Tori Spelling’s Son Liam Turns Four!

03/14/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Happy birthday Liam Aaron McDermott!

Tori Spelling‘s eldest child celebrated turning four on Sunday with a Ghostbusters-themed bash at their Los Angeles-area home.

“I remember 4 years ago right now was in labor awaiting my baby,” Spelling, 37, Tweeted. “Knew I’d soon know luv like never before. Made my dreams come true.”

Guests of the slime-green party snacked on treats from Fatburger andΒ a dessert table by Jenny Cookies, while party favors included Mabel’s Labels Loot Bag Combo.


Albert Michael/Startraks
Albert Michael/Startraks
Albert Michael/Startraks


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Anonymous on

wow. that’s the 1st time i ever saw her hug her son. she’s always holding her daughter.

Angi on

Looks like a fun party. Her kids are getting so big.

nnn on

Why can’t they just have a private party for their kids? Do they just love the publicity even if they are d-listers.

Karen on

Are you kidding?? Tori is always hugging him. Have you watched her show? The reason she is usually holding Stella is probably because Liam is getting so big. These are two Beautiful!!! Children and I just adore Tori.

Laura on

Great cake!

Jennifer Redgrave on

I bet Tori is pregnant !
She is really different in the recent photos and she is wearing lots of dresses. One more McDermott baby on the way? Let’s wait.

Nella on

Liam and Stella are cute!Love their matching outfits! It looks like a fun party.

Katie on

Really Anonymous? First time ever? You have never seen her hold her son? I love how judgmental people are. How about you actually put your name on your little petty post.

Sam on

He is adorable and growing so fast!!!

“Anonymous”, you need to check around the internet, there are many many MANY pictures of Tori holding Liam. Start here:

or here:

or even here:


Andi on

I so love that cake! cute pics!

Kate on

Holy cow, is that Stella? She’s gotten so big!

Capri on

Seriously Anonymous….!?

They all look super cute, fun party theme!!

Lily on

I love this family! Not only is she a fantastic mother and wife-she’s an extremely devoted friend..has beautiful taste in everything..and throws one hell of a party. She’s a lovely woman!

I think she and Dean are expecting their 3rd baby too-I can’t wait for that!! Love them!!!!!!

jessicad on

…if she was holding him somebody would complain and say he’s too old to be held, have to find something negative about EVERY freaking picture.

Her kids are getting big, and so adorable!

lizzy on

seriously ammonyums????…………btw looks like a fun party

Rachel on

I don’t think this is a good theme for a four years old party. My son turns four this month and would be freaked out. Usually Tori nails it with parties and her kids look happy, but this one is not a winner.

Meghan on

So adorable! Tori is one of my favorite celebs and I don’t think she deserves all the criticism that always seems to surround her. She would obviously never pick a theme that her son wouldn’t like so why do people feel the need to criticize the party?
I hope they have another one. Happy Birthday Liam!

Mari on

@Rachel: Maybe your kids would freak out. These two look happy and not freaked out at all. I think there are worse themes for birthday parties.

Shannyn on

I love there tv show, Liam is so gorgeous and is super funny. Awesome family! My one of my fav celeb fams

Jax on

mmmmmmmmmmm that cake looks soooo yummy!!!!!!

Daniella on

@Rachel: It really depends on the kid whether they’d be freaked out or not. Maybe your kids would be, but Tori’s certainly don’t look upset in the least. Personally, I loved Ghostbusters at that age & I was also totally obsessed with Jurassic Park & the Nightmare Before Christmas, both of which didn’t frighten me at all. I think it’s an awesome theme for a party & really age-appropriate depending on the kid’s personality.

Tara on

I agree with one of the other post…Tori is always hugging Liam and Stella! Liam is getting so big! My son turned 4 this past Saturday and I really can’t pick him up like my husband does because he’s heavy for me as I’m petite. Tori adores and loves her kids and her family!! Happy 4th Birthday Monkey!!! Love you Tori and Dean! Been waiting seems like forever for you show to start again and your new show! Also, want to purchase your new party planning book coming out soon! Have your other 3 books and ❀ them! Take care and LOVE you all! xoxo,Tara

Shash on

I too love Mabel’s Labels. Tori has great taste!! πŸ™‚

Allison J on

Looks like a fun party! I love how Tori likes to throw theme parties – she does a good job with them. BTW, I have seen the show and have seen Tori holding/hugging Liam TONS of times.

Happy 4th Birthday to Liam!

Terri on

Stella is so adorable.

Terri Brown on

Nice Cake, funny how things go around and come back, 20yrs ago my son was a ghost buster for halloween, I stood in line for hours to get him the figure and his ghostbusters outfit, it looked a lot like Liams. I am glad that they alway share their great pictures of their kids.

lisa on

Love Tori’s Parties!! Cant wait for her new party planning book!

Why someone would say its inapropriate theme?? i am sure Liam would have picked the theme for HIS party, just like my son does for his parties. I think he would have picked something HE likes, after all, it is HIS party!!!

If he was scared, you would have seen a thomas party theme or similar, obviously he isnt. Lets not forget that there was also a Ghostbusters Cartoon show – abviously aimed at children! ppl are so quick to judge her!

Kristine on

Listen to all of you. Rambling on and on about who she is hugging and the party theme she chose, get a life.

Tori you are wonderful and your famil looks well…..ignore these ignorant people.

robinepowell on

If Tori’s pregnant, I guess she’ll make an announcement when she’s ready.

I can’t believe Liam’s four and that Stella will be three. Kindergarten next year. Maybe Pre-K this year. πŸ˜‰

CelebBabyLover on

jessicad- Excellent point!

Rachel- I agree with Mari and Daniella. It just depends on the kid, really. My brother was VERY into Ghostbusters as a kid, starting when he wasn’t much older than Liam is now (he even, incidentally, chose Ghostbusters as the theme for his seventh birthday party. Not only that, but he went for spooky all the way, transforming our basement, with a little help from our dad, into a sort of ghost lair!).

Not only that, but I would sometimes play Ghostbusters with him….and I’m three years younger than him (in otherwords, I was probably about Liam’s age when I started playing Ghostbusters with my brother!). I also liked to play Ghostbusters on my own…by sneaking into his room when he wasn’t around and playing with his Ghostbuster toys! LOL!

So it’s entirely possible that a kid won’t be freaked out by Ghostbusters. Besides which, the article mentions that the party was a Ghostbusters SLIME theme….and most boys Liam’s age love stuff like slime! πŸ™‚

Anyway, Liam and Stella are adorable!

CakeFan on

WOW!!! I love that cake! I love cakes that make an impact and taste good of course.

Tracy on

I bet that Tori is Prego!! She has been covering up alot.

Kathi on

if you have ever watched the show, Tori lets Liam pick his party theme now that he is older and has an opinion. So my guess would be that Ghostbusters was something that her son wanted. She is a wonderful mom and wife and I can not wait for the next season of her show. I love her and think she is amazing!

Bancie1031 on

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY MONKEY!! Tori and Dean have beautiful children!

bigred on

Oh my gosh ! I love this family !!!! and Thank You Shannyn; I thought I was the only one who thought Liam was super funny; that kid cracks me up ! These children are absolutely BEAUTIFUL ! Happy Birthday, Liam !

Really on

Katie,you REALLY are the judgemental cow.Anonymous was simply stating her opinion.How about putting your real name on your PETTY little response.Take you meds darling………….in the real world everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

Btw,I absolutely adore Tori I think she is a great mom.Does anyone know where I can get her dress?

Allison on

Liam is the one who picked this party theme. A previous twitter said this is the party HE wanted. Not her. Why do people have to be so judgmental and tare perople down for the sake of it. My gosh… they look more than happy and its none of anyones business what theme she chose to do. Enjoy the pics or dont look at them.

Sam on

@Really – do you have to add name calling to your post??? Not cool. You just said everyone is “allowed to have an opinion’, and you’re right. @Katie had hers, but you attacked it and called then called her a ‘cow’. Very mature of you. Thankyou for sharing that part of you (Really anonymous).

Toya L. on

I can’t believe how big they are getting. They are pretty children and the party looked fun!

Shannon on

She does look pregnant but what’s up with the Mrs. Roper dress?:)

Really Sam on

@ Sam or is that Katie.Sounds like the same person to me.Sam I don’t need to be validated… you can have the last word on this as I’m done.Moving on…..

Sam on

@Really – WHAT? Validated? Who did that to you??!!

Hilary on

dear nnn

If u read Toris tweets and facebook page this was a private party with only family and friends. What Tori said was that there was a person who leaked info about it but as most people who like Tori she would have had photos taken so that people can see what it was like for fan reasons.

CelebBabyLover on

If Tori IS pregnant, she must be fairly newly pregnant, since at the end of January there were pictures of her being a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding….and in some it was quite clear that she wasn’t pregnant at the time (or she was in the first month or two still). So my guess is that if she IS indeed pregnant, she’s three months along at the absolute most.

As I recall, we didn’t have any confirmation about her pregnancies with Liam and Stella until she was four months along (with Stella she never made a formal announcement, but “announced” via her obvious belly instead). So if she is indeed pregnant, we’re probably going to be waiting a bit for any sort of announcement. πŸ™‚

M on

Maybe if you didn’t shelter your kid so much Rachel. Seriously. When I was younger all the boys were obsessed with Ghostbusters. Ever some of the girls…I was one of them.

My son likes the cartoon Ghostbusters, Nightmare Before Christmas, Scooby Doo he likes stuff about ghosts and witches. You can throw your son a sissy Wiggles theme party if you want. Other peoples kids have grown out of that.

Jillian on

Tori said shortly after the wedding she was in (her bf) that she was NOT pregnant. She said she thought it would be really cool if she and her bf would both be pregnant at the same time. Of course she could be lying, but based on the photos of her in her yoga gear the week before the wedding…..not thinking so.

CelebBabyLover on

M- You have no idea whether Rachel shelters her kid.

As I’ve said before, I have to agree with the poster who have said that what theme is approprite for a kid’s birthday just depends on the kid. Some kids might love Ghostbusters at four, while others might be freaked out by anything ghost-related at six. Similarly, some kids at four have moved beyond The Wiggles and other kid’s shows, others haven’t. I also don’t think there’s anything “sissy” about The Wiggles or other kid’s shows!

Every kid is different!