Carmelo and La La Celebrate Kiyan Anthony’s 4th Birthday!

03/15/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

In case you couldn’t tell, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony is 4!

The preschooler celebrated his big day alongside parents Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez Anthony with a Batman-themed bash on Friday in New York City.

The family of three is settling down in the Big Apple after Anthony’s recent trade to the New York Knicks.

Teammate Amar’e Stoudemire joined the party, as well as mom’s friend (and rumored Stoudemire gal pal) Ciara.

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Jen K on

Hot dad alert!

Michelle on

I hate when I go to a birthday party and the icing on the cake is black or dark blue. I know what kid’s face/teeth are going to look like, LOL!


I see they cut their son’s hair very short because it was too nappy. This is a PuertoRican family we don’t usually see on the family blogs.

martina on

Awww, they are all so cute!

Terri on

I’ve always wanted to know. Is her name really La La?

Mia on

True!-Melo is 1/2 PR + La La is 100%–so that makes Kiyan 3/4 Puerto Rican + 1/4 African America.

La La is her nickname-it’s really Aliana (I think?) or something like that.

SO HAPPY that Melo is now on the Knicks-it’s been great so far!!

Lady on

Terri- Her real name is Alani, just prefers to be called LaLa.

Cute family, I wonder if that story about Melos other child is true…just curious.

brannon on

Beautiful family

Lacey on

I didn’t know they were married?! Beautiful family!

Karen on

Gorgeous family!!!

Dee on

@Lacey – I think they just got married this past summer or fall. Agreed – they are a beautiful family. I loved La-La on MTV!


Puerto Ricans like Lala usually have the nappier kind of hair. The Puerto Ricans were slaves for over 400 years so they have lots of African ancestry unlike real Latinos who are white.


Lala wears nice weaves but calling her son nappy haired doesn’t sound right to me. It sounds racist.

Indira on

Puerto rican isn’t a race and, both Melo and Lala were born in America making Kiyan 100% american. Well, he’d be american regardless but still.

Me on

Nice photo and I hope Kiyan enjoyed his special day. Now to the comments – Who gives a flying $%^& what texture the boy’s hair is or what culture his parents are!? He’s a human being!!! People like you are the reason why some people of color have a complex about what GOD gave them. You may be speaking of your own hang-ups. Don’t project them on the child. Man!

Jillian on

Indiria, not following your comment. The child is American….great. He is still Puerto Rican.

Toya L. on

Beautiful family indeed.

@Dawn I’m confused, are you talking and answering your own comments? You are the only one who said anything about her son having “nappy” hair *rolls eyes* then you post a comment saying “calling her son nappy headed doesn’t sound right to you and it sounds racist”. Hunh???


I agree with Dawn, someone did post about their son having nappy hair but it was removed. And it’s true he does have nappy hair like most Puerto Ricans of Lala’s ilk via slavery.

Toya L. on

See? What do you mean you agree with Dawn? Your name is Dawn.

JM on

Dawn agrees with Dawn, fascinating…. dawn, busted. you are trolling.

MiB on

DAWN, that would be you!

Amanda on

everyone ignore DAWN, she’s trying to cause comment troubles!

Jillian on

hilarious……DAWN is also on the post about Henry and Johan. So confusing, but funny!

Indira on

My point is that Puerto-Rican isn’t a race or ethnic group. It’s a nationality. Dawn said he’s 1/4 african american and 3/4 puerto rican as if thats his other a race. That’s like me saying I’m 1/4 arab and 3/4 Brazilian. There are arab brazilians, mixed brazilians and black brazilians. It doesn’t say anything about composition to talk nationalities unless it’s a homogeneous group like the Japanese.

JM on

very good point indira, it often annoys me when people say things like “i’m a quarter itialian, a quarter irish and half dutch”… what?? which part of you exactly is dutch italian or irish. it’s not genetic, something you pass on, if you were born in and raised in america you are american, if you were born and raised in spain you are spanish etc, you can’t pass on being irish to your kids…


Toya,JM,MIB,Amanda,Jillian,Indira, are the same person who was on the post about Henry and Johan, only there she used the name Mina and Crystal. A very disturbed person.


Puerto Ricans are in fact a race. They were enslaved by the Spanish for many centuries and are considered a separate race and they look it. I’m Puerto Rican and that is how I describe myself and so does everyone else.


Indeed Puerto Ricans are a race, a mixture of 3 races Taino Indians (which were the native Indians of the island) Africans (from the slaves brought there) and the Spanish (from the Spaniards in Spain). These 3 races mixed together when Christopher Columbus discovered the island and the “race” of Puerto Ricans came about. That is why you can have a blonde blue eyed Puerto Rican as well as a dark black skinned Puerto Rican.

Indira on

JM- Exactly!

Jillian on

Indira, i think you mean Mia which was several posts ahead which is why I wasn’t following.

I do disagree with you both though. I am Italian and Irish and born and raised in America. According to your theory I am only American…..which is not true at all. I am every bit Italian as I am Irish.


last 8 post are by the same person. sigh.

Jillian on

Dawn, you are delusional. Many of us have been posting for a long time here. People know we are not the same people because we talk differently and have different opinions. No one will believe you…..but say what you want, cause I am getting a good laugh!

MiB on

DAWN, You are a bith pathetic. So Toya, JM, Amanda, Jillian, Indira and I are the same person using different names whereas there are, what 3 people who all call themselves DAWN? Just for your information, I have not bothered to write name and e-mail on the CBB commenting board for months as my comment gets published under MiB anyways 🙂

JM on

everyone, let’s ignore Dawn she’s clearly a troll.

anyway, jillian i am genuinely interested (just to make it clear that i am not trying to be rude or anything just curious) in what sense are you italian or irish? my grandfather was irish, on my other side my grandparents were bosnian and croatian but i am none of those things i was not born and raised in those countries so how could i be? like i said it’s not something you pass down. i have an irish last name, that’s about it.

Indira on

Dawn- Any experience on this blog would tell you that, I have disagreed with all of those posters at least once, and we are not the same person!

I’m curious as well. My father is Egyptian and Lebanese but, was raised mainly in Egypt. I was raised here. I speak arabic and eat Egyptian food but, don’t consider myself Egyptian. Or, I’m not as Egyptian as someone living in Egypt and, I don’t see how I could be. When I have kids my children will probably become a little more disconnected to the ancestral culture, it’s just what happens imo.

Toya L. on

LMAO @ Dawn.
@Indira, I hope you teach your kids to speak Arabic. There’s an older gentlemen that lives up the street from me and he speaks Arabic, he has a joint ministry and they are always wanting him to speak to a few people in Arabic.

Indira on

Oh they definitely will! It’s a good tool to have and, Egyptian culture is beautiful and so is Arabic! I mean, I don’t HOPE that my future kids lose touch with my fathers culture but, unless we move to Egypt or end up living in a more Egyptian neighborhood, that’s probably what will happen.

Georgina on

Can I ask what “nappy hair” means, Im not trying to stur up trouble, I just have no idea what it means. Like you guys have said, it was mentioned in the Johan and Henry blog, and I didnt get it then! Nappy in England is what Americans call a diaper, so I dont get what it could mean in terms of hair!!

Either way, thats an adorable family, but I agree, black dye and white teeth! Nightmare!!

Jillian on

This is actually the first time I have ever heard someone say that they are only American and nothing else. I also am not being rude, just never ever heard of this. I consider myself a citizen of the US, but Italian and Irish because that is what I am “made up of” and “what is in my blood.” Being an American can’t be in my blood because it can change. For example, my aunt lived here for 18 years and moved to Italy for the last 18 years. So things change, but your make up, will never change defining who you are as a person.

My family has always been big on traditions and having the Italian and Irish parts of our lives a very very big part of our lives. Everyone in my family speaks Italian and/or with accents. We eat the foods/feasts on a regular basis. Celebrate the typical Italian and Irish traditions and holiday’s. We look Italian/Irish. My grandparents were all born in their respective countries. This has been my upbringing and is my daughters as well. It is a very important part of my life. I am proud to be Italian and Irish and would never say, I am only American, because I am not. There is far more to me than just that. Hope that makes sense.

Mia on

You can change your nationality (American, British..etc), but you can’t change your ethnicity. The term race is controversale only because nobody is just 1 “race” on the basis of skin color. Someone that is Puerto Rican can be very light-skinned and at first glance be seemed as White, just as there are very dark skinned Puerto Ricans that would be deemed as Black, while the most often image of Hispanics is Brown (“typical look).

Race is often a perception: Somebody that is Brown skin can be many different ethnicities: Puerto Rican, Israeli, Pakistani, Indian, Ethiopian..etc. There isn’t “one look” or way to really define somebody. A person can be perceived as White, but really be something else that isn’t actually Caucasin.

The whole family is American-but they are just as much Puerto Rican (or African-American). It’s not as common now, but if your parents are from another country, you will still identify with that very strongly-vs- not having a connection and just blending in (Americana).

Also-since Melo is 1/2 Puerto Rican + 1/2 African-American that would be a reason why their son has very tight-hair (African hair), and LaLa is 100% Puerto Rican, but she obviously has a higher amount of African mix in her, vs. say Jennifer Lopez (whose family is predominately from Europe) and has looser curls, or Ricky Martin..etc.

JM on

sorry jillian, probably should have clarified. i am not american at all. my grandparents in total were from 4 different european countries, my parents grew up in two different european countries, and i grew up in one european country – that is not britian. but i was also raised with my mum’s “british” traditions, have always been fluent in english, very close to my british relatives etc. i came to britain when i was 20, studied here, worked here and am now raising my kids here.

however, i am not the same as someone who was born and raised here. the way i look at it i have no strong cultural connection to any country, i choose to not define myself by my cultural background but rather take things that i like based on the fact that i like them rather than on where they are from.

if my husband had been italian, dutch, swedish, french etc i may have taken on some of his traditions, if i had lived in spain, portugal or greece for a while i may have taken on some of their traditions but i wouldn’t have called myself any of those nationalities.

do you think that you are irish in the same way as a child who was born and raised in ireland? because if not, then it is only arbitrary anyway, you pick and choose, which is absolutely fine! but you just aren’t irish. you are irish if you were born and raised there and of course if your passport is irish. otherwise you are just choosing to take things from a certain culture because you like them. nothing wrong with that but it doesn’t make you irish.

forget for a minute where your family is from. say that no one in your family history was from italy. but your parents really loved italian culture. so they decided to raise you speaking italian and incorporating italian traditions. that wouldn’t make you italian. you would just be american. just like you are now. saying that it is “in your blood” doesn’t mean anything because it isn’t actually. there is nothing in your blood that makes you italian.

Jillian on

JM, I am Italian. It is in blood. Not sure how or why you can’t see this. As I stated, this is the first time I have encountered anyone who doesn’t see things this way. I am moving on.

JM on

ok, there’s no need to get defensive. i’m just saying that it isn’t ACTUALLY in your blood. there is no such thing. sorry there just isn’t… you can believe it if you want, blind faith is one thing that many people subscribe to, i don’t. maybe you know that and that is why you don’t want to continue the conversation. i was trying to be respectful and explain my viewpoint. but there you go.

another thought to consider may be that it is precisely BECAUSE you are american. out of the european countries i have spent time in people generally don’t define themselves by their grandparents nationality (because it’s a little weird to be honest and just illogical). they understand what nationality means. check your birth certificate, your address growing up and your passport. that is your nationality. end of.

anyway, you don’t want to pursue it, there’s nothing i can do about that. but i think maybe you actually know i am right and choose not to believe it. but i guess that’s the end of that conversation.

Jillian on

The reason why I chose to move on JM was because you do not respect my beliefs or this discussion, so there is no point. You continually telling me I am wrong about my beliefs in the way I was raised is ignorant. You can call me rude, call me what you want…..but telling someone they way they were raised and everything they feel they are is wrong and non existent is ignorant and rude. I would NEVER tell someone that they their beliefs are wrong. Another example is god. I don’t believe in god. It would be like if I went around here telling someone that the god they believe in isn’t true. Being Italian and Irish is who I am.

Oh, and insult me because I am American…..another ignorant comment. I am not defining myself by my Grandparents nationality. Stop being rude and ignorant and learn to comprehend.

Anonymous on

omg, omg omg! are you ALL retarded? we all are HUMAN beings–get over your own hangups & complexes especially about other people–it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Crystal on

Dawn you are downright scary! Like criminally insane! You need serious help. I LOVE this family! The King, Queen and Prince of New York! 😉