Martha Stewart Is a Grandma

03/11/2011 at 07:00 AM ET
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Martha Stewart‘s only child, Alexis, has welcomed a daughter of her own.

The baby girl, Jude, was born via gestational carrier on Tuesday, March 8.

Though the entertaining guru is surely glad to have a granddaughter, don’t expect her to be a typical grandmother.

“Martha is going to be called, ‘Martha,'” Alexis announced on her radio show, Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer. “She seemed to have no problem with it. … I was like, ‘Do you really want to be ‘Grandma’? I don’t like the term grandma!”

For the past few years, Alexis Stewart, 45, has been open about her struggle to conceive a child, telling PEOPLE in 2007 that she was spending more than $20,000 each month on fertility treatments.

“Having my own kid is the most important thing in my life,” she said at the time. “I’m trying everything I can.”

Equally eager for an addition to the family was Martha, whom Alexis said has wasted no time spoiling her granddaughter.

“She was born at 1 in the morning … and [Martha] brings this huge box from Bergdorf [Goodman],” Alexis said. “I open it up and I look inside and it’s full of baby clothes, all with embroidery, and I’m like, ‘Wow, I guess I’m going to be allowed to buy myself something pretty nice because all this stuff’s going back!'”

“If the kid can’t see it, why the 100 dollar [clothes]?” she continued. “Only books, child appropriate or whatever: that’s the only thing that I want. No toys please!”

As for the baby’s measurements, Alexis quipped, “You’re not getting her weight and length. It’s rude!”

Grandma herself shared her excitement on Friday’s The Martha Stewart Show. “They’re home in New York in their apartment and I stopped in last night after a business trip and I got to see her when she was about 36-hours old,” Stewart said. “She is very alert and doesn’t cry – ideal baby!”

— Lesley Messer

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suzyq on

What’s wrong with”grandma”?

rb on

Alexis sounds like a peach of a woman, doesn’t she?

Miche on

Wow. Terrible interview. Seems like someone really has issues with her mother. I hope they get it sorted soon for the baby’s sake.

AMY on

Why do i suddenly feel so bad for this baby…i seriously shook my head while reading this story…

Audrey on

Congrats to her and her new baby girl.

but wow, is this woman serious??? could she be a more ruder individual? imagine refusing a gift from her own mother and refusing it. Is she planning to never allow this child toys? I am sure a one year old can “see” books right? and there is nothing wrong with being called “grandma” its a blessing.

Regardless of what I may think, I do honestly wish them both lots of happiness and health.

Macy on

Awful name choice.

Katie on

Um, she comes across as pretty harsh. If my mother greeted me and her new grandchild with thoughtful gifts I would be thankful not “I’m going to be able to get something nice for myself when I trade all this in” that is so disrespectful! Also, not giving measurements and weight because it’s rude?? But you’ll release the name? Someone needs to remove the pole from this woman’s a$$

Cee on

I think Alexis is joking but she’s not funny at all. Geez.

TJ on


Jenny on

This woman sounds like a pill. Poor baby.

Audrey on

sorry, when I said one year old I actually meant newborn.

Lila on

Sorry for her infertility issues. I know that is rough and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

But she doesn’t seem like a very pleasant or grateful person. Of course, her mother doesn’t seem like the nuturing type either so that may be why. I won’t say she won’t be a great mom though because having a baby can really change a person. I wish them both the best of luck!

Lissette on

I’m shocked by this as well. I hate to say it but she seems so bitter. Nothing wrong with “grandma.” Usually it’s the grandmothers themselves that might say they dont want to be called that. Not their daughter telling them they dont want their child to call them that. And then rejecting Martha’s gift from Bergdorf? She waited so long for a child and this is her attitude? WOW.

I’m happy Martha is a grandmother now!

JM on

i don’t have a problem with people not wanting to be called grandma, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to BE a grandma, everyone has the right to decide what they want their grandchildren to be called.

however, yeah alexis comes off as a real brat.

meme on

She seems like one odd lady….

Keis on

I’m guessing none of the previous commenters have seen ‘Whatever, Martha’. Alexis had an unconventional childhood with Martha not really being a mother but being MARTHA STEWART. She views her mother very differently from us–cos she grew up with her. We didn’t.

I agree with returning the expensive clothes. A lot of people here complain about the type and price of clothes celebrities choose to put on their OWN KIDS. Really, you can’t have it both ways.

Clothes are often outgrown in weeks, much less months, with babies.

Also. Alexis is an ENTERTAINER and a COMEDIENNE. She’s supposed to be self-deprecating and funny/unfunny.

Allie-Rose on

I just hope it’s terrible editing of a bad interview. If not, then I’m afraid Alexis must be a very unpleasant person to be around.
I wonder what she called her grandmother…

wtf on

After all that she has went through to have a child, wouldn’t you think she would be happy and grateful…not rude and ignorant?!!

Tess on

Alexis always sounds like such a spoiled brat, and I’m not sure why. Martha is the one who has earned her own money and at least has reason to brag, although I’ve never heard her do so. I can only hope the grandchild grows up to be appreciative of all the advantages she has in life.

Keis on

About these comments…are we reading the same article or is there some extra stuff that y’all are reading? Or are we all reading into her comments?

I’m not a fan of hers but it sounds like to me she wanted an alternative to ‘grandma’ and she and her mom discussed it until it was settled on Martha. I don’t even think she calls her mom or mother. On “rejecting” the gift: she didn’t say she outright said no. She said she was going to take it back (probably after thanking her) cos it was inappropriate for how she was going to raise her child. Maybe she got tons of toys and things and only wants books and sensible clothes now. Really I wish people here would stop coloring celebrities’ words with their own vitriol they hold for them.

T on

Wow, she seems like a fun mom. LOL

Lacey on

I could say so much right now, but my GRANDMA, always taught me to be nice and smile even if I didn’t want to.

cris on

I agree, she does sound horribly bitter and rude. With a mother like Martha, could you blame her? From the stories I have heard of MS, she is an absolute b!tch. I tried watching her show but could not stand how she constantly interrupts her guests. I really hope this little baby girl grows up with a happier childhood than her mother did, but from the sounds of it, she is destined for a less-than-stellar childhood.

TJ on

There are many, many other names that they could have come up with other than Martha! That’s not special. Everyone on earth calls her Martha.

Ally on

Ok, revealing that you spent $20,000/month on fertility treatments is fine, but revealing your child’s weight & length is “rude!”? That’s just weird.

acorr on

I like Alexis. I think she is quite funny. She can come off a bit crass for those of you who may not have followed her over the years. If you have followed her over the years then you would know she just sounds like her normal self in this interview and I appreciate that. She may not come off as lovey dovey, mushy mushy but she is a pretty cool, smart, generous, caring and accomplished women. Alexis and her mother obviously have their own dynamic that works very well for them. Congratulations on becoming a mommy Alexis!

Krista on

She doesn’t want to be called grandma. HER choice.

Macy, if I had a $ for all the names you called awful or horrible, I’d be sitting in a ton of money!

T on

I was taken back because I think this is the first time she has spoken publicly about her new baby, and she seems annoyed at almost everything. Someone send her the memo that it’s okay to act like you enjoy being a new mom. By the way I think it IS rude to ask an adult their weight and height, but a 3 day old baby. hahaha.. really? FYI I would say proper etiquette is to allow the new grandparents to decide on what they would like to be called. Control issues much?

I guess this post bothers me just a bit.. Okay I’m done.. 🙂

Molly on

I’m sorry if this offends people who’ve dealt with fertility issues, but I have never liked this woman since I’ve read how she spent $20K/month for years trying to have a biological child. While I totally understand the desire to have a biological child, I couldn’t help but cringe when I read that, knowing how many kids are out there who need parents. I’m by no means against fertility treatments, but at what point is enough, and your desire to have a child, any child, supercedes your desire for a “biological” one.

Best of luck to her, but I hope she does consider adoption if she decides to try for another child.

JMO on

Wow I’m with the majority here. After struggling to have a baby you think she’d just smile and be grateful for ANY gift that came her way whether expensive or not! A gift is a gift!! And Jude for a little girl is just imo awful! But atleast it’s not horrible.

And Martha not wanting to be a “grandmom” is nothing new. I know so many people who joke about not wanting their grandkids to refer to them as that but many of them change that feeling once the baby gets older! It usually happesn more so in younger grandmoms but Martha should be proud to be a grandmom and being called one is not the worst thing in the world!

Niche on

Wow! is my only reaction to this interview. What is eating her? I don’t know much of her backstory with her mother but, WOW!

Seems like a very hurtful form of punishment for Martha. And I feel sorry for her husband if she has one, imagine how he’s treated.

Laura on

I actually thought the interview was kind of funny. I’ve followed Alexis over the years and she just has a blunt, dry manner and humour. There is no BS with her approach, which I appreciate. Also, I don’t see anything wrong with Martha not wanting to be called “Grandma” but Martha. That’s each grandparent’s choice to have a say in that. It seems a bit unusual to return the gift her Mom gave for the baby, but that’s her choice and I’m sure her Mom wasn’t surprised. Maybe Alexis doesn’t want her daughter given these excessive gifts and would prefer something practical and longer lasting. Congrats to Alexis for finally accomplishing her goal! I am really happy for her and am sure she will be a wonderful mother despite what others have said on here. Lighten up everyone!

Lisa on

Alexis is annoying. She tries way to hard to be funny and just comes off sounding like a jackass. The only thing she has accomplished in life is being the daughter of Martha Stewart, nothing to impressive about that. Alexis is just as bitter, bitchy and self-centered as Martha… like mother like daughter.

karine on

Is she married ? boyfriend ? it seems she just her and her baby

T on

In the post I took it as, it is Alexis that chose to have the baby call Martha, “Martha”.. Not Martha herself. Also what happened to maternity leave? Wasn’t the baby just born a few days ago? I guess she hired a good baby nurse so the baby can bond with someone. After struggling for years with fertility myself, once my daughter was born I certainly didn’t hire someone to watch the baby, days old. I didn’t leave her for a second as a newborn, because I didn’t want to. She’s def. “missing something”..

NM on

I don’t understand WHY the word grandma is so demeaning to this woman? She would be thrilled with being called grandma! Geez!

Elle on

gestational carrier???!!??

Ally on

Elle, gestational carrier is someone who has a fertilized embryo implanted into them and they carry the baby to full term for the parent(s). There is no biological relationship between the carrier and the embryo.

Serena on

she is very vocal about how much she was spending per month on fertility treatments to the tune of $20,000 but her mother spending $100 on a baby outfit once the baby has arrived is ridiculous to her??

nelly on

I honestly dont see anything wrong with not wanting to be called grandma …. my grandmother to this day refuses to have any of her grandkids (age ranging from 26 (my age) to 4 years old) she always hated that word .. but congrats to Alexis from one only child to the next and having to deal with a difficult mother

Terri on

She looks very different from what I recall she looked like.

devi on



Emily on

Wow. Some people need to lighten up. Alexis is a comedienne! She’s really sarcastic and giving her mom a hard time is part of her act!

My son calls my mom by her first name because he’s the first grand kid and all he heard was people calling her by her name so that’s what he thought he should call her. There is nothing rude about it…it’s funny to us! One of my good friends hated the term grandma too so she decided to have her grand kids call her by her name. It’s cute because they say, “My Kim gave this to me!” Or “I got to see my Kimmy this weekend.” Who cares?!

ForeverMoore on

My mom likes to be called G-ma…but once my son can talk, I figure that he will decide what to call her. We kinda leaving it up to him.

Michelle on

I know that she’s struggled for a long time, wanting to have a baby. I’m happy for her that she’s finally a mom.

Ashley on

Love that name! It’s my top girl’s choice.

Toya L. on

From what I can tell, people on here are not having an issue with Martha not being called grandma. The issue for some is that it seems as she “Alexis” chose that her child call her grandmother Martha vs what Martha chose (not what she excepted/didn’t protest against) to be called.

Verbatim quotes from this interview like, “Martha is going to be called Martha. I (Alexis) don’t like the term grandma and she seemed to have no problem with it”, suggests that although she (Martha) didn’t seem to have a problem with the suggestion that her grandchild call her Martha, that she didn’t come up with the idea either.

DJ on

I always thought Martha Stewart was very odd and apparently her daughter has not fallen far from the tree. I’ve heard they aren’t the best of friends but to refuse a gift from a grandparent is much rudier than not sharing the very common info of a babies weight and length. Doubtful personalized items can be returned and no toys? Does she plan to raise someone even oddier than herself? An a grandmother being called by her first name signals to me that perhaps she is insecure with her postion and her age.

Emily on

How is it rude to share the baby’s weight?

Gaia and labans mom on

Yet when they have those outrageously priced baby clothes articles on here, or a celeb dresses their kids in pricey baby clothes everyone goes “how ridiculous”!

Jennifer on

Gosh, the disrespect! Wonder what Martha thinks about the way her daughter speaks of her. Anyway….congrats to her… Not too sure what is wrong with “grandma” either. There are so many sweet names for a grandmother…Nana, Mimi, Grammie… Hey…what about Grandmartha? 😉

Alice on

Keis, there’s a difference between not wanting to buy your kid expensive clothing, or thinking it’s a waste when others do, and returning a GIFT for your child to get something for yourself instead. The child can’t see it so she doesn’t care and it won’t spoil her – she’s a baby! It’s good that now people know what presents she wants for her child but returning the first present from her mom and telling the world? Call her blunt, funny, crass, no BS or anything you want but it’s just rude. As for the name obviously if Martha wants to be called Martha she does what she wants. It just seems Alexis foced it upon her because *she* didn’t like ‘grandma’.

And for the record if having her own kid really was the most important thing in her life maybe she shouldn’t have waited until she was in her 40s to have one. Selfishness/older parent debate aside, I just mean she was lucky that she could afford the treatments and lucky that something worked out in the end. It wasn’t a given, so it seems odd to me that she’d take the risk of waiting for something so important to her.

I really like that little girl’s name, but it’s about the only thing in this post.

Tess on

Unless I’m reading the interview wrong, it’s ALEXIS who said Martha would be called Martha, not grandma. MARTHA didn’t decide that, which I think is what makes it strange.

meghan on

Alexis is NOT a comedian. Her job title is Martha Stewart’s daughter and her schtick is belittling the woman responsible for her having any kind of career in the public eye. No one would give her the time of day without Martha. I’m sorry, but as a person who nearly lost her mom two years ago, I fail to find much humor in making fun of a woman who drops everything to lavish her only grandchild with beautiful things. It’s ungrateful and it’s the type of attitude I would expect out of a teenager, not a middle age woman.

Robyn on

Apparently none of you have ever seen/heard Whatever, Martha…Alexis has made a living making fun of her mother and her upbringing..It is hilarious….

So I’m sure a lot of this is tongue in cheek…We need to lighten up a little

Lila on

@Molly, just so you know the average wait to adopt a child is 3 years. So there are not tons of newborns sitting around waiting to be adopted. There are older children waiting, but not everyone is prepared or wants an older child. Though no one is stopping you from adopting one……

I wanted my own biological child. I didn’t want to have to worry about the birth mother changing her mind and having to constantly look over my shoulder when I had the child. And I wanted a child that I could look at and see a little of myself or my husband. There is nothing wrong with that and I would have spent as much as it took. Unless you have been down that road, you have no idea what it is like. At the end of the day, I don’t care what people think as my daughter is wonderful and worth all of it!

mary on

There’s always tension between mothers and daughters BUT NEVER lack of love!

At least those are words I live by. I have an 18 year old who actually is very good BUT I would be lying if I said we have never had tensions or moments. And like some others I lost my mom almost 2 yrs ago. She was my best friend; of course we became best friends when I became an adult.

I don’t know these two at all! (I have never watched a Martha Stewart show) but I get the feeling after reading her daughters post and most of your posts that this goes beyond tension. Sad, really.

Angel on

These celebrities and their families are so strange sometimes. They miss out on the best things of life because of their craziness. I, too, don’t care for the term Grandma; therefore, I chose to be called Nana. I think it’s a privilege to be a grandparent and to have this little one in my life and I like the fact that she can call me something that none of my friends or even my kids has the right to call me. Nana. It’s good.

Kay on

I don’t find anything funny about Alexis. Self-deprecating is one thing; basing a career on making fun of your mother is something else entirely. Even tongue in cheek, that kind of humor gets old in a hurry. I hope this baby ends up with a warmer mother/daughter relationship than her mother had, but this interview doesn’t make it seem promising.

Romy on

wow, what a weird article. It makes me wish she had a boy. I hope she has an ok relationship with her daughter and allows her daughter to have a nice relationship with Martha. I think Alexis just wanted to strip Martha of that title (Grandma) because of all the resentment. What about Nana or another name? And Jude for a girl? I don’t care for that since it’s a biblical male name. It’s very harsh sounding for a girl.

Marlee on

I think Jude is a lovely name for a girl. I wonder if there is a middle name as well.

Baby Jude will be loved. She has been so wanted for so long. I think she is a lucky baby.

Rebeca on

Wow the baby is named Jude
and the mom oh so rude!

tobeornottobe on


stacey on

Congratulations Alexis on the birth of your daughter. I remember seeing her on Oprah, a few years ago and apparently she had no luck with IVF after several attempts. It was extremely heartbreaking. This is a very happy ending to her years of trying to have a child.

emg on

Jude is the Catholic & Eastern Orthodox Patron Saint of the Impossible. Alexis has been very upfront about how hard she tried for a baby so it might be a nod to the miracle of having a baby. I know lots of people who have had difficulties getting pregnant who have used Jude as part of their baby’s names [admittedly usually for males].

Shannon on

Somebody has Mommy issues. Yikes!

Tee on

Until today, I didn’t even know that Martha Stewart had a daughter, so I certainly know nothing about this woman. She seems incredibly rude though, coming from the tone in this article. If you don’t want to buy your baby expensive clothes, I think that’s great! But it’s quite rude to return a gift and spend the money on yourself. And I hate to break it to her, but that child is going to decide what to call her Grandma. Provided she even gets to see her grandmother, which isn’t an assumption I’d make from this interview!

I’m very rarely this outspoken about things like this but wow! I’m sorry but this woman is very rude here. I feel very bad for her baby, being raised by a woman like that.

soph on

Some of you need to go look up “quipped.” The woman was just trying to be witty.

Alli on

No toys at all? I suppose she could already have toys and just doesn’t want an overload, but kids need to play! Books are wonderful and I’m all for reading, but toys can help with coordination and learning colors, shapes, and just how to take care of your things.

showbizmom on

I don’t see the big deal, she doesn’t sound spoiled or arrogant or any other colorful adjective some of you have called her. I’m happy for her, I like many others believe in adoption, and look forward to the day my husband and I can adopt. It’s a touchy subject, and we can’t judge her for not adopting we don’t know the ins and outs of her situation.

BTW, my mom and step father both HATE grandma and grandpa. So they go by abbreviated versions of their names. It’s common.

ANN on

Catty much? You all actlike you know her personally. Not nice to judge others-remember the golden rule?

mayasmom on

Not Martha’s biggest fan. But man, her daughter is a (insert not nice word here).

The interview speaks volumes about their relationship and is quite depressing. Why would you deny a new grandma a chance to see the clothes she lovingly selected on her new grandaughter?

And you would think that someone who is now acquainting herself with motherhood would be sensitive enough to review her own relationship with her mother, as well as the kind of relationship she wants to model for her new baby.

Poor little girl. Apparently having money isn’t everything.

eileen blackwell on

Let MARTHA be a grand mother i”m a grandmother in her 60,s one GRAND DAUGHTER I love….let jude wear the clothes, same as a wedding dress. If it makes MARTHA HAPPY.. IT IS A GOOD THING…

Anonymous on

oh my, what a strange woman Alexis seems to be.

M on

I’m a big Martha fan so what Alexis said is no surprise to me. I wish the so called “unisex” name trend would end though. Boys names on girls…blegh. I know it’s nothing new but it seems like it’s only getting worse. I’m seeing birth announcements for little girls with the most masculine names. James, Scott, Michael…Jude was one of my faves for a boy.

Kris on

Didn’t Martha call her own mother, “Big Martha?” Not sure because I never watched her shows. If so, maybe that is just the way the Stewarts roll!

Jillian on

“And I hate to break it to her, but that child is going to decide what to call her Grandma.”

Huh? I have never heard of a child deciding what to call someone. Coming from a VERY large family, I never decided what to call anyone nor did anyone in my family. If that were to happen, they would have had no name for a long time or would have been called the same name as what everyone else was calling them (mom, aunt or their first name). The pronunciation may be their own, but not the decision. Unless I misunderstood what you were saying……

Momof3girls on

If I was in the public eye, I wouldn’t even be interviewed!! Ever little thing that is said is scrutinized, it’s crazy….

dee on

I remember when she was on Oprah talking about her struggles a couple of years ago. I was thinking about her some time back and wondering if she decided to give up. Apparently she didn’t. Good for her, persistence really does pay off.

Kristi on

Hope she wasn’t serious about not sharing the baby’s weight and height since Martha posted it on her Twitter!

Emily on

She will have full time nannies and spend less than an hour a day holding that baby in about 2 days. I see no nurturing qualities in her at all. I want, I want is all she says. Babies don’t understand you wanting, they just know they need a loving parent to comfort them. I can’t see her being that person. She has put a lot of her life out in view to see that she’s not very loving, or likable. I hope she realizes to let “Martha,the woman that is your Grandmother” be a part of her grandchild’s life. Of course maybe Martha is the reason Alex comes off as such a miserable person.

I hope that being a mom is a moment that makes her realize that nothing else in your life matters as much as that little person does and that even wiping poop off their butt makes you happy because you know it will comfort them and make them feel loved and cared for by you. If it doesn’t do that do that child a favor and give her to a loving family that will. She doesn’t need to grow up like you.

Net on

um, notice how Martha didn’t even meet the baby til she was a day and a half old because she was “on a biz trip”? My mom was right there to meet my babies as soon as they were born, as is most mom’s/grammas! I guess it was important enough for Martha to be right there to meet the baby the day she was born? I think Alexis is a witch! She comes across as such on tv interviews, print interviews etc. and that has never wavered so that must be who she really is…stiff back like her mother!

Susan on

If you look on Alexis Stewart’s blog for “Whatever Radio”, there is a picture of Jude. This baby looks so much like Martha! Plus, I don’t think that Alexis really took back the baby clothes. Some of the stuff in the picture came from Bergdorf Goodman.

Appreciate on


Tee on

Jillian, I’m sorry, I don’t think I worded my comment very well! I was somewhat appalled by the interview and didn’t think things through the way I normally do before leaving a comment. What I meant is that I’ve never met a child that didn’t tend to “make up” their own name for grandparents, aunts, uncles and whatnot. (especially before learning how to talk well) Maybe that’s just my experience but I’ve been around more families than you can shake a stick at and kids just come up with nicknames.

nettrice on

I expect a “tell-all” book in about 20 years: “No more wire hangers!!”

Debbie Dye on

I don’t know Alexis, so I don’t know if she was being sarcastic in her comments about the gifts from her mother. I was struck with the thought of how much grace goes into being a loving and supportive parent. The energy shift is away from “me, me, me” and becomes “what can I do to nurture this beautiful little being?” I hope Alexis realizes her totally important role in guiding and shaping her child.
Giving thanks for thoughtful gifts from “grandma” might be a good start.

Lily Daisy on

This wasn’t a very nice little announcement. I didn’t sense anything kind, loving or appreciative in it. Every little child should know the lovingness from a “grandma” whether they are called that or not. I hope this baby is treated with love above everything else. I also hope that both Martha and her daughter will do some growing up, if only for the sake of the baby.

Lily Daisy on

I didn’t find anything kind, loving or appreciative in this announcement. What every child should have the pleasure of knowing is the lovingness that comes from a “grandma”, no matter what they call her. As for Alexis and Martha, I hope, for the precious little baby’s sake, that they get on the fast track of growing up, so they can be there in a healthy way for the baby.

MiB on

I don’t know anything abougt Alexis (and not much about Martha), but I just wanted to say that some types of humour, especially dry humour and sarcasm, does not translate very well into writing as it often relies in other factors like tone of voice, body language or context as markers to indicate “don’t take me seriously”. Also, what is to say that she didn’t phone in the interview with baby Jude sleeping on her chest?

emg, I love that sentiment!

Alice on

Net – what? A day and a half is really soon to visit a baby, seems fine to me! I don’t think the grandmothers in my family visited their grandchildren before that, sometimes it was even a week after the birth. Not everybody lives in the same town as their parents…

Shannon on

No wonder she couldn’t find a man to have a child with. I feel sorry for her child but at least she will be able to afford lots of therapy.

mardi on

They both sound COLD AS FISH!!

Crystal on

I understand she is a comedienne and all but she sounds like an awful woman. Also, it seems Alexis NOT Martha decided she doesn’t like grandma and so they discussed it and they agreed that she would be called Martha. However to me that doesn’t seem like a choice Alexis should be able to make. Who does that? I don’t like grandma and I don’t want you to be called grandma so my daughter will call you Martha? It just seems so spoiled and self-centered. From this article I have decided I do not like her and I will not be reading any more articles pertaining to her or Jude!

Anonymous on

If I was a psychologist I would have a field day with this interview.

Anonymous on

Gee! I thought I read that Martha helped finance her daughter’s quest to have a kid of her own. If my mom had forked out all the money Martha had for my fertility treatments and probably paid for the gestational carrier I think I would take whatever gift she gave the baby. Without her their would be no baby.

Maybe she thought she was being funny but she comes across as harsh and uncaring. She complains that Martha was not a good mother because she was too busy being MARTHA but she sound even worse, no toys! Toys provide the stimulation babies need to develop.

Get a grip Alexis!

Kayla on

I don’t see anything wrong with Martha seeing the baby 36 hrs after she was born. Since Alexis didn’t actually give birth to the baby, the carrier may have requested more privacy. Not to mention that Alexis doesn’t sound like the type of person who would want her mother present on Day One. Hopefully the baby’s sperm donor has strong ‘nurturing tendency genes’ because she obviously isn’t going to get any from her maternal side.

joei on

these people are nuts see what control & money does if she reads this an thinks she sounds remotely conscious it’s warped i feel bad for the kid

Denise Smith on

I didn’t want to be called Grandma either so my granddaughter calls me “Nona”, Italian for grandma. I don’t look old and grandma just has an old connotation for me.

LW on

At least the baby will be able to afford therapy when she is an adult. Martha needs someone to leave all that money to.

Elaine Jo Anagnostopoulos on

Congrats on the birth of your baby girl..missed her weight and length…she is a Pisces born
On March 8… She will be kind,loving, sensitive, and caring…and smart…careful not to bruise
Her ego…..she means well, sometimes will seem to know it all……maybe,…
She does!
Will be spiritual…let her shine……..LOVE TO ALL ..from a Feb 26 baby…peace for Pisces….xo

Janice on

I believe we should not judge or criticize a situation that we truly do not understand. Martha and her daughter (but not this little baby), have to be held accountable for their lives and choices. Let’s see what happens. Perhaps this little treasure will have a great life and will make wonderful changes in G-Mom and Mom. Maybe no changes are needed. Martha’s mother?…once again, “that apple and tree thing”. BTW how come I have not heard of anyone naming their newborn boy Martha, Alexis, Judy? Oh, yeah, there was a “boy named Sue”. So what. Jude is a GREAT name.

sandy on

After all Alexis went through to have a baby, now the baby can’t call her grandmother, grandma. And no toys, please Alexis if you didn’t know this- toys are very important in a childs life. You really sound nasty and unhappy. Poor baby………

Jodi D on

I have listened to Alexis on her radio show, and I have watched her show etc. so I have a better feel of her personality then a lot of commenters. She is OCD in a way but a lot of people are. The interview sounds like a bit of a satirical attitude and not to be taken literally.

A lot of women don’t like to be called Grandma they don’t want to feel old.

Martha is the type (from what I have seen) if you tell her not to do something and she really wants to she will do it anyway to push it on you. Alexis has told many stories saying Mom I really don’t want this it’s not my taste and Martha comes in with it anyway. So the clothes well Alexis I am assuming didn’t want her daughter to grow up with easy access to expensive things. And to appreciate what she gets. I grew up with my clothes not personalized and I grew up just fine lol!!

A lot of women nowadays have a baby without a father. They feel they are well off and have a good enough support group they can be a single mom. I say kudos to them because us women don’t need a man to be happy and to continue with our lives!! She has said unashamed she has one night stands sometimes. As long as the daughter doesn’t know about it at an early age I see no problem with it. I am so happy for Alexis, Martha and baby Jude. And what is so freakin’ wrong with that name!!?! It’s in a Beatles song!!

Shannon Chandler on

I hate to say this but SOME people aren’t meant to be mothers… this isn’t an opinion it’s a fact that we can all agree upon. Some people have the “mommy gene” & some don’t. And children shouldn’t suffer through it while you take a stab at it or if an oops occurs. The welfare system is proof of that. This woman’s body might have been telling her something? Because her words made me feel so sorry for the child already. All the $$$$ in the world doesn’t mean a thing if the child isn’t brought up in the right environment. And I don’t know how you can look at a newborn baby & feel anything but LOVE? Where does selfishness & bitterness fit? But the whole interview was nothing but… Sounds like Martha never disciplined this “child”, hoping Jude is allowed a baby doll one day 😦

B.J. on

I agree with Shannon. Not all people should have children, but society tells us that it’s “normal” and the right thing to do, even if they’re not the mothering type. I have a relative who had 3 kids (wanted 4), and she treats those poor kids so terribly, I can’t stand to be around them anymore, it’s too upsetting. Martha’s daughter sounds like a mean lady.

Liz on

Sad to see all the focus of her infertility struggles overshadowed by this “grandma” issue, but as it states in the article, at least she’s been open about her infertility struggles over the years.

I agree, it just came across as a bad interview.

The cost of her treatments are not unusual because she had to have a gestational surrogate. The cost of adoption can be a lot more vs 1 treatment of IVF.

@Molly – You’re right. You should be sorry, your comments were offensive. Now that you are informed about that, maybe you won’t make the mistake of putting your foot in your mouth like this when speaking with someone you actually know who suffers from infertility. Your comment goes right up there with “it’s a natural selection of life or it’s god’s way”. Just so you know.

Mira on

No wonder this woman doesn’t have a partner. Not that I am a fan of the mother, but only a self-centered leach can “make a living” out of telling jokes about their mother. Pathetic…

Jacqui on

If you had ever listened to her radio show, this would make more sense to you. She DOES have a different take on things, that’s true. But I don’t think you would think she was so rude, weird, odd, mean, jack-assy, etc if you had some context.

twinkles on

Alexis is a spoiled brat..used to having everything her way. She and her mother are just alike and they are both rude. I wouldn’t pay a penny to see or listen to either one of them. I would be grateful for any gift anyone gave me for my child, whether it came from the fancy store or Walmart! Have you heard how Alexis talks about her mother on her talk show? Just awful, and to think her mother paid for this surrogate I am sure. Martha paid for the infertility treatments too. I LOVE being called grandma and wouldn’t want to be called anything else!

Sara on

Well I’m glad it wasn’t just me, then. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. She sounds like a rude, uptight pain in the ass, not to mention extremely ungrateful. She greets her mother with “your gifts are going back”? For real??????? How about “thank you!” Is she honestly suprised that she is still single at this point in her life? I don’t know how anyone could put up with someone like that. She needs to get that pole out of her ass. I pity this child. No toys? Be reasonable! They are going to want toys, whether you want them to or not!

Karen Nelson on

I hope mom and daughter work things out especially for the sake of this precious baby. I think there is nothing wrong with sharing the baby’s weight and length. However, I am not famous, so for the benefit of the doubt, maybe mom doesn’t want to share because the media or other person (s) could track down information regarding the woman who carried the baby and other personal information about the birth, that they mom doesn’t want shared.
There is nothing wrong with being called grandma, but Martha? Come on pick something special for the baby to call you.

Jacqui on

I guess I am just about the only one who can see that this is just the nature of Alexis’ relationship with her mother. Martha probably thinks it’s hilarious what Alexis said about her gift. Y’all are touchy!!!

beth on

Hopefully she’ll be raised by the best nannies money can buy.

ProundGrammy on

Could Alexis possibly be ruder? That interview totally turned me off. She’s not a nice or grateful person. There is nothing wrong with being “Grandma” or any other term of endearment. I LOVE being a “Grammy” because I’m special to two precious little girls!

TandyMay on

BABY– “(GROW UP”) BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!

Judith on

I hate that Alexis named her daughter Jude. I’m sure like many other women who like me, were named Judith at birth and now have beloved family and friends who call you “Jude” for a nickname, something you love and cherish, I actually cringed when I read about Alexis’ Jude. Took how special having my dad (now deceased) call me Jude meant to me.

donna on

what i have read about Martha Stewart is that she’s a real BITCH…why do you think her husband left her for Martha’s partner when they first started…she’s snoody and not a nice person….what i know is that when she was catering when she first started out her husband and her daughter came last…all she cared about is money….look where that got her…I’m glad her husband had the guts to leave her and go on to have a happy life…glad she’s a Grandma that’s what she wanted for years….hopefully she can be a better Grandma than what she was as a mother…personnally speaking….i think kid’s need a mother and a father…i hope Alexis finds a mate…

Samantha Ueno on

i would venture a guess that Alexis told Martha several times how she was going to dress and raise HER daughter, but Martha did not listen and insisted on forcing her ideas on the new mother. Something a lot of narcissistic “mothers” do. A baby does not need expensive clothes, but books can be read to them for years until they can read them themselves.