Jodie Sweetin’s Motherhood Necessity? Caffeine!

03/14/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
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When it comes to surviving motherhood, Jodie Sweetin has one secret ingredient in the recipe to success: plenty of caffeine.

“I live on coffee,” Sweetin told PEOPLE Wednesday at the Los Angeles premiere of Take Me Home Tonight.

“With an almost 3-year-old who is a night owl and doesn’t like to go to bed until almost 11 p.m., and a 6½-month-old who likes to wake up at 6:30 a.m., coffee is a necessity!”

Fortunately for Sweetin, who welcomed daughter Beatrix Carlin with fiancé Morty Coyle last August, she’s found a helping hand in big sis Zoie Laurelmae.

“She’s the sweetest. She just loves being a part of helping and wanting to change diapers and wanting to play with [Beatrix] and give her kisses,” Sweetin says of Zoie, whose dad is ex-husband Cody Herpin.

“When she wakes up in the morning, she’s like, ‘Oh, I want to wake up Beatwix too, Mommy,’ and she gets her little step stool and brings it in and looks over the crib. It’s adorable.”

While accepting a new sibling can be difficult for some children, Sweetin insists her older daughter loves the new addition to the family.

“She’s been really, really good with it,” notes Sweetin. “She’s such a good big sister.”

And jealousy hasn’t been an issue at all, says the proud mom, who makes sure to spend quality time with just Zoie on trips to Disney Land and “special time with Mommy.”

“She doesn’t feel like she’s been pushed to the side — because she hasn’t,” says Sweetin. “It’s an addition to the family. It’s not a replacement.”

While the Full House alum admits “it feels like it was just yesterday” she delivered Beatrix, her baby has already had plenty of advancements. She’s already quite vocal, making what Sweetin describes as “crazy pterodactyl noises and squeaks and squawks.” The baby girl is also rolling over on both sides and can almost sit up.

“She’s becoming a little person now,” gushes Sweetin. “She smiles and laughs all the time. She’s the happiest, most content little baby.”

According to the actress, Zoie was the same way as an infant. “I’m really lucky I have really, really good kids,” she says. But now in the middle of her toddler years, Zoie is starting to test her mom’s authority.

“She has her little moments of like, ‘I don’t like you!'” says Sweetin. “But you just kind of go, ‘That’s okay!’ … Give me five minutes. You’ll want something, and you’ll be back.”

It’s no worry to Sweetin, who calls herself “a pretty relaxed mom” and enjoys a “mellow” approach to parenting, explaining: “No need to stress out and freak out over little things. Eh, they spill stuff. They do things. Whatever! It’s cool.”

As far as the actress is concerned, it’s all worth it. Concludes Sweetin, “I love being a mom.”

— Jessica Wedemeyer

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Molly on

I love her daughter Beatrix’s name! It’s totally retro chic!

laurelcanyonprincess on

and here i thought she was going to say meth! 😉

Carrie Jo on

Just want to give a big AMEN to caffeine!

Maddie on

Zoie doesn’t go to bed until 11pm?! Wow.

Hea on

Sounds really great! I’m glad Jodie is doing so well.

mmh on

Ha ha laurelcanyonprincess — I was wondering if anyone was going to go there. Our niece was a night owl until she started school and HAD to get up earlier (her Mom stayed at home so she could sleep until whenever). Not saying Jodie has to, but she could try waking Zoie when the baby wakes up…

Ruthella on

Guess we know who’s the boss in their house then! Sure my 3 year old would like to stay up until 11pm too…but as if I’d let her!

MissMel on

@Ruthella: It doesn’t actually say she LET’S her stay up until 11:00, it just says she LIKES to. My parents put me to bed at 7:30 every night when I was that age, but I got out of bed repeatedly because I always thought I was missing out on something. It drove my parents insane. If the kid is getting up and down until 11:00, she kind of has to get up with her.

Carli on

My parents used to tell me both of my siblings and I would stay up until 11. But once preschool and kindergarten started, we learned and adjusted. Jodie sounds like she loves motherhood!!!

Jennifer on

Her life seems so chaotic — two kids by different dads, and she’s not married to her current partner. I spell sadness when this partnership breaks up. Sad.

Diana on

why are most of you so negitive??? She seems happy and her kids seem well adjusted. So what she stays up to 11 it doesn’t seem to bother Jodie. @laurelcanyonprincess thats a nasty thing to say. SHe has turned her life around! My brother in law also did meth and he is clean now…he also has a 2 yr old and works nights and he does without Meth….your an a$$ for bringing that up.

Mel on

What the hell is she wearing?

sks on

@mel she is decked out in 80’s gear for the movie premiere Take Me Home Tonight is based in the 80’s

Hea on

Ruthella – Can you decide when your kid is going to fall asleep? That’d be cool. I didn’t think it was possible to decide that over other people.

sandy on

LOL, Nice Outfit! I looked at the pictures for the take me home tonight premier and she’s the only id!@t dressed like that! Laurel Canyon Princess that is too funny Jody is probably still on the crack!

Grace on

I guess people aren’t allowed to turn their lives around. I guess they constantly have to pay for their past mistakes.

Here’s a woman who’s gotten her life together and is, obviously, very happy. She loves her children. So what if the 3 year old is up until 11. Is that really so bad? Maybe she’s a night owl.

People…take a good look at your own lives. Are you really that perfect?