Alyssa Milano Enjoying Her ‘Lovely Pregnancy’

03/16/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Kristin Callahan/Acepixs

Pregnancy has been nothing but smooth sailing for Alyssa Milano.

“I’ve had a lovely pregnancy. We’re due in the beginning of the fall and he’s been a pleasure to carry,” the actress, 38, tells PEOPLE at the premiere of Limitless.

She and husband David Bugliari announced earlier this week that they are expecting a son. “[We have] three boys’ names,” she explains.

“You hear so many stories about people who picked a name out and then the baby didn’t look like the name. So we’re narrowing it down when we see the child.”

However, one thing is for certain, Milano jokes — she plans to pay tribute to her husband’s roots. “We’ll go with a slightly Italian name, so that it goes with Bugliari,” she says. “So it’s not, like, Scott Bugliari.”

Raving that Bugliari will be “the most amazing father ever,” Milano reveals he is more than ready for first-time fatherhood. “I’m not afraid to have a baby, because I know he’s going to be the most amazing dad. He’s so nurturing, patient, [and] funny,” she shares.

“I’m a big believer in, no matter what you go through in life, as long as you can laugh your way through it, you’re going to be okay.”

— Jeffrey Slonim

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Ashley on

I love Alyssa and can’t wait to see her with her baby, yay ๐Ÿ™‚

josy on

Very happy for her, she looks very happy. I am due late summer and I still don’t know what im having! ugh, jealous. haha.

Cara on

I think if i’m lucky enough to have a child i hope that i will have as good a man as Alyssa has. Shee seems happy.

Sharon on

Excited for Alyssa! I’m guessing she’s due earlier than what she’s saying. If she’s due in the early fall, would that be mid-September? That would only make her around 3 and a half, possibly 4 months pregnant at the most.

Alison on

I think she’s probably due the first week of September which would put her at right around 4 months. She said on twitter that they had CVS testing and that’s usually done at 11-12 weeks, then it takes a few weeks for the results to come in, so makes sense.

Shannon on

“heโ€™s been a pleasure to carryโ€

Awww! That’s a cute thing to say. Love Alyssa!

Taneka on

May God bless the little son she carries! Blessed are those who carry son’s for their families. Very happy the Lord is giving them a boy instead of a girl.

Tee on

“He’s been a pleasure to carry.” That is so sweet!

Jeannette M. on

โ€œHeโ€™s been a pleasure to carry”, how cute is that? Pregnancy is always a wonderful time, but it’s lovely to hear it phrased like that.

@Taneka, what’s wrong with having a daughter? I have two and they’re just as marvellous as my sons, and I’m just as fortunate to have them in my life as my boys. I don’t see how a boy is more of a blessing than a girl, but maybe that’s just me.

Taneka on

We, are females, are inferior to the king’s in our lives. Men rule our world. We must bestow them with the gift of an heir. In this regard, a son is more preferred. It is my opinion that a woman should respect, listen to and obey her husband and that if I did have a daughter she would submit to these same ideals of submissive behaviors. We have grown too out of custom in our society and especially in the USA have taken on too many obligations as creatures the Lord put here to keep man company. We must be meek and humble and society is now rampant with loud, brash, objective women who seek offices in publi forums and do not put their husbands as the top priority in there lives. God wants us to cherish our husband and give him sons. Daughters can not provide but must be cared for more and watched over. Too much responsibility.

klutzy_girl on

Aww. I love Alyssa. She’s going to be an awesome mom!

Can’t wait to see what they name him.

Top on

Teneka, your parents must have been cursed to have a daughter I guess. I can’t beleive people say things like that in this day and age. A child is a blessing, male or female.

Dean on

@Taneka Girls aren’t blessings? And Alyssa is carrying the baby for her family? I don’t know what planet you’re from, but blessed are those who know the correct time to use an apostrophe.

Fernando1958 on

I’m so happy for her

Connie on

Alyssa looks radiant! Truely pregnancy agrees with her! Motherhood is a wonderful experience and I know she will enjoy it as much as I have!

Jennifer on

Awwwww U look so lovely. I wanna B pregnant awwww lol just haven’t find the right man yet hehehe…

Jeannette M. on

Well, Taneka, I’m glad that I don’t share your primitive beliefs in regards to gender equality with my children.

When I gave birth to my daughters, both their father and I were thankful for two healthy, happy babies, regardless of gender. We didn’t think “Oh no, a daughter. We must try immediately for a son to mask our disappointment.” In fact, I could never imagine myself thinking that way, especially as a woman and someone else’s daughter. Women are now equal to men, and are no longer a ‘burden’ on their families as many turn out to be well-educated, polite young women with lots of prospects ahead of them and plenty of them own their own living. I don’t know what planet or era you’re speaking from, but my daughters are just as much a blessing as each of my sons, and to call them burdens, I find that offensive.

cannotstandignorants on

Taneka- First off if you are going to be religious, learn the facts, I’m affirmative God wants you to love both your son and your daughter in the SAME way. I understand what you mean by how he’s going to carry on the name, but you need to learn that this is 2011 and that is the way it is. This means women do not have to worship the ground their husband puts foot on. Sorry but get over it, we are all human and entitled to equal opportunities, no one has to obey anyone else. Also I hate when people say this, but how are girls more of a responsibility than boys?! Are you not a female yourself? Are you calling yourself a big responsibility? You live in the 21st century, everyone is equal, male or female.

Jay on

congrats Alyssa1 your gonna be a great mom! Your #1 fan in Canada ๐Ÿ™‚

ForeverMoore on

Too funny…we only had one name that we REALLY loved and never truly considered another one…when our son was born, he just looked like a Nolan and he totally fits his name. I guess if he didn’t then we would have had to go for a backup.

london on

Forget about Taneka…this is about Alyssa and its her story…don’t be baited by people who want to switch the spotlight to themselves. They are just sad specimens!

Butterfly on

I wonder why the article says that she will pay tribute to her husband’s Italian roots by giving the baby a slightly Italian name.. isn’t Alyssa also Italian?

Barbi on

First things first: Alyssa, congratulations!! Can’t wait to meet your baby.

Taneka, don’t curse your child before she’s born – shame on you! God would truly not be proud.

Maddie on

Like most posters, I adored the line ‘he has been a pleasure to carry.’ I’m never heard pregnancy described in such a beautiful way. You can tell just how much Alyssa loves this little guy already. I’ve been a great fan of Alyssa since Charmed (ok, ok I occasionally watched Who’s The Boss? too), and always thought she would make an awesome mom! She seems so warm and sweet.

kimmie on

Please do not react to Taneka’s comments. Don’t you see that she just wants to start a fight. Who cares what she writes. I dont think she thinks what she says as such a woman would not think to put it in writing. Just ignore that bimbo completely.

Rosalie on

Aww she looks great and so happy!

Taneka- I on’t even know what to say, but something in the are of crazytown eek!

CelebBabyLover on

I love how she said “he’s been a pleasure to carry!” As for Taneka, at this point I think the best thing to do is ignore her. Clearly she just wants to get a rise out of people!

Gina on

I’m so glad fore here and here man!
She is going to be a very good mommy!

Anishka on

I think you will be a fantastic mommy!!! Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚ You gonna love it!

juju_bean on

taneka sounds like a tw@t

mila on

Jeannette, you have a right to your opinion (an opinion I agree with) but you are naive if you donโ€™t grasp that most of the world thinks like Taneka does. There are whole swathes of the world map where women are inferior and until the men in those countries decide to let women be equal like the men in the western world eventually decided to do then Taneka’s way of thinking will spread as people immigrate. I have several neighbors who feel the same way as Taneka and they live in the US but were born elsewhere. It might seem offensive to you, but your children will have to deal with it so you might want to prepare them for interacting with people from different cultures. Whining about it being offensive isn’t going to be helpful when your children go to school with immigrant children or work with foreign adults. They’ll just have to roll with it.

Alyssa is adorable, but I’ve never understood the “my kid doesn’t look like his/her name” thing. What does an Oliver look like and how does he look different than a Jackson? Does an Olivia really look different than a Harper? Oh, well people are weird when they have babies and obsess over the goofiest things. Your babies name unless unpronounceable will probably be the very smallest of their problems as they grow up but I hope Alyssa and her husband find a name they think fits.

bianca on

Taneka, your comments are highly misguided, its a shame you are obviously blinded by your religious beliefs! There would be no men on this earth without the women that give birth to them, you must have a few screws loose

bianca on

WTF taneka? u cannot be serious. go back to your cult

JM on

guys i tihnk taneka is a troll. i can’t believe that anyone still seriously thinks what she thinks in this day and age. either way it’s a disgusting thing to say but i think the best thing we can do is pay her no more attention. trolls leave when they aren’t getting attention any more.

i have two daughters, three sons and each one of them is an absolute joy. i am so happy that alyssa is so excited about her little one.

Ashley on

WOW, seriously Taneka???? Holy schnikes. A baby is a blessing no matter WHAT gender it is, what is wrong with you? So thankful I don’t subscribe to your asinine beliefs.

Again—Alyssa is stunning, I wish her and her family the best!

Toya L. on

LMAO @Taneka,
So are the men supposed to carry their family heirs?

2Little on

“I donโ€™t know what planet youโ€™re from, but blessed are those who know the correct time to use an apostrophe.”

ROTF. Greatness!!!

Melissa on

thanks for the laugh Taneka, you are crazy.

Lilianne on

Taneka’s thoughts seem to be very “Eastern” to me. I don’t know and can’t really say for sure but I do feel sorry for any female who feels inferior to a male. I am not here to serve anyone. I do take care of my husband but he takes care of me right back. It is a love and respect thing and we have that equally.

Vanessa on

Alyssa is a wonderful reminder that child “stars” do not always turn into “train wrecks”. I can only imagine this is because of her parents, so I know she will be a great mom. Taneka needs to move to Saudi Arabia or be taken out of the gene pool.

Cassie on

First and foremost – I have to agree with the majority in sayiing “he’s been a pleasure to carry” is one of the sweetest things I have ever read!! That little boy is going into a very loving family ๐Ÿ™‚

I have to agree with Mila.

While most of what Taneka said does seem outdated and unrealistic to most of us – in some cultures this is the unfortunate norm. The inferiority/inequality is very much present and is a way of life for many woman – and not by choice, but by force. I think what Tameka was saying was that it would be harder for someone to have a daughter based on her lifestyle – and she wouldn’t wish to have her daughter or any other female have to live like that.

Let’s not forget that it takes many different kinds of people to make the world go round – so please have some compassion and understanding when you hear about another culture, religion etc … you don’t have to live it, believe it – but insulting someone for something they can not help and have no say in is rather cold and callous.

kai on

I was hoping all the comments were name suggestions.

Kas on

I have always been a fan of Alyssa, loved her in Charmed especially, she looks radiant and will surely be a great mother!!! as for Taneka, if she truly believes what she writes we must just feel sorry for her, and hope that if her God gives her a daughter she manages to find some love for the child!! how awful to feel that way, a baby is a blessing!!!

Nancy on

Just remember that there ARE some Muslim clerics who are trying to enact Sharia law in the United States which is just like what Tamika described except that women are stoned to death for disobeying the men. So just keep that in mind when you want to accomodate all of these religious ideas into our culture.

MiB on

Mila, in one way I agree with you, but I don’t think the “burden of change” lies only in the men. Truth is, that the change in attitude has to start with the women; women supporting each other, women standing up for each other. I know several women from eastern countries who don’t want to change things, and change will not occur unless the one who have the most to gain from change stands up for it. Women didn’t get the right to vote because men one day woke up and sayd, hey, let’s give women right to vote. Women got the right to vote because those pesky suffragettes pestered the politicians, and because they were supported by the viwes, sisters and daughters of the politicians, and so on (this is of course a grossly simplified explanation).

Steps are taken in, for example, many middle eastern countries, where women have gained more rights and more freedom during the past 5-10 years, at least inofficially. Unfortunately the current trend seems to go towards fundamentalism (in all religions), which I fear will cause a backlash, it will in any case not help the cause.

KRS on

Taneka deserves our pity, not our censure. To have so little self-esteem…must be terrible for her. What will become of someone like her if she never bears an “heir” for that dictator she’s married to? She’s been brainwashed by her culture and religion, and that’s so damn wrong. Makes me happy and proud to be a confident, atheist mom of 2 daughters, and the wife of a happy, supportive, loving man.

Taneka on

I am a PROUD woman of God and my husband deserves my adoration. It is what men want from us. I may not have been born in the US but moving to this place in 1994 was to much to take at times because of the clothing and the forseful woman attitudes. I think women should revere men and pray every day for a son to give him. My husband is Malik the 4th and I must supply a 5th for him or I put shame to his family.Daughters must hold strong to my belief and obey ME as a mother figure and do as both me and my husband tell her.

JM on

wow taneka you are actually for real? what you said was so ridiculous that i thought you were a troll. i sincerely hope you are not passing on those views to any children (boys or girls!!) what you say is ridiculous and disgusting. it is horrible how women are treated in some countries and the sooner we can eradicate this mindset the better.

Nella on

Taneka should be blocked. Anyone who is sexist or discriminates others shouldn’t be allowed the privilege to comment on a CELEB BABIES website. After all this website has GIRL(S) AND BOY(S)children. Personally it’s offensive to have someone make such close minded comments over and over again.

Capri on

She’s so cute, love her!!! & YAY for an Italian name!!!

Krystal on

I agree with the comments about “baby looking like their name” I never really understood that.. When we chose a name for our daughter we picked Vivienne Nathalie and my step mother asked “well what if she gets here and she doesn’t look like a Vivienne??” I asked her what Vivienne’s look like… I think babies look like whatever they are named… My husbands name is David (product of the early ’80’s) which is a very popular name, so which one of them really looks like a “David”…

Jillian on

Just ignore her…..

Taneka on

I never say I hated girls. I just say I prefer sons to pass on my husband’s family name and bring honor to him. We come to this country to have rights so why can I not speak my mind?

KayeT on

This thing with Taneka is hilarious for me for a number of scientific reasons:

1. All babies regardless of genetics start out as female. Babies become male only if hormones coded for by the Y chromosome are produced. Genetically male people can exist as females due to these hormones being absent or by being insensitive to them.
2. An X chromosome is vital to life. No person can exist without one. People can exist without Y chromosomes and males can have two X chromosomes as well.
3. Studies have shown that girls are favoured in times of stress. A women’s body will selectively promote a female pregnancy over a male one for survival.
4. The Y chromosome is 98 percent inactive, it is essentially genetic scar tissue, that is, it is a devolved chromosome.
5. It is the male gametes that determine gender.

JM on

taneka, you came to america to have rights and yet you deny your daughter rights? that makes no sense.

this is getting ridiculous.
anyway, i do kind of understand saying that a baby doesn’t look like a name. i think it may just be more that when you see your baby you feel the name doesn’t fit – not that every david looks the same. same thing happened with my cousin. my aunt and uncle had a name picked out and when she was born they said they just couldn’t see her with that name. ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s weird, i agree but it happens sometimes…

Holley Booth on

Alyssa is only one day older than I am, so I am very happy for her and her husband. A baby and a wonderful husband to share a life with is a wonderful gift for Alyssa and all the hard work she has done since she was young is paying off for her. I hope she has a wonderful life in the future with her family. Many blessings Alyssa!!

KRS on

Taneka, this country that you’ve come to is a country of FREEDOM and EQUALITY, or at least it’s supposed to be. Please don’t try to infect it with your ass-backward ideas that have no place in this century or this country. I’m all for having an opinion, but yours sounds dangerously oppressive, and has no place in the West. NOT COOL!


A proud, strong Mom of 2 daughters

FC on

I’m so happy for her and David. I can’t wait to find out what Italian name they give their little guy once he arrives. ๐Ÿ™‚

RB on

Actually, Taneka has her culture, it is her right to live like she wants due to her religion. Unfortunately, women give birth to the children unless the men in the USA will substitute them. They also have a right like Ricky Martin or others with sexual inversions. World without God is a world of devil.

JM on

RB, your post doesn’t make much sense but saying that people shouldn’t interfere in cases of religion is very dangerous. in many cultures around the world women are oppressed and mistreated and i don’t care what label you put on it, it is wrong! and something should be done about it.

your last statement is just weird, “world without god is world of the devil”, well my world doesn’t have god in it and i’m doing just fine, no one oppressed in my household…

Jillian on

RB, my world doesn’t have god or the devil! Have you seen what this world looks like? Just curious….

Momof4 on

I like Alyssa, so happy for her and her husband ๐Ÿ™‚

Tina on

Congrats to Alyssa! She’s such a cutie and look so beautiful pregnant. I looked like a blimp!

As for Teneka…

You came to this country for freedom, did you not? And for the right to hold your beliefs, no matter what they are, and probably to escape oppression. That said, why bring the oppression suffered by women in your home country here… and pass it onto your daughters? It seems to me it defeats the purpose for coming to the United States.

This country is the great melting pot. Sounds to me like you don’t want to melt. You want to stand out and expect Americans living in our country to bow to your beliefs and customs — and it evens sounds like you are trying to educate us on how we should be. Believe what you want. Do what you want. But you’ve insulted American women in your posts. If you don’t like us, you can feel free to go home. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re a nice person, but in this country we are all created equal. It’s part of our government and our law. If you don’t like it… as I said…

I just LOVE it when foreigners want to live here, but want to make the USA like their country.

As a final thought… I feel sorry for your daughters. I hope the submissiveness you put into them won’t make them prey to abusive men.

Taneka on

The male is the revered person in the world. I do not understand why you american woman do not see this? Why such hypocrisy? You also name your sons after your husbands to HONOR him yet you do not name your daughters after yourself? do you no see how this is a sign that a man is held above a woman? why is my wanting to give my husband the son he requires as his namesake so wrong? You can name your son Bobby Jr. or Hank IV but I cant do the same without my belief being condemned. Women have a role as a mother and should not be allowed to speak out or hold positions of power in this country because we are emotive creatures who man should watch over and protect. We were not made to go out into the world and work and socialize.

Ally on

So what the ho is having a baby…who really cares!! Freaking boring

KRS on

Taneka, I don’t think it’s your comments about namesakes or the desire for a son that are the cause for concern…it’s your attitude about girls and women that are just so totally outrageous. By all means, worship and adore your husband, but for gosh sakes take care to make sure you’ve married a man who worships and adores you back. Sounds like you’ve dragged your beliefs/culture/religion with you to North America when you should have left them behind in the move. On behalf of myself, my daughters, my Mom and all my female friends, relatives and countrywomen…shame on you for condemning us all to a life of oppression!

Anonymous on

ally, that’s what they said when you were pregnant

B.R on

The sad part is I have worked in too many countries where people think and live like Taneka has said. I seen women leave their first born daughter out on the street for the dog or whom ever to take. Sadly enough even in my country at the time of my birth it was looked down upon to have your first born a girl. But my dad always told me I was a gift specially made for him, cause his whole life he wanted nothing more then a little baby girl that was as beautiful as her mom, cause my mom was the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He loved each and every one of us boy or girl, he was just happy to have healthy children yet most of his friends and co workers didn’t understand his happiness of a first born girl.

Taneka be a proud women first, then be a proud women of God. Cause what you are teaching your children is hate.

A.C on


Apparently, your views are simply not accepted by most of us here and more importantly majority of the world we live in today. Before you ask other people to see the “truth” and “accept”, perhaps you and your people (of your belief) should try to understand?

CN on

I am so thrilled for Alyssa and her husband. I still watch reruns of Charmed to this day and Alyssa and Holly still make me laugh..I think they’re great. Congratulations Alyssa and may your family’s future be bright and full of love. That is one little boy who’ll know what true love is xxx

Donna on

Thrilled for Alyssa and sad for Taneka!