Johan and Henry Samuel Get a Haircut!

03/15/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Johan and Henry – Flynet (2)

Look who’s growing up!

As if they couldn’t get any cuter, Seal and Heidi Klum‘s little boys cut their signature curly locks for shorter (and adorable!) new ‘dos just in time for spring. Johan, 4, chose a closely shaved style, while Henry, 5ยฝ, opted for a mini fro.

We guess it runs in the family. Dad Seal keeps a bald head year round, while their model mamaย debuted a shaggy bob around this time last year.

TELL US: What do you think of their new hairstyles?

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stephaie on

looking good boys easy to take care of the hair now forget the hair is gone

Joyce on

so cute! but they were cute before too ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

finally! they look beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Miu on

Beautiful boys! I like their new hair `dos.

Terri on


Alli on

These boys are so adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kayla on

They have adorable faces and now you can really see them. I can only imagine how much cooler this will be for warmer weather and easy to care for. Cute!

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

there boys are so adorable!! and on a side note i miss the Affleck girls! where are they?!

bex on

So sad! I loved their hair!

Mina on

Henry looks better. His hair was too nappy. Johan looks good either way, but his curls were adorable.


I miss Johan’s curls…but Henry so desperately needed a haircut. They are growing up into handsome little men…awwwwww

B.J. on

Such beautiful boys! I’ll admit, I’m going to miss Johan’s curls!

KEM on

I will miss Johan’s curls. However, he still is handsome without. Henry too is still handsome with or without, but the close crop looks better.

Emilia on

I definitely vote for this new look – fantastic! To me they look a lot more handsome with the short hair.

h on

beautiful children with hair and without hair, but Johan’s curls were just adorable.
This picture really shows how much Henry looks like Seal and how much Johan is a dark male version of Leni ( which makes him look like his mother)

so cute….

Jeannette M. on

I agree, h, little Johan looks just like his Mum while Henry looks just like his Dad. It’s uncanny!

As for the haircuts, I did think Henry needed a trim, but I’m going to miss Johan’s mane of curls. My little boy is six and his is just the same, and I think it’s gorgeous. Luckily, he loves having “Lion hair” too, as I don’t think I could bear to cut it.

They’re still absolutely beautiful boys regardless of their hairstyles though. Both are going to break hearts one day, that’s for sure! ๐Ÿ˜€

kyleighmom on

They are toooooooo cute!!!!! That hair was hiding how cute they really are. LOVE IT!!!

daniela on

I miss Johan’s curls. And although I love Henry’s do better now, it just makes him look so grown up. Regardless they are adorable boys!

meme on

Of course they are still cute…but I loved their hair before.

Anonymous on

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! their hair was beautiful, why did they do that to them!!!!

Chris on

If they are happy, then I am happy! It should not matter what we think! It is their hair and they should be able to choose to wear it however they deem fit. Having said that, they are adorable boys no matter what they choose!

JMO on

I love it!! They look so more grown up! And now you can really see Lou and Johan really resemeble each other!

giftbox on

Johan is more “conventionally” cute but Henry is really quite handsome himself, and the new haircut underscores that. Both boys are a gorgeous combo of their parents.

Mary on

Now they look like the boys they are.

M on

Cute, but I LOVED their hair before the cut!


The Afflecks are in Atlanta – they have been around town at shows, aquarium etc

Georgina on

Theyre both adorable! I agree now you can see their faces. Bath time is going to be a lot quicker now!

Its odd how one boy is all mum and one is all dad, like Britneys boys or the Afflect girls. If Lou looks like Seal then each parent will have a male and female mini me! What more could you want in life!

Clementine on

They both rocked the afro, but I definitely think Johan looks wonderful with the close shave! I preferred Henry with the afro though.

j on

Henry has a curly fade, not mini afro.
Both cute though.

Romy on

they look so cute

Selene on

I hate to sound like my Grandmother, but now we can see their beautiful faces.
Henry is so handsome, just like his dad.

With Johan maybe it was a next step hair cut, he’s no longer the cute baby boy, now he’s the cute little boy.

Sam on

Sooo cute! Love Johan’s beautiful big eyes. Henry is a big boy and so much like Seal.

Crystal on

I think this is the case of a white woman marrying a black man and not being able to take care of the mixed children’s hair that comes out of this paring. I love Heidi and Seal but AA hair is so different from White people’s hair that they don’t know how to deal with it. What’s the next best thing? Cut it off! The boys look cute!

Indira on

I know everyone goes wild over Johan but, Henry is going to be so handsome when he grows up! He’s such a little man already.

Indira on

Mina- Too “nappy” excuse me?

Henry had the more ‘African’ hair of the two so it doesn’t shock me that people here didn’t care for it..shame. I thought it was as beautiful as Johan’s looser curls…

Brooke on

I was in the minority but I loved their curls.

Crimpe on

I agree with Indira and Brooke 100%.

Niche on

Beautiful children regardless of their hairstyles. But the haircuts aren’t completely done. Boys hairlines are usually shaped, lined, and edged up. Just wait til a professional finishes up the job! Talk about handsome little boys WOW!!!

And to MINA… you were completely out of line! You are part of the problem in this world, specifically this country. His hair was too “nappy”?!? Are you kidding me?! There is nothing wrong with NATURAL HAIR and wearing it the way it was given. Those who conform to societies standards of not beautiful and not good enough are pressured by people like you. You must live a sad, uncultured life. I for one would jump on the opportunity to critique your appearance and other posters like you. I’ll continue to stand by the theory that those that nitpick and point out differences in others as negatives really weren’t genuinely loved as a child nor do they live happy lives. And for you to say that about a child, a black child at that, I feel sorry for you and I hope thats not what you’re teaching your children.

Shani..... on

Indira……I AGREE WITH YOU 100%…

Mina, you are IGNORANT! All these comments comparing Johan’s curls to Henry curls……are TACKY……


CelebBabyLover on

Manal from Jordan Middle East!- A lot of people were complaining that the Affleck girls were on this site nearly every day. I’m guessing that maybe PEOPLE finally decided to focus on the Afflecks a little less since so many people were complaining.

As for the Samuel boys….they look so grown-up now! Henry reminds me a bit of Usher’s oldest boy in that picture. And Johan is a male version of Lou and Leni!

Nella on

I also loved the curls, although they look very cute now too! Either way they’re both adorable little boys. Johan looks like Heidi and Henry looks like Seal.

Siana on

OMG they so look so much like my friend’s two nephews, they’re identical

Janna on

Crystal, why would you even say something like that?

You think that there are no “white” people who can manage to learn how to care for “black” hair? What an idiotic statement!

You’ve basically said that this woman cut off her children’s hair because she couldn’t learn (or couldn’t be bothered with learning) how to care for it? Mighty presumptuous of you, internet know-it-all.

JM on

what saddens me is the amount of people here suggesting that because they are boys this was the “proper” haircut for them to have all along. “now they look like the boys they are” – really?? to the people who think this, do you call yourself adults? because you have extremely childish and ignorant attitudes. it’s a shame that it’s such attitudes from adults who pass them on to their children that ensure that children who stray slightly from the norm are bullied. if your kids hear you talking that way about boys with long hair then they will think it’s not normal for a boy to have long hair. are you really proud of that?

anyway, i tihnk the boys are adorable no matter what. i thought they both looked lovely before and to be honest if they had been my boys probably would have kept it that way just because i really think it suited them (unless of course they wanted to have it cut). either way though they are handsome and look lovely.

jen on

What the heck does Heidi’s race have anything to do with it?
I’m offended that you seem to think someone who is white is completely stupid as to not be able to “care for” hair that may be different than their own. Heidi isn’t an idiot and last I checked, Seal is just as much a parent to the boys as Heidi – what Heidi may not know, her husband would have surely taught her (or she would have learned elsewhere from other sources as well). Yes, African-American hair may have different texture, needs, etc. than Caucasian hair, but to bring their mother’s race into it is irrelevant.

dsfg on

Crystal, they have nannies to do the hair. And they had that same hairstyle for years and took care of it then, so what makes you think all of a sudden Heidi couldn’t take care of their hair anymore?

MiB on

I think it’s funny, but Henry seems to be one of those people who’s face change depending on the hair cut. I have always thought him sweet, but I really like his new hair cut.

Sydney on

I loved both their curls! Henry’s hair was such an unusual colour and texture combination, I thought it was breathtaking, Johan’s dark loose curls were equally stunning.

Lady on

Ew some people so are disgusting, people like you Crystal!!

It’s not that hard to “learn” how to take care of hair, so ignorant!

Olivia on

They are cute either way, though I love the curls.

Some of these comments…grrr! I’m white and my husband is black, and even though my daughter’s hair is different from mine, I am capable of learning how to care for it. I think one reason some people think caucasian mothers don’t know how to take care of their biracial children’s hair is because we often choose to work with the child’s natural hair instead of keeping it short for boys or in braids/extensions/flat ironed for girls. Some people call that nappy (what an ugly word), but I think it’s great to let children’s hair be natural.

Sierra on

As much as I don’t completely agree 100% with Crystal’s statement, I can kind of see what she is trying to say. When dealing with a mixed race child, there is a chance that the child can have African-American textured hair or they can have Caucasian textured hair. When a mixed race child has thicker, kinkier hair- it is sometimes harder to take care of it. If someone isn’t used to doing African American hair, then yeah they might find it harder to deal with and take care of. But I’m going to have to disagree with Crystal and say that Heidi is not uncapable of learning how to do their hair. Look at Angelina Jolie- she adopted an African-American girl and she does her hair just fine.

bebi on

what i find so funny is that very few people commented on mina but several are commenting on crystal. comedy! again, people take their comments so overboard, this is a site about people & their kids. keep it fun. keep the demeaning & insulting comments to yourselves. gosh!

btw, super cute kids with or without haircuts :).

Amanda on

Wow does Henry look like father! It’s just hair, it’ll grow back…but very cute on the boys!

leanne on

I love how this is to comment on hair and it turns into a face debate. Newflash: These kids are MIXED. They have African characteristics and White characteristics. Can’t we all get along? Goodness!!

jen on

Bebi – Mina’s comment was equally as off-base to me in equating “nappy” hair with being undesirable. It’s thinking like that that perpetuates racism. Hair is hair. One type is no better than any other and the way we culturally “esteem” certain types of hair over others is a form of racism. We often perpetuate racism by focusing on things other than the racism itself (ie. culturally it is somehow more acceptable to be critical of one’s hair versus blatantly being critical of race) – (disclosure: I teach classes in how race/gender/etc. gets portrayed in media and how racism/sexism gets insidiously perpetuated by subtle discourse such as what’s being discussed on this board.)

Also, people should be aware that the word “nappy” has negative, often offensive connotations (in American culture at least) – even if it is not personally offensive to one person, it is important to look at the broader cultural context of a word to realize it has been historically offensive.

At any rate, I find it interesting and telling that these comments are made regarding these children. They got friggin’ haircuts! It is sad to me that the lens of race has been used to interpret the “reasons” behind such haircuts.

tlm on

I like short hair on little boys … and big boys too! Just do … don’t give a flip if they are blue, beige, green, pink or black or their hair is blond, brown, black or purple. Doesn’t matter one bit. They are beautiful, adorable little boys!! Race shouldn’t enter in to anything, anytime or anyplace. We are all human race … maybe exception would be the couple of monkeys who made idiotic comments.

Amber on

“Look at Angelina Jolie- she adopted an African-American girl and she does her hair just fine”

LOL. She’s not African-American. She was born in Ethiopia.

daniela on

bebi – I saw Mina’s comment but I chose to ignore it , my blood was boiling and I was afraid I would go off on some tirade. lol. And how do you really respond to someone so ignorant? And even if you do, she’s so ignorant she just won’t get it and it wont make a difference anyway.

JM on

can i just ask, what is “nappy” hair? i have never heard of this term before. nappy to me is something you put on a baby before it is potty trained.

nelly on

I too ignored MS MINA’S comment a lot of people hide behind the anonymity of the internet and say many off putting things that they know nothing about or they wouldnt dare say in public or to the person’s face so let her carry on and for your information MINA nothing is wrong with Henry’s hair…and MINA becareful of what your children or grandchildren bring to your house in the future it might end up looking like what you dont like…#mytwocents

nettrice on

I didn’t ignore Mina’s comment (“too nappy”). I wondered why it took so long before someone pointed out how mean-sprited and ignorant it was. It took TOO LONG. Anyway, nappy, kinky, course, African or whatever people call it it is not as valued as curly, silky, or straight hair textures. I can’t stand double standards and based on what I’ve seen in the majority of the comments posted here there are plenty of people who would rather maintain the status quo than change.

Chuckling on

โ€œLook at Angelina Jolie- she adopted an African-American girl and she does her hair just fineโ€

LOL. Sheโ€™s not African-American. She was born in Ethiopia.

This made me laugh…the last time I checked, Ethiopia was in Africa. Because Zahara was adopted by an American citizen, she is also an American citizen, so I think referring to her as African-American is pretty much on target.


I’m Puerto Rican and I think they have Puerto Rican textured hair like Lala Vasquez and Rosie Perez. I’m sure that Seal is responsible for cutting his sons hair.


We should contact the Editor of this blog and tell them we are sick and tired of this troll Mina/Crystal constantly making dumb references about African American children. We can all put a stop to it today once and for all.!

Crystal on

Dawn-Why must I be a troll? I wasn’t trying to offend anyone. I understand why people would be upset with my words. However, they are just that……..words! It’s my opinion. Name calling is immature. Let’s be adult about this. I do believe that the boy’s hair was getting to hard to control so they cut it off because it’s easier. I am not trying to make this a Black/White issue. If anyone is offended by my post I apologize. I was simply stating my opinion. Nothing more. Nothing less.

kai on

those two are growing up to be SO handsome, and tall, I bet. I’m German myself and while I can’t stand Heidi, I always thought it was cute/cool that she gave her half-black son, who I guess is growing up as an American, such an old-school German name like Johan. (Sidenote: This might sound totally idiotic. There just isn’t a lot of cultural/ethnical variety where I live, however you put it)

Also, even more random: Does anyone have a picture of Seal with hair? Can’t remember ever seeing him not-bald. I guess he likes things practical:)

dsfg on

“I am not trying to make this a Black/White issue.”‘

Crystal, if you aren’t trying to make this a racial issue, then why did you bring up Heidi, Seal, and their childrens’ races? I’m sure you can’t answer that. And that’s because you’re full of it.

Jillian on

Why must people name call to try and get their point across? It doesn’t work and it makes you look very immature. Grow up, suck it up and get your point across without name calling.

Ri J on

@ bebi- we had the exact same thought!

sulze on

they may had flews in kindergarten? hope not

sulze on

they may had animals in the hair?? from kindergarten. hope not

Indira on

Nappy is a word some people use to describe black peoples hair. It has a negative connotation to it. Generally, words like kinky, curly, or tightl-coiled are preferred. Honestly, black hair is as varied as any other ethnic groups hair but, its complicated!

Diamond Girl on

Seal’s not African-AMERICAN either. He might be a citizen now, but he wasn’t born here.

We had two boys, and they always loved their short “summer” haircuts. Little boys aren’t crazy about standing still long enough to have their hair messed with, so maybe it was their choice.

I think they’re adorable either way.


The word is used often in my Puerto Rican community used to describe the tightly curled hair of Puerto Rican people. Some people like it others do not it depends on the person. Most of my Puerto Rican relatives have nappy to curly hair too.

Anna on

kai, when Seal first became famous with the song “Kiss from a rose” and I think “crazy” he had dreadlocks! Look for the video clips!

I liked the boys’ long hair and I don’t think cutting it had anything to do with Heidi being white. Their father obviously knows how to care for black hair. So it’s not an issue. I think they just cut it because summer is coming.


Nappy hair is also very prevalent in the Dominican community and some take it as a negative connotation while others do not. The majority of Dominicans refer to relax(straighten) their hair or wear weaves rather than wearing it in the natural state.

FC on

I’m just so shocked to see all the curls gone. They both had a head full of them, and now it’s gone. But they both look cute no matter what, and as if Henry didn’t look older before, he definitely does now.

They’re both getting older on me. Say it isn’t so, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dee on

They are both adorable regardless of the hair ๐Ÿ™‚

@Crystal, I have 8 nieces and nephews and they are ALL biracial and I guarantee you that their beautiful tresses are still intact.

I sat down with all the women who were white and taught them how to braid, what products to buy and because I dont live close anymore got them connected w/ friends and salons in their neighbourhood that focuses on natural hair etc.

One of my sister in law at this very moment is a trained hairdresser and she braids better than me and I taught her….her styles are amazing and whenever she is out w/ her daughter people stop to ask, “who did your hair?” When she points to her mom….jaws drop!!!

Don’t assume honey….white women….people in general are not ignorant of the fact that if they have biracial kids they will have hair issues to address. A Japanese lady was my hairdresser for a while and she did a great job w/ my relaxer and taking care of my hair.

nettrice on

As someone who can braid/style all textures of hair (from all ethnicities) I think some of the commenters here need to get to work on learning more about other cultures (and their hair) outside of their own families/social circles. Over the decades since the Civil Rights movement the issue of good/bad hair (light/dark skin) in communities of color has persisted & gotten to be so bad that some people permanently damage their hair or use chemicals to try to lighten their skin to fit an outdated standard. If you are white and in a interracial relationship then get to know the “other side” and stop being defensive when people react to what you say out of ignorance and vice versus! Sheesh!

flower on

ADORABLES!!!!!!!!! But I liked their long hair too…:)
They r soo cute!!