David & Victoria Beckham Expecting a Girl

03/11/2011 at 07:00 PM ET
Richard Young/Getty

The Beckhams are thinking pink.

The bundle of joy David and Victoria expect this July is a baby girl, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The soccer star, 35, announced the news Friday afternoon at an L.A. Galaxy fan luncheon, ESPN reports.

“Obviously, we’re very lucky to be expecting again, and this is the first time I’m going to say it: It’s a little girl,” Beckham shared.

“We’re still in shock. Obviously, having three boys, you kind of expect another one, so finding out a little girl is in there is surprising, but, obviously, we are over the moon,” he added. “Our three boys are happy and excited, and Victoria is doing well.”

In February, the fashion designer, 36, insisted she didn’t yet know the sex of her fourth child, but said she’d be happy with either.

“We know what to do with boys,” said the mother of sons Cruz, 6, Romeo, 8ยฝ, and Brooklyn, 12. “But, if it’s a girl, we’d be over the moon as well.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Alexis Chiu

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klutzy_girl on

I am so happy for them! I literally said “Oh my God” out loud several times when I first read the headline a few hours ago.

This is awesome! I can’t wait to see what they name her. And she’s going to have some awesome and overprotective big brothers.

Brooke on


truehurt on

She’s a big liar and knew all along she was having a girl.

Lou x on

YAY!!!!! I’m not ashamed to admit i nearly cried on reading this! Congrats to them, cant wait to hear the little lady’s name!

KEM on

@truehurt what does it matter? Did this news ruin your day, life just now?

Anyway, congrats to them!

michelle on

It is about time! That little girl will be spoiled by her big brothers. How fun!

Mandy on

Of course they knew they were having a girl, they genetically engineered the baby to be one. Pssh. Whatever. I love how they’re acting all surprised and everything. They know very well that it was going to be a girl from day one. Glad to see their millions were put to good use. …….

Lorus on

truehurt – she could have recently just had her ultrasound where they found out the gender.

Alice on

YES!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

That kid just shot up the 2011-babies-I’m-most-excited-about list! She’s going to be adorable and it’s so nice that they get to experience raising a daughter as well. Watch out Suri!

Li on

Sheesh, Mandy. Who cares if they selected a girl? They have 3 adorable boys, they wanted a girl, they may or may not have done something to sway the gender in that direction… so what?

I say congrats to them! They will have a beautiful little girl, I can’t wait to hear the name! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sara on

Mandy – You don’t have ant idea of how their baby was conceived. What a silly, unnecessary assumption.

Jeannette M. on

It’s obvious that they knew they were having a girl all along, so I don’t get the faux surprise that they’re both putting on.

Brooklyn on

Aw! That’s great, I’m really happy for them!

ericka on

lmfao @ genetically engineered. Some people are CRAZY.

I’m so happy for the Beckhams! Even if they knew it was a good it’s no ones business but theirs and to release that news should have been their job, no one else s. When you get pregnant finding out what you’re having and telling your friends and family is the most exciting thing. They should have that same excitement and not have it be ruined by others.

Congrats to them!

Mallory on

Awww, that’s so sweet. When I have kids one day, I hope I have a boy first because I love the idea of a big brother being all protective over his little sister – and so that this little girl will have 3 big brothers to watch over her is just so sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Megan on

Sheesh what is with all the negative, snarky comments–they are thrilled to be having a girl, that’s WONDERFUL news and there is nothing to comment negatively about that…some people just have to make something out of nothing–who cares how long they knew or when they found it–it’s absolutely none of our business–they are a loving family with three gorgeous boys and now they will enjoy doting on their little girl…that’s all GOOD and EXCITING news! Congrats to all the Beckhams–no doubt that little girl will be spoiled by her brothers and absolutely stunning!

Jillian on

How is it “obvious” they were having a girl? Were you there when they went to the doctor? I am curious really…..

J on

Figured they were.

Winter01 on

Some of you people act like you know them personally. Why would they gender select? They love their sons and would’ve loved another boy.

Lo on

Congrats to them! This post makes me so happy :), I thought for sure it was going to be another boy, a girl is a surprise to me!

alicejane on

Who cares if they knew they were having a girl or not?! It’s their baby, and THEIR news to share when they see fit! I just cannot believe the things people nitpick about, wow!!

Congratulations to Victoria, David, and their family; they must be thrilled!

Anonymous on

Mandy. I totally agree with you.

Mm. on

It’s not impossible to have a girl after three boys(actually the chances are 50/100 for each preganancy) so I don’t get the need to claim their baby girl wasn’t conceived ‘naturally’.

Jeannette M. on

I’m happy for them, I am. We get a lot of them over here and I know how they’ve been trying for a daughter for, what, the past six years. They seem like a nice enough couple.

But, anyone who thought they were going to have a fourth son is a bit dim.

Alison on

That is going to be one stylish (and cute) little girl!!!

Brooke on

I am thrilled for them. I know that Victoria really wanted a girl. Baby Posh!!!

torgster on

Why all the fawning about the protective big brother nonsense? Those boys will probably be jealous as hell – my brothers were when I came along. They weren’t mean, they just thought I was a pesky girl and didn’t particularly care one way or the other what I did, let alone spending their days watching over and protecting me. Get real people.

Sarah S. on

YAY, I am very happy for them! Of course, the most important thing is they have a healthy baby. I am sure it will be quite different and unexpectedly wonderful having a little girl in the household! Congrats to them!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sara on

You can always count on finding bitchy & judgemental comments here. Way 2 go ladies. Life is 2 short!

Natasha on

Congrats to them, great news.
I know from a pretty reliable source what the name is going to be! I don’t really know if it’s my place to say what it is online, but if I was able to find out I’m sure it’ll appear online soon. All I will say is, it’s unique but not too weird and it begins with ‘L’. ๐Ÿ™‚

Winter01 on

PLEASE share Natasha! I’d love to know! My email is loveyouharrison123@hotmail.com if you’d prefer to email. Again, I’d absolutely love if you let me know!

Stella Bella on

Good grief. Some of these comments are really sad.
Congratulations to the Beckhams!

Emily on

Oooh Natasha I think I might have an idea of the name. I remember ages ago they said they would love to call a little girl a name starting with ‘L’ so maybe it’s the same one. Either way I’m pleased they are having a girl cos I know if it was me I would be wanting it to be a girl after having 3 boys. I don’t however think they genetically engineered this baby to be a girl. It’s 50/50 either way. Chances are they were going to have a girl!

Dee on

Congrats to them! Lovely addition to a lovely family.

I think Luna or London for their girl?

brienne on

congrats guys, though im still not sure of how they were so sure it was a girl im still happy for you. I wish the family joy when the new baby G arrives. BRC is going to have fun with there new sister!

Anonymous on

congratz to posh and becks! i’m sure she will be a beautiful baby girl with those jeans. cant wait to hear the name. i’m sure it will be normal cuz all of the boys have normal names

brienne on

Congrats beckham family!!!!! Ha!!! suri watch out another little girl just might be steelin your role as the “cutest”- Victoria is an expert on fashion- think you can beat this new baby- anyway, have fun with the new baby guys i wish you great luck.

Mina on

I think they did a gender selection too. They can afford it and she wanted a girl after 3 boys. This will more than likly be her last pregnancy and she wasnt about to leave it in the hands of fate. I dont think there is anything wrong with it…except lying about it. If I had 3 boys and I knew I was doing one more pregnancy and I had millions, heck I would do it. BUT they are the kind of people who wont admit to it…too many fans out there who believe “you should be happy with what you get” and “thats playing God”, etc….no doubt their reputation would falter.

brienne on

u guys really act like u know them personally- say congrats and then leave it at that- if u dont have something nice to say about someone dont say it at all- didnt we all learn this in nursury school!!!

brienne on

u people r crazy. as soon as u hear someone say they think they know the name u go balistic. she’s obviously an over the top obsessed fan!!!! the letter “L” how would she know? the things these people say r dumb. i would love for victoria to read some of these comments just for her to see how weird u people r.

robinepowell on

Wow! Congrats! I was thinking they’d have another boy too. She’s going to be so spoiled. ๐Ÿ™‚

Whitney on

a future Women’s US National soccer team player!!!

brienne on

u people r crazy on what u comment. I would LOVE for Victoria and David to read some of these comments. I bet 100 percent this natasha girl does not no them. she’s probably an obseesed fan!!!!!!! use ur brains people come on!!!

SAR on

Well, good. I know David especially wanted a little girl, so now they’re going to have one.

She’s lucky she’ll have three big brothers to watch over her.

ally on

yay! i had a feeling it was gunna be a girl this time (:

B.J. on

She said years ago she loved the name Luna, I hope she uses it!! I am ecstatic for the Beckhams ๐Ÿ™‚

Crystal on

Sooo happy for them!!! I wonder if Victoria is going to stick with the name Zoe? I can’t wait to hear the birth announcement and see pictures. This little girl is sure to be spoiled rotten!

As for the other commentators who say they genetically engineered this baby to be a girl……….. HOW DO YOU KNOW?? Where you there? No! This could be God’s miracle and due to the negative Nancy’s they want to take the joy away from this couple! Well guess what? It isn’t going to happen. Fans of Victoria are happy she is getting the little girl she has always dreamed of and we don’t care how she got it!!!

anonymous on

torgster, that is a likely scenario but not necessarily what will happen. i have neighbors who had three boys and were expecting twins. when the mom was pregnant the boys all were saying they wanted twin boys so they could have a basketball team. when the mom gave birth to boy girl twins, the boys all fawned over the girl and not as much over the boy. they were really excited to have a sister.

Sandra on

I am so very excited about them having a little angel girl! I was praying when I heard she was pregnant that she would be having a girl and it came true. I just see her so proud to have this little girly girl that she can dress up and be like her! LOL! Anyway, congratulations and her brothers won’t let anybody bother her as she grows up, I can tell you that! Cheers!

Shannon on

@ truehurt: If she’s due in July that would mean she’s at about 20 weeks now. Thats when you do an ultrasound to check baby’s progress as well as finding out the sex. So, in February Victoria very well may not have known what she was having at that point. Congrats to the Beckhams! I have two boys and am preggo with my third baby and crossing my fingers for a girl! I grew up with all brothers so I would love to have someone to do girlie things with ๐Ÿ™‚

Lexie on

YAY that’s great im sure Victoria is thrilled to finally have a little girl to dress up in cute little outfits and who cares if she knew before now not everyone wants to tell people right after they find out

Anonymous on

Some people….
I heard they were going with London. Who knows though?

Anonymous on

I don’t know why ever getting so jumpy. Victoria and David have talked about their ‘aching want’ to have a daughter. They make millions. Of course they’ll do anything to ensure their last child is a girl. Its just common sense. No need to yell at everyone who called them out on this. Why couldn’t they just let nature takes it’s course and allow whatever gender the baby would have been on its own? Its ridiculous. They’re playing God. That’s wrong.

meghan on

I myself followed three sons and my parents most certainly did not genetically engineer me. It is possible to have a daughter naturally after sons. I love how everyone acts as if they’re genetic specialists on this site. How many times people on this site have declared that a celeb is having a boy/girl based on the kids they already have. The supposition makes me laugh.

Melania on

lol, some of you are crrrazy. i doubt the engineered the baby, but who cares if they did? we have 3 girls and 1 boy. no engineering necessary. haha.

Jane on

I am so happy that they are finally having a little girl. I can see David wrapped around her little finger. Congrats guys and I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Terri on

So obvious? LOL…people are silly. Congratulations to the Beckham family.

M on

“a future Womenโ€™s US National soccer team player!!!”

No…another Suri/Paris Hilton ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cecelia on

Congratulations to them. They may have another future soccer star on their hands.

Jennifer on

This post totally wins for the weirdest comments ever.

Congrats to the Beckhams.

Shirelle on

I was like OMG when I first read this I am so happy for them and I was hoping it was a girl.

Rachel on

You all need to read the papers more if you think they were able to genetically engineer their baby. It’s illegal in both California and the UK to select for sex unless there is a possibility for a gender-related genetic disorder (not something mundane like color-blindness). As the Beckhams have three healthy boys, they do not fall into this category, so it is likely that she was conceived naturally. But congrats to them on finally having their little girl, they’re going to have so much fun!

Rachel on

US women’s national soccer team? IF she does become a soccer player, she’d play for England, like her father

Kelly on

I’m with Mandy. I knew from the get go that this was a girl. After three boys its understandable to want a girl. My husband is one of 3 boys and his mom and dad lost their girl at birth. Having a girl is one of those coveted things and for some families its genetically rare (like Beckham my husband’s family genetically produce more boys). I don’t blame them if they had “it” sorted out at the lab and chose the gender. A woman needs to have a daughter just as a man needs to have a son.

momof3girls..2boys on

Whoot whoot! Kudos to the Bechkam fam! That’s fantastic! Congrats and well wishes. I am positive she’ll be a beauty!

And as a side to all you negative Nellieโ€™s…seriously….who gives a rat’s a** if she was “genetically engineered”. Maybe this new addition wasn’t…but honestly…so what if she was? Get over itโ€ฆ that is just one of the perks of being wealthy. Donโ€™t be jealous and bitter because you have not; instead share, celebrate, and most of all embrace another familyโ€™s joy โ€“ celeb or not. The Beckham family is now anticipating a new addition to their immediate flock which is extraordinary in itself to all… thatโ€™s the birth of their precious new bubba which just so happens to be an โ€œโ€XX karyotypeโ€!!!!

Rock on Beckham’s….

Cecelia on

Actually, Kelly, a woman doesn’t need a daughter anymore than a man needs a son. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Gender selection or not, the child’s healthy and Victoria’s pregnancy seems to be going smoothly. That’s all that matters.

MandyJ on

Whoa guys even if they did do the gender selection there’s not a 100% guarantee that it WILL be a girl or boy according to what the parents want.

http://www.microsort.net/ Read the bottom with the disclaimer saying it’s not 100%! Nothing is 100%! You can do other things to increase the odds but you cannot say this is what your having! There’s no way they could have known totally!

I’m glad they get to have a girl now! Congrats to them! Can’t wait to see their little girl and hear her name!

J on

You’d think this was the first baby girl ever created the way some are gushing over it. Why is it never ok to make a comment here unless it’s nonstop gushing and cutesy comments.

Mia on

So happy for them!!–congrats! A girl after 3 boys–like Jools Oliver with the 3 girls + a boy.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to David and Victoria!

Jillian on

Cecelia, Totally agree with you!! Kelly, what a silly, silly thing!! A man doesn’t NEED a son and a woman doesn’t NEED a daughter. My husband will not have a son and he will is and will be more than fine!!

Harlow on

Yay! and congratulations to the Beckhams!

To truehurt and all the bitter people out there, SHUT UP!!!

Noelle on

Rachel, it actually isn’t illegal in California. I did IVF 3 times and my clinic does gender selection. True gender selection where only a female or male embryo is placed is only done if there’s a reason for needing a particular sex. You can, however, spin sperm so that a particular gender sperm is isolated then used in an IVF fertilization. The 2 processes are different.

Regardless, I’m happy for them and really, WHO CARES how they got their baby girl???? First of all, it’s nobodys business but their own, and secondly, why would it even matter to you? Just be happy she’s got a healthy baby growing.

This website feels like high school sometimes.

Harlow on

how the heck could anyone genetically engineer a child’s gender? geez, people could make up such stories just so they could put somebody they don’t like and don’t even know personally down! get a life, these people haven’t done anything to you except to annoy you everytime they come out of your television screens, and for that reason alone, i don’t think they deserve that kind of bitterness from anyone especially at a special time like this. i am not a fan of the beckhams but having a child is a blessing. and fyi, you do not know the gender of your child on the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy!

Lyl on

oh Jeez shut up you jealous crazy women, your life has to be so sad. Who cares? why is it impossible for them to have a girl naturally? even if not, it’s understandable, if I had three boys I would probably be secretly want a little girl as well. Despite all scandals they both seem to be amazing parents, so happy for them ๐Ÿ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

The minute I saw this post, I just knew that people were going to be screaming, “It was gender selection”! Yes, they have both said they’d love a little girl, but they’ve also said that they’d be just as happy with another boy. Also, it could be that David and Victoria used natural sex-selection rumors (there were persistant tabloid rumors up until they announced this pregnancy that they were doing various things to increase their chances for a girl, including special diets and other things. Perhaps there was some truth to them! :)).

Granted, you aren’t going to have almost guaranteed accuracy (or completely guaranteed in the case of PGD) like with “artifical” methods, but some of them DO have a high accuracy rate. The Shettles Method is one natural method of concieving a girl that I’ve heard of that apparently has quite a high success rate.

torgster- As someone who has been very close with her older brother all her life, I take offense to what you said. Yes, in some cases there is going to be jealousy and the boys might pretty much ignore the girl. But that certainly isn’t true in all cases. My brother never showed so much as an ounce of jealousy when I was born (I’ve even been told that, while my mom was in the hospital after having me, my brother would call and he would always immeditely ask “How’s the baby?” That always makes me chuckle and smile. Nevermind how mommy is doing, just ask about the baby! LOL! Luckily my mom has quite a sense of humor! :)), and he hardly ignored me.

In fact, it was quite the opposite. We were always playing together, and he was one of my best friends growing up! Granted, he and I are a bit closer in age than any of the Beckham boys will be to their sister. But the point is that it’s certainly not a given that a brother will be jealous of and ignore his sister!

And finally, I have never gotten how people say that a woman NEEDS a daughter or a man a son, or that a mommy wants her mommy’s girl and vice-versa. Not everyone cares what gender they have. My parents didn’t. They knew they wanted two kids….and it didn’t matter to them whether it was two boys, two girls, or (as they ended up getting) one of each. Not only that, but my brother turned out to be a mommy’s boy and me a daddy’s girl. And guess what? Our parents wouldn’t have it any other way! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bottomline: I don’t think it’s right to make such huge assumption about people we don’t even know!

fabmom523 on

Congrats to the Beckhams on Baby Posh! I am so excited about this announcement.

soph on

“A woman needs a daughter, a man needs a son”? WTH? You baby-obsessed people are scary…

dazzle on

yayyyy!!i am really happy and excited for them.congrats :))

Chelsea on

Wow, some of you are ridiculous! Genetic engineering?? My goodness.

Anyways, best wishes to the Beckhams! Can’t wait to hear what they name her!

ZaraB on

I find it hilarious that so many of you seem so certain that they used gender selection technology to conceive this baby. The chance of them conceiving a girl naturally this time around was 50%, so why is it such a shock that they’re expecting one? They obviously didn’t use gender selection for their second or third pregnancies, so what is making everyone so adamant that they did so this time? There were reports that Victoria was using natural gender swaying methods (by altering her diet etc.), which I’m sure she wouldn’t have bothered with if they could have been guaranteed a girl by using PGD. And even if they did use PGD, so what??? They can afford it, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with parents desiring a child of the opposite gender after having three children of one sex. And if they did go down that path, it’s really no-one’s business, and perhaps it’s something they don’t want to disclose publicly a) because they’re sons might get the wrong idea about them preferring a girl over another boy; and b) because they know the vitriol that so many members of the public seem to hold towards them, as evidenced by some of the mean-spirited comments on this site.

Congratulations to them anyway!

Also, Victoria had said in the past that she loves the name Luna, so if that is the mystery name starting with ‘L’, it’s already out in the public domain. I would love to see her choose the name Luna – I think it’s unusual enough to fit with their other children’s names, but not so out there as to be ridiculous.

Janey on

such negative comments. what i like is that they both consistently have said they welcome their next child, regardless of gender

melissa on

I feel like I’m the one having a girl … or she’s in someone in my family lol. I’m so happy I could cry.


awwww i bet they are thrilled!!! xxxx

the rest of you numptys mina and co get a life for goodness sake they had million before do you not think if they wanted a girl they would have done it with the 3rd child?? or second even my word next you will be saying its not really theirs and its been grown in a pod under and gooseberry bush

for onne can’t you just be bloody happy for some one else , is it realllllly that hard

Tari Black on

Who really cares? SHE wasn’t going to stop having babies until she did have a girl-sad!
The greatest gift is twins. My fraternal twin boys were natural and are now 17 years old!

Audrey on

aww I am sooo excited for them!! Congrats to the whole family. I find it so sweet they are getting the baby girl they always wanted!!

A very good friend of mine had three girls and love them to bits, but badly wanted a boy. Something like 5 months after she had her last girl she was surprised to find she has become pregnant again. It turns out this surprise baby was a boy! Anything can happen and we don’t know how she conceived the baby, whichever way its nobody’s business, and we should be glad that she is happy and healthy and a wonderful mother to her children.

Tari Black on

They going to name her UK, London, US, or Galaxy??

Elisa on

the only explanation that makes sense is that they DIDN’T know what the baby’s gender was a couple of weeks ago and they just found it out… I mean what if people said they were having a girl and they ended up having another boy?? like David said they had 3 already so having a fourth wasn’t that hard… Victoria got pregnant for the 4th time which is really rare in Hollywood… I admire her!! congratulations to you and have a very healthy baby!!

speaking on names, is London a name for a girl?? I mean I think I have seen it in boys a few times already… it would be fun if they chose the name Juliet…hehehe

karine on

Couple years ago David Beckham in some interviewed said they were trying with “medical help” to have a baby girl, I guess it works this time.

steph on

how funny, the comments have me shaking my head. why does it matter if they selected the sex? If it had been a boy would you think they still did sex selection but it went wrong? I thought they said they were gonna name a girl Luna one time but i might be wrong.


me on

It has been reported here in England for sometime that they were expecting a girl,I think they made sure this would be a girl through gender selection, they have enough money and there are enough states in America that they could choose, they are always all over the place, but even if thats the case then fair play to them, I think the baby will be loved and cared for and thats the main thing, the only thing thats bugs me a bit, is how they pretend not to know, the reports that it was a girl have been circulating for the last five weeks if not longer in the same paper (THE SUN) that reported all the details on Cruz before he was born his name, gender etc, although this paper could be taken with a pinch of salt, they were spot on with Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz so I personaly think they knew and there fake suprise at a girl is a bit sickening, but I wish them a happy healthy and beautiful baby girl Luna (if reports are to be believed) ;-D

MandyJ on

Those of you who think they did a gender selection need to go check out the website for Microsort. Even they show that they cannot 100% guarantee that you’d have the sex you want. Those of you who think they can you’re idiots seriously. I’m happy for them!

Karen on

If I had their income, I’d do the same thing as they did…make sure you got the gender of your choice. The only reason they’re not admitting it is because they would be ridiculed for using gender selection.

And good grief whomever is keeping the “L” name a secret. You really thing the family will write you w/ how upset they are that you told a website “their” name? LOL

JMO on

I knew it!!

That’s gonna be one spoiled little well dressed princess!!!!

Lane on

Mandy- My mother had me…after five boys. But of course it was gender selection because we know a woman can’t have a girl…after so many boys. Roll eyes.

I love how some of you are acting like you are God himself and you gave them a girl. So sick. I wish they hadn’t told anyone the sick of their baby because some people in this world(some of you on this board) are crazy.

Erika on

I’m nearly crying tears of joy, I am so happy for them! A little girl- what could be more special! And they deserve a sweet little girl after 3 boys! When I was younger, my dad always said that a man’s life isn’t complete until he has a daughter. We have a close relationship. So I’m happy for David that he will get to have a daughter in his life. It will also be fun for Victoria to get to dress her up and go shopping. I know who will get all the attention in their house ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay, congrats to them!

crg on

She said she liked Luna in the past, but that doesn’t guarantee she’ll actually use it. Here’s an article about it:


Rosalie on

How Lovely โค

SH on

wow, genetically engineered.

well, my mom had 4 kids…. 3 girls, then naturally conceived a boy for her 4th in 1987.

he was not genetically engineered.


Lane on

Before Cruz was born, lots of sources were reporting it was a girl. So I wouldn’t say that their suprise is fake. After having three boys and finding out you will have a girl will be a bit surprising.

Christina on

“Of course they knew they were having a girl, they genetically engineered the baby to be one. Pssh. Whatever. I love how theyโ€™re acting all surprised and everything. They know very well that it was going to be a girl from day one. Glad to see their millions were put to good use. โ€ฆโ€ฆ.”

My thoughts exactly.

Layla on

@truehurt-you have no idea what you are talking about. you yourself are a LIAR AND A FAKE. if she said that she didnt know, then she ‘s having didnt know-and besides it NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS to know what she having.

Me on

WOW, thought I’d heard all the paranoia out there, but the genetically engineered one is new. Really folks? Is there no end to the conspiracy theories when it comes to celebrities? My guess is there is a little bit of “meow” jealousy going on.

erilynne on

@truehurt – judgmental much? It doesn’t matter if you told a white lie or not cause SHOCKING maybe they want to have something kept private for once before the media lets it out? If she didn’t know, she didn’t know. If she wanted to keep it to herself for them to announce THEMSELVES it doesn’t matter.

Just say your well wishes or get off the page.

MandyJ on

Ok I’m offering you guys to learn something and you guys won’t take it. THERE’S NOT A CHANCE THEY KNEW THAT THEY WERE HAVING A GIRL BEFORE HAND. WHO CARES IF THEY USED A GENDER SELECTOR???? IT’S STILL NOT 100% GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS FOR MAKING A HAPPY OCCASION INTO A DEBATE OVER WHETHER OR NOT SOMETHING IS RIGHT! IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!! THEY ARE HAVING A BABY FOR GOD’S SAKE! HAPPY TIMES! THEY ARE GETTING THE GIRL THEY LONGED FOR! EVEN MORE HAPPY TIMES. I can’t believe how self centered and stupid you guys are as well as negative people. Can’t you be happy for someone without criticizing? Everything on this site has to be something bad about these celebrities which is getting very old! They aren’t perfect and they know it. Good job thinking you are perfect and pointing out other’s mistakes!

Erika on

I agree MandyJ. Just because they are having a girl after 3 boys, doesn’t automatically mean PGD or whatever. With 4 kids, there is a good chance that at least one will be a girl. Having 2 or 3 of one gender doesn’t automatically mean you will only have that gender.

I also don’t understand what is wrong with PGD anyway. Even though I don’t believe the Beckhams used it, I do know people who have done it and it has added their desired gender and completed the family they longed for. I already know that when I have children, I want at least one girl. I hope that I will have the finances to make that happen, if it doesn’t naturally. Why is there such a debate over PGD? It is a wonderful tool to help families add their desired gender to their family. A baby is a blessing, no matter where it came from. Some people don’t want all boys (or girls, I guess) and I think that is hard for some people to comprehend. But I have yet to have someone explain to me the problem with PGD, other than “they should be happy with what they get as long as it is healthy”.

eternalcanadian on

Kelly said, “A woman needs to have a daughter just as a man needs to have a son.” Out of all those comments that one has to be the most silly!

There is nothing wrong with doing whatever you can to get one gender or another when planning a pregnancy especially if you already have children all of one gender and simply would like the next child to be of the opposite gender.

There are all sorts of things out there–sex positions, diets, supplements, and medical procedures–to increase the chances of having a boy or girl. Unfortunately, the medical gender selection is illegal in both Britain and Canada. In the United States, it is up to fertility clinics at their own discretion. Some countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia do not have any laws against gender selection.

We all start out female via the egg and it was a 50% chance the Beckham baby would be a girl simply because the X sperm got to the egg before the Y sperm. Maybe Victoria followed a particular diet to ensure the vaginal canal environment was more receptive to the X sperm, but I am doubtful the Beckhams would go the medical procedure way just based on how they are with BRC.

Still chuckling over the “A woman needs to have a daughter just as a man needs to have a son” comment. That is much more spacey than the gender selection stuff. ๐Ÿ˜›

Lisa on

For those saying that the UK papers have been saying it’s a girl for weeks and that the Beckhams have been denying it and that annoys you?Do you not remember that Cruz was also a girl according to them?

I don’t get this outrage over them supposedly hiding the sex.
Victoria is 5 months now, they could have just found out – back in Feb I think she said she was going to find out in a few weeks. The chances are 50/50, and also – it’s no one else’s business. They don’t owe you an announcement.

Jaedyn on

What a SURPRISE ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰

Congrats to the Beckhams!

Shannon on

Of course they are. I don’t get the charade.

Tanya on

To the Beckhams: Congratulations on having the baby girl you always wanted! I know how much you wanted this to happen, and that she will be loved and cared for by the whole family and that you`ll go anywere and do anything for her! And to everyone else: Yes it is possible to have a baby girl naturally after three boys! Someone I know had three sons and then came two daughters.

soph on

MandyJ: Please get some medication.

showbizmom on

HAHA! This whole tread made me laugh. Some of your guys just kill me with the your comments. Anyways Congrats to the Beckham family. My brother in law and sister have three girls and guess what she’s pregnant with a BOY! No medicine there, just good ole fashioned SEX. It is possible people everyday…..

Tee on

Yea! I’m so excited for them! That’s going to be one well dressed baby girl, I’m sure!

Anonymous on

Hope the boys are ready to get ignored lol. Victoria will have her fashion friend/daughter and she’ll be showering her with attention. Jealousy city!

CNS on

“My brother in law and sister have three girls and guess what sheโ€™s pregnant with a BOY! No medicine there, just good ole fashioned SEX.”

Best comment on in this thread. Made me LOL at work!

All you bitter, negative, no life having people in this post, GET OVER IT!! Who cares if they cooked up a girl in a clinic or it was simply natural. Bottom line this baby is God’s gift to THEM not YOU. If you dont like it or agree, you can easily click the red X on the top right of your screen. Now back to the real world…

ZaraB on

Another thing – if Victoria’s five months along, she probably found out the sex at her 19-20 week scan. However, she’s 37, and at her age, most doctors would have recommended a CVS or amnio early on to determine whether the baby had a chromosomal abnormality, the chance of which increases with age (and particularly after the age of 35). She could have had a CVS as early as 11 weeks, and got fast-track results back within 48 hours, in which case, she may have been able to find out the sex with certainty as early as 11/11.5 weeks. So it is possible that they’ve known the sex for weeks, but not for the reasons that everyone is assuming. I don’t blame them if they kept the fact that they had a CVS or amnio secret though – God knows what kind of reaction that personal decision would get from the judgement police!

Emily on

I think that the people who are “certain” they genetically engineered the baby, and bleat about how they somehow “know” are absolutely full of it. How on earth can they possible know? How rude and arrogant.

My gut feeling is that they didn’t genetically engineer, but even if they did – who cares? It’s exciting news having a baby and congratulations to the Beckham family.

m on

I have 3 boys, and then had a girl almost 4 years ago. No spinning, no microsort, no interventions at all. It is possible. My boys were 9,7, and 4 when their sister was born and they adore her. She has brought us all great joy, and made us feel complete. We were excited for a 4th child, and completely prepared for a 4th boy- who would have been welcomed with love by all of us, but having a girl made us feel that we had somehow just lucked out like we could not beleive. I wish their family the best.

Cecelia on

Anonymous, I have no doubt that David and Victoria are good parents and good parents don’t favor one child over another because of his or her sex. Stop trying to create something that’s not even there.

Alisa on

It’s a little sad, to me, how girls are SO preferred over boys. Almost everyone I know who is pregnant is hoping for a girl. With the Beckhams, I get it, they already have three boys, but to say things like “I hope the boys are ready to be ignored” and that they are “finally” having a girl (like having boys are just filler children on your way to getting your girl) just seems sad to me. Baby boys are so sweet and just as much of a blessing as baby girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

swilson on

I have a friend who used gender selection. She lives in California. She has two boys and enough money to do IVF to ensure that her last baby is a girl.

Victoria on

Alisa, are you serious??? All I ever hear with pregnant friends and family is “I want a boy! Girls are too much work and too hard to deal with when they are teenagers!” That is ALL i ever hear from my pregnant co-workers, friends, family and everyone else I meet! I feel like girls are still not as preferred as boys. I just had a friend have a baby (her first) and she delivered a girl and said she would have to keep trying cause her husband really needs a boy. I found this startling and oddly disturbing. I don’t ever hear the “I want a girl!” stuff out this way.

Kelly, your comment of โ€œA woman needs to have a daughter just as a man needs to have a sonโ€ is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! Are you saying that all the mothers to multiple same gendered children are living a sad, pointless life??? Weird comment.

CelebBabyLover on

eternalcanadian- What’s BRC?

Also, I meant to say last night that I’m glad that the person who apparently knows the name David and Victoria are using is not saying what it is. David and Victoria may not want the world to know their baby’s name yet, and I respect that poster for thinking of that!

Lisa- Exactly! Just because The Sun got it right that they were having a girl doesn’t mean they (David and Victoria, I mean) knew all along. It just means that The Sun got lucky. The tabs were claiming even before Angelina ever announced her pregnancy with Knox and Viv that she was having twins, and InTouch even initally said that she was having a boy and a girl (I say initally because they switched to saying she was having two girls, just like the other tabs). And, of course, Angie did have boy/girl twins.

For another example, the tabs started claiming very early on in Jennifer Lopez’s pregnancy that she was having twins….which she did. Does that mean the tabs actually knew that Angelina and J-Lo were having twins, and Angie boy/girl twins? No! It just means that they got lucky and guessed right!

Alma on

I agree Alisa, I have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl and my sister has 3 girls and 1 boy. I already had 3 boys when I became pregnant with my daughter and everybody where asking are you having another because you are hoping for a girl. And me and my husband were like: No we just want another child. And when my sister became pregnant with her son after 3 girls no one asked her if she wanted a boy someone even said they hoped it would be another girl. I don’t get it.

But congrats to the Beckams.

Alma on

I meant the Beckhams

Becca on

I have 3 boys and a girl, it is possible to do it naturally

Congrats to the Beckhams!

krewcat on

I had 3 girls and then a boy. We just wanted a 4th child. But honestly, alot of people who are rich, and even not so rich are doing gender selection. I think alot of people here assume that they would have done it given their very public yearning for a daughter. Either way, the baby will be loved and taken care of and thats whats important.

Sarah on

Congrats to them! I know EXACTLY how they feel! One year ago, I was very shocked and surprised to find out that my fourth child was a girl! I already had three wonderful boys. We opted to wait until delivery to find out with all of our children – but its so true what she said, when you already have 3 boys, you just kind of expect that the next one would be a boy also. I would have been 100% happy to have four boys, but having a little girl has been wonderful! We are done now too (and would have been had we had a fourth boy also).

Emilia on

While they lived in Spain, where she picked the name Cruz for their son, she said that she liked Luna for a girl. But I think that was just at the time, influenced by being in Spain, just as “Cruz” was. had Cruz been a girl he would have been Luna. They pick their names based on what they are doing in their life at the time, so Luna would probably not be her favorite any more.

“London” is not a cool-sounding name for British people at all; it would be about as tacky and unlikely as calling a child here “New York”. She has picked definite masculine names for her boys, so surely her daughter’s name will be very feminine. I can’t wait to hear her choice, and I bet there will be many babies named after her.

Avanel on

My brother just had his first son after having 3 girls and it was no egineering…It was God’s work. Nothing happens before it’s time. Congrats Beckhams…Thank heavens for little girls and boys too!

eternalcanadian on

CelebBabyLover, BRC is an acronym for the three boys’ names–Brooklyn Romeo, and Cruz. I copied from brienne. ๐Ÿ˜€

Kari on

Ok, i have a few thoughts on this.

First of all, i’d be shocked if they didnt use gender predetermination. I have a friend who has 3 girls and she and her husband didnt just want to “roll the dice” in having that 4th. They figured it would be another girl and only wanted a 4th if it were a boy. Sad to say, but that’s how they felt. They went to a clinic in L.A. and discovered that for $8,000, they could do IVF where *ONLY* a male embryo is implanted. If it doesnt work the first time (as in, the pregnancy doesnt take), the clinic will do a second round. So, for 8,000, they got 2 rounds of IVF, knowing if they became pregnant, it was FOR SURE a boy. Do you really think that $8,000 is too expensive for the Beckhams?? Hardly. It’s a drop in the bucket for them.

As far as Microsort, I looked into it breifly and it’s not that expensive. I think it was $1,500 total for everything…the actual spinning itself, lab costs, ultrasounds and the actual IUI procedure. And no, you’re not guaranteed the gender you want, but it’s greatly improved from just the average 50/50. I noticed that the odds are even greater if you want a girl (87% for girls, and 76% for boys–something along those lines).

I am currently expecting my 3rd daughter (my husband’s 4th) and I get comments from complete strangers all the time, “is it a boy this time?” When I tell them it’s another girl, I get a lot of “Awww, too bad.” or “You can always try again.” Yes, we would’ve liked a boy but it’s not that big of a deal. Interesting that people assume we’re devestated about it. LOL.
Either way, congrats to the Beckham’s.

Whitney on

I said US because she will be born in the US…. I know she would legally be eligible (if she even plays soccer) to play for either but the US team for soccer is actually better than England… GO GALAXY!!

Nella on

Congrats to the Beckhams! I’m happy for them and I bet the boys will be great big brothers, they just seem like a nice family. I’m not sure whether they used gender selection and don’t really care, it’s really none of our business. It’s their money, their life, their child, and I don’t think anyone will know for sure whether they used gender selection or not. They don’t owe it to the public to say it in my opinion. I am excited to hear about the name, I think it will be Luna!

Alisa- I disagree with you. Most people I’ve met prefer to have boys and complain about how difficult girls will be once they get older. Three of my friends are pregnant and all of them wanted to have sons.I actually went to a wedding once and the best man did a toast for the bride and groom and said he wishes them a big family and hopes they have a son! Actually worldwide for years Boys were preferred over Girls and in some countries baby girls were even killed. Yes, there is some people who prefer girls, but majority of the world doesn’t. To me a healthy child is the most important.

Sydney on

Whitney – the Beckhams have said the baby will be born in the UK. Most likely Great Portland Street hospital, where she had Brooklyn and Romeo.

I don’t know what name they will pick but it won’t be Luna (it’s the Spanish name she would have picked for Cruz, but they’re not in spain anymore) and it won’t be London – pretty naff!

crg on


I agree. It’s not my place to assume that they did anything, but I have a friend who had to do (insurance covered) IVF with both of her children, and while she was undergoing it for her second child she told me that she knew it would be a girl because they only implanted girl embryos that time (she already had a daughter and didn’t care about the sex, just wanted a healthy baby- those were just what they ended up with, they previously had boy ones implanted and it didn’t take). I was shocked that she actually knew what the sex of her child would be before she even knew she was pregnant and it was then that I realized how easy gender selection can be for people- especially people who have money to throw at it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Beckhams did take advantage of such a procedure- especially if she had to do IVF for other reasons- and I bet a lot of people making comments on here just aren’t educated about how easy it is to do this. It’s not “genetic engineering”- that’s ridiculous- it’s selection.

Anonymous on


CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I’m really confused. Is gender selection legal in California or not? Some people are saying it’s not, but other people have said they have friends who’ve done gender selection in California. Could someone please enlighten me?

Beck on

Yeah, I don’t get why people become so defensive about excitement over a couple expecting a child of a different gender then they already have. It’s just the norm of society for most people to want one of each so I think when someone asks, “are you having a girl/boy this time?” to someone who already has multiple kids of the same gender, they just say “awwww maybe next time” or whatever just because they initially think most couples WANT one of each. It’s not because they think one sex is better then the other.

I gasped at the one comment above about the wedding. I was at a wedding last summer where both the father of the groom AND the best man made comments in their toasts about the groom having lots of healthy sons and I thought it was rather innappropriate and sexist. I was surprised everyone was laughing and cheering. It offended me!

Mel on

I am proof that you can have a girl after all boys (youngest and only girl after 3 boys) without medical intervention so I do not get the problem people have. If they did not have any money then it would not have been up for discussion. I use to think It truly saddens me how negative people are over a BABY! I have changed my negative attitude a lot since I began reading comments on websites like this. It is a blessing to all so who cares how it got here. Maybe she did know in Feb. she was having a girl but she wanted to make sure all her family knew before the media reported it. There is enough devastation going on in the world today so can we please find some happiness in our lives and for other people. Congrats guys!

EmmaH on

I hope this girl is a tomboy. Because people shouldn’t just think oh I want a daughter so I could dress her in cute pink dresses. Not all girls are girly-girls.

Lucy on

And I just read in the Guardian that they’re moving back to the UK…hmmm. Gender selection is illegal in your country, you move to a country where it’s legal, get exactly what you want, mums the word then buh bye! I have no problem with IVF/PGD but come on people.

Brianne on

Congratulations, David and Victoria! I’m so thrilled for both of you! Can’t wait to see pictures of her! I wish you all nothing but the best.

As for everyone on here who’s saying that they used gender selection, I don’t believe that crap for even a split second, and also, none of you were there when she went to the doctor, were you? Didn’t think so. So all of you saying that crap need to shut the hell up!!!

jessicad on

Who cares if they did use gender selection? I don’t see a problem with it. Congrats to them either way, girls are awesome!

์ˆ˜์ •๊ณผ on

Why populate the earth so you can get what you want?

linda* on


I’m so much happy for Victoria! She did it!

God is perfect and I’m pretty sure this baby girl

is a very special gift sent to this world.. she will be so much loved

and I’m sure she already is! God bless her and all the family!!!!

Congrats Beckham’s!

CelebBabyLover on

EmmaH- You don’t know that’s why Victoria wanted a girl. And considering how she is with her boys, I doubted she’ll mind if her daughter does turn out to be a tomboy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lucy- The Guardian is a huge tabloid. I’d take everything they say with a huge grain of salt, if not an entire salt shaker!

Sydney on

Lucy – they’re moving back to the UK because it’s their home! They were living in LA while David plays for Galaxy, just as they lived in Madrid when he played for Real Madrid. The UK is there home, where all their family live, they will move back when David’s contract is up.

Andrea on

I honestly don’t even think she is pregnant. From the beginning, the wording around this baby has been very odd – “We are expecting another baby” type of thing but I don’t think they have ever said she is pregnant! Just wouldn’t be surprised if she faked it and used a surrogate this time!

Sydney on

CBL – The Guardian is not a tabloid. The tabloids are the red top newspapers i.e. The Sun and The Mirror.

Angela on

They should name her Angel. All their kids have been named by an influence of the city they were living at the time.

Winterkate on

They will probably still live in the USA after his contract is up. they love it there. The uk doesn’t miss them Lol

Sydney on

Angela – that’s a nice thought!

Unlikely to happen as Mel B’s daughter is called Angel and I doubt there’d be two spice babies with the same name!

CelebBabyLover on

Andrea- Uh, most celebs say “we are expecting” when they announce a pregnancy! Christina Aguleria, J-Lo, and Angelina Jolie never made formal announcements that they were pregnant or used the word pregnant when discussing their pregnancies (before their babies were born, I mean). But all three of them were certainly pregnant! ๐Ÿ™‚

Frances Harrison on

I am very happy that they are having a girl……their big brothers can spoil her rotten along with mom and dad…congrats to both of them!!!!!!