Kyra Phillips, John Roberts Welcome Twins Sage Ann and Kellan Clay

03/15/2011 at 10:45 AM ET
Courtesy Phillips-Roberts Family

Breaking news — the Phillips-Roberts babies have arrived!

CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips, 42, and her fiancée, Fox News senior national correspondent John Roberts, 54, welcomed fraternal twins just after midnight on Tuesday, March 15, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

Daughter Sage Ann arrived first at 12:03 a.m., weighing in at 5 lbs., 15 oz. and 18½ inches long. Son Kellan Clay followed shortly thereafter at 12:05 a.m., also weighing in at 5 lbs., 15 oz. and 18½ inches long.

“It was amazing to welcome them to the world. It was a long road to get here, but they are absolutely beautiful little people,” the couple said in a statement. “It’s incredible to be able to hold them in our arms and love them in person.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Jeannette M. on

Wow, they didn’t waste any time getting the news and a picture out, did they?

Lovely names, especially Sage, so congratulations to the couple and their families! 🙂

Belsey on

Proof that CNN and Fox can get along! Ha! Congrats on the babies…

Amanda on

Happy for them but again, fiancee’ and not married, espically at there age having twins, come on.

Traci on

Congrats. They are absolutely beautiful bundles of joy!!

Jeannette M. on

Amanda, you do realise that being a child born out of wedlock isn’t the worst thing to happen these days? Plus, they are getting married. Maybe they wanted their kids at the wedding, or she didn’t want to get married while pregnant with twins? You don’t know them personally.

And as for the age thing, she’s 42 and he’s 54. I’m sure they have a lot of life left in them, it’s not like they’re in their 70s and popping kids out. A lot of older parents are more mature and experienced than younger ones.

Halley on

I am thrilled for them, and could care less that they arent married, but I do find it funny that they are unmarried and he works for Fox News. Its kind of ironic.

Aly on

So happy for them. I miss John on CNN, wondered what happened to him. Now I know…Fox News. Still love ya John :).

Jessica on

It does not matter whether they are married or engaged. At their age, they are clearly a committed couple ready to raise two beautiful children not that it is anyones business anyways. Can you not just be happy for them at this wonderful time in their lives.

Lacey on

It would have be neat to have one born before midnight and than the other after, that way they have separate birthdays. I love the names Sage and Clay.

allison on

Amanda- learn proper grammar before passing judgments about relationships and age.

Jessica on

Congratulations to them both! We share the same birthday. 🙂 I absolutely love their names; Sage and Kellan. Best wishes to the new family!

Melissa on

I am agreeing with Jeannette…I had my first baby @ 38 and I am not married either. To each their own, and Congrats to the new parents. They look so happy!

Kara on

The twins were the exact same size! 5 lbs, 15 oz, 18.5 inches long… how cool!

Joyce Zoumas on

Congratulations. I’ve been a fan of you both for years. Wishing you all the best. Love the names. Enjoy.

Susan on

Advanced Maternal Age (42) + not married and pregnant = she intentionally became pregnant and told him her birth control failed….
High Paying Job + pregnant with FRATERNAL twins = she could afford to tell a doctor that she experienced infertility and could pay for treatments that, so commonly, result in FRATERNAL twins….
All of this is just another example of the many, many FRATERNAL twins being born recently by ???infertile??? women with the cash to be “fashionable” now. Didn’t anyone ever take note that nearly all of these twins are FRATERNAL and not identical??? Infertility results in FRATERNAL twins and very rarely an identical…..Fraternal twins are the multiple eggs that are inserted into the woman…identical twins cannot be planned they are a result of one egg amount of money can be thrown at a doctor to produce identicals! Identicals are the truly unique twins…fraternals are no more genetically alike than any given siblings. From a mother of IDENTICAL twins

Lynn on

he went to FOX!!

Patty on

Jeannette M, in defense of Amanda, you do realize that no matter what the world tells you is o.k. or not o.k., we are accountable to God for our behavior. All that aside, it has been proven time and again that children are indeed affected and feel badly about themselves when they grow a little older and have difficult coming to terms with the fact that their parents were not married. That alone is a good reason to do what is best for THEM.

momof3girls on

I would like someone to explain to me why it is so important to be legally married? Here’s how I see it, marriage is a contract that can cost alot of money to get in to if you make the choice to have a large expensive wedding and it can cost alot to get out of as well. Having a marriage certificate does not mean that you will not struggle financially, you will not deal with STD’s, that you will not be alone, that your children will have two great parents…etc. etc….I was married when I got pregnant and had my first child, we’re divorced and he never had anything to do with our daughter and I very very rarely received child support. My friend had a child without being married, they are no longer together, he has always paid his child support and been an active part of their daughter’s life. It’s 2011 people, women can support themselves and raise children on their own, it’s not like it was back in the ’50’s.

Marilyn on

They are the same weight and length – that’s unusual. I wonder if they knew the gender of the babies beforehand (I hadn’t heard what they were having but with twins, it seems people usually know the sex before they are born, at least with the celebrities we’ve watched).

rdavis on

They look like grandparents instead of parents. So ridiculous. Why can’t people just adopt. Why aren’t they married? People who are just dropping kids out of wedlock are lowering standards ruining society.

Helen on

Another child out of wedlock. Some in society has given up on morals and think these types of things are cute. However, if you dislike it and have an opinion you’re accused of being judgmental.It appears that a certain segment feels that even the constitutional right of freedom of speech is only for those who agree with THEM. How far some have fallen into decay.

Jeannette M. on

Patty, you do realise that while you may believe in God, I do not so I don’t believe that I will be judged. I believe that the Bible is a work of fiction, and it means no more to me than Harry Potter.

And even so, having children in wedlock doesn’t guarantee good morals. I believe that marriage has no significance to a lot of couples anyway, hence the huge divorce rate. Some people get married just for the sake of it, and so they can plan a huge event. Not everyone gets married for love. Those children, whether or not their parents end up married or don’t, will be loved and cherished and I don’t believe marriage has to play a part in it.

@momof3girls, what an excellently phrased post!

Jennifer on

Susan, Mom of Identical Twins – What is your problem? You are so ignorant about infertility that is in painful. Why in the world would you assume someone uses IVF to be “fashionable”? And why would you possibly think that your twins are more special than anyone else’s? It is stunning that you obviously have so much anger about this issue. Get a life.

Anonymous on

Susan- you’re an idiot!

Anonymous on

I don’t condone having babies out of wedlock. I also think it’s a bogus arguement that because some obviously unhealthy marriages end in divorce, therefore all marriage is worthless is simply ridiculous. The fact is that people don’t honor marriage and commitment as they should, and too many people jump into getting married without ever taking the responsibilty seriously. I don’t think that all divorce is wrong, and in SOME cases is best for all involved. That being said, there are far too many divorces/children being born out of wedlock these days. And for those who argue that it doesn’t matter, most child psychiatrists worth their salt will disagree.

Ellen on

Susan you do realize that the chance of having twins increases with age. Oh yes and there is genetics involved too. Not everyone who has fraternal twins uses fertility treatments. I have a friend who when in her late twenties had 2 sets of fraternal twins – no help from fertility drugs. Perhaps you shouldn’t judge or assume…you n=know what they say!

Karen on

Precious photo! Now get married!

Laura on

Susan- Fraternal twins can occur naturally……It is not your place to judge whether she “paid” for her babies or not. Plus, even if she did have infertility treatments there is no way to guarantee twins.

From a mom of fraternal twins.

Lori on

@ Susan, I am the mother of fraternal twin girls, NATURALLY CONCEIVED with absolutely no medical intervention whatsoever. Fraternal twins are, indeed, conceived the old-fashioned way, and are not exclusive to infertile women undergoing fertility treatments. Our twins were followed by their also-naturally-conceived younger brothers in singleton pregnancies. So, fraternal twins are born to FERTILE women under the age of 40 as well. As for being “unique,” well, isn’t that we want for each of our children? For them to be unique and individual, with their own gifts to offer the world?

Anonymous on

On the off chance that we perhaps don’t know them personally, their story, or the road that led to their having twins, perhaps we could lay off the judgement. I think that’s something God could agree on as well.

Barb on

Apparently Susan isn’t aware of the fact that as a woman gets older, the natural chance of releasing two eggs at one time goes up, resulting in fraternal twins. My grandmother gave birth to my mother right before her 45th birthday–no IVF involved. Many women continue to be fertile naturally into their mid to late 40’s–hence the term “change of life” baby. Not everyone fits into a cookie cutter description.

martina on

These people are in a committed relationship. A piece of paper has not prevented anyone from fighting, cheating, being bad parents or splitting up.

And the age comments… I really find them disgusting. Everybody has different circumstances. One woman can be a wonderful mother at 20, another one at 40. End of story.

annachestnut on

Ageism exists per some of these posts. I am an older mother as was my own mother. I enjoyed my mother’s company for 45 years!

Paula on

Wow Susan you are extremely ignorant. Just because someone has twins that are not identical doesn’t mean they had IVF and even if they did, who the heck care. I went thru IVF to get my beautiful children and I’m not rich. I hope your children grow up to be totally different than you and that they didn’t inherent your ignorant ways.

elysummers on

Awww, that is so sweet. They make a great couple and I’m sure they will be fantastic parents. I don’t believe they used any type of fertility treatments. Sometimes good things just happen. 🙂

Me on

You can suck it! I have 5 children & my last 2 were fraternal boy/girl twins & guess what? I conceived them naturally & I was 28!!! Oh, & all of our children were made in wedlock, we aren’t on welfare~never have been, & I didn’t need any help getting them here. Why do you think you are so damn special or that your children are just because they are identical? Screw you! If that is the only thing you have in your pathetic to brag about then you are just sad! FYI, my twins are extremely close~~~as are ALL five of my children!

dsfg on

Patty, the reason children born out of wedlock feel that way is probably because people like Amanda say things to make them feel badly about themselves!

Becky P. on

Don’t know that much about them, but would like to say congrats to them..I don’t care if they are married or not, that isn’t a sure sign of being a good parent..I had a Mom and Dad that were married and that sure didn’t make my “Dad” a real Dad..

As for twins, there are four sets of twins in my family, none were because of IVF..There is one set of twins that is boy/girl and their Mom didn’t take anything to have them…So, yes Susan, twins are born natural..

jane on

“All that aside, it has been proven time and again that children are indeed affected and feel badly about themselves when they grow a little older and have difficult coming to terms with the fact that their parents were not married. That alone is a good reason to do what is best for THEM.”
Patty, you are full of it.

jane on

“People who are just dropping kids out of wedlock are lowering standards ruining society.”

Like divorce, murder and adultery doesnt????
Its not kids out of wedlock which have occurred for centuries.
get over yourselves people.

Sara on

Well, it is not so strange that fox and cnn have come together…cnn sold out on news reporting right after the 2008 election when they decided to not only keep the election going but to go after faux news ratings.

Sweetiepie on

I hate to think of the long term effects of fertility treatments on the children AND on the mothers

Paula on

Susan you just have no clue!!!

Kris on

I know because shotgun weddings are the answer! Goodness who cares if they are married/not married. It surely isn’t my business and certainly not any of yours. Congrats on the beautiful babies created by IVF or not.

Lisa on

Id rather see two mature, financially responsible, loving people like this having babies than whack jobs like Alexis Stewart, Mariah Carey, Rachel Zoe, Britney Spears, etc. Those are the people that make me wonder wtf.

Kelly on

Is it ever possible to just say “Congratulations” to the happy parents without people passing judgements? Who cares about whether they are getting married? And the age thing really doesn’t matter that much anymore.
I say Congratulations to the happy couple! Good Luck with your new bundles of joy.

anna on

How is it possible that they were born 2 minutes apart?
Just like that,one after another,wow

Marlee on

LOL Lori!!! Love your post.

Congrats to the new parents on their precious new babies. I think it’s very cool that they were born the same size.

Who cares if the parents are married? It’s such an archaic way of thinking. Families come in many different forms… What matters is that those babies are brought up in a loving environment. I know many people that grew up in unhappy MARRIED households. It’s not a tonic.

Tamara Tami on

They are not setting a good example as role models for the younger ones and teens watching the news or reading this blog. Morals are Morals and it is because of some of your viewpoints these kids think the way they do. Let’s just have as much sex as we want and if we get preggers we just get an abortion or get engaged for 8 months just to get the heat off us and then break up! You all that don’t believe in marriage are a bunch of single ugly women who no one ever really wanted trying to make excuses for having 3 daughters to raise alone with no HUSBAND mostly due to your sorry lack in judgment of men!

cindy on

I am 40 and have had 2 sets of fraternal twins naturally..Dont assume its always fertility treatments. My first set came at 35 and second set came at 39.

Krystal on

SUSAN : I am 26 and had FRATERNAL twins, naturally. Just because she had fraternal twins doesn’t mean that she had fertility treatments.
So get of your high horse about having identical twins naturally – I had fraternal twins naturally..was in labor for 20 hours… had both of them vaginally…and they were an hour apart. Just because you had identical twins doesn’t make you special.

Sherrie on

It’s amazing that people are arguing over the personal choice that someone made. None of us know of the reason why they are still unmarried. Why not let us be happy that two healthy babies were brought into the world and pray for the families in Japan, some of whom may have lost babies in the earthquake and tsunami. Let us not loose sight of what is important here people.

Congrats to the obviously happy parents.

showbizmom on

This is happy news! Congrats to the happy FAMILY. Can I just get a Amen, from those of us that are normal, well adjusted people that have morals and values and were raised in a unconventional home?

For you judgmental ‘Christans’ lets read the following and then take stock of your own relationship with God.
luke 3:67
Matthew 7:1-5
John 7:24
Ephesians 4:29 ( my personal favorite, I tell my girls)
James 4:12
Helpful Not Helpful
2 Peter 1:5-7
1 Peter 3:8-12

These are just starters. Guess what the good ole Bible is full of stories, quotes, what have you, about how you the one judging is in NO WAY inheriting the kingdom of God if you keep this up. Just sayin…….


Christine North on


Ajie on

Congrats to the lovely couple! Why can’t people just be happy for others instead of being haters.
@ Jeannette M. I’m with you Sista, I believe man created God not the other way around. To each his own, if religion brings someone comfort and peace, go for it!

Sandy on

I remember John Roberts from his days as a radio announcer in Toronto. Back then he was JD Roberts. Married Deannie Becker and had a couple of kids. That was twenty something years ago.

Anonymous on

Who gives a crap if these people are married or not, used IVF or not? They have been blessed with 2 beautiful and healthy babies, can’t we just congratulate them on that?

Geez people……….Worry about your own problems.

hawktchr on

It amazes me that these days, children aren’t the commitment marriage is…

truehurt on

More Fox babies this year!

Kelly on

JD Roberts had babies! Wow.

Glad to see two people finally seeing their dreams come true. You can have great careers and feel fulfilled, but you realize that bringing life in to the world is such an accomplishment and such an amazing joy. Congratulations!

Melissa on

OMG! Susan you are an idiot! I had my faternal twins at 38 with no fertility issues! and I am not married to their father even though we are in a relationship and both care deeply for our babies!

UnwedtowedMomof2 on

Some of you people are completely ridiculous! I had two beautiful daughters, with the same man, before we were married and it made no difference to anyone. We got married when the time was right for us and I’m sure, if this couple gets married, it will be when the time is right for them.

As for fraternal twins only being born to women who have undergone infertility treatments, well, that’s very close to the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. Twins, FRATERNAL twins, run in my family. We’re good ovulators :). And it’s never been the result of a fertility treatment.

Jeez people. Can’t anyone be happy for anyone else without having something negative to say? Is this truly what we have come to? It’s sad. Very, very, sad.

Sara on

What a sweet family! Sage is wearing the same hat I got my daughter from Tweetlebug Boutique! Congrats to them!

bebi on

I wish they would stop allowing comments on this site. It has gotten completely out of hand. As Vickie from the RHOC would say “the fun is gone”. LOL.

Lady on

Wow, people on this site neverrrrrr cease to amaze me with the stupidty of their comments…it’s gotten so ridiculous. I miss CELEBRITY BABY BLOG…where comments were monitored & screened.

Anyways, congrats to the happy couple, cute names!!!

Julie on

Susan, you are an idiot. Who cares if they did IVF? I did it and I have a beautiful baby girl because of it. Thank GOD for IVF otherwise as an “infertile” woman, I wouldn’t have a child at all. I am not a rich person but you make sacrifices for the things you want in life. If she did IVF or some other sort of fertility treatment, I can assure you it wasn’t a walk in the park. Fertility treatments are very stressful. Get a life and educate yourself before you go running your mouth again!!

Congrats to you both. Fertility treatments or not, what a blessing!!

Kim on

I don’t care what has been said. Everybody who is just judging every aspect of these two and their babies just shut it. Let’s focus on the fact that they have just brought two little lives into the world. It is a wonderful, beautiful moment. Keep your mouths shut and let them absorb the moment. Whether there is judgement to be passed is not for us to deliver. Leave them alone.

Christi on

That’s awesome congratulations! Now the fun begins!

Christi on

@Susan – Wow! I had fraternal twins naturally! It is perfectly natural to conceive fraternal twins and that doesn’t make them any less because they’re not identical! I’m a very proud mother of two amazing fraternal twins who are the light of my life.

Jen on

Hey, I’m not married and I have a set of boy/girl twins and we are doing just fine. Try granting people divorces 5 days and week and see if you get jaded from marriage.

beccamore on

Should it really matter to anyone other than the mother and father of these precious babies? How they were concieved or being married or not. It is not up to me to judge them, I see it as a gift rather than a shame. They will care for and love their babies and as I see it, that’s all that matters.

Anonymous on

susan, shut the hell up!!!! it is none of yours or anyone elses business if they had infertility treatments!

Karen on

Congratulations to the couple on their baby…here’s to all mothers and fathers..regardless of age, method of conception, it is a blessing to become a parent especially when it is so wanted!

mp on

Having had my one child as a teen, I applaud Kyra and John for being older parents. They’ll have a lot more patience than I did.

Kaitlyn on

Every time I come to read an article on People’s Moms & Babies page, there are huge arguments in the comments, usually started by someone criticizing an unwed mother. Such incredibly judgy people here–makes me sad. As a Christian, I am embarrassed for those who profess the same yet don’t understand the concept of judge no lest ye be judged, tolerance, and understanding.

poisoniv on

CONGRATS! Such lovely news!

…I wonder what Mike Huckabee has to say about them not being married. Sorry- I couldn’t resist.

Kris on


I have a wonderful husband but a piece of paper doesn’t define what we have! Welcome to 2011!

kat on

@Amanda re: their ages

Yeah, you’re right, it would be much better for two high school dropout, unemployed, immature, unstable married 17-yr-olds to have the kids, rather than two higly-educated, mature, wealthy, successful, engaged adults.

Tyler on

Congrats to Jon and Kyra. I am about to have twins (B/G) and the baby hats help distringuish each baby very well.

Does anyone know where I can get that newborn hospital hat with the flower on it like baby Sage is wearing?

Thank you

Just My Opinion on

Why do people think that having kids and not married, really makes a differnece? I known of people that married, had children after they married and are no longer together. What’s the difference? Oh, the child isn’t label a “bastard”? Who walks around asking kids if thier parents are married or not? I don’t, and that’s now of anyones business. The most important thing is that you love your children, incondtionally and that you try and be the best parents you can. I know people who’s mom & dad was married, but having them two together was a good experience for the kids.

Di on

I have to say that some of you have taken the joy out of what is a very special time for Krya & John………

I am delighted in wishing them all the best……..I have seen many a person who were married that have ruined their kids lives………married or not isn’t what makes a good parent……

truehurt on

People on Fox should NOT be allowed to have kids, married or not.

Marlee on

“You all that don’t believe in marriage are a bunch of single ugly women who no one ever really wanted trying to make excuses for having 3 daughters to raise alone with no HUSBAND mostly due to your sorry lack in judgment of men!”

This comment is a joke – right?

Embracing alternative families – same-sex couples, unmarried parents, single parents, etc. – does not necessarily imply a lack of belief in marriage.

I happen to be married 13 years with four children. That’s my story. But I certainly respect and embrace those who are going about raising children in different ways that have different stories than mine.

What I think would be harmful, in terms of parenting, would be to raise a child with the hateful, narrow-minded rhetoric put forth by the original poster I quote above.

Toya L. on

Awww Congratulations to them!!

Minami86 on

I do believe in marriage & I want to be married but that doesnt do crap for kids if the relationship isnt good. I’m almost 25 & I still remember the fights, lack of attention & my mom being a single parent in a marriage because she wanted us to have our dad around. Well he wasnt. Plus he was a bully over things & he only bothered me when mom wasnt around because he was a punk. When I was 17 & we moved, she finally divorced him. Now he’s being remorseful & trying to be a parent when I’m grown.

Every relationship is different so if someone is happily committed without the binds of marriage, I dont judge them because of how I was raised. I think I would have had a better childhood of my parents had divorced sooner & been happier apart. If the marriage isnt healthy, it affects the children just as a good marriage would. I’m not letting what happened between then rule my personal life though.

That being said, congrats to the new parents! I love the names!!

Republican Hypocrisy on

Hey Mike Huckabee, what do you have to say about 2 of your co-workers having children out of wedlock?

Hi on

showbizmom- Luke 3:67 doesn’t exist. What did you really mean?
As for the rest of your comment, my personal interpretation of the Bible is that we’re meant to love everyone and be accepting of them, but we shouldn’t encourage immortality. Just look at your favorite verse. Don’t say anything corrupt (example, it’s totally fine to have kids out of wedlock) but say nice things (example, I’m so glad they’ve found happiness, and it’s clear these children will be loved) without judging.

Hi on

Wow, I’m very happy for them! These children will clearly be very much loved.

Cecelia on

I’ll never understand why people get so up in arms about a relationships that don’t even concern them.

Casey on

I love Kyra, and couldn’t be more happy for her and John! Those of you who want to judge need to look at your own selves…none of us are perfect last time I checked. They’ve been blessed with two beautiful babies and it’s obvious how happy they are, so let them live their life the way they want.

Casey on

I love Kyra, and couldn’t be more happy for her and John! Those of you who want to judge need to worry about your own selves…last time I checked none of you were perfect. They’ve been blessed with two beautiful babies who will doubt grow up in a very loving home…let them live their life and leave them alone.

dsfg on

Tamara, where are YOUR morals? You just referred to unwed mothers as ugly women that no one ever wanted . . .

And it is not their job to be role models.

B.J. on

Love the name Sage! Congrats to the new parents.

Who cares if they’re married? To borrow from Joni Mitchell, “we don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall keeping us tied and true.” (music lyrics are my Bible)

Jane on

Too bad, I wish I could add my comment about the whole not married issue (sarcasm) but there are so many up on that high pedestal that I might get injured when it comes crashing down with all the judgmental statements. Congratulations on TWO healthy babies!!! Is that not what matters here?

E on

Susan, I’m afraid your comments come across as quite ignorant. A woman’s chance of having fraternal twins does increase with age, as many people on here have pointed out. On the flip side, as part of my training for my medical degree I spent a week with a midwife on my obs and gynae rotation. One of our patients was a woman in her 20s who had had IVF where 2 embryos had implanted. However, one of these went on to split, so she ended up with triplets, 2 of whom were identical twins! You just can’t make a call on someone’s fertility or the route they go down to conceive without knowing the facts.

Jennifer on

WOW. I have serious doubts about the mental health of MOST, if not all of you. Crazies…

K on

Tamara, your comment was SO out of line and it is DISGUSTING.

mks on

All of these comments attacking Kyra, John and their family are getting ridiculous. Just because they are an unmarried couple (albeit engaged) who had children later in life doesn’t mean they are doing anything wrong and it’s not going to hurt the kids so you need to get over yourselves if you ask me.

And I love how a lot of posters are assuming that they used IVF treatments to get pregnant when that is not even suggested in the article. My grandma gave birth to my aunt when she was almost 47 and my grandpa was 52 without any sort of fertility treatments almost 20 years after the birth of her next youngest child. Fertility can be a funny business in some cases and we have no idea what the circumstances are with them so who is anyone to judge them. They have two beautiful babies who I’m sure they will love unconditionally and that’s all that matters.

I love the names as well; unique but not unusual or odd.

truehurt on

We don’t NEED any MORE Fox News babies this year.

Mom Of Twins on

I believe in marriage, I’m just not married. My parents were married and still together until my dad passed away in 1991. Was I ever, I’m not saying. The most important thing is that my children know how much I love them, and would do anything to protect them. Because they aren’t in a two parent home, isn’t a factor. I don’t want to send the message to my children that because mom/dad isn’t in the home, things can’t be done. It make take a little more effort on the parent with the children, but they didn’t aske to be born. So why should they have less? My kids and I still take vacations together, I attend school trips, etc.

Sara O. on

To all u judgmental jerks, Amanda, Patty, Rdavis, Helen, Tamara.. I was married to my two older children father for 6 years. I wasn’t happy but for my kids sake I put up with him only to find out I was with a even bigger jerk then I realized. Wont go into details. My point is u dont know them or what there lives have been like and marriage before babies doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. Its there right leave them be. I’m happy now with my new babies dad more then I have ever been. Guess what were not married. About the comment stating “we are accountable to God for our behavior” Screw that u know why? He dont exist… Its all a bunch of BS…. Mommieof3 and Jennette and all the other non judgmental ones love ur posts…

Luna on

Why don’t i read comments about marriage in posts with Brad Pitt and Angelina? At least i don’t remember.

Elena on

Sage and Kellan are nice names. I am glad there are a few more Sage’s around. I might even add one to the crowd 🙂

Nicky on

Sandy, JD didn’t marry Jeanne Beker, it was another man by the name of Bob Magee

JD just did the new music and muchmusic with Jeanne

Taylor on

@truehurt-just because you don’t agree with their politics doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have kids. Do you think every Republican should be banned from reproducing?

I love their names, they are unique without being something they will get made fun of for later in life. Congratulations!

Jeannette M. on

Thank you, Sara O, Melissa and Ajie.

I don’t mean to keep coming back to this post put it irks me when people do not respect other peoples beliefs. Some people believe in God and want marriage, some people don’t. Even though religion and marriage isn’t for me, I’m still genuinely happy and pleased for other people on their wedding days or baptisms, etc.

It’s ridiculous to think that one size fits all, that we all should be a heterosexual couple who marry and have children. It doesn’t always work like that, and it annoys me when people insult or disrespect somebody because that person doesn’t follow the same lifestyle that they do, if I make sense. I say if it works for them, congratulations. If your way works for you, congratulations. One isn’t better than the other, as long as everyone is happy, as I’m sure this family will be, regardless of marriage or their age. And I’d much rather see two well rounded, mature, educated human beings of 42 and 54 bring two beautiful children into this world than a teen parent who isn’t able to cope (that being sad, I know some wonderful teen parents, so I’m not judging the group as a whole).

And @Luna, I too have noticed a double standard on this website. It’s incredibly sad.

Erika on

Yay for everyone who brought politics and morals into this! You just proved to all of us that you have no lives. I hope that *you* are unable to reproduce, if you want to play that game, rather than news anchors from whatever stations.

Congratulations to them! The twins are beautiful babies, and I like the names! If the first was born just a few minutes earlier, they would have had different birthdays!

Alice on

Oh wow. Just wow. Corruption, ruining society, low morals… I thought such opinions were a myth. I mean, don’t steal, don’t lie and stuff, yeah, but don’t have children that you can afford and love because you haven’t made a promise that you know you can break anytime, never before. Interesting.

Congratulations to the couple, anyway!!!

B.J. on

Had to re-read comments, and Tamara gave me a good laugh: “You all that don’t believe in marriage are a bunch of single ugly women who no one ever really wanted trying to make excuses for having 3 daughters to raise alone with no HUSBAND mostly due to your sorry lack in judgment of men!”

I’m a former model, happily single (I enjoy freedom), and a lesbian. You’re wrong on so many levels, it’s comical.

Lacey on

You women are nuts.

Wayne Dempster on

Congratulation’s Kywa & John On the arrival’s a You’re TWO Beautiful BUNDLES(Sage)&(Kellen)a JOY, HOPE the 4 a use have many many years a Happiness Together 🙂

~S~ on

Congratulations to the proud parents! Healthy, full term beautiful babies – what a blessing! Where are some of these comments comming from?

Susan – I see it’s already been explained to you that women are more likely to release two (or more) eggs in their monthly cycle as they age. I was lucky enough to naturally conceive frat twins at 34, and I think they are pretty special, thank you very much. You did get one thing right – they are no more genetically similar to each other than they are to their big sister. One twin and the big sis are redheads and wear the same size clothing, my singleton is small for her age and the twin is way off the height chart – as a result most people think the redheds are the twins. All three of my girls think this is hysterical and have lots of fun with it.

But I digress… you are so interested in fertility treatments you should take a few minutes to educate yourslef on them so you don’t sound so ridiculous. FYI – women in their 20s & 30s also use fertility treatments, including IVF, and many of them have singletons – frat twins is not a “sign” of IVF.

Tamara – where did your assumptions come from??! I am a married woman (yes – married before I was knocked up! lol) and I couldn’t care less if the parents are married or not. It’s none of my business. We will teach our children that there are many types of families. We will teach them to value the people in those families regardless of their makeup, their legal status, sex, race, whatever else including how their babies were conceived. ; )

Liz on

Congratulations Kyra and John love the names.You are both blessed,

From Elizabeth

Tisha on

Congratulations to the happy couple. Every new life is a blessing from God.

I don’t normally comment on here but I had to say something to those bashing single parenthood. I was raised by my mother and have turned out fine. My brother and I had a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, and lots of love. We are not emotional wrecks just because we didn’t have both parents in our house. I’m all for marriage as long as it’s based on love, trust, and respect.

meredith on

Does CNN still record her loud farts and dirty mouth while she sits on the toilet? Curious minds want to know…

Joanne on

wow, such an ignorant comment from a fellow twin mom. So all fraternal twins are the result of IVF? Hmmm does that mean my GRANDMOTHER IN RURAL IRELAND DID IVF TO HAVE MY UNCLES???
Oh and just so you know Susan, IVF actually increases the chances of an egg splitting so maybe people are assuming that you did IVF. Doesnt feel good to be judged like that, does it???

Kerri on

Congratulations to you both on the birth of your twins. The names are lovely! I have identical twin girls (my 5th & 6th babies & born in 2000). Their names are Saige & Claire! My 7th was born in 2003.

Sage on

It amazes me that people say it’s ok for children to be born in wedlock. No wonder the next generation is messed up. It’s the lack of morals people have these days……..

HayleyB on

Sage and Kellan are beautiful names for two beautiful children. Congratulations to their parents & may their sweet twins bring them much happiness and joy!

Also, just weighing in here on the marriage issue — child psychologists will agree that having two separate homes with two loving divorced parents is much healthier for a child than living with parents who try to stay together and bicker all the time. Having two separate HAPPY parents is much more beneficial to having two parents in the same home who are unhappy. On that note – having only ONE parent who is involved is also much healthier than having an absentee parent and MANY single mothers and father do a tremendous job of balancing it all to the benefit of their child(ren).

Marriage may be the right choice for some couples, but not for others – and no one should be “forced” into it, nor should people judge others choices. Their life – their path – their journey – their choice.

There are MANY different types of families these days and frankly all that matters is the child is loved and cared for. A good parent raises their child to be a secure, independent, open-minded, free-thinking, well-balanced and compassionate person.

amandamay on

To those using God as a reason to spew hate, ignorance, and judgement on unwed mothers, I’d like to say this:

I’m an unwed mother. I believe in God. God loves ALL people, not just the people who YOU deem “appropriate”. Jesus loved lepers and prostitutes, so I’m pretty sure an unwed mother wouldn’t have thrown him for a loop 🙂 God is love. Try it sometime!

Clara on

Here we go again, another Halle, Padma, etc. Can we all say custody battle, anyone?

MiB on

Susan, considering that you are a mother of identical twins (and probably have to spend a good deal very annoying time having to tell yet more people that you didn’t have fertility treatments) you seem a bit ignorant about the fact that the most common form of twins has always been fraternal, even long before there were any fertility treatments. The rate of identical twins is 3.5 per 1000 births and is more or less universal, the rate of fraternal twins varies between 6 per 1000 births in Japan (the lowest among the countries for which there are statistics) to 45 per 1000 births in Nigeria (where fertility aid is scarce). Also, most IVF treatmensts today result in singletons as fewer eggs are inserted today than there were just even a couple of years ago.

can't remember what name I used last time on

Luna, there have been comments about marriage in some but not all Brad and Angie posts. However, I never see these comments in the Naomi Watts and Liev Scrieber (sp?) posts or the occasional Don Cheadle and Bridgid Coulter posts. They refer to each other as husband and wife but never married and have two teenaged daughters. My philosophy is that if you believe in marriage then go right ahead and marry but leave the ones who don’t alone.

Nancy on

To those complaining about Mike Huckabee’s comments: I wished he wouldnt have used Natalie Portman as an example but his whole statement was factual. I just read information from the census bureau stating that 69 percent of single parent households where the mother never married are in poverty or near the poverty line. So that is a concern because our country is running out of money to fund every entitlement under the sun.

Secondly, if not for Fox news, there would be NO conservative voice on tv and by the way, it has the highest rated shows of any of the others.

Wolf Schneider on

Maybe that’s why John left CNN. BUT then again John on FOX and having a Baby out of wedlock?? That will get the conservative FOX followers tongue wagging.
ANYWAY… I’m very happy for both of you!

Canadian Koukla on

Congratulations! So proud of the success of this “Toronto” boy!!!!!

Sherry on

Congratulations to John and Kyra having these beautifull babies. Ignore all of these negative comments. My husband and I watch you daily, but John,.. we miss you. We can’t watch both channels. Come baaaaaaaaack. Enjoy your life together with your beautiful children.

Jamie on

So glad to see so many on this post still feel that children being born out of wedlock is not the best thing for them! Of course, there are those who turn out fine after being raised by a single parent; however, for those who ignore the research on this (that kids born out of wedlock tend to have more issues, more likely to be raised in poverty, etc.) – you are being ignorant! Also, though it is true that the older you are, the more likely for twins (my own mother had twins naturally in her 40s), the truth is most of these older celebrity moms had IVF. And finally, although IVF is a great invention, I really wish more people, including those WITHOUT fertility problems, would adopt! IVF is so hard on a woman’s body and recent research shows children born from IVF tend to have more difficulties. Yes, most are born fine, but statistically speaking, they are more likely to have issues (again, check the research). I am sure years from now, we will start seeing the negative effects bear out more.

TJ on

My mother-in-law was 45 when she got pregnant with my husband,my grandma was pregnant the same time my mom was….not so unusual.

Amanda on

OK, I’ll have to lower my life expectations and assume that I am completely wrong for feeling marriage should come first as all you other people are right…thanks for correcting me and making sure that I am not aloud to have an opinion and yours is right.

Grace on

@Amanda: First of all, the correct word is “allowed” not “aloud.” Secondly, yes you are ALLOWED to have an opinion, just as other people are allowed to voice their opinions as well. You’re childish remarks seem to be implying that you should be able to express your opinion and no one else should be able to say they disagree. Which is exaactly what you’re accusing other peoople of doing. You’re being a hypocrite.

Corrie on

Kaitlyn, I appreciate your comment…thank you for being a voice of reason for us non-ignorant, non-judgmental Christians out there who aren’t throwing stones!

Ernest T Bass on

Talk about getting your honey where you make your money! YE Ha! Oh, congratulations to you both.

Amanda on

Grace, your right…I’m wrong…period.

Amanda on

@Grace – also there is a HUGE difference between me and people like say you, I don’t lamb bash them for having an opinion, I never said anything about anyone’s opinion on this site, and you call me a hypocrite?

Lena on

Maybe the reason they aren’t married is because his divorce hasn’t finalized? Who knows. Or maybe they want to keep their money separate just in case it doesn’t work out? It’s their choice… But seems kind of wishy washy behavior for grown adults who planned to have kids together.

And I think the name Sage is pretentious. Lots of people seem to be using it these days, but it just rubs me the wrong way.

Jillian on

And those who don’t believe in marriage, Amanda, should lower their standards, and assume they are wrong for feeling marriage isn’t necessary and you are right. You are playing the victim card Amanda. So sad.

CJ on

I’m a single mom. 3 kids, oldest is 13. left my ex 1 1/2 ago. WAY, WAY, easier as a single parent. no question. and, the added bonus of no one yelling at any of us, telling us we are stupid, fat, etc. no one blaming us for everything under the sun.

i hope my children see, that marriage isn’t THE answer. and that yes you can; do it by yourself and be very, very happy.

oh, and congrats to the happy family 🙂

Amanda on

Ok I’m throwing in the white flag; I can’t have an opinion…which I might add I said nothing about anyone else’s opinion. Just that marriage doesn’t seem important anymore, a valid opinion I should be allowed to have. Fine, surrender.

What wonderful, fantastic news. Congrats on your double bundle of joy (so is every happy now?).

Kit Kat on

People in the media and celebrities seem to set examples to younger ladies and gentlemen. Where is the married family ideals that were honored by our parents and grandparents? If you care enough to bed down with someone and have children – why not marry? This applies to many media and celebrity personalities.

Jillian on

Amanda, Who said you can’t have an opinion? I have not seen one person say it. I took your statement and changed the words and you surrender. Victim…victim…victim.

Amanda on

OK, I guess I can’t make Jillian happy…please Jillian be happy for a change.

OK I’ll try this…marriage is a stone age idea, who needs it. Heck, as long as their “engaged” that’s commitment enough, or who even needs that anymore.

Amanda on

p.s. you do realize I’m sitting here typing and laughing right?

I actually really don’t care what other people do and how they live their lives.

Instant Karma on

“wow” people because he’s on fox doesn’t make him a holy roller for crying out loud talk about ignorance and stereo typing people. FOX is for fair and balanced reporting Noting to do with faith!

John Fullerton on

I guess John can not keep his pecker in his pants. he already has kids from a prvious marriage. At 54 his too old for this.

Instant Karma on

I think many of you jumped on the hate “Amanda” train because you are mean spirited…She obviously believes in traditional values period…Those correcting her spelling and use of words are pitiful. who made you the hall monitor? I have known many women whom have said emphatically marriage was not important to them however, each and every time a man asked them to marry him they all said yes!The very first man! Really many of you protest to much..I think you’re blowing smoke up some skirts…

Mary Buckley on

Congratulations to both of you. You look just so thrilled. Everybody up here in Canada wish you all the best. Miss you John on CNN (don’t watch Fox) and miss you Kyra every morning at 9.

erikka on

To all you nags out there that want to bitch and moan about “not being married yet” and having babies, what day and age do you live in??? I say go find a big one and BITE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric J. Chambers on

Congrats to my dear friend and former colleague Kyra and her fiance’ John. I am so happy to hear about your double bundle of joy! How excellent! I wish you both nothing but joy! Kyra, it seems like just yesterday you were interning with me in San Diego in the early 90’s when I edited your first anchor demo. Now look at you! In People Magazine! Who knew?!

JeannieVee on

So happy for them 🙂 I can’t believe the comments on here about married..not married or even whether they had help to get pregnant and age. It is wonderful they had their babies and I have no doubt will give them an awesome home. You don’t want to have babies out of wedlock, thats great and we respect that but don’t criticize their choices.

Tara on

I concieved natural fraternal twins at 36…..Watch out ladies…after 35 your chances of having natural twins GOES WAY UP!!!!! Nobody warned me, I already had a child too. Don’t be stupid to think they’re IVF. A lot of older mommies have natural twins!!! **A LOT**

Good for her for keeping them in for so long….mine were 5.11 and 5.12 boy/girl…it was agony! Good job KYRA for bringing healthy natural twins into this world:) Just like me:)

Anonymous on

Congratulations! What great sized twins. We rarely saw babies that close in size at our hospital!

As a mother pregnant with fraternal twins due to IVF, who cares how they conceived?! That is their business. In our case, we physically HAVE to go through IVF to have a biological child. We considered adoption, but it wasn’t right for us at this time. If it weren’t for IVF, we would not have any biological children. Oh, and I was 24 and my husband was 28 with our first. We did not have the money, but thankfully were blessed with it at the right time to afford the costly treatment. My body will never be the same from all the drugs I’ve had to take, but it is so worth it to hold my child/children! If you have no other option, you will do whatever it takes/costs!

Maria Santiago on

To older for had the babies why had the babies now they go a be a grandparent ok

pammie on

I remember watching JD Roberts, sorry John Roberts, while he was a VJ on MuchMusic Canada doing the infamous show…..THE POWER HOUR!!! Hope his twins like metal! Congrats!

Ronda on

Those are cute babies! Happy they are here healthy and family looks very happy. Congrats to them!

Debbie on

Well, my parents were married. Not once did either ever tell me they loved me. I never heard them say they loved each other. I have felt unwanted my entire life. Having married parents does not mean that a child will be loved. I honestly can’t figure out why they didn’t divorce. I am more screwed up than these kids will probably ever be.

Karen on

You really know nothing about infertility. Some people have IVF & put back 1 egg & it splits giving them identical twins!

Jillian on

Me not happy? Ha! Just because you are so upset that people won’t agree with you…..has nothing to do with me and my happiness. I would never let my happiness be determined by someone on a blog. You must be joking. You are so consumed with being the martyr you can’t have a conversation like everyone else. That is sad.

Amanda on

Wow what beautiful names and amazing that their exactly the same weight & height! I’ve never heard of that before.

cathy on

congratulations! gorgeous babies! i remember jd roberts from way back in his citytv days in toronto canada.all the best to your new family!

GF on


Kathy D. on

Congrats to the happy family! Let’s wish them the best and pray for God’s blessings for John, Kyra and their babies!

Judi on

#1. I am happy that the babies were born healthy!
#2. I will pray for all of the people who do not believe in God!!
#3. I wish the parents good luck, as I for one would not want to be giving birth/raising children at their age!

Elin on

Susan-mother of twins…..some info about twins..Identical twins are when the eggs splits, you’re right it just happens, no Dr can “make” identical twins….BUT fraternal twins are the twins people have when twins “run” in a family (heredity)they usually skip a generation. ALL fraternal twins that are born without invitro are due to heredity. So not all the people having fraternal twins used invitro.

Kathy on

Congratulations to the happy couple. I really miss John on CNN too, not crazy about Christine Romans. Fox news got a great employee. Love you John!

ELC on

Lots of good luck to the family. Its always nice to hear good news.
Have lots of years of fun with the twins-they are beautiful.

Alice on

I just want to correct something about Anonymous’s claim that “research” suggests a link between having kids out of wedlock and poverty and issues for these kids.

You have to make a differance between correlation and causation. These studies are not surprising since you would think careless teenagers, or poorer people (possibly uneducated about birth control), would tend to have more kids out of wedlock, “accidents” as they say. They are correlated because it is more common in these backgrounds to have children out of wedlock.

So the conclusion would be: having a child when you’re not ready or can’t afford it is detrimental to the child. How surprising.
It doesn’t mean in ANY way that the fact of the parents being unmarried has an influence on the child.



Betty on

Congradulations on twins! and healthy at that! May the life as a family only become more filled with love, and devotion to GOD, as you all walk in HIS light.
Be well.

Alicia on

“Marriage” doesn’t have to mean a legally binding contract. If two people are devoted to each other and remain a couple all their lives without a marriage license, is that such a bad thing? Would you rather have people be legally married and get divorced every two years when they find a new spouse? As long as the couple is devoted to each other, than that is marriage. And for you Bible thumpers, in the Bible, there is no difference between sex and marriage. God never gave Adam and Eve a marriage certificate. The only requirement is that the couple stays with each other.

HOWEVER, I don’t get why people decide to get married AFTER having children. Either get married before, or don’t get married at all. What’s the point in having a big ceremony when you already have kids and live together?

Alli on

what happy looking grandparents.

Armida on

Congratulations! What a blessing that God has granted the both of you.

You will sit in judgment in the eyes of God, not any human, and certainly not anyone who opines negatively towards your union or your beautiful babies. Any true Christian understands that. God bless your family.

isiel on

ilove to hear about twins.
i am a twin also

My brother weighed 7 lb I was 4 1/2 lb
later on in life I caught up to him
he is skinny & I am fluffy.we are very close although he lives in the west so we mostly chat on the phone.He did make it home to celabrate our 60 th birthday & our older sister’s 65 th
We are all born in june “gemini twins”
enjoy your twins!!

i was4.1/2 ls

Gloria on

I find some of these comments outrageous. We ALL have freedom of speech, but it always seems to upset the left more, when the right gives their opinion. Why is that? The Constitution gives us ALL freedom of speech! It doesn’t matter how ignorant your speech is!

The babies are beautiful!

Sue on

Congrat to the parents of two beautiful babies.

The twins will thrive and be loved by two intelligent,

well educated, mature adults. What a blessing!!

Barbara Fowler on

Congratulations to Kyra and John. I love both of them. I followed
John for years on CBS, then to CNN and will stay with him on Fox. I
think Kyra is a beautiful and talented lady. I am glad they fell in
love, had babies and look forward to them having a long and happy
marriage. I know they will be a loving caring family that will make
us all proud. Good luck.

Jane Brownley on

Congratulations to 2 of my favorite anchors. Sorry, I won’t be seeing John anymore–I don’t watch Fox.

Mira on

Kellan is okay, but Sage is pretty stupid, especially as a girl’s name. They should’ve gone for Rosemary if they like spices so much.

Heather on

WOW can’t we all just get along????

Anonymous on

Congratulations on two beautiful, healthy little bundles of joy!

Dee on

wow, those babies are pretty big for twins! They are adorable…good luck!

Michele on

Congrats on the birth of your two cute twin babies! They are two lucky little ones! All the more power to you that you had them while you weren;t married! At least you decided to have them! They are precious and I am very happy for you! I wish you all the best! Good luck and Congrats on the birth of your babies!

Momma on

Congratulations to the four of them!

I myself come from a large family where fertility is NO problem. In my family there are 2 different sets of fraternal twins from the same mother and the first set was born when she was only 17, NO FERTILTIY TREATMENTS! She had her 3rd child 1 year later NO FERTILTIY TREATMENTS! She had her 2nd of fraternal twins babies 4 & 5 within a year and half after NO FERTILTIY TREATMENTS! As for not being married, Amanda honey I will tell you what it ISN’T up to you or ANYONE to judge how other people live their lives. I myseld am NOT married but I have 2 of ther MOST precious children you will have EVER met. They are VERY polite and respectful because they know that their father and I will correct them if they act ANYTHING but because we have raised them with respect. I have 2 other siblings whom have a child with each spouse my sister was married 4 times, 4 kids all different fathers my brother has been married 7 times and has 5 kids all different mothers. My boyfriend if that is what you want to call him and I have been together for 24 years and have our 2 children and guess what, our relationship has lasted longer than all of my brother and sisters marriages combined and if you ask ANYONE in our family whose has the better behaved children, they will tell you that him and I do. Including my brother and sister.

Momma on

I think EVERYONE is entitled to their OWN opinion. So far nearly everyone whom has posted about this, oh holy wow, get a grip! To the person whom posted about God not giving Adam and Eve a marriage certificate and keep quoting the bible, keep on reading until you find where it says in the bible that in order to make Him happy we must follow the law of man which means we are to have that piece of paper. Amanda no one is telling you that you are not entitled to an opinion but the way you came off in your original posting DOES sound judgmental of others and those of you that are lambasting Amanda, lay off. If we want to critique everything that ANYONE says and does expecially her grammer and spelling, PLEASE edit your OWN before doing so. And remember what you are telling her JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!

Momma on

p.s. on my first post we do argue just like everyone else. My wonderful MOTHER-IN-LAW as I call her because we have a FANTASTIC relationship, told us one time after being together for 10 years and started talking about and planning our wedding, DON’T try to fix something that isn’t broke. WE love each other just the same and do everything that other married couples do like family vaacations and such we have joint accounts for our finances and credit cards and we own real estate so just because we arent marries doesnt mean we are poor and from the low side of the tracks. That comment DID offend me because EVERYONE is different and so are their beliefs although they might be similar in accordance. I LOVE GOD! He has awesome and amazing power but I DO NOT judge ANYONE based on anything other than how they act because it DOES say in the bible JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. As for all of the uproar STOP IT! We don’t know their beliefs. We all sit here and say this when the ONLY thing that we SHOULD be saying is CONGRATULATIONS!

Nicky on

Susan – infertility is not about being “fashionable.” There are so many people having fraternal twins these days because with IVF they generally recommend putting 2-3 embryos back just to achieve a single pregnancy. I did it several times with no results just to have a single child and would have loved to have two babies “take” so that my child could have a sibling. At the age of 42 she wouldn’t have had to “lie” to a doctor and “claim” infertility to get treatments. And P.S. sometimes the infertility can be on the man’s side and extrodinary measures are the only way to overcome that. I’m glad that you have “natural” twins, try to be happy for those who aren’t as lucky as you.

Billie Luman on

Congratulations Kyra and John !!!
Love the names you chose!
My daughter Selina was born on March 15, 1959!

May I add that you two are my favorite couple on TV, especially Kyra!!!
I have watched Kyra since she came to CNN!
Love,love Kyra!!!!
John, sorry you are at Fox, but I might be able to catch you now and then!!!

God Bless ALL

marissa on

wow don’t know them

CG on

Congratulations!! Such cuties!!!

Twins can be genetic, not just due to IVF’s. Runs on my father’s side. His mother was a twin (fraternal) and even her father was a twin. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have IVF’s in 1908 when my grandmother was born. My aunt (father’s sister) has a set of fraternal twin boys born in late 1960’s. My father’s cousin has fraternal twin girls also. Talk to your OB and get the facts right before making judgements. And the older we women get the higher the chances of conceiving fraternal twins as our body-ovaries- prepare for the next chapter in our lives.

Jen P on

We all don’t have a right to judge others, and usually those who judge are just insecure!

My friend had to do IVF and she has identical twin girls, Susan I don’t think you have your facts right.

Congrats to Kyra and John!! I LOVE the names Sage and Kellan!

Rikka on

Wow. Out of curiousity I read comments, for the first time. So many biased, judgmental, hard herted people making comments.

Both news anchors have proven themselves to be al around good people throughout their careers and this is what they get for deciding to share a life and family together? Wow. I am from a very Catholic family where my aunt tried to conceive (successfully) at 42 prior to her 2nd marriage due to her fear of running out of time. Her first husband decided he did not want children. My older sister had IVF at 38 because she had some blocked tube problems and they had the money to do it. She had a boy and a girl. What we cannot be sure of is if the IVF gave her the boy/girl twins or the fact that my family history shows boy/girl twins EVERY generation. My brother and sister, a set of cousins and 2 sets of 2nd cousins are as well.

I, probably like Kyra, have been waiting for the right man and I guarantee you that if I have to use IVF in next couple years when finally mtg someone, God will be just fine with my decision. Shouldn’t the beauty and love of having children be something He wants for all? Especially if you will be great parents and are CHOOSING to bring them into the world. I’ll be 43 in a week and I look much younger with all my systems working the same as always. I have 12 neices and nephews and there is still more love and guidance inside to give.

Use your judgments on yourself and the people who have children when they should not even be allowed to be near a child. I am very happy for them. Their 4 lives will be very blessed and full.

ladyluck on

Wow why cant people be positive and focus on the good here, they are a couple in love been granted gift of two beautiful children and who cares how they got here and who care if they are married or not. They are obviously committed to each other but does not make them less of a parent if not married. People judge too often. I myself experience infertility and love reading about the joys of parenthood and never judge. I do not even judge single mothers who want to be come parents by donor sperm, who cares, they will be good parents no matter what as they are educated, hard working and if thats what they want it may not be natural but god still allows it and granted these medical scientists to help those in need

child of unwed parents on

First Congratultions on the birth of your children,

second: why are comments allowed that are so mean spirited, i am the child of unwed parents, does that mean i should not be here or that i shouldn;t have any comment i should hide in a corner somewhere, my parents did marry when i was about 6 weeks old, and had 5 more children, in marriage, lets see there are 6 of us only one born without benfit of marriage we have all gone to college, I must admit I can not spell to save my life, however i don’t think that is because i was born out of wedlock, i think i am just a terrible speller, 2 of my brothers are doctors who deliver babies everyday with or without the benfit of the parents being married, two of my sisters have twins that are not idential and they had no help in getting them, other than the natural way of getting pregnant

I truly hope that those of you who have judged do not live in glass house’s and if someone was to look into your house or closets there are no secrets to be told, better look closely before judging others

Karen & Domingo on

Congrats Kyra & John on the arrival of Sage & Kellan…They are so cute and you two will be great parents…Hope to see them sometime…

Judy on

Sure got a lot of judgemental people out there….married or not…its NOT your business…

that said: The babies are beautiful and the smiles of the parents tell the whole story..may each chapter of this “story” be as beautiful as it is now..

AGAIN: no more judging…you are not ‘God” nor can you speak for such a divine don’t!

MominMacomb on

Does anyone in the spotlight get married before starting a family anymore? This countries morals and values have certainly gone down the drain!

Mary mixon on

We have a line of alpaca newborn items . Would like to send a gift to Kyra. Anyone know best way to contact her?

Shirl on

Congratulations to everyone! Really miss John on CNN! Fox News, really John?

Bob on

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer, hard-working couple. John’s Canadian friends are especially proud.

RPJ on

Why do these celebrites say they are engaged if they don’t plan to get married? What is wrong with going to the courthouse and getting the relationship legalized. Doesn’t take but 30 minutes. Max. They don’t impress anyone. If they care enough about each other to plan a pregnancy, then why not care enough about the legitimacy of the babies, they created?

Debby LeBlanc on

I am so happy for you both. Belated congratulations to you! You “done did good”, as they say. I have been following both your careers for a while now. I guess I became intrigued while watching you guys on CNN. I googled you both and found out that John was born in Toronto and was a fellow Canadian. I admired your bravery when you covered the war in Iraq.
Kyra, you look fantastic, by the way! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I appreciate how hard you work to deliver the news. Good luck to you and your babies and may God bless all of you!