Mario Lopez Celebrates Crawling – with Childproofing

03/10/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Al Powers

For Mario Lopez, the moment was both thrilling and terrifying — his daughter began crawling last week.

“Now I’m worried about what she’s going to run into,” he told PEOPLE Friday at LAVO Las Vegas. “I’ve got to childproof the house!”

Now 6 months old, Gia Francesca is “getting cuter and chubbier every day” and is the apple of her father’s eye.

“Everything has changed. The way you look at life, the way you look at relationships, the way you approach everything,” he explains.

“My mornings are better because I get to see her. I enjoy coming home. No matter how hard of a day I had, I get to see her little face and everything works out.”

Currently focusing his Extra! hosting gig and raising his daughter with Courtney Mazza, Lopez, 37, says we may see his focus turn to a wedding — but not quite yet.

“Everything is great right now,” he said, his girlfriend by his side. “We’re looking forward to [marriage] later on.”

— Mark Gray

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Shanty1234 on

Hopefully for the sake of his daughter he can stay faithful to this girl

Allie on

Wow, Gia’s crawling already! Time is flying. Mario better watch out. :]

shad on

love mario lopez…wonder if there will be a season 2 to saved by the baby…that was a nice reality show…

CZY on

I think they make a very cute couple and Mazza and Lopez actually look like brother and sister. Child proofing the house is a must and get those rubber plug to put in anything that has a whole in it. Plus the lock on the cleaning stuff usually underneath the sink. I know marriage is not for everyone but when people have babies it’s nice to know that you’re a whole. So hopefully they will get married and have more little Lopez. I like reading nice things in Hollywood instead of these crazy things like Charlie Sheen with 5 beautiful kinds throwing millions of dollars away for his children education. Hey hardly no one gets a long with there boss but you have to zip it and with the money he was making trust me I would not of said a word.

Pamela on

Its disgusting how celebrities see raising a child as being harder than marriage. Children come first THEN marriage may come later on….seems odd. They talk about it as if its the end of all ends, when it doesn’t change a thing. You live together, share your life together, raise a family together yet don’t want to be married? Very sad how backwards people are.

Jason on

Mario isn’t going to stay faithful. If I looked like that, I wouldn’t either.

mike on

Mario will make a good dad

Sherron on

I think he looks like a sissy!


I totally agree Pamela.

Anonymous on

This is news?

steven duane newcomb on

Ugh, I remember the child proofing years. They crawl EVERYWHERE.

Poupee on

Happy Crawling, Gia!

william on

Yeah, nothing says “love” like making it legal and having a ritual to validate it. Love does not require the law’s say – you’re backwards, Pamela. Being married does not prevent dysfunctional family life nor abandonment. Being with the right person and flourishing because two decent human beings have the right chemistry do not need a priest or glorified lawyer’s stamp of approval.

How much did *your* family spend on invitations and catering? And before you pull the religion card – what do you think the good Lord thinks of what the institution has become? It’s either excess or going through the motions.

Wait, what? We’re on a news article about a celebrity who has a child who just learned to crawl? You think this is news, and should have a say so on this family’s life (that I can place a safe bet will be wonderful not because of the weatlh & fame, but because the people are genuinely happy to have their family (which I know, you probably don’t “count” as a real family anyway).

“Tell the gossipers and liars I will see them in the fire…”

Pamela writes:

“You live together, share your life together, raise a family together yet don’t want to be married? Very sad how backwards people are.”

susan on

If their show is any indication on how well the relationship is going, I feel sorry for Mario. That woman is insecure, a cry baby, and demanding.

Melissa on

@Shanty1234 And Vice Versa.