Bryan Adams Expecting Baby with His Personal Assistant

03/14/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Chris Jackson/Getty

There’s a baby on the way for Bryan Adams.

The “Summer of ’69” singer and his personal assistant, Alicia Grimaldi, are expecting their first child in May, Adams confirmed via his Twitter.

“Alicia Grimaldi and I are expecting a baby. She helped me start my foundation years ago and it looks like she’ll be running the family now!” Adams, 51, tells ET Canada.

“Thanks for your support and kind messages, we appreciate it greatly.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Amanda on

Sounds like she’s a very personal assistant! Happy for him, seems more like an arrangement vers a relationship.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Bryan! He’s one of my favorite singers.

Leni on

Well, it doesn´t get more “personal” than that.. 🙂 I´m so happy for him though! Congrats!

Brooke on

There is something so creepy about that headline. She is obviously not his girlfriend, otherwise they would have called her as such. Looks like she was a personal assistant with “benefits”

Ella on

That’s awesome! Happy for him!

Rae on

Good for them. enjoy your new little life that will be here before you know it.

kj on

I agree, I think she deserves a better title than, “baby mamma”. Regardless, what wonderful news.

Cocoa Brown on

An arrangement. Adams needs an heir.

Splum on

Think Clay Aiken. He is gay, she wanted a baby. The end.

Kelly on

It was a fact acknowledged by him years ago that he is for all intents and purposes “asexual”. Chances are it is an in-vitro pregnancy, and therefore he doesn’t refer to her as his girlfriend. Who cares, he can provide an amazing life for a child. I wish him well.

nicole on

so happy for him, he is Canadian royalty. love him and his songs. Congrats.

Jennifer on

Ever heard of marriage first?

Pat on

Hmmmm … I think there is another word that begins with a “P” that is a more fitting job title for Alicia.

lauren on

Jennifer – why does marriage have to come first? What century do you live in!???

Kimbo on

That’s the problem out generation doest want to be committed so they claim married is “out dated” that’s why there is so much immorality and disease because our “century” thinks its invincible or not septic to what’s going around. And u don’t have to put up with that person ur suppose to Iove no matter what u can just get rid of them. So it’s not outdated it called get some sense and be committed

victoriajh on

I am not sure what shocked me more- that bryan adams is gay or that he is 51!!!!
looks prety good for 51!
congtrats to him on his coming arrival!

HAL on

I’ve always assumed he was gay partly because he has NEVER been linked to anyone, EVER. He also falls into some stereotypical behaviors. Does this mean he isn’t gay or is this an arrangement he has? Hmmm

dsfg on

victoriajh, asexual does not mean gay

janet on

what is being Canadian have to do with anything. Does that make is more special, better.. I dont think so –


suzy diamond on

Guess it really was “personal.” How about a COMMITMENT BEFORE the kids!

Kimbo on

I agree

ava on

He was with the same woman for 14 years and then had a relationship with Elle Mcpherson–gay he is not. He’s a great singer is what he is.

Marsha on

Actually, he has been linked to non-famous women in the past. Besides, who cares? He can provide for a child unlike so many people that seem to breed and expect tax payers to support the children. Children are not a right, they are a privilege. And, he is older and quite established. He will be able to enjoy just being a dad without having to be gone so much. According to the dictionary, asexual refers to the absence of sexual activity or a low level of sexual response. So, he prefers none of the above rather than male or female.

Katie on

janet – Thank you for your small-minded and unrelated comment. I don’t think nicole meant anything anti-American at all. Really? “GO USA”? Very childish.

Congrats B. Adams! Circumstances are a little on the strange side, but it is nonetheless exciting!

Millie on

Bryan Adams is NOT gay. He keeps his personal life just that, personal. Where do these idiots get off saying he is gay? Maybe the person or persons saying this are gay perhaps?

veraroberts on

Congrats to them both!

Linds on

Sorry, but I cannot, in good conscience, congratulate yet ANOTHER unwed pregnancy.

Lanie on

So she’s like Debbie Rowe. He’s gay. Interesting. Well, congrats to Bryan.

Linds on

Lauren, what does TIME have to do with the protection of MARRIAGE before bringing illegitimate children into the world??? When you get married, you KNOW the person, you don’t have to worry about STDs or the person leaving you high and dry…because there’s established trust and intimacy you simply CANNOT get ouside marriage. Justify it all you want, but kids before marriage is wrong and selfish. (I’m NOT talking about single moms wanting kids or other special circumstances) Having a moral compass does NOT mean living in the stone age, it means being mature enough to have some decency and common sense and caring about the OTHER person instead of yourself.

Missy on

ROFL I crack up laughing at all you close minded individuals and your inability to be happy for another human being because they are having a child. WHO CARES they are not married? WHO cares they are not a couple. The child will be taken care of and very well actually. Get out of your 1960 closet and get with the times. How about you be angry if your own child had a child outta wed lock. Why be angry at someone who you dont have any control over and you wont be taking care of the child? Idiots

Big congrats to Bryan and his assistant. I wish them a very healthy pregnancy and beautiful little one

Amy on

Congrats to them. He is an awesome singer.

Amy on

Am so sick of this nonesense! It’s simply science. No congratulations needed. Raise a well rounded kid who contributes to society and then maybe congratulations will be in order.

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

Congrats to the parents.

And I am still hoping that People magazine will exert some influence and disallow all comments here – as they have at their main site – until they can come up with a better comment policy.

Ciara on

Back in 1985 when Bryan Adams was starting out, he was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel where I was working as a waitress. One of the rudest celebraties ever. I am glad that I now am a professional and dont choose that for a career, but he will, forever, stand out as a punk. His band at that time however, was a dream to wait on.
Bryan hope you changed your attitude or god help your child.

adrian on

@ HAL, please do your homework first. He’s been into several relationships. Just gotto deep a bit to find out.

@ Jennifer and @ Linds cheers on that. press just talkin about Adams having a baby with his platoon housemate. Who cares about relationships, weddings or even love these days? So sad. When it gets tough, most will run away with kids somewhere in between. Hopefully this works out well for Bryan if this is what he wants.

HAL on

I was merely speculating that he may be gay in which case I don’t care, just making an observation. He was not w/Elle Macpherson…how many british tabloids do you believe anyway?? Lastly, he wouldn’t be the only person on earth to have been w/women before realizing they are gay. just sayin’…

T on

My parents weren’t married to each other and I guess it counts against me. I have heard Canadians have horns under those mountie hats. lol You all sound ridiculous. So what if he is gay, straight or whatever. Who cares? He is talented, we don’t have to pay for his family and there is too much sad stuff out there to crap on someone else’s joy!

Pixie on

Bryan was for years dating a danish James Bond actress and I don´t think he is gay at all. I wish him and the expecting mother the very best.

Kim on

Hey Linda, apparently you haven’t checked the divorce rate lately if you think marriage protects you from “being left high and dry”. I know plenty of women whose husband walked out and left them with kids and never cough up any chid support.

As for rather or not Brian Adams is gay or not, what does it matter. He’s a wonderful human being who does a LOT for others. Congratulations to them both. I’m sure they will raise a wonderful child lacking the prejudices people posting here apparently have.

Badlass on

Bryan was with Elle McPherson..I personally attended a function they were at when they were together. He was also with Vicki Russell for many years (Ken Russell director’s daughter) and also Cecelie Thomsen for a prolonged relationship.
The pregnancy does seem strange, but it’s between him and his assistant, not us. Also whether he is gay or not is his business.

momof3girls on

Congratulations to Bryan Adams!! I am currently unmarried and live with the father of my two younger girls, we have been together 8 years and are more of a married couple than some of the legally married couples we know, we have not gotten married yet because he just recently got a good job that can provide me with health insurance, as a matter of fact, when I had both our girls he was still legally married to his first wife!! I thought I would add that little shock factor in there for all you judgemental people out there.

Jacqui on

Missy, Lauren, etc. Marriage and family will never be outdated or unnecesaary because, if you haven’t noticed, kids really really really really really LOVE having both a mother and father directly involved in their lives on a regular and ongoing basis. They also thrive and feel stable and happy when their parents are committed. You are a FOOL if you haven’t figured out yet that kids CRAVE STABILITY as much as they do love. Sure, marriage doesn’t guarantee that, but it is a worldwide, culturally, legally and spiritually recognized entity (except for gays, unfortunately — I DO believe in gay marriage!!)

I’m not old fashioned, I lived with boyfriends and was engaged when I got pregnant. But come on people. You’re out of touch with reality and totally immature if you thnk it’s healthy for kids to be born under just any old whatever goes situation.

Kimbo on

So u support having both parents and yet support gay married get real woman

Jacqui on

P.S. Bryan Adams has aged really well!

C-Bear on

Congratulations Bryan and Alicia on your announcement! All the best from this hometown fan!

hmmm on

First it was Clay Aiken,,, then it was Ricky Martin… hmmm… that’s all I’m sayin’.

Meaghen on

Some of you speculating he’s gay, but because he doesn’t show around in public who he’s with doesn’t make him gay just private….

I’m happy for him and hope he will get a healthy baby together with his girlfriend.

Stephanie on

Congrats to them! Im sure she is his girlfriend but since he does not talk about his relationship to the media, does not mean he does not have a romantic life or that he is gay (just like not all gay man/women will call the magazine for the world to know they are gay). Bryan Adams keeps his private life, well, private. I guess the media don’t know a lot about the lady + With a tittle like this one people are curious and want to know more, they just say “Personal Assistant”

Jan on

some has no class more then just some body.

Beth on

Congratulations! He’s a great singer and songwriter. No pretense here with the engaged/married secretly BS and oh..”We’re pregnant”! He’s private and honest.

M J on


Read the bible……you’ll see why it’s supposed to marriage first!

Francesmomto3 on

I am with Ciara….I heard him on a radio show once and wow what an a%%! Like his music, not a fan of him

Di on

Bryan has always been a private person, he doesn’t like to do interviews and he will tell you that straight out and if that makes him arrogant or any other bad name than so be it, at least he is honest about it. He gives millions away to charities, he has his own foundations to raise money for the cure of breast cancer, he does multiple concerts yearly with all (yes, 100%) money being donated. He deserves a little privacy, the same way any of us does. He doesn’t go looking to put his face or name in the papers, he doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem, he just likes to perform (always a GREAT show) and then lie low. Why would anyone mock him for that? He is one celebrity that you can’t find any skeletons in his closet. This baby is due in May and they have kept this under wraps for 7 months, that tells you that he likes his privacy. Congrats to Alicia and Bryan!

hmmmm on

Linda, you are very naive to think that you never have to worry about a spouse leaving you “high and dry” or STD’s just because you are married. I know of both situations happening. Marriage isn’t 100% together forever. Who cares about whether he is married or not, gay or straight. As long as this child has a sturdy support system and parents who love them, who gives a rats a$$ what you think. A persons sexual orientation doesn’t decide whether or not they will be good parents. Geez people let’s get off our morality horse please. I am pretty sure if you were in their shoes you would see it differently. Am I wrong?

Kimbo on

Yes u r

Erin on

Linda – if you think marriage protects you from STD’s, being left high and dry and that it by definition means you know your partner better than single people know theirs – well, you’re an idiot. There’s no kind way to put it.

Kimbo on

Yes if both u and ur mate is %100 in it with u. Ur the idiot who probably idiot who doesn’t know better

Kimbo on

Yes if both u and ur mate is %100 in it with u. Ur the idiot who probably idiot who doesn’t know better get over ur self

kt fr cb on

Way back in 85 or 86, he said he doesn’t ever want to get married b/c his parents split. He is an extremely private person. He is not gay. I saw him in Square One in Mississauga once with his girlfriend. A special was done on him once and he had a girlfriend (the same one I saw him with) He is just very personal. Which I wish that most stars would do.

Erin on

Linds, I called you by the wrong name and an idiot in my previous post. I was wrong on the first count. Still right on the second, though.

Kimbo on

Yea ur the idiot

Janice Pielert on

I am very happy for Bryan Adams. He has had a lot of heartbreak in his life and I truly hope that this precious baby will bring happiness to his heart.

lmao!!! on

I just find it funny how so many people think that it’s within their rights to “judge” this wonderful news for Bryan and Alicia…

Why don’t you just say Congratulations and be done with it…because adding your idiotic 2 cents about the kind of person he is and whether or not he’s gay (which by the irrelevant)makes you (the poster) look just as stupid.

YAY!! for you Bryan…better late than never!! lol.. best wishes to the Happy Couple 🙂

Splum on

Thanks for the entertainment. And the childish name calling is great.

Cecelia on

MJ, while citing the Bible may work for you, not everyone is religious so using it to aid your argument is irrelevant.

Bottom line, if marriage is important to you then great but you have no right to judge others that don’t share the same view. Agree to disagree but there’s no need for a holier than thou attitude.

Kimbo on

Marriage is a protection religious or not u just don’t want to commit

Miami on

It does seem like an arrangement.

Linda on

After he introduced Mutt to Shania and they got hitched, his heart was broken. I think he had a crush on her. This story seems like he donated his genes.

Jenn on

Congrats to Bryan and Alicia!!! He is one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet!!! That’s going to be one heck of a talented kid!!!!

laughingoutloud on

MJ – um, okay..valid point, if you believe in the bible. I do not, so, I will not read the bible to see “why marriage first.” I agree that children need stability but that does not necessarily come with marriage. Marriage is nothing but a piece of paper, it is the foundation of the relationship that is important.

Congratulations Bryan & Alicia 🙂

Kimbo on

Ur ignorant

Jeannette M. on

I don’t agree with the whole concept of marriage, so according to some people on this site, it’s wrong for me to have children?

I’ve been in a committed relationship with my partner for sixteen years, and nothing irritates me more that high-and-mighty people on this site going on about us getting married. If I had a pound for every time some asked “when we’re going to make it official,” I’d be a very rich lady. Marriage isn’t the be all and end all, I’m sorry to say it.

I have five children with my partner, and every single one of them is looked after and cherished and loved. They don’t need their mother and father to have a wedding to know that. And, to all the people who go on about marriage being the ‘right’ thing, 1 in 3 marriages these days end in divorce. So yeah, marriage doesn’t always bring security and a happy ending. This isn’t the Victorian times, and you can go on about marriage being morally right, but your view of right isn’t necessarily the same as other peoples.

The important thing is a happy, healthy child who is brought up by two parents who love and care for them, providing a stable upbringing. Marriage doesn’t even need to come into it.

Marriage isn’t for anyone, and the sooner some of you people learn to accept that, the better.

Kimbo on

Ur dumb

Julia A on

It seems likely that Bryan and Alicia had an arrangement for her to carry their baby, considering that she is only referred to as his personal assistant in the article. I think what bothers me is that he is in effect her boss, if she is still his assistant. Co-parenting might be a little extra-complicated if their relationship starts out with an apparent power difference between the parents.

krc on

If everyone would just comment on the story and quit commenting on other people’s comments it would be great!

realist on

I agree with those who pointed out to the “pro-marriage” people that plenty of spouses cheat, pass along STDs, etc. As for what kids crave: I know plenty of adults who grew up victims of their parents’ unhappy marriages. Kids DO crave stability. Marriage just doesn’t always provide it. There are no “one size fits all” rules for families.

Kimbo on

Key word is to strive to make it work and of course if they cheat u can leave but gosh people a wussy to be committed that’s why women have no respect cuz they sleep with whom ever makes them feel loved bunch of idiots

HokieMommy on

Wow…does she get overtime for that??

Izzie on

Splum, I completely agree. The Clay Aiken arrangment immediately came to mind when I read this. No big deal if he is gay, by why hide it? Ricky Martin, Elton John, Barry Manilow, etc, have had highly successful careers post-outing.

Molly on

Best wishes to Bryan and Alicia, but it seems sad to me that they don’t have an acknowledged relationship. The child will be loved undoubtedly, but born into what feels like a business deal. Who knows, maybe they’re still figuring things out.

Jack on

Check out the work of his foundation. If she set it up (the foundation) we all need more people like these two having babies.

J on

Janet they were just commenting on how he is very ppular in Canada apparently. Unclench a little, it wasn’t a diss on America kiddo…

Yo on

Erin. You’re a bullying brat. Listen up “realist”, there is a one size fits all for having a family. It’s a child born into a family with two hetero married parents who stay faithful to each other. It’s just the lazy selfish people who destroy that, and corrupt everyone else into their scued justifications know as your reality.

soph on

“Sorry, but I cannot, in good conscience, congratulate yet ANOTHER unwed pregnancy.”

Well, FFS, don’t then, Linds. You had to post just to tell us that?

Krista on

All the other articles confirm they started dating when she helped set up his foundation 5 years ago. Wonder why this one didn’t? Oh, I know!! For the DRAMA!

JM on

oh massive yawn about the marriage thing. i honestly wonder sometimes what century some people are living in. the divorce rates are through the roof, what does that tell you about the security of marriage? seriously, what is it to you if two people have signed a piece of paper or not? it cannot possibly in any imaginable way affect your life, so lay off and stop being so bloody judgemental. it’s getting very old.

yeah yeah… read the bible… i have it’s a lovely work of fiction, honestly, the god of the old testament is one of the great villains of literature. but i also don’t base my life philosophies on harry potter, neither do you so that is an invalid argument.

just let people be happy and hope that they raise good kids. isn’t that enough?

congrats to brian and family, i hope they have a happy and healthy baby.

Kimbo on

People this what an idiot whom leans on their on understand who is fleshly like me thinks they know it all. The bible fiction? U better bite ur words!

Marnz on

Well, she won’t get another gig as a personal assistant for anyone else! Babies deserve to be brought into a marriage….not some hookup. People nowadays celebrate sin like it’s beautiful! I won’t judge, because we all will be by God himself soon enough, but read the Word of God people….. It’s SIN! This poor kid…..

Letisha on

I’ve got to admit, this is the most newsworthy thing he’s done in years. Where’s he been lately?

Brenda on

Wishing congrats to Bryan and Alicia. Yes, he’s Canadian and we are all very proud of him.
He has always considered personal, good for him. By most of the comments, you all sound like idiots, and most of the comments are of little importance. I’m very happy for Bryan, and the rest of you can go blow in the wind!!

Jeannette M. on

And yes, I agree 100% with you, JM.

Just because some people choose to live their lives by the Bible doesn’t mean they have any right to judge people who don’t. I happen to think the Bible is just a book and that God doesn’t exist. Does that make me a bad person? Even though I’m bringing up my kids to be well rounded, good-mannered children.

Nah, didn’t think so. So, pull your heads out of your asses and accept that society is changing and not everyone thinks the same as you.

eternalcanadian on

Hmm, strange Alicia is not a “girlfriend” or “wife” or “partner” but simply a “personal assistant.”

This tells me it is a gestational (no biological connection to Alicia–sperm from Bryan & egg from donor) or pregnancy agreement like Clay Aikens and using IVF (or maybe they actually had sex, hehe). I always thought Bryan was gay, I mean he’s 51 and really hasn’t had any relationships to speak of. 😛

london on

Wonderful news for Bryan. To the person who made the unnecessary remark about being Canadian and go USA, what is your real issue? Can’t we Canadians make that comment without feedback from someone in a nation (that I love too, by the way) that wears it’s patriotism on it’s sleeve? You’re not the only one to be proud of their country and their talented people…and Bryan belongs to Canada.

PD on

So, it really is sad to see that so many people do not use the Bible as an authority anymore. Not trying to be “holier than thou”, and I believe children ARE a blessing from God, but I do think a lot of people still believe in the sanctity of marriage. What century I live in isn’t relevant because the Bible has NO expiration date.

Lisa on

Ewwww…the kid is going to have a “69” year old (is this a coincidence?) father at his/her high school graduation.

Jacqui on

Jeanette M, I just have to point out that as far as I’m concerned you are as good as married. Maybe even better — sixteen years!! You are committed and raising a family together with someone you love. The point I was trying to make was that I read a lot of comments on this site that advocate having a child under whatever circumstances you please. That I don’t agree with, and it certainly has nothing to do with religion.

Journey on

I bet it’s a boy!

Ashley on

Agree with JM and Jeannette! Well said JM!

Terri on

I’m learning all sorts of things reading these comments!

BarbaraF on

As a long time Fan of Bryan Adams (25+ years), the whole is he gay or not, has been around from people I know, and all you have to do is go to a concert or see him around women and you know that he is totally NOT gay. He loves women and you can tell. Love ya Bryan, I shed a tear when I heard the news. (always wanted it to be me!)

Nella on

Congrats! Wow…some people on this website just love to stir up drama. Honestly his sexual orientation is his business, his assistant and him don’t really sound like a couple, but more like an arrangement or possibly an accidental pregnancy, no one really knows besides them. As far as the bible goes, seriously that is an individual opinion and not everyone is religious and even if they are doesn’t mean they’re Christian, so bringing up the bible on this website is a personal thing to do. Oh and as far as marriage is concerned, I like the idea of it, but the older I get the less I believe that marriage is for everyone. I’ve known plenty of marriages where both people are unhappy and even the children can sense that, but they’re considered GOOD because legally they’re joined together, bunch of crap in my opinion. You don’t need marriage to prove that you’re committed to one another and are stable. I have seen a few marriages work, but I’ve also seen a lot of marriages fall apart or people getting married for the wrong reasons or just staying together unhappily because that’s just how it’s suppose to be. My main point is Children need a happy, stable and safe home, a marriage certificate doesn’t guarantee that, it’s PEOPLE themselves who make that happen whether they’re married or not.

Kimbo on

Thus far the biggest idiot

Ashlee on

I totally agree, PD! Seems some people forget that respect goes both ways and that for those who believe in the sanctity of marriage and the Bible are supposed to stay quiet.

maewest on

Alicia has a 13 year old son with Tourette’s. She was married in 1993 – I guess she got divorced.

zaunny on

well done Bryan 😮

Allie-Rose on

I’m so happy for him! I don’t care about his personal life, but he’s always come off as such a nice and caring person. I wish him and his new family all the best!

Hea on

Bite me, marriage people!

I’m happy for Bryan and Alicia. I believe they are together and I don’t at all believe he’s gay. As far as I know, he was with the same woman for nearly 15 years. Bryan isn’t tabloid hot stuff so his personal life has never had as much coverage as other celebs.

JM on

thanks jeannatte and ashley. it really is tiresome that some people still feel that because they choose to believe in something other people should too.

if you want to get married, get married, no one’s stopping you (unless you’re gay of course – see what i did there?)
if others don’t want to get married, then leave them alone. calm down, there are more important things in the world…

dsfg on

“When you get married, you KNOW the person, you don’t have to worry about STDs . . . ”

Linds, if you think being married means you don’t have to worry about STDs, then you must be extremely naive . . .

dsfg on

“What century I live in isn’t relevant because the Bible has NO expiration date.”

Right. But not everyone believes in the Bible. You may not realize it, but there are alternative religions to Christianity. And some people don’t believe in religion.

dsfg on

“Well, she won’t get another gig as a personal assistant for anyone else! Babies deserve to be brought into a marriage….not some hookup. People nowadays celebrate sin like it’s beautiful! I won’t judge, because we all will be by God himself soon enough, but read the Word of God people….. It’s SIN! This poor kid…..”

Marnz, how do you know this child was conceived though a “hook up”? For all you know, they have been dating for years. Or the child could have been conceived in a laboratory. Either way, the only sin I can see here is that you are judging someone without knowing the real story.

Cindy on

Funny how not one person thought this supposed ‘arrangement’ could be derived from being a ‘surprise’ pregnancy.

JM on

marnz do you know how ridiculous you sound? you won’t judge? your entire post is one long judgement. calm the f down and realise that not everyone subscribes to your beliefs.

Hmmm on

Marnz, you are judging.
Lisa, he is not 69! That is a number in the song.

STD….my friend was married when her cheating husband gave her a few. Nice, huh! Oh, and I don’t believe in marriage or living by the bible, but am a wonderful person. He, the cheater, believes in both. Just saying…..

All articles I read, but this one say they have been dating for 6 yrs and call her his girlfriend. This site thrives on the drama some of you bring. So keep bringing it, some of you look so silly, just making things up.

Olivia on

OMG, Bryan Adams is 51! I am getting old, lol.

Martha Sabrina Kampe, on

Congratulations to Bryan & Alicia on their new baby. His personal life is his business & not anyone else’s.

I Made You A Mixtape on

Well, that Personal Assistant just got a job for life… lol… but seriously, congratulations to both!

MrsBryanAdams on

Obviously a lot of the people that have commented here do not know Bryan very well. I am so very happy for him and Alicia. He will be a wonderful father. If only more celebrities would keep their personal life personal!! Wouldn’t that be nice. Trust me, he is so not gay. That’s all I have to say about that!! Love ya Bryan!!

Hea on

All the religious freakiness that consumes this thread is making my stomach hurt. From laughing. My goodness…

Cecelia on

Yo, despite what you may think, there is no one size fits all family. It’s sad and perplexing that you actually think that’s the case.

The most important thing is that a child is loved and well taken care of. An unmarried couple can do that just as well as a married couple and two fathers, for example, can do that just as well as a mother and a father.

Georgina on

Bryan doesnt actually call her his personal assistant. In his statement he gives her name, and says they are expecting a baby. People give her job description. Is she still his PA, from his post he says she did work for him.

I dont really see why we should condem him. We know nothing about his relationship, the only info we have is that a expectant father is happy about the impending arrival of his baby. Why be mean about that. Its lovely that hes excited, and by announcing it, involved. There is no bitter denial or whatever. Congrats to the parents to be.

Mia on

The headline is strange–but congrats!

Honsetly-if 2 people have been together for 16+ years…from the outside it wouldn’t look any different being bound together by “common law” -vs-being legally married….committment is committment…but my personal opinion is if you are going to be together anyway-be committed and have kids…etc-you should have the extra stability of being married. There are a lot of benefits to being married that are recognized compared to just “living like you’re married”-it’s the truth. And to me-being together/committed for 16 years is like being married….so just make it official and call it what it is-it seems like the same thing to me, but better.

Mia on

Just to extend my comment-my opinion that marriage is extra stability is not streaming from a moral opinion or a religious opinion at all–being I’m not religious, and yes-marriage doesn’t symbolize the 100% happiness and things can go wrong…of course regardless-but I just think marriage is the most committed thing possible + if you’re acting like you’re married….just get married.

If people are afraid that things are going to change just because you “have a piece of paper”–maybe there is a deeper issue there. It doesn’t mean you’re any less of a couple or less capable of being parents because you’re not married or anything-but it’s just the act of stability and union-ship and legality. If you’re so over the top in-love…why wouldn’t you want to?-I understand some logical points…but if you’re together, and maybe you also have a family, some people are not against “physically” getting married……what’s the harm if it’s just a piece of paper? A lot of people don’t get married have kids, and then in a little while it doesn’t work out–because they were not that serious about the relationship.

Example-Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie–I think they’re great + I’m SO HAPPY for both of them that they found each-other and have a huge family-and I get their logic about “having kids is what keeps us together-not being married since we’ve both been married before” but at the sametime-obviously they work so well together because they want the same things/are more compatabile–being married would not change that-same with other couples.

bonnie on

well..first of all..bryan isnt gay!he has dated several women..and just coz he is really private and doesnt talk abt his private life..doesnt mean that he is gay!secondly..he has talked about wantin 2 start a family and have kids of late…so..whether alicia is just a “PA” or his girlfriend..well..he has never talked abt it he is d only one who knows the truth..but yea..he is startin a family wid her(as far as i know) coz he posted somethin related 2 it in his website..
about d marriage and stuff posted here..i think we should rather discuss about all that..after all its his choice ab how he wants 2 live his life!
rather congratualte him on it coz he does deserves it after all d good work he has done and continues to do!congrats 2 u and aicia bryan!

k on

Mia – Judging by your post here and in other threads, you sound insane. Give it a rest.

Shanna on

I know personally (Very) that Bryan is not gay:) and he is very good at NOT being gay…LOL:):) he is funny, bright, soooo witty and actually very kind to the needy and children…..

I know he has been wary of marriage……but who isn’t now and days?? His parents are getting older, whom he is totally devoted to….Bryan has alot of love to give. Whether he loves this assistant or not…’s only natural that a great guy like him would want a kid soon:) Be happy for him and keep him in your prayers:)

Jeannette M. on

Yes, Mia, but some people just don’t want to get married. I love my partner very much, and he does me, but we just don’t want to. It’s our personal choice not to and annoys the hell out of me when people can’t comprehend that we just don’t want to get married. I don’t need a ring on my finger and a piece of paper to show how much I love my partner.

Mia on

? I know I have posted my opinion in other posts-and I just thought I would explain my opinion more and state it’s not a religious point of view or moral point of view like others-no need to make a reacted statement just because you don’t agree/want to read it.

I do hope the baby is happy + healthy.

kimmie on

Janet, this guy is from Canada. That’s north of the rest of the world (which obviously accounts for the USA only, to you) What does the GO USA comment have to do with him?

kai on

sometimes this site really scares me.

Congrats to the couple. I don’t know anything about his private life and I greatly appreciate it. With all these ‘celebrities’ on this site selling out their private lives for a living, it’s nice to have someone who’s actually made a name for himself with work. (And I can’t stand his music, lol, but no question he’s earned his place) Also, I’m thinking, at 51 years old, he surely put a lot of thought into becoming a father, with this woman, who he’s apparently known well for quite a while.

Oh, and perhaps you should click on the link of his (and Alicia’s) foundation. It’s about children. You know.

laris on

omg i love bryan adams and soooo happy for him 🙂 good luck

shewolf on

I am happy for them both and wish them the very best. I was involved with a certain guy for 3 years.. long distance and felt we were working toward a relationship because he wanted a family with me. All those endearing letters, messages, calls etc.. and it wasn’t until 6 months ago that I had my bags packed ready to fly off with him.. that my dear friends called and said he had told them he only wanted me to have his child… no commitment or love.. they were worried about me.. and I am thankful they told me of his intentions before I got pregnant. So being the Christian woman that I am with strong morals and loyalty.. I broke it off and said no. I am single and don’t regret the decision I made. I won’t ever have a man’s child without commitment and marriage, it doesn’t matter (who) he is.. for me loyalty and love should be a part of starting a family. This man was tender and romantic.. but in the long run.. he said he was on a timeline since his birthday was coming up.. and therefore wanted to get me pregnant before his birthday. I still only want the best for him.. and miss him at times, but to make a long story short.. I had to get it off my chest… I can’t help but see the similarity here.. and hope that Alicia is okay with being a mom and being in a relationship where love is not the key factor. I wish them both the very best and I really hope he finds true happiness in his life.

Kristi on


jessica on

Andrea Remanda.

ami on

I for one am thrilled that they’re not married and congratulate them sincerely for their new family in the making. All of my children have been born without governmental oversight (marriage contract) and I applaud those who bring children into the world by choice and without the need for a form perched in the file cabinet drawer that won’t be looked at again until the inevitable divorce. When I had my first child this wasn’t as accepted, but now it’s perfectly normal, common and celebrated. I’m glad the world has moved on and become more enlightened and it is (in a way ridiculously) thanks in large part to famous folks showing how absolutely normal this is. 🙂

Sue on

Bryan likes to keep his private life private and nobody knows what his personal assistant looks like. Thanks to someone from the Ellen DeGeneres show, they posted on Youtube, security footage from the day Bryan Adams was there. At the 4:10 mark, Bryan walks into view, stops and looks around for someone. Then lo and behold, into the picture/video walks his girlfriend/personal assistant. They exchange brief hugs. She looks young around 30, long dark hair. (4:10 mark on video)

LesleyP on

The (Everything I Do) I Do It For You star surprised fans last week when he announced that he was expecting his first baby in May with his personal assistant Alicia Grimaldi.

He confirmed in a statement that he is welcoming a baby with the 31-year-old Cambridge graduate, now said to be sharing his London home.

She met the singer in 2004 when she helped him set up the Bryan Adams Foundation.

Alicia’s father, retired surgeon and Marquis Peter Martin Beaufort Grimaldi, has welcomed the news – her mother is titled Marquesa Grimaldi and, according to the Daily Mail, she and her sisters Carina and Sophia are all listed in Burke’s Peerage.

“It will be our first grandchild and of course we are delighted for Alicia and Bryan,” said Mr Grimaldi, who is also the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight.

I’ve just copied the above from the Bryan Adams official website.
Enough said?

Marika on

CONGRATULATIONS! Savour every minute of this experience! Parenthood defines us in ways we never thought imaginable. There are fear inspiring moments, moments that take our breathe away, glorious moments and moments that make you laugh ’till your belly aches. My hope for you two is for the greatest “ride of your life”. Congratulations again and again and a BIG gratitude for all the “works” that you both so zealously involve yourselves in… make the difference!

Annette on

Well, he’s not gay, he had a long term girlfriend called Cecile until about 5-6 yrs ago.
Doesn’t seem like he’s going to be around for the baby as he’s just finishing a tour and back on the road in November/December….he’ll either fly them to him or carry on as he is now!!

Wendy on

I remember around 1988?, a good friend saw Bryan, having drinks at Richards on Richards in Vancouver. Then going upstairs, holding hands, with another nice looking guy.

Wendy on

Let’s see…Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin :), Elton and David…that guy (I apologize) from How I Met Your Mother. There are more. Oh yea, Bryan Adams.

Maddy on

Congratulations Bryan Bello.
You have a bella bunny daughter! I am so very happy for you:)))
And after reading all this “stuff” tht is posted here: I would like to point out that alicia was a perfect partner as she has established herself as a “good person” in your life. Which would indicate that she is NOT a gold seeker.
And at 51 yr. of age, Bryan I would imagine that everything on your doorstep is looking for fame and riches. But Alicia is real, and must have strong ethical values to set up a foundation. Excellent News!
Wish I coulda been there, but o.m.g., raising kids is never done… and who can be selfish enough to pass on their future?

toni on

I am very happy for them both. I just always thought it would have been with cecilie thompson his long love from along time ago. Whom ever the mother is I wish them the best. I don’t think bryan is gay and he has aged well!!

Lorie D. on

I have been a huge Bryan Adams fan for over 20 years. I saw him in concert in the 80s five times. He is so romantic in his singing and oozes sex appeal. He definately is not gay and has had many relationships with famous and non-famous women. I am so happy for him having a baby finally. Good for him. Best wishes for his future!

kaya on

very happy to you my idole since my childhood i love your songs and all about you. best wishes to your baby. LOVE YOU FOREVER.

kaya on

wonderfull wonderfull wonderfullllllllllllllll dear BRYAN

Greta on

Bryan has been into relationships, it’s just that he seemed not the kind of person to really settle down because his life is always on the road, always on tours most of the time. I guess that is why he is more of taking care of the baby than marrying Alicia. Nonetheless, it they decided to marry, it’s gonna be better, Bryan still needs a family, he is not getting any younger.

monica on

well i guess it’s to late for him to let me love him-who wouldn’t fall for him i did and i just turned the big 40!! Well bryan i hope all goes well and yes i will say-you move me beyond measure!!!

Wowsa on

Of for god’s sake. Why is it that every time a bible-beater tries to make a point, they use the bible to back it up? It’s like arguing that the reason a colour is red is because it’s red!

You do NOT need a marriage to make a strong relationship. You do NOT need to believe in a god to be a good, moral person. You JUST need to love and you JUST need to be a good person. Sad that all this insane judgement tends to come from those who deem themselves “Christian” or “religious.” Seriously, I could not care less about whether or not Bryan Adams is gay. If he is, he’s having a baby. If he’s not, he’s having a baby with someone he may or may not love. In any case, there is going to be a cutie-pie popping out in a few months who will hopefully have 2 people who love the heck out of it. That kid is not going to give a crap that his parents are married or not! Just that they are THERE is enough. It’s not the kids who judge, it’s the so-called Christians. Get over yourselves. Maybe you should ask yourself why you are basing your opinions on a far-fetched, unprovable, improbable BELIEF.

Rose Rudakevich on

All I have to say is that it is all individual—whether you marry,live common-law,gay or not,have kids or not.

What matters is that you give your kids love,stability,roots,morals,honesty,integrity,security and able to provide for them–food,shelter,clothing.

I have 2 grown girls from a common-in-law relationship and they were 5 and 7 when we split and raised them alone. I was fortunate enough to give them a great life as had a great paying job. They never crucified me for not marrying their DAD.I never had another relationship but if I did,marriage is the only way to go at my age–a pensioner!!!

Dar on

WOW if he does have an attitude I don’t blame him.. If all you negative nellies are just a taste of what he has to incur daily.. I am sure you get my point. Shame on the bunch of you!!

For many years Bryan Adams had something missing that he could share with a family. I am so happy that he is about to have that now. I am sure for him it’s scary being so very famous and in the public eye.

Everyone has good and bad, flaws and perfections. Let’s see how you’d react if someone was to bare everything about you.

I am very happy for my fellow Canadian and his partner. Congrats Bryan and Alicia. Wishing you a healthy and safe pregnancy and birth of your child. (And that’s all that matter’s most)

Peace N Love.