Spotted: Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Hug It Out

03/13/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Miguel Aguilar/Juan Sharma/Pacific Coast News

Say cheese!

Kendra Wilkinson takes a break from her rigorous Dancing With the Stars training for some TLC in L.A. Wednesday with her 15-month-old son, Hank IV.

“Kendra will do better than most,” former Girls’ Next Door costar Holly Madison told PEOPLE recently.

“I’d say she’ll get to at least the semi-finals. She has a lot of personality and people like her.”

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Sarah S. on

Hank Jr.’s curls are adorable!

anonymous on

what a precious picture. he is a cute kid

sam and freya's mum on

Beautiful little boy!

Kaycee on

people are always making comments about, how Micheal jackson could not possible be the father of his children. Simply because they look so white, yet this is another example of how different people of color vary.

Serena on

a lovely picture!! He is such a beautiful little boy!

JMO on

haha Little Hank is like, “you better stay away from my mama!”

Cecelia on

One of the most beautiful celebrity babies I’ve ever seen!

Kaycee, while genetics definitely vary, Kendra’s husband’s is also half Caucasian unlike Michael so the scenario is slightly different.

h on

Mickael Jackson was afro american… Only Hank Basket’s father, the baby grand father, is afro american here..

while i honestly found that none of his parents are pretty ( kendra is cute but that’s it and Hank is an average looking guy) i found this baby very beautiful.

Nella on

Awww little Hank is soooo cute, one of the cutest celeb baby boys in my opinion. Love his curls! I’m glad Kendra is embracing motherhood and seems like she adores that little boy.

Capri on

Soo precious!!!! Go Kendra Go Kendra!!

nettrice on

I think you can talk about a cute baby without throwing his parents under a bus!

CelebBabyLover on

Kaycee- Exactly! And a lot of those same people have no trouble believing that that young man (I think he’s in his early 20s now) who is rumored to be Michael’s son is indeed his son. Go figure!

Anyway, little Hank is adorable!

JM on

i agree with h. mj was african american it is highly unlikely for an african american to have 3 children who look completely caucasian.

this little guy is a cutie.

Amanda on

Kendra seems so in love with her son, so adorable! I wish they’d have a few more, imagine how beautiful a girl would be. Wish them the best 🙂

Jeannette M. on

He’s my favourite celeb baby boy! He’s so cute, I love his light little curls, such a beautiful little boy!

Dawn on

He is a beautiful little boy and we welcome him into the family if he has one drop, one tenth or 90% African American ancestry. Only Hispanics like PuertoRicans make a big deal over the racial content of people when it is none of their business. Please contact People regarding the TROLL on this blog who constantly makes racial comments about African American children. This needs to stop.



dutchmom on

i hate it when people make assumptions about things they no nothing about, like genetics and mixed race children. My two daughters look fully caucasion, one is blonde, the other has brown hair. I am not mixed race but 100% black. My husband is whtie. He was just the dominant factor in this mix. I hate it when people assume that those children cannot possibly be mine, as they do with michael jacksons kids. You just don’t know how mixed race children come out of the mix!
Little Hanks is adorable by the way!

Jillian on

“Dawn” “DAWN” you go on almost every post saying the same thing. You even in one post made a “racial comment” under the name Dawn and then scolding Dawn. What is your deal?

My biggest pet peeve is when people claim there is racial comments or discrimination, but there is not. This is a perfect example. No where in this thread did anyone make a racial comment “dawn.” Well, I actually found a comment by you to be rather rude and racist….”Only Hispanics like PuertoRicans make a big deal over the racial content of people when it is none of their business.” Just saying….

Dutch mom….Totally totally agree. Friends of mine have a child and the husband is mexican and the wife is white…very white. She is the dominant factor. People assume the baby was adopted, she cheated, etc. It is so very hurtful. She finally did a paternity test, so she could throw it in peoples faces…..not something she needed to do, but she wanted to do it. She felt vindicated.

dutchmom on

@ Jillian. How terrible for your friend that she had to take such desperate measures. It’s a shame how society wants to box everything and if that’s not possible, they judge you. Good luck to her and her family!