1 Trend, 3 Ways: Mini Suspenders

03/09/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Sure, belts are one way to keep your pants in place, but leave it to Hollywood’s hip mini set to switch things up. On March 3, we spotted Landon Barker rocking red suspenders to hold up his grey skinny jeans. And, Levi McConaughey wore a leather braided pair with his denim shorts during a visit to the set of dad Matthew McConaughey‘s movie The Lincoln Lawyer last August.

But it doesn’t always have to be the real thing. Mason Disick got in on the trend by sporting an adorable graphic tee — complete with faux suspenders! — while hanging at the park with mom Kourtney Kardashian.

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Not only are they functional, but they’re an easy way to add fun to a simple outfit. Want some for your little guy? We’ve rounded up our faves — for every budget — below.


Courtesy Lavish Kids


Take his look up a notch with Roberto Cavalli‘s Boys Baby Stripe Suspenders ($95). Whether he wears them with a classic suit or T-shirt and jeans, your baby boy will look equally dapper.


Courtesy Psychobaby


Love the ’80s? Let your mini rocker pay ode to the era with Psychobaby‘s quirky Suspenders Tee ($28). The design is so cute, especially the faux punk-style pins.


Courtesy American Apparel

Bargain Buy

Add a pop of color to his outfit with American Apparel‘s Kids Suspenders ($13). The stylish thin straps feature no-slip metal clips and come in a variety of hues including blue, yellow and fuchsia.

— Anya Leon


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Jgirl on

Landon Barker – are we serious here? That child looks crazy from his hair, to his uncomfortable looking jeans/suspenders! What are his parents thinking? Yikes.

Corrie on

Landon Barker = the world’s youngest hipster.

crazykraut on

I don’t like Landons outfit at all. His sister is also in a very inapropriate outfit for a 5 year old and is still in diapers

Amanda on

Landon looks adorable, kinda like an Umpa Lumpa (from Charlie & The Choc Factory).

Kaycee on

Suspenders? For the potty-training set? Yeah… no!

Sarah S. on

This is the 1st pic I see of Mason walking–he’s absolutely ADORABLE!!

annachestnut on

The kid in the middle looks unhappy and uncomfortable.

brannon on

Love the Cavalli’s … super cute. Thanks! (As a tip … my son loves suspenders and for fun, try different colored shoelaces … he has bright orange from crewcuts that look adorable tied to belt loops like suspenders) Mason looks adorable.

Olivia on

Ouch! Landon looks like he’s getting quite the wedgy.

Hea on

crazykraut – Who knows why she’s still in diapers or if she even is? You?

M on

I don’t like the way Landon’s dressed either but as for the comment about his sister being 5 and still in diapers…it’s pretty obvious that she’s not wearing diapers in the photo. She’s quite clearly wearing panties underneath a bodysuit. What diapers have you seen that are that thin?

Jillian on

crazykraut, I saw pictures of her from the photo from above and she looked like she was in a leotard. Not sure what is so inappropriate about that. I also don’t see any diapers on her. Not sure what you are talking about.

aurora mia on

I had to look it up, but Oompa Loompa came to mind. Poor Landon. Goodness, I love his name…but he looks awful and miserable.

melissa on

The Barkers should be appalled at their decison making at even the smallest point of dressing their child. He’s not a dress up doll, I highly doubt he agreed to this outfit, nor does he look comfortable…SHAME ON YOU. Cant you let him be a kid before you start pressuring him to be something he doesn’t even know he supposed to be! My God.

Kat on

$95 dollars for suspenders?? Are you kidding me?

MiB on

Actually, suspenders is not a bad idea for the potty training set, at least they beat belts and buttons because all you have to do is to pull the suspenders over the shoulders and pull down the pants. Many toddlers still have a bit of a belly which makes it difficult to get the pants to stay up properly, suspenders are great for that. Other kids are skinny, which also leads to problems finding pants that actually stay up, suspenders are great for that too.

Hea on

I think he wants to look like his dad. It’s just not working so well for him.

molly on

Mason Looks So Adorable!! Levi is soooo soooo Cute, and well Landon (is that is real nema) Looks so uncomfortable and hmmmm SILLY……

molly on


Shana on

Poor Landon does look miserable but maybe that is because he is being stalked by the paparazzi. He only started dressing really strange now that he is older, must be his choice. I have seen a ton of pics of Alabama and she never has any pants on-what is with that? By the age of 5 parents should be able to reason with the kids and make them wear some pants!

Ulli on

I think Landon looks cute. Maybe he even likes his suspenders tight? When I was at his age my mum made me where suspenders almost every day. I loved the moment when she got the suspenders out of my wardrobe, clipped them to my pants and tightened them with hard pulls. Yes, it felt like a wedgy lasting the hole day. Sometimes, when I fiddled with the sliders, she adjusted them even tighter and I wasn’t allowed to undo them.