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03/16/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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mary on

I would like to ask all the people who are against breastfeeding and or think it’s disgusting. How in the hellvin did Jesus, Allah get fed? Get over your angst and mooove on!

Jillian on

Yikes!! I am not against breastfeeding. I am also not against people having an opinion. You do realize that not everyone believes in the bible, jesus, god, etc. Just something for you to think about.

mary on

I am sorry. I do realize that not everyone does believe in Jesus, so anyone who was born before 200 years ago I ask how they were fed. I do not mean to tick anyone off. I think people should do what they feel is right for their child. I also feel that some people who live near this place are nit picking to get them out. Just my opinion.
In regards to the mom who is suing the preschool. Teaching a child, meaning your child, starts at home. I don’t believe that any specific school, at least preschool can insure you or your child a place at an Ivy league school. But I am also a firm believer that not all teachers fail at teaching. (yes you will get a teacher who is not good, but you can find one person like that in every job) Once again teaching begins at home and should end at home. I live in Wisconsin, and teachers are getting a bad rap here. It is up to the parents at making sure that their child understands what is being taught at school. It is up to the parents to make sure that their Childs homework is completed every night. It is up to the parents to make sure they have open communication with the teacher and show up at teacher’s conferences.
We have four kids, 18, 16, 10 and 6. They do not go to public school. NOT because of the teachers but because of the politics. I was a sub, I see how some of these students treat the teachers and how the system does not back the teachers and how some of the parents just don’t care. Schools don’t fail a child. It is a two way street. Primary school and secondary schools are not a daycare.

Stella Bella on

If the school said it was going to teach a certain curriculum, charged nearly $20,000 a year for the tuition and then FAILED to teach what it said it was going to, then I think the mother has a point. The headline is misleading to say the least.

Indira on

I wonder what is on a standardized test for a pre-schooler? Secondly, unless they went against the curriculum it seems that the mother should have been paying closer attention to what was going to be taught prior to enrolling her daughter.

Allie-Rose on

I understand parents want the best for their children, but that’s very high expectations for a preschooler. That mother needs to relax

Nelly on

Why is the headline for the baby video so deceiving? Not just here but all over the web. It’s one of the funniest baby videos I’ve seen in awhile and I think more people would watch it if the prompt wasn’t so negative. The baby LOVES it. The fact that the baby goes from such a terrified facial reaction to belly laughs is what makes it so funny but the prompts make it seem like we’re about to watch a poor child be scarred for life. But it’s really quite cute.

Tee on

Nursing is natural and yes, beautiful. I believe in extended nursing whenever possible. But to not sell nursing covers because you think doing so would promote the fact that you think women should cover themselves? Uh, no. Some women are modest enough to WANT to cover themselves! Some women feel it necessary!