Belly Button Boutique: A Cool Shop for Moms-to-Be

03/13/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Belly Button Boutique

Once a woman learns she’s expecting, shopping quickly becomes all about the baby.

But after a difficult first pregnancy, Karla Trotman, began researching ways to enhance the experience for expectant moms.

The result? A much more comfortable second pregnancy for Trotman — and the launch of Belly Button Boutique, a one-stop online shop for moms, both before and after baby arrives.

From pregnancy pillows and stretch mark cream to nursing pads and C-section panties, the site focuses on practical items in categories like nausea & heartburn, sleeping and labor.

Top sellers include the Shower Hug ($30), an abdominal wrap that guards against milk leakage and protects sore nipples in the shower; natural skin care products by Belli and Earth Mama ($9 to $49.95), the popular Lose Your Mummy Tummy DVD ($25), and Whoa Mamma clothing sets, which are comfy enough to be worn before and after baby arrives.

“Moms no longer have to suffer,” says Trotman, the proud mother of Dylan, 4, and Bryce, 2.

Ready to pamper yourself or the mama-to-be in your life? Browse the full collection of accessories and gifts at

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suzyq on

C-section panties, are you kidding me? I had 2 c-sections in the past 4 years and managed quite well with regular non-bikini (“granny pants”) underwear. My nipples did okay in the shower and elsewhere with lanolin cream.

“Moms no longer have to suffer,” GMAB!!

Emily on

Suzyq- I totally get what you’re saying. But I guess this line may help someone where other things may have failed. No one has to buy this stuff, but it doesn’t hurt to be available for someone who may find use in it.

lyngm on

This is terrible. How many ways can one website tell women that their bodies are no longer beautiful and functioning properly after having a baby? You need this for your hips to shrink!, you need this for your (NORMAL) postpartum belly!, you need this for sleeping on your side properly!, you need this to cover your c-section scar so that a man doesn’t have to look at it!. I’m so disgusted with this website!

MiB on

Playing the Devil’s advocate here, but I saw things that have it’s uses, not for everyone, but for some. The widening hips during pregnancy might casue discomfort for some, I know plenty of women who would like the support of a girdle after birth (in fact it was recommended up until the 60’s and is still recommended in some countries), some women find it difficult to arrange pillows to get a comfortable (side sleeping) position during pregnancy and some women like a bit of pressure on their c-section scars whereas others would do anything to avoid having panties that come even close to it and some may have problems with water sprays on their nipples, and need a warm compress over their engorged breasts.

Are any of the things in the boutique strictly necessary? Off course not! But can they be? I’d say, for some women they can. And can they increase comfort? I’d say yes to that too? At least having a girdle is much more convenient than having to do like one of my friends and spend 15 minutes every day wrapping her post partum belly in bandages for several months because she didn’t feel comfortable without the support.

The only thing that struck me as a bit odd were the radiation protection t-shirts, but then again, I guess they could come in handy if you’re a frequent flyer, work at security or come in touch with cancer patients undergoing radiation.

Karla Trotman on

I am the owner of and wanted to respond to some of the comments. My store doesn’t cater to all women who have had normal and comfortable pregnancies. I was one of many women who suffered silently because I thought that something was wrong with me and my pregnant body. I cried myself to sleep on many nights because I couldn’t get comfortable.

Being placed on bed rest caused rapid weight gain, so a back support became necessary for me to function on a daily basis. An emergency c-section and a less-than-desirable scar made regular bikini underwear uncomfortable for me. Lanolin helped me as I adjusted to nursing my eldest. And while I was researching all of the products for my own personal use, I became aware of a segment of the pregnant population that commiserated with me. From my experience and learning from the experiences of other women, I opened my online store.

All of the products serve a specific purpose, to help women who are in need. For those who are blessed with uneventful and smooth pregnancies, consider yourselves blessed. Its not the case for all.

I respect your opinions and I appreciate that you took the time to check out my store.

brannon on

I see lots of things on here that are appealing. Some of you make fun of everything that is offered on this site … to each their own.

EMG on

I am really struck by the initial negative reaction to this post. I had 3 beautiful, uneventful pregnancies and pitocin induced labors with no pain meds. I am very calm by nature and have a high tolerance for pain. (I get my teeth drilled without Novacaine). That being said, I found breastfeeding in the first few weeks of my children’s lives the most painful experience of my life. I had lactation consultants… and nothing was wrong … but, my body had to get use to the baby nursing. I kept telling myself, “I just delivered this child, I can feed her.” It happened all 3 times. Lanolin did nothing for me. I easily would have given up without the proper support from those around me. I found great relief from Soothies with my second child and I had a Shower Hug for my third. Those two items are awesome if you have breast pain.

RRC on

I would have killed for some of these items during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. They would have made the transition into motherhood a lot smoother. Will recommend to pregnant friends. Thanks, People!

KG on

Pregnancy and child birth was not the most comfortable experience for me. I found myself constantly try to get comfortable, whether it was finding supporting clothing, back support, sleep support, or stretch mark prevention. I spent way too much trial and error time and money trying to make my pregnancy and child birth experience more comfortable so that I could focus on the blessing that we were given. I wish this store were around when I was pregnant.

Marianne Kaplan on

I think this is a great site for women who are trying to maximize their post-partum adjustment. Why suffer when you don’t need to – especially when some of these products are available to make you more comfortable. I’m immediately sending this site to my daughter-in-law who is expecting in April. Nice job!