Ian & Erin Ziering Celebrate Baby Shower

03/11/2011 at 12:00 PM ET
Jason Merritt/Getty

Just a month to go!

Ian Ziering and wife Erin celebrate the upcoming birth of their daughter with a baby shower, held last Sunday in Los Angeles, Calif.

With a baby girl on the way in April, Ziering, 46, is preparing for fatherhood.

“OMG life is about to change. Going baby shopping for the first time!” Ziering, 46, Tweeted recently. “Strollers, crib, yikes!”

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Amber on

Wow, he’s 46???

CelebBabyLover on

I can’t believe she’s due next month! She doesn’t even appear to have a bump! 🙂

Shannon on

Huh? lol

He does not look 46 and she does not look pregnant. 0_o

Tee on

If I didn’t know she was pregnant, I certainly would assume as much by her appearance!

Siera on

It’s the dress. She does have a small bump like Nicole Kidman had, but in other pictures they have posted of her it is more visible.

Alicia from ELHS Art class on

Erin You look absolutly outstanding….you are so pretty and wish I could be there to watch in your upcoming mirracle…post pics when the big day arrives..Love ya girlie!!

Anonymous on

that is a really cute dress! she looks pretty.

CelebBabyLover on

Siera- You’re right. I went back and looked athe other pictures they’ve posted of Erin, and she DOES have a noticeable bump in them. Here’s one where the bump is quite visable (small, but still visable):http://celebritybabies.people.com/2011/01/17/bumpwatch-erin-ziering-shows-off-her-belly/

Cam on

You think she could have put a little makeup on, sheesh!!! And he certainly does look 46 if not older and she looks like his child bride of probably 20?!?!? Good luck there!!!

Zetaloveandmine on

There’s really no reason to put her down. She’s not his child bride. She is in her mid-20’s, a college graduate, and was a professional living in LA when she met Ian. Can women not be pretty, successful, and have a great love life without others putting them down? No wonder we as women have so many issues! When one is successful, we tear each other down. I was in her pledge class in college, it would KILL you to know what a kind, good person she is, you know…since you like to find fault so much.

CelebBabyLover on

Zetaloveandmine- I couldn’t have said it better myself. I also want to point out that not everyone likes to wear a lot of make-up, or even any make-up at all. I never wear make-up, even on special occasions. I think I look just fine with out it and I rather dislike the way having all that stuff on my face feels. I DO sometimes put paint my finger nails and toenails, but that’s as far as I’ll go!

And so what if Erin looks so much younger than Ian? Some people just look young. Take my father, for example. He was in his mid-twenties when he and my mom got married, but, I’m not kidding, in their wedding pictures he looks like he’s only about 12 years old (not only that, but he is on the short side while my mom is quite tall, which of course just added to the “effect”! LOL!). That means he also looks like he’s a lot younger than my mom in those pictures….which is really ironic because in fact, it’s he who is the older one (by just a couple of years, but still!)!

Similarly, I look really young for my age (like my dad, I am on the short side, which doesn’t exactly help matters!). Bottomline: Some people just look really young for their age.

MrsT2u on

Don’t be a HATER!!! They are both young, beautiful and successful! Be a LOVER!!!

rnr-rn on

Erin is a nurse, a professional, she is very stylish and naturally beautiful, doesn’t need make-up. Not only that, she is so nice. We were new nurses together and her patients loved her. A kind heart is a great help in the healing process. I wish her the very best.

Cam on

She must be very nice because he sure didn’t marry her for her looks. Don’t see the attraction to be honest. Not hating, just observing. Considering his first wife was a playboy model and VERY attractive. Maybe at his age his eyes are going on him.

Cam on

Oh c’mon, she had to have known she was going to her baby shower, put on some damn makeup!! I agree with the other poster. I also agree that their age difference will be their downfall for sure. Gotta be about a 20 year difference here at least, that’s alot! And I too am another person who is very surprised by his choice in this wife. She ain’t all that, but then again, neither is he -__-

Coco on

Cam – Hello hater, if you were to have seen all of the shower photos you would have seen that she got her makeup professionally done. It’s called going for a natural look as opposed to the done up red carpet look. She looks great and totally appropriate. Stop hating!

Cam on

This is news????????? Who really gives a “bleep” about this old washed up has been of an actor and his YOUNG wife!!!!!! I had to read the name a few times and really think as to who this guy even is!!!! Must be a slow day in the news room to have to dig up this story, OY!

Cam on

…and one more thing, if this chick had her make-up professionally done for the big event, then she should demand her money back…YIKES!

Cam on

THE NATURAL LOOK……BaaaHaaaaHaaaaa!!!!!!

Pam on

Is there a link to see more photos of the shower?

Anonymous on

Congrats Erin and Ian! ZLAM-AK Oh and you do look amazing

Andria on

Erin is a beautiful person inside and out, why all the negative comments?? Are you people really that shallow that makeup and age is your only concern ? How about a healthy delivery and a healthy baby? I graduated college with Erin and and I can’t say one bad thing about her !! I guess jealousy is an issue here. Lot of love Erin, I wish you nothing but the best with your new family !!!!

Anonymous on

I know Ian’s wife Erin! And I’m not proud to say it. This girl is a scandalous, pathological liar, and she has and will sleep with anyone. She once told me that she would marry an extremely wealthy man she was dating, even though she did not care for him just so that her and her mother could travel and shop all the time. She has no real heart for people, only the intent of pleasing herself however she has to do so. She was called rude at the hospital she worked at, and would constantly sit in the breakroom claiming to be sick (while others picked up her slack.) Thankfully, Ian did get a prenup.