help in getting this girl. They can easily afford using fertility specialists to make sure they got a girl this time around. And yes the heels are ridiculous and does she ever smile?

Lara on

To emmylou,

You can actually tell sex from an ultrasound from 12 weeks but it is not as easy or reliable. If the person peforming the ultrasound thinks they can see the sex they will record it and it can be confirmed at the 20 or 30 week scan. Usually though gender is determined at 20 weeks when it is much easier to tell. Of course, sometimes one has to wait until they are born if the baby is not in the right position during any of the scans. If one has an amnio or cvs they can tell the sex between about 11-18 weeks with nearly 100% accuracy as it determines the gender genetically.

Kari on

To answer your question as to how it works, it’s pretty easy.
They make the embryo and check it’s gender. If it’s the prefered gender– a girl in this case– it is implanted via IVF. They usually put two in at a time, so you may wind up with same-sex fraternal twins. So, those doing this procedure know from the moment they get that positive test that it’s 100% the prefered gender. I have friends who did this at a clinic in L.A. It cost $8,000 for 2 rounds of the gender-prefered IVF.

Jennifer on

MV…that was a very rude comment directed to Americans. Do not make such generalized statments. Americans could say the same about Brits and their teeth. But, that would be so rude. Not all Americans are “fat pigs.” My goodness. Anyway, I think Victoria looks great and I couldn’t be happier for them. I think this little girl will be adored by her older brothers and just loved to pieces! How exciting.

Kate on

She’s not 35- she is 36.

Sydney on

DONNA – Victoria has been wearing flats this preganancy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1352048/LIZ-JONES-At-After-years-torturing-cartoon-heels-flats-back.html She has carried 3 healthy boys to term, I think she knows what she’s doing.

Denise – Why ‘should’ the Beckham’s name their children what you think they should?!

Sabrina on

Congratulations to them!! I bet they are overjoyed to be having a baby girl. I agree, every mom wants a daughter. And..yeah, usually they do the gender ultrasound at 20 weeks just to ensure that there is enough lee-way or time to get a definate answer/result. You can tell much earlier however. The genitals begin to develop around the 10th week. At 17 weeks, I found out I was having a boy and it was pretty clear.

Caleigh on

@emmylou My sonographer was able to to tell the gender of my baby at 12 weeks and I’m a healthy girl.

sheppard on

All of you calling this couple annoying, losers, etc must have no idea what annoying losers YOU are to be spending your precious time on an article (and then more time commenting for god’s sake!) you consider beneath you. Grow up & get a life… and in most cases I would bet – go on a diet!

Jaime on

How is she capable of menstruating and procreating at 80lbs?

sky on

as girls usually take after their fathers, this one will be beautiful!

JMO on

I beleive Pink went for an early ultrasound and said it was a girl. I think by 16-20 weeks it’s just far more accurate. I still know people who expected one gender and got the other.
I’m happy they’re getting their girl. I think if she’s given birth 3x before and all healthy kids that nobody should worry about what she does with her body or what she wears. People wish they could rock the heels and skinny look while pregnant. Don’t hate!! πŸ™‚

Lisa on

Seriously, as if this wasn’t planned. all along Victoria has been saying she wants a girl. i’m thinking science not mother nature had a go at this one !!!

GG on

They’re a gorgeous couple and I’m so happy that they are expecting a baby girl. What a lucky little girl she will be. Imagine playing dress-up in Victoria Beckham’s closet! Congratulations to the best looking couple in Los Angeles!

Cheryln on

I think it’s great that they are having a daughter! Their family is complete πŸ™‚

stellaa on

I had 3 boys and 2 girls..boys over girls anyday!

S on

I have the pleasure of having my son attend school with this wonderful family. They are lovely, down to earth and absolutely the most dedicated parents you can ever imagine. No nannies. They drop off their children every day to school, stay with them for morning flag and volunteer at hot lunch, holiday parties etc…

David is beyond friendly to all of us and goes out of his way to always say hello and chat with our children. Victoria is dressed like an ordinary woman who looks wonderful even without makeup and heels.

On their first day back from London, she was sporting uggs, and a very baggy black sweatsuit, arm in arm with her hubby, graciously accepting congrats for their baby.

Please do not judge people without knowing them. It is unfair and unkind.

And, the weight gain for a healthy pregnancy is 25-30 pounds total. If she is around 103, she will not show for sometime and still be healthy and deliver a beautiful healthy child just like the past 3 times.

cheri on

Actually there are two facilities in the US that ‘spin’ the sperm. The boys and girl separate and then the desired gender is deposited via invitro. They have a very high success rate. You don’t have to go so far as to have embro selection. It’s not crazy expensive.

Kelley on

All three of Victora and David’s sons are sooo cute, so yes, their daughter is sure going to be beautiful! I understand why’d they want a girl, I’d personally like to have the chance to experience a boy and a girl, but I mostly just care if they baby is okay, which I think they cared about too. If I get 4 girls or 4 boys or 2 of each gender, I think babies in general are such a blessing and joy to have. πŸ™‚

Kris on

Jealous much Tori?

MC on

In Spain you can have a blood test at 8 weeks to know your baby’s gender. Anyway, congrats to this lovely family

Lois on

Too all the people that left negative comments: Do you feel better about yourself now? I’m so excited that I know you think she should lose weight and stop wearing heals. My life is complete now that I know how you feel? World peace will never happen because people have to feel superior to another.

That said, Congrats to Victoria and David! You deserve the best.

Sadie on

innocent question monie, chill out

Capri on

@TORI Then why the heck did you bother to comment!? *rolls eyes*

Very happy for them, cant wait to hear what cute name they come up with for her! Hoping it’s not London, thats toooo predictable!!

Jennifer on

I’m not being funny but she’s managed to not only get pregnant but carry 4 healthy babies in that body, clearly she’s not wasting away.

My mom had 3 boys followed by a girl, no test tubes required. It happens all the time. Famous people can live like us too you know.

Helen on

that’s a good point someone brought up. It’s very unlikely you can know the baby’s sex at 3 months

Cathy on

I love babies, so if they want more, great for them. It’s also none of my business if they decided to do gender selection; it’s really none of my business, period. What I don’t understand is why people can’t just say congratulations; nothing the Beckhams have done in their lifetime, as far as I know, deserves such comments. Being in the public eye does not excuse rudeness from someone who decides to comment on her heels, her weight, or anything else. Just because you can comment doesn’t mean you should. We’ve become an increasingly rude and insensitive world, and you can only make the world a better place by not giving in to such behavior. Besides, most of us can look and the mirror and we’re not any better than anyone else. If it makes you feel better to be rude about someone, what does that say about you?

jessicad on

I’m really curious why so many people seem ANGRY at the idea of using gender selection…why does it offend you guys? Why does it matter?

Etsy on

I may be wrong, but gender selection is still NOT legal, unless you have a medically identified reason for choosing a male or female child to avoid a serious disease or illness. Look what is happening in Asia because so many female fetuses have been aborted…there are 32 million males without female counterparts to marry or carry on a family with…this is going to cause major societal issues in the future. Unless you know for sure, don’t go throwing around accusations about the rich being able to pay to have daughters or sons for a price.

Carli on

Whether or not they were able to guarantee it was a girl, they make beautiful children!! As David said “β€œWhen you have three boys, you just kind of assume that you’re going to have another one” I would have thought the same thing; my grandmother had 7 girls, not one boy and the first three grandchildren were girls. The fourth grandchild was a boy which came as a huge shock.

Congratulations Beckhams!

melanie on

Skinny people do have babies…healthy babies…it has been done, nothing wrong with it. Leave her alone. No one would be saying anything if she was 300 pounds…no one would be saying “oh she’s so fat, she needs to lose weight for the sake of the baby,” it’s just acceptable to bash skinny people, but a big no-no to say anything about overweight people. Shut up.

Kim on

really…who cares how they conceived. Is she too skinny, that’s up to her to decide. She never smiles, that’s just the way she is. We don’t know how she is in private. I never smile in my pictures either that’s just the way I am.

Congratulations to the Beckham’s is all we should be writing.

Some people having nothing better to do than dump all over people, their having a bad time so probably feel better making someone else have one too…

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Emily on

This was OBVIOUSLY IVF with PGD. I wish that they would tell the truth and share their REAL story. Its one that many people secretly go through because they dont want to look bad. Their PR people have them on the right course….yep, it was a “suprise”

Courtney on

People who keep commenting how skinny she is need to take a chill. Some people are just naturally skinny. I have been less than 110 most of my life and i am perfectly healthy. I eat like a pig- and NO i do not vomit afterwards. I just can eat pretty much whatever i want and not put on any weight. I have already had one very healthy pregnancy and i am currently on my second.

I am very happy for them..She looks great for already having 3 kids. everyone is just jealous cause she lost all her weight and they are still walking around with big guts!

Barb on

A beautiful couple who obviously love their children. Apparently Victoria is very healthy to be able to produce the children she has.

Sad little people with miserable lives make hateful comments, and those are a direct reflection of what’s inside them.

Dee on

I’m definitely a woman who really doesn’t long/wish/hope for a daughter.

But I’m happy for the Beckhams, from what I can tell they seem like a very loving family/

Michelle on

Have you ever heard the phrase “the angle of the dangle”?

During a routine NT scan at approx 12 weeks, both male and femal sex organs look the same. But boys tend to angle up and girls tend to angle down. That’s why a 12 week scan is usually just an educated guess. Gender can much more easily be determined after 16 weeks.

Cecelia on

Since no one knows anything about how another couple’s child was conceived, it’s really impossible to judge. I don’t understand why people can’t congratulate them and move on.

As for those comments saying every woman wants a daughter, you are generalizing your own feelings and can’t possibly speak for an entire population of women. I’ve always wanted a son of my own and am lucky to be the mother to three of them. I’ve never experienced a need or longing for a daughter. That said, I don’t go around claiming that every mother needs a son.

Traxie on

I don’t know how I managed to retain this piece of information, but I remember years ago VB saying that she liked the name “Luna” for a girl. I think it was actually when they lived in Spain. Wonder if they’ll go with that for their girl?

Suzy on

Meanwhile, baby boutiques across the globe are shedding tears of joy, anticipating the sales for this newest Beckham. My guess is that she will never go naked. πŸ˜‰

Kc on

Enough with the “don’t wear heels” “she’s so thin comment” OBVIOUSLY this is not her first time to get pregnant. It’s her FOURTH people! Can some people just wish her a healthy blessing instead of slagging her off?

She’s been thin for more than a decade from what I see in the pictures and manage to pop 3 healthy boys. She never really gained too much weight while pregnant only her face looks fuller. But you have to remember her past pregnancies were all boys and its a girl this time so expect she would look different. Besides during her posh spice era she wasn’t really fat or chubby.

Kandee on

Am I the only one who questions if she is actually carrying the child. There are very very few photos of her lately and the ones that are out she doesnt even look pregnant. Some people said if she is too skinny she could not have gotten pregnant but if she was implanted then she would. You people who say she is naturally tiny must be forgetting when she was a spice girl she was not anorexic skinny where you could see all her bones. Just wanted to say that.

Kc on

Some people here are so shallow and stupid. Because they are so rich and famous having a girl after 3 boys means they select the gender? Thats ridiculous! Lots of non-famous family out there have a baby with different gender after having successive children with same sex naturally. My mom have 3 girls and our youngest a boy. It’s not impossible! get over it!
I wish Victoria a healthy pregnancy and safe labor. Congrats to them!

--nella on

Tendons stretch. When a person is constantly and consistently wearing heels their front tendon stretches to accomodate this, while the back tendon usually stays the same length because the heel is higher (obviously…). After this, wearing flats (flat shoes) can be painful, at the very least, uncomfortable. I knew someone who was around 5 feet tall and would always wear heels, she said even her slippers had a little heel on them to make it more comfortable, simply because she always wore heels.

yolanda on

i think thats a wonderful pattern of kids they will have 3 boys one girl im sure the big brothers will be sure to take good care of there baby sis i have a boy now and it would an ideal dream for me to have the same pattern of kids as them thank heaven for little boys

CelebBabyLover on

Cecelia- Exactly! We can’t possibly know how this baby was concieved. I doubt they did gender selection, because they have repeatedly said that they would have been just as happy with another boy. And even if they did do gender selection, what’s the big deal?!

melanie- I have to disagree. I think people would definitely be criticizing Victoria’s weight if she was overweight as well. When Carnie Wilson was pregnant with Lucy, tons of people criticized her about her weight. So I think both very underweight people and very overweight people get criticized equally her.

Ithica on

Wow! First everyone criticizes Kate Hudson for being single & how many people she dates & being pregnant & now Victoria. Victoria has stated she, like I have PCOS or polycystic ovaries & it is hard to conceive. She had stated she follows a VERY strict diet. I don’t know what her diet is but I can confirm eating “hamburgers” or food to “gain” weight probably isn’t the best thing for her health. I don’t know if she took fertility drugs to get pregnant all 3 times or even this time. I do want to stay that I thought she at one time suffered a miscarriage but I might be mistaken or have her mixed up w/ someone else. On another note she probably didn’t want to confirm anything with this pregnancy as carrying a baby while having PCOS is a struggle in itself until things got further along. I do wish her & the family the best!

CelebBabyLover on

Kate- It’s David they were referring to, not Victoria. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I also meant to say that it is entirely possible to have a girl naturally after three boys. Heck, one of my great-grandmothers had a baby girl after having given birth to SEVEN boys (I say “having given birth to….” because two of those boys were stillborn)….and they certainly didn’t have gender selection back then!

Zoey on

did other celebs have gender selection who had three of one gender then one of the other? no probably not. yes they probably wanted a girl after 3 boys or they wanted a boy because they know how to raise one. or they just wanted a baby. whatever way it is. it doesnt matter.
i am so happy for them!

Barbara on

I’ve been blessed with two sons! Didn’t find out until they were born. I have 3 sisters and all my sister’s and I had boys !

I think healthy baby is more important than the sex of the baby. After having 3 sister’s it was a nice change in our family to start having boys, never expecting all of us to have boys.

But now I can’t wait for one of my kids to have a kid and I hope it’s a girl ! We need one in this family now ! lol
Congrat’s to the Beckham’s and a prayer for a healthy child.

Aman Alier on

ohh i’m so happy if its a girl so that everything diffferent in the beckham family.

Emily on

Who cares if they knew what the gender was before they announced it? Who cares how the baby was conceived? It’s a baby and that’s beautiful. I want to believe the best in them and assume they didn’t genetically design a girl and I’m sure that’s the truth but obviously we don’t know. It’s 50/50 either way after all. I’m just as pleased for them as I would be if it had of been another boy. Congratulations David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz!

Mara on

Congratulations Beckham family! A baby is always a blessing, doesn’t matter the gender. But, I’m happy for them, I can imagine it will be great having a little girl after having 3 boys…I have a boy and a girl, and I’m very happy with both of them, I feel so blessed.

Bella on

These comments are unreal…”boys over girls anyday”. Wow, Im sure your daughters would love you for that one. “Americans are fat pigs”….Stay in Britian with your rickety teeth and better than everyone attitude, youre not welcome here. Science? Holy Cow people, they have money….good for them! That doesnt mean they arent normal parents wanting normal things. And names? Its about time someone stepped out of the “Mike, John, Sue and Lisa” box.

She is thin, but she was just as thin with the other babies so my best to this entire family…and I agree…..God help the first boy she brings home.

Be well Beckhams.

Maria on

Why do so many people have to be haters? A baby is always exciting, no matter how it was conceived or the gender. They seem so happy and I’m so happy for them. And as for her being too skinny…. People, she lives in Hollywood, there’s an expectation to be thin and I really doubt she is going to let anything get in the way of being a good mom. I don’t think V would put herself or the baby in danger. Stop hating people!

Lily Rose on

I too am surprised by how much hate is being spewed here!
David and Victora are having a baby, that’s wonderful and something to be happy about!!!
I’m not a fan, but I love reading celebrity news and it’s hard to miss the Beckhams. When I read she was pregnant, I instantly hoped it would be a girl because Vic often said that she would love to have a daughter. Somehow I think though, had it been a healty boy, she would love him just as much.
Personally, I doubt that they used IVF. First, they have three children that were conceived naturally, so everybody knows that they are healthy and compatible, and second, I think IF they had chosen IVF Victoria would have gotten pregnant YEARS ago.
Whatever the case and whatever her faults, she seems to be a really good, hands-on mother who actually RAISES her children, contrary to many celebrities, who have their children raised by nannies… I remember when she fought like a lioness to protect Romeo or Cruz (not sure which one), who has epilepsy, from the paparazzi’s flashes!

As to her wearing high-heels or flats: who the heck cares?! She’s an adult and knows best what’s good for her.
I personally find it more bothersome that Suri Cruise is allowed to wear high-heels. That could totally ruin not only her feet but also her spine!
And have you ever noticed how inappropriately she is dressed most of the time? No stockings in winter!!! Fur coats!!! Now that’s something to worry and comment negatively about.

Victoria…she’s great. Leave her be and enjoy her pregnancy.
It’s definitely none of your – of OUR – business how, when, where or why she conceived etc.

Stones and glass houses, people! Think of that before you hate!

kat on

negative people go away! and enough with the “..they knew it was a girl all along..blahblahblah..” SHUT UP! Even if they knew or not and did not tell anyone, it’s their right and if you don’t like the beckhams, then don’t read articles about them, jeez, it’s so freakin’ easy to just skip the article altogether rather than say nasty things about them, as if any of us really knows them personally.

kat on

@iluvperfectparents i so love your comment!! hahaha, i just hope this shuts everybody up who likes to write negative comments..

Marsha on

I always like that in this day and age of Hollywood, almost all of the pictures I have seen of Victoria and her boys, she is either holding one or at the very least holding a hand. I don’t see her children be dragged around by a nanny (although I am sure they have them). She may be this glamour girl but she seems to be a very hand on mom. So what if she wears high heels, dresses to the 9’s and is glamed up all the time? She takes pride in her appearance; not a crime. If she didn’t, people would be ripping her apart. I say God Bless to this family and best of luck on a healthy pregnancy.

dsfg on

Lois, I doubt anyone thinks she should lose weight.

dsfg on

“as girls usually take after their fathers, this one will be beautiful!”

Wow, what an ignorant, inaccurate statement . . . I agree she will be beautiful, but girls only have a 50% chance of taking after their fathers.

Lucy on

Kinda funny that they’re heading back to the UK now that she’s pregnant with a girl and that gender selection is illegal there huh? What a HUGE coincidence.

There’s NOTHING wrong with doing IVF/PGD but stop lying about it like it’s shameful and making up more crap about it like “we thought it was a boy first”….puhlease. At her age they would be doing a CVS fairly early on and would know the gender from that 100% anyway. Just quit talking Beckhams….

Tisha on

Congratulations to the Beckhams. They seem like a lovely couple and devoted parents.

A on

seriously anybody that bashes this beautiful couple with 3 gorgeous children and one on the way just comes across as jealou. 1. Victoria’s alwaysss looked this way and has given birth to 3 healthy boys. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing! And in regards to the “gender selection” comments, you’re all insane! Why can’t you say Oh I’m so happy you’re finally getting a girl! Instead of “Ohhh well they obviously paid big bucks to get that daughter of theirs…” You have too much time on your hands! And yes, sonograms can be wrong, it was simply the technician who made a minor mistake. And as a mom to an 6 kids: 8 year old boy, 6,4, and 2 yr. old girls, and twin girls 3 months old, i want to say that I love my son and am so proud he’s my first born and such a great big brother to my little ones but I just as equally love all my little princesses and would not have traded any one of them to have another son!!! Nobody has the right to say what type of gender “every woman wants”…. a baby is a a baby! A true miracle and gift from God!!

ev on

Wow, that’s great that it’s a girl ( if it really is) . Becks is gonna be such a mush, you can tell. And just imagine the trendy outfits La Baby Beck’s is gonna be wearin’!! lol Little heels at 3 months!! πŸ˜‰

momoftwins on

Oh GG, believe me, its just as big a suprise if you find out early & it had very little to do with instant gratification, not everyone wants to buy yellow & green. Also if you are kinda hoping for one sex and get the other its not a bad to have time to adjust your feelings before you have the baby in your arms.

kaylee on

I eat all the time but I still happen to only weigh 105lbs!!! I am 4’11 and I have 4 children ages 10, 7, 5 and 9 months! Stop hating on naturally skinny women, we do eat people!

Kellie on

I just want to say that some of you are idiots. This is her fourth child… I’m sure she know how to carry a baby.

Also, to that moron talking about her wearing heels….just look at all the other celeb moms….they wear heels all the time.

Victoria is a good mom(also, looks better than some of you will ever in your life), so stop worrying about her life and worry about yours. It makes you look so sad, stupid, and jealous.

CelebBabyLover on

Kandee- It took awhile for Victoria to look pregnant when she was pregnant with the boys, too. πŸ™‚

Lucy- I wasn’t aware you were in the room when the baby was concieved and therefore know all the paticulars!

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to say that no one knows whether they’re moving back to the UK or not. They’ve said the baby will be born there, but that doesn’t mean they’re moving back there! And even if they are, what’s so suspicious about that? The UK is there home, after all, and they moved back there after David finished playing for Royal Madrid in Spain.

So it stands to reason that they will do the same once his contract with LA Galaxy is up.

CelebBabyLover on

Ooops, their home, not there.

Tink on

What I find irritating are the people constantly calling them liars and saying they should “tell the truth”. Um, you don’t know what the truth is you fool so how can you possibly make that statement?!?! Its nasty vile people like the ones commenting on here that give celebrities cause for caution over issues like this, especially when morons say tell the truth as if they know anything about the situation when they don’t.

luckylou on

My sister was told her 3rd child was another girl and it was going to be a small baby. When it was born it was a boy and a whopper. So the medical industry is not infallible. I saw a picture of her before the pregnancy was announced and told all my friends I was sure she was pregnant because her face had gone very soft.

Cords on

To anyone sying you can find the gender out at 12 weeks thats a physical impossibility.

there are gonads that when a foetus develops sit high in the pelvic girdle. Until 20 weeks the gonads sit there. shortly after the 20 week mark the gonads either stay high in the pelvic girdle or drop into the groin. This is how the doctors tell if its a girl or a boy. until 20 weeks if you were to check a scan EVERYONE would be having girls, as the gonads would not have been givin an opportunity to descend. So anyone saying they can check the sex of a baby prior to 20 weeks is a fool. Also im a medical student so im not making this up.

Im happy for victoria and david. I think she should rock her 5 inch heels as long as she wants, its not like she has to hike to tescos to do her shopping herself, shes not going to be doing anything strenuous. and if her past pregnancies are anything to go by she will take excellent care of herself during herpregnancy. She has admitted in the past that just because she likes to be skinny doesnt mean she agrees she should deprive her children of nutrients in utero.

Good luck and well done victoria and david

Ashley on

Why do I get the feeling that had the boys been girls and the forthcoming addition was a boy, there would be less criticism and conspiracy theories and more congratulatory posts?

Georgina on

In England you get booked in to see a midwife on or around your 16th week. You have an ultra sound to measure the baby and check for any “obvious” abnormalities. That is the standard procedure for joe public, however, and both Brooklyn and Romeo were born in the Portland Hospital which is private. Therefore not only can you turn up practically when ever you like for a scan, you can also have one of these new 4D scans, which allows you to actually see the baby, rather than the standard black and white ultrasound pic. Additionally depending on the position of the baby, you can tell the sex at 16 weeks. Finally its only then that the baby is measured an a more accurate time line of the pregnancy is taken, so you call it the three month scan, but you can actually be further along, because you havent seen a doctor yet, and your just estimating from when you took the test.

Also I was under the impression Victoria was around or just over three months now, which would mean she concieved around Xmas. Not to sound like a stalker but they were in Beckingham Palace for Xmas, Gordon Ramsey cooked their Xmas dinner, which would make any kind of gender selection impossible because it isnt allowed in the UK.

My final point: When did Victoria speak about wanting a daughter, because the only recollection I have is of David saying hed love a girl, Victoria has always been quite diplomatic about the subject and said she loved her boys. Not that it matters, I just recall her saying both her sister Louise, and Tana Ramsey have girls and Victoria said something to the effect she could always go visit either if she felt outnumbered.

Cords on

Georgina: Victoria said shed love to have a girl to share the bags and shoes but that she would be happy with any children she was able to have regardless of sex.

Kat on

Jeez…pretty strong opinions about people you don’t even know. Chill out people.

Lets all take a health lesson:

There is a 50/50 chance of a boy or girl…it depends on which of the daddy’s sperm gets to the egg first. Some are girls and some are boys. Just because they had all boys doesn’t mean they had to do anything special to get a girl. It just happens.

Lets not forget, they WERE first told it was going to be another boy…the scans aren’t always that clear, so they were initially told the wrong gender…then they had another scan a few weeks later and probably got a better picture with more developed sex organs.

I’ve heard of parents who were told the entire 9 months it was a boy and on delivery day got a girl instead and had to go out and buy pink clothes and re-paint the baby’s room. It happens.

So they are having a little girl instead of a boy. Is it really that shocking?So why not be happy for them or just leave them alone?

Mia on

You can’t tell the sex of the baby until the genitals start to develop at the 4th month-start of the 2nd trimester–either the vulva or penis. (I’m having a Look Who’s Talking flashback-LOL).

CelebBabyLover on

Georgina- It says in the post that Victoria is due in July, meaning she concieved in October and is about five months along now (or will be soon, depending on when in July she’s due). πŸ™‚

Traxie- I doubt they’ll go with Luna. It WAS when they were in Spain that she said she liked Luna, and that, from what I understand, is the name Cruz would have been given had he been a girl as all of the Beckham kids have been given names that have something to do with the place their parents were in around the time they were concieved and/or for most or all of the pregnancy. So most likely this little girl’s name will also reflect where her parents were when she was concieved or where they lived for most of the pregnancy.

I’m actually wondering if they might name her America. πŸ™‚

And to the people saying you can’t tell gender before 20 weeks, read Michelle’s post. She explains it very well. To further explain what she said, the genitals of boys and girls look the same at 12 weeks. Basically, they consist of a little “bump” or “bud” that in boys will become the penis and in girls the clitoris. However, even though both genders start out with the “bump”, it tends to angle up in boys and down in girls. So a very experience ultrasound techinication can make a good guess at the gender based on that angle.

And the gonads (testes) may not descend until about 20 weeks, but you can tell gender with over 90 percent accuracy at 16 weeks. This is mainly because by that point, it’s fairly obvious if the baby has a penis or clitoris (in otherwords, the former is bigger than latter by that stage!).

All of that said, I agree with the posters who have said that ultrasound techs can definitely make mistakes, even later on in the pregnancy! For that reason, along with the fact that I like the idea of being surprised in the delivery room, I think I’d probably wait until delivery to find out the gender if I were ever to have kids.

I’d rather do the room in gender neutral colors (and you don’t have to stick with just green and yellow, either! My parents didn’t know my gender when they were expecting me….so they did my nursery in peach tones!) rather than painting for either a boy or a girl and then having to repaint after birth because the techinication was wrong! To each his/her own though! πŸ™‚



Roberta Bernstein on

I believe with all my heart that Victoria and David had gender selection in some way…and knew that this baby was going to be a GIRL.
If I am right, I would truly hope that they were honest about it for all the parents who have children of 1 sex and wish there was some way to have a child of the other sex.
If you did gender selection or IVF own up to it so that other families might benefit from options available to them

Either way…let this beautiful family be blessed with a healthy child.

Beth on

Never been a fan of Victoria Beckham or that band she was in. I hope someday I can see her smile AND show a healthy pregnant tummy.

CelebBabyLover on

Roberta- Although I disagree with you, I want you to know that I appreciated the way you commented. You said you think they did gender selection in some way, but you managed to do it in a non-accusatory way.

Anyway, my opinion is that, if they did any “gender selection” it was in the form of natural methods you can use to increase your odds of getting a certain gender (for example, certain positions, if you catch my drift, can increase the chance of concieving a particular gender).

I also don’t get why everyone has been accusing David and Victoria of having gender selection…..but yet other celebs who have two or more children of the same gender and then a child of the opposite gender don’t get accused of using gender selection to get the opposite gender.

In fact, David and Victoria are the first celebs that I’ve ever seen being accused of using gender selection. Why?

Marcia on

Three boys in a row is enough…Glad to see they are FINALLY having a girl this time but of course the most important thing is that the baby is happy & healthy! Congrats to David and “Posh Spice” Victoria.

Brittany on

I love how he says “Oh, great, we’re going to have another boy.” Honestly? Is just having a healthy child that big of a disappointment to them?

Dee on

@Mom of twins: You wanted a girl deep down, I dont think you can speak for all mothers on that topic. I have a thriving and rambunctious 8 month old and I knew the minute I found out I was pregnant it was a boy.

I refused to learn the gender and every dream I have ever had indicated a boy. The only time I even considered for a second that it could possibly be a girl was when my MIL and SIL started pining for a girl.

I couldn’t possibly picture having a girl, never could. Obviously I would love her world without end had I ended up with a she instead of a he but just so you know not every mother to be pines for a girl.

Anyways CONGRATS to the Beckhams, this lil baby is going to be one cutie pie fashionista and her brothers will dote on her for sure πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Brittany- I think that when David said they thought when they were first told it was a boy “Oh, great, we’re going to have another boy.”, he meant that they were thinking that it was great they were going to have a boy, not that they were going “Oh great,” in the sarcastic sense!

It can be very hard if not impossible at times to tell a person’s tone in writing, so I can understand why you were confused! πŸ™‚

Jillian on

Thanks CBL for interpreting David’s mind… Or did he tell you this when you were kicking soccer ball around his backyard?

karina on

i am so happy for themmm!!!!! i will giggle though if the girl grows up being a tomboy and playing soccer :))