The Healthy Home: A Guide to Cleaning Up Your Act

03/10/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Vanguard Press

We worry about germs, air quality, vaccinations — but could it be that the things that have potential to hurt us are actually in our homes?

That’s the gist of The Healthy Home, a new book by microbiologist Dr. Myron Wentz and his son, Dave, which explores the hidden dangers in our most sacred spots.

“I debated for a few years if I ever wanted to bring a child into this toxic world,” Dave tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies. “I was worried that the kids we bring in now wouldn’t have a chance. But I didn’t want to be scared, I wanted to be empowered.”

The father-son team break their book down into rooms, explaining what has the potential to be harmful where (and how) you can fix it.

“We spend time in our home sleeping, rejuvenating. That’s why we have to clean it up,” Dave explains. “Once we do that, the greater environment will be helped tremendously.”

Dave says he was surprised to learn about the dirty details of dry cleaning. “I’d never thought about it,” he admits. “But they embed chemicals in the clothes that they don’t ever remove, and those chemicals are known to be toxic.”

For Myron, gaining a greater understanding of electromagnetic radiation is a big concern. “Everyone in the world is being exposed via cell phones,” he says. “But we don’t yet know what effect these things have.”

The writers say there are many misconceptions about what clean really is, too. “A lot of people are worried about their own germs, and dirt in their homes, so to take care of that they’re using toxic chemicals to sterilize and kill everything they can,” Dave says.

Meanwhile, those residues are left on surfaces, and they’re “more dangerous than what’s being removed.” (A simple solution? Green cleaners.)

Though portions of the book can sound downright scary — who knew our toothpaste and mouthwash could be harmful? — the Wentzes say they’re not trying to frighten, but educate.

“We want to tell people that there are easy solutions, and to make one or two steps at a time,” Dave explains. “Day after day, month after month will add up to a huge change if you make a 10 percent lifestyle change here and there.”

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Jacqui on

And I thought I was paranoid.

Melody on

Jacqui, I couldn’t of said it better myself… Yikes. This book sounds more like a manual on how to give yourself OCD.

Tami on

I’ll third that, Melody and Jacqui. The cell phone thing has basically been debunked, for a start. Radiation from cell phones is so weak it can’t break chemical bonds; mutations in DNA (and increased cancer risk) is implausible, and epidiomological studies have tended to confirm that.

The first paragraph of this article is rather silly, too. Do “we” really worry about germs and vaccinations on a day to day basis?

JM on

totally agree with the two above. also comments like “10% lifestyle change” really irritate me. it’s lazy writing because there is no way something like that is quantifiable. people try to use language that makes their research sound scientific or evidence based and just end up sounding stupid because they say things like that.

Jane on

you guys are all so right on! just from the cover you can see that they are going to make a big fuss about the things that we have all already read about – and we all just try to do the best we can, sheesh.

Erin Hong on

To people above —

How do you know the details in the book are facts we’ve already known before you even read the book??

Even you’ve already know that, what’s wrong with emphasizing that we should pay attention to the toxins and even learn from some geat hints and tips to clean or avoid them??

There’re tons of people out there who want to learn more about health, nutriton, and well-being. Are they all making a fuss? Do you actually want to see bookstores filled with booked tiltled “toxins are bad, but so what?” ; or “degenerative diseases, who care where they’re from?!”; or “kids, stop learning just because you know some basic facts already!!”

My advise is — when you see something positive, try not to judge unless you have something nice to say.

Anonymous on

Wow…You are all quite ignorant.

Brooke on

I actually had a different take on this, Dr. Wentz is not being paranoid, he is actually stating the truth… You dont have to be OCD to actually worry about germs in your home. I am not OCD and I do just that, I care about my health and the health of my family, Dr. Wentz is not saying that cell phones cause cancer… He specifically states “For Myron, gaining a greater understanding of electromagnetic radiation is a big concern. “Everyone in the world is being exposed via cell phones,” he says. “But we don’t yet know what effect these things have.” The concern there is bigger, he just wants to draw attnention to what we are allowing our bodies and our childrens bodies to be around and to be more aware of the things we are putting in and around our bodies. Do more research on Dr. Wentz, and you will see that his main goal and focus is to show people how to try to live longer and free of degenerative diseases… The things around us, are what are causing and having our loved ones die to long from. So take in consideration the true meaning of this great man’s book, and his reason for writing it.

Robin on

I respectfully disagree with the above comments. I heard about this book before it was published and decided to preorder it. I finished reading it this weekend and was pleased to see that it was carefully written based 100% on science research. In fact, most of the suggestions made are quite easy to implement without trouble or expense. And there are no “scare tactics” at all, although the way this article was written, I can see why you may have had that impression.

Actually, I had already taken action on many of the suggestions made… how? Well, I happen to live with an environmental chemist who had a role in the research of human exposure to toxins. Whenever the media caught hold of a new “hazard” I watched my husband to see what changes he really made in our home- those were the ones that were truly important, and not hype. And many of those same changes are the ones suggested in this book. Almost all of them are simple, small changes. Most of them actually save us money. All of them are important, especially for a family with children.

I would suggest that you not “judge a book by the cover” and instead, judge a book by the research behind it.

Melinda on

I’m grateful for the research. We, as a society, do too many things without thought or care. I do not think it is paranoid to be educated and then make choices. It is far better then being “sold” by some fancy commercial – that is truly lazy.

amoy on

I have not read the book yet , can’t wait to read it, ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is very expensive!

Pete Zdanis on

I have had the opportunity to read an advance copy of The Healthy Home, and found it to be based on facts, science and common sense that escapes many of us from time to time. Will I personally implement every recommendation in the book? – Probably not. However, The Healthy Home book has taught me many ways to improve my health and life that I was not previously aware of, and I will make sure that everyone I care about has a copy of this book.

Kathleen on

I’ve heard about the drycleaning. So, we now hand-wash more. When we do dry-clean, we let the garment air out for a handful of days before putting it in the closet.

And, I do think the 10% rule is legitimate. If I tweak my diet to 10% healthier, I feel a huge difference. It’s probably the same with our home environment: replacing some toxic cleaners with green cleaners, less microwaving of food, opening the windows more, even if just a bit, for fresh air circulation. Little tweaks add up.

I’m excited about this book. It sounds like an easy read, on an important topic.

Fatima on

I have not read the book yet, but have ordered it and can’t wait to read it. I talk about Health to people every day and every day, I realize how people know so little about so many things, I take for granted (fluoride, vaccins, microwave…). People need this book more than we know, and will be very excited to have the tools they need, to make informed decision about their health and the one of their loved ones. Thank you Dave and Dr. Wentz!

Gretchen Tofflemire on

I am very much looking forward to reading The Healthy Home! It sounds like it will contain a lot of practical information, for making small, but meaningful changes to improve the healthfulness of our homes.

Personally, I have only used green cleaners and water to keep our home clean. My 10 year old son has not missed a day of school due to illness in 4 years, which I attribute to our non-toxic lifestyle and nutritional supplementation. Whereas my sister’s children, who is constantly using hand-sanitizer and harsher cleaners in her home, become ill frequently and miss school often. I plan on buying her this book as a gift, when we go to the book’s SF Bay Area Book signing on Tuesday, March 27th.

Bob Mihalyov on

While I haven’t had the opportunity to read the book yet, I have read other books by Dr. Wentz, and I have come to respect the man’s interest in helping people live as healthy a life as possible. There’s no question we use many chemicals in our homes, yet we have no real understanding of how they impact our health. Information is power, and I appreciate the chance to learn more and take more control of my health.

Anonymous on

Cannot wait to read it and go to the tour!!!

PJ Klakken on

I’m really excited about the book and I too have ordered many that will be given out to friends and family. Life is good and only you can change it if you choose to…. I’m all for better living and reducing the chemicals that are around me and my family.

In Health

Bill Tallman on

Hey, here is a guy who, a few years ago, received the Albert Einstein Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the world, for making a difference in people’s lives. When I found out about this book I read part of the prelauch material, and immediately ordered 30 copies to pass on to family and friends. And of course you can expect negative comments from those who don’t want to find out that their home isn’t healthy . . . then they might have to do something about it. When you buy a book all of the proceeds are being donated to the Children’s Hunger Fund, one of Forbes Magazine’s top charities. That alone makes it exceptional, but imagine if even just one hint in that book made a difference to a member of your family!?

Carmel Campbell on

Unfortunately, many people do not become paranoid until they have lost their health. Then they will do everything within their power to regain it. Thank you soooo much Dr Wentz (and David) for all your research, and education for people who wish to improve their lives in this area. I have not read the book as yet, but it is definitely on my “to do” list.

Patti Roney on

I’ve been working on a holistic lifestyle for years – one of awareness & avoidance – and am very excited to see this book! Dr. Myron Wentz is a genius and it’s very powerful to see him address subjects that can educate the public in such a scientific and credible manner. He is actually the Albert Einstein Award winner in Life Sciences, so his information will help everyone who is working towards a healthier home, body and life. I find we are seldom told truth as this book will tell it and when we are, we are almost never given the healthier answers. I believe millions of readers will be forever grateful for this book and all the work of Dr. Wentz!

Paul Rohatensky on

Being aware of environmental toxins & limiting your exposure to them are two simple concepts, which cost nothing to adopt & can improve your quality of life! Knowing the world-class credibility this author has, I anxiously my advance copy & I will definitely recommend it to my family & friends.

Elaine on

Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! Awaiting the arrival of them! I plan to share my copies with family, friends, and those I know in the medical field! Hurray for those who care about making this world a better place to live! Together we can make a difference! Sharing with hope for tomorrow.

Brenda on

Armed with knowledge and awareness of toxins in our everyday environement, I will be much more able to help everyone I care about!

Gillian Palmerin on

I have pre- ordered this book and am eager to understand more about making our home environment as safe as possible. There is no doubt that the environment is ever more toxic, at least within our homes we will be safer by gaining this knowledge. Dr Wentz is a truly genuine caring person and I am sure that any information in this book is very carefully researched.

Nisha on

I’m looking forward to reading this book. I’m a mom of two (4 and 18 months) and I know that while I’m on the path to making “greener” decisions, there is a lot I don’t know. I anticipate this book educating me on the household dangers I’m unaware of and plan to implement them one at a time as we can. I also appreciate and trust Dr. Myron Wentz’s background and look forward to learning from that perspective as well as from the perspective of practical new father – Dave Wentz.

Debbie C. on

I’ve been waiting for this book! Can’t wait to finally read it! I was also planning to gift some to my bosses who are very “all natural/organic,” clean, healthy folks who enjoy life and will live life the healthy way. You only have one shot at life, might as well do your best living healthy, especially in your own home!!

Dyann Lyon on

I have had the opportunity to ready Dr. Wentz previous books and hear him speak and I am so excited to read his newest book, written with his son Dave. I have several copies on order and look forward to sharing it with others. We are so conditioned to buy products that make our lives easier or make us look better, yet we seldom think about the health consequences. I trust Dr. Wentz and look forward to this latest book.

Sue Ross on

I’m going to implement some small changes in our home that I believe will make a big difference to our families health. One step at a time to better health. Thank you Health Home.

Soomin on

I think if we intend to be paranoid of information… it is a choice. Being REactive and PROactive are also choices. This book is obviously one for those interested in the latter and taking control of a situation and world as opposed to letting it control you.

It’s funny how the divide of those that take action and those that gawk at positive information are made so clear in that as simple as a comment left on a feed for a new book release.

I respect the viewpoints and it is in my humble opinion that this book is looking to do much more positive than anything else. I mean when was that last time you hear a newly first-time pregnant mother-to-be upset about a book that is there to aid in the health of her newborn baby…. I doubt you will hear one say… “oh your just making me paranoid.”

Prayers for Japan! God Bless.

Deanna Hardy on

I am very excited to read this book! If it improves the health of my family I am all for it! Showing us more than we would ever realize or even know how to improve on our own I thank him and his son for sharing their knowledge with us! I want me and my family to live a very long and HEALTHY life and this book will show me how to take it one step further!

Bee on

There is so much info out there on what is safe in our environment and what is not. I’m tired of rumours. I don’t even trust Snopes anymore! As a mother of four, I’ve been waiting a long time for something to give us the FACTS about what is truly harmful and what isn’t, and what we can actually do about it. There is no one I can think of more trusted or qualified then Dr. Myron Wentz to do just that. I have read his other books (highly recommend invisible miracles!) and can’t wait to get my hands on Healthy Home. In fact, in a few days, my family and I are driving 12 hours to get our first signed copy and to meet this world renowned microbiologist and immunologist. Very excited! 🙂

DKS on

ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

here’s a TON of prevention 😉

Susanne Cunningham on

Small changes make a big difference. I urge people to make opinions based on personal experience. Knowledge is powerful when truly experienced, then shared. It is impossible to be an expert in all areas but personal health is one you want to pay particular attention to, check the credentials of the source. Be open minded ask questions, experience for yourself. I love what I have read so far in The Healthy Home and plan to make some and maybe many of the changes. They are simple and “what if” they make life better? I think it is worth the benefits.

Anonymous on

I cannot wait to read this book and learn more ways to be proactive in taking charge of our health!!! We only have one body and one life and if we don’t do our best to protect it we end up suffering from some degenerative disease or illness. After losing my Mom to Breast Cancer after a 13 year battle I am all about prevention. Take responsibility for your daily habits and lifestyle and life the best life you can, not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well!

Kim Meier on

My pre-ordered copies of this book have not yet arrived. I cannot wait to read it and share with others. I know of Dr Wentz’s credibility, compassion and intelligence and trust what he has to say. I am an RN of 22 years and have always been interested in the prevention of disease. Unfortunately we have been a society much to focussed on the treatment and cure. As I have seen more and more people being diagnosed with disease at younger and younger ages I have to ask myself what are we missing? For years I have said to myself, it has to be in our surroundings, in our environment. But what exactly? I think we need more research looking at cause of disease and then much more money spent on educating people on disease prevention and how to be proactive in regards to their health verses reactive. It’s time for all of us to step up and take responsibility for educating ourselves and our loved ones. Open your eyes to whats going on around you. Ask questions. Be informed. I have 3 small children and I wish for them, and future generations, a life free of disease and I will do all I can to make that happen. I consider it my responsibility for my creator having placed these beautiful beings in my care.

Sandra Kanfer Clarke on

I am also a mother of small children, somebody who has been passionate about improving the environment for a while and incorporated that into my worklife and as such, we as a family are constantly looking to improve our environment. My husband is an energy efficiency consultant, so he knows a lot about that aspect of our home and now, with this book, I will get the opportunity to tweak many of those little things around the house to further cement a healthier, more environmental approach into our lifestyle.
I have ordered the book – it isn’t yet available in the UK – and am really looking forward to reading it and sharing the information with my friends and family. Each of us taking a few small steps towards improving our lives can create a huge shift in the whole world around us – that has got to be worth a bit of effort.

Jenna on

I have already read most of this book and think it’s great! It does not make me feel bad or more worried, it just empowers me to make positive changes (which I had already begun doing even before reading this book). Yes, I have read other books on similar subjects that DO make me feel bad or just make me angry, but not this one. I love it and am recommending it to friends!

Carl Eric Johnson on

I can hardly wait to get my hands on this book. I know Dr. Wentz and trust his research implicitly. He tends to go against the grain – against the established “wisdom” of medicine in this country – and because of that he has made more than his fair share of enemies. However, disregard him at your own peril. The book is sure to be filled with useful information based on solid research, and then positive action steps that we all can take. Well done, Dr. Wentz. I am proud to do my part in spreading your message of health and wellness.

Lora Ulrich on

I received my book last night and have read through Chapter 3 so far. This book is very informative, easy to understand and provides us with the ability to make educated decisions. I love how they provide simple solutions we can choose to incorporate. I am going to share this book with everyone I know. Thank you Dave and Dr. Wentz!!

Jim Fawver on

Too often we get “studies” done by the companies that would most be harmed by a negative study (think pharmeceutical companies or cell phone companies). Now we have a science-based independent view that can make a difference in our lives! I look forward to reading the book rather than excerpts from it!

George Steciuk on

I can understand some of the earlier negative comments people have made regarding this book because we are bombarded every day with information that in many cases does not have much truth to it. However, it is always wise to pay attention to where the information comes from and the person responsible for this information. Dr. Wentz happens to be a world-renowned scientist with over forty years of work and research in cell culture and healthy living and has received many accolades for his work in this area that I would suggest to the nay-sayers to do your research first. Who knows, it might even help you live a more healthy life, and possibly longer.

Dan on

Funny how the first couple of comments talk about cell phones and how there aren’t any problems with radiation…look what hit just today. These are real concerns, wonder what company the first couple of posters work for????

Anonymous on

Cell phone concerns debunked? WRONG! Look what was on just today

Mark Nigli on

Listen I am fed up of people being critical,..especially if genuine people are trying to give us good clean advice,I will stand for the truth and nothing but the truth.Thats why 96% of the worlds income lie in the hands of 1% of the people.Think about that for a minute…that should and must teransform your entire life.
Wish you well.
Mark Nilgi

Kathleen on

Love the spirited comments! In reading more, I’m determined to get a copy of the book to share with all 3 of my grown children. I have a grandchild and another on the way in two of my 3 kids’ households. In the third, I have two grandkitties. They all deserve to know what more they can do for their health.

Also, with news of some radiation possibly hitting the west coast of North America from leaking nuclear reactors in Japan, I want to be armed with more info. Not less!

Claudia on

I’ve started reading the book and it’s fantastic. The book is more focused on helping us make small changes in out lives that will help make our home a less toxic place. For example, opening a window is a great way to clean the air inside our homes. Most of the tips are very easy….. This is a great book for anybody who is interested in living a healthier life, without having to live in a bubble.

Joi on

I have a book on order, and as a scientist, I believe some of the information is already out there, it’s simply taking time for the information to reach a tipping point. I look forward to seeing how the message is conveyed. Most educational pieces are a labor and love. From reading a few of the post, there’s still a lot of labor that needs to take place.

Kirsten on

I’m intrigued. The more I know the more I am inclined to change my habits. Bit by bit we can take control of our health without going completely off the grid or becoming OCD.

Lisa W on

This book looks like good news for me, I’m not very fond of cleaning, I never take my clothes to the drycleaners I just throw them in the wash & shrink them & have to buy a new outfit, & I really must get my cell phone out of my bedroom! I think I’m gonna like this book can’t wait to give it a read…I always wonder what our world is going to look like when my daughter grows up & has a family of her own & what’s her health going to be like! I’m excited to be able to do my part for our health care system prevent that’s the answer!

Carole on

I have ordered the book but have not received it yet and I can’t wait to get it and read it and implement the suggestions that that authors have put into steps to detoxify our homes. This is something that I have just recently been aware of and now the answers are in this book. Thank you Dr. Wentz.

Keri on

Got a few copies of the book today and am anxious to start reading and making changes!

Terri Hamel on

Hmm… Dr. Wentz is a recipient of the Albert Einstein award. The comments posted at the top of this section are not exactly coming from Albert Einstein. Now, who would I be more inclined to listen to? Let me think… think… think…

Janice, MD on

I just got the book today. I am excited to read it. If we just do a percentage of the ideas, we could have a healthier home.

Robert Moore on

They use to put lead in paint, asbestos in floors and ceilings along with a myriad of other carcinogens that we use to think was harmless. Thank goodness that others challenge the ‘earth is flat’ thinking. We need more people to just ask us to stop and take a look at things. The people that say ‘things are harmless’ have been proven wrong to many times!

Anonymous on

I haven’t read the book yet but I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Dr. Wentz is a powerhouse in the scientific community and an expert in cellular health. I am excited to get his advice on making my home a safer place because I know it will be extremely helpful and practical.

Lee Ann

Gwen Burnell on

I have read several of Dr. Myron Wentz’s books and know what his credentials are. On a very personal note, my husband has lived with an incurable cancer for 17 years until we learned about the research hospital Dr. Wentz founded, Sanoviv Medical Institute. The results that my husband has experienced speak for themselves. All these methods of cleaning in the home are used at this hospital. I am thrilled to be able to make additional changes that are taught in the book. Most of all I am thrilled that this information is being shared with the world! Pass your book to someone else, we can do our part through sharing.

Dee Bennett on

I just got the book and found it to be an easy read with great information.It’s all about prevention and raising awareness. I’ve put a few changes into place so far. Making a few changes here and there can make a big impact over time and are relatively painless. Although I won’t go without my cellphone, I’ll make changes to limit my exposure. Research took 50+ years to determine that fluoride used in our water and toothpaste has caused tremendous damage to our bodies. My thought…why wait on research? I’ll make changes that make sense to me and be ahead of the game when research finally catches up. I’m buying copies for my family and hoping it raises their awareness too.

Arlene on

Just like my Mom always told me, “If you want to make a difference you better start at home”. Thank you to Dave and Dr Wentz for this brilliant book. I think we just have to keep in my mind that we did not get this way over night and we certainly can’t fix it overnight but even if we can make small changes they will make a difference. We gotta start somewhere!!

Nancy E on

I LOVE the reactions to this article! Dr. Wentz, your dream is continuing to come true. You ARE making a difference. Yes, there are a lot of negative comments regarding this book, but just think. People are getting worked up about it, therefore, it is getting them to think. I believe some people are frightened so it’s easier to stick heads in the sand and avoid it all. I understand that many people are so overwhelmed at all of the conflicting information out there, but how blessed we are to have someone we know and trust to care enough about us to write this book! I can’t wait for mine to arrive. Thank you Dr. Wentz and Dave!

kathy kaehler on

To those who judge…you are missing some incredible guidance. The Healthy Home is a handbook that will guide you toward living in a healthier “home” environment. Whether you adhere to all things suggested or implement a few at a time, I believe that small changes now…make a big difference later. A big salute to the Wentz men.

Anca on

I haven’t read the book just yet, but I went to the launch on Friday night and I was thrilled to find out that there’s finally a book for guidance in this matter. It’s crazy to think that we are surrounded by such dangers in the we should feel the safest. I applaud both Dr. Wentz and Dave Wentz for the science research and thoughtfulness in sharing. If you don’t want to make a change, that’s totally up to you, but don’t close up your mind, because you’ve heard it before. It’s not about lecturing anyone, if we know it, why don’t take action? These are small steps that will not only help you live better, but slowly change the toxic environment we live it. 🙂

JJ on

Methinks USANA associates were notified of this book on or about March 14. Just ordinary People readers before that. Hmm.

Kathleen on

Looks like this book is in the top 100 on now. I tried to buy it at a local Barnes & Noble, and it was sold out.

If it’s sold out in your area, you can get free standard shipping on by purchasing two books. Keep one and lend one out or give it away. I found really good prices on right now!

I just started reading mine, and it’s an easy read even for those of us who are a bit adult ADD. I’ve already moved my electric alarm clock off my bedstand, unplugged small appliances not in use, and started airing out my most recent dry-cleaning down in my laundry room.

Alicia L on

This book is an awesome read! I haven’t even finished it yet and have learned so much that I didn’t know! The people that initially commented on this article can say all the negative things they want, but there is much more to this book than the “cell phone radiation” that everyone already “knows” about! Who knew that these CFL energy saving light bulbs are actually BAD for us?!?! Who knew that all those things we have plugged in on our night stand are actually disturbing our sleep?!?! Besides just reading the book, I attended the Healthy Home Book Tour and saw the proof of these things for myself. This book is amazing and what’s even more amazing is that all the author proceeds are going to the Children’s Hunger Fund! What author does that?? This is how you know that these authors are truly committed to spreading the word to the world about health and the importance of it and are not just interested in “making a buck.”

This book is already a NY Times Best Seller!! If you don’t have a copy, you need to get one! 😉

Sam Renga on

There are plenty of negative articles in the internet and every individuals have his or her opinion. However, I just read three chapters of this book and I am extremely glad that Dr Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz have done a marvelous job in sharing their experiences. I personally had difficulties in sleeping peacefully every night and when I read the paragraph “Don’t Let There Be Light”, I realized what wrong I had been doing to myself and the Simple Solutions given in the book was an eye-opener for me. Every home should have a copy “The Healthy Home”

Jo Ann Laplace on

While visiting dear friends, I had the opportunity to start to read “The Healthy Home”. I feel as we (my husband Bob and I) make some of the changes in my home, we will totally benefit by these suggestions. With time, as we re-read this book, we feel the more we implement the suggestions the better our environment will become and less stressed. The changes as suggested are allowing us to feel better. This book is not action packed unless you count the work you have to do to implement the changes. We prefer to believe it is a guide to better home health. Thanks to Dr. Wentz and Dave Wentz for making our lives just a little bit better on a daily basis.

Carla on

Lol! Sometimes I just can’t believe how naive people can be. Over time natural selection takes care of those that won’t heed. Harsh but true. Just study the statistics. Talk about judging a book by its cover… actually just a magazine article. Too funny 😀

The authors of “The Healthy Home” can be commended on a brilliant read… the perfect blend of practicality and readability for a wide audience while being backed by science. LOVED IT!

Stephanie on

I thought I was going to like this book until it hawked the discredited autism-vaccination link. There is ZERO scientific evidence that there is a relation between the two, however, there is real evidence that many of the diseases we vaccinate against used to be incredibly harmful and spread like wildfire. Some children can’t be vaccinated, and by not vaccinating your children who can be vaccinated, you are putting children with weak immune systems at risk. Get a thimersol free vaccine, sure, but get your children vaccinated for goodness sakes! FDR was paralyzed from polio; do we really want to go back to that world?

Jackie Mignault on

One of the best books for an individual or family to read, learn and share. We may not be able to control the exposure to a wide variety of contaminates in our work environments, or communities, but we can control the amount of toxins we have in our home. Thank you for such a practical common sense, well thought out guide. And to those with such negative comments – my advice: learn, become aware, live smart.