Mary Stuart Masterson Is Expecting Twins

03/08/2011 at 06:00 PM ET
Mike Coppola/WireImage

Mary Stuart Masterson is expanding her family — by two.

The actress, 44, and husband Jeremy Davidson are expecting twins this summer, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. The couple are already parents to a 17-month-old son, whose name remains private.

“My family life at home in Brooklyn is becoming [more involved] — we’re actually pregnant with twins,” Davidson, who stars on Army Wives, recently told E! Online.

“We are four months along. So balancing career and family is becoming increasingly challenging for me … and in five months we are going to have three kids under the age of 2. We are in happy shock about it.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Amanda on

Congrats to them! I have always been a fan of hers, she’s a great actress.

Mommy of 2 on

awe i didnt even know that they were together let alone married and parents, and now expectng!! This is exciting!! But I guess we wont know much about these babies considering that they dont revel anything about there first born!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love Jeremy on Army Wives, even though I dislike his character, Chase.

Amit on

I don’t like it when when say “we are pregnant” – no, your wife is pregnant… you can be a great partner & father but definitely not pregnant.

Erin on

Anyone else remember and love her from “Benny and Joon”? Mary and Johnny Depp were magical in that flim!

soph on

Didn’t know they were together, cute-looking couple.

jessicad on

I think it’s sweet when people say “we” are pregnant:)

So many twins, crazy!

Ella on

Been a fan of hers since “Some Kind of Wonderful”. Didn’t know they were a couple (he’s a hottie!) πŸ™‚

Congrats to them!!

Ellie on

I went to high school with Jeremy and he is the sweetest guy. Many congratulations to them both!

Mattie on

I like the expression “Were pregnant”. It takes two to tango. Sure the mom is the one who’s physically pregnant but without dad there’s no pregnancy. Congratulations to them! I love Army Wives!

linda* on

SO SWEEEEEEEEEEET… i’m happy 4 her!

god bless her family.

Jillian on

I love the expression we are pregnant!
Amit, the mother delivers the baby, so should she be the only one to say I had a baby? My husband was beaming and saying we had a girl, after 9 months of we are pregnant. All rightfully so.

Jen K on

Didn’t know they were together. He is SO hot! Loved him on Brothers & Sisters this season also.

Corrie on

This made me smile…been a fan of hers for years! Congratulations.

Maddie on

I agree with Amit – i hate the expresssion ‘we’re pregnant’. It irks me for some reason. The mom is the one who’s physically carries the baby, thus the one who’s pregnant: ‘I’m pregnant.’ not ‘we”. Congrats on the twins though, how exciting!

CelebBabyLover on

Count me in the crowd that finds the phrase “we are pregnant” sweet. As my dad puts it, yes, the mother is the one who is PHYSICALLY pregnant, but for most couples, pregnancy is an experience they go through together. Going to prenatal appointments together, attending childbirth classes together, going through pregnancy milestones (such as feeling the baby kick, hearing the heartbeat, seeing the first ulrasound, etc.) together, plus often being “partners” in the delivery (in the sense of the father being the mother’s coach and sometimes even helping to catch the baby at the end).

Not to mention that, when you think about it, even the physical symptoms of pregnancy often affect fathers as well as mothers. After all, the father has to put up with the “side effects” if you will, of those physical symptoms (such as mood swings). Plus, some men actually develope “sympathy” symptoms (It is known as Couvade syndrome).

Okay, I didn’t mean to get so long winded. Congrats to Mary and her husband!

Kat on

44 is too old to have a baby or get pregnant naturally. We all know this is not a natural occuring pregnancy. It was in-vitro, or something else because it’s twins. I’m wondering why did she wait until mid-forties to have children. Does she not know that Down’s Syndrome goes up dramatically after 35, and autism??

Hea on

Jillian said “Amit, the mother delivers the baby, so should she be the only one to say I had a baby?”

No, but she should be the only one to say “I gave birth to a baby”.

I love Mary Stuart Masterson. Always have. I think she’s a great actress and she’s beautiful. I also think she’s a bit on the old side to have kids and I’m betting IVF is involved since it’s twins but I wish her a happy healthy pregnancy and it’s hardly my business.

Nella on

Had no idea they were together either. I’m so happy for them, and their expanding family. Loved her in “Benny and Joon” and “Some kind of wonderful” !

melissa on

Congrats to them! I didn’t know she was married to Chase from Army Wives πŸ™‚

MiB on

Actually 44 is not too old to get pregnant naturally or to have perfectly normal and healthy babies, plenty of women do, but you should never bank on being one of them. Congratulations!

(And I too loved her in Benny and Joon)

jessicad on

Kat they sound pretty surprised to me, and it’s not impossible to get pregnant naturally at 44, plus the chance of having twins goes up with age. So not really sure what you mean by “we all know”. I don’t understand why people are so quick to think others are lying.

dsfg on

Kat, many people are happy to have a child with Down’s Syndrome or Autism. They are people too, just different than the average. So yes, she may have been aware but it didn’t bother her.

dsfg on

I don’t think it’s sweet, I think it’s annoying! The first time someone said it, it was cute, but now it’s just an annoying cliche. It’s no longer clever. Why can’t they just say they’re “expecting a baby,” which would be true?

Jillian on

Hea, That wasn’t my question πŸ™‚

Sarah S. on

I loved her performance in “Fried Green Tomatoes” from 1991. Congrats to her and Jeremy!! πŸ™‚

meghan on

I don’t like that expression either. I know some dads want to feel as involved as possible and that’s great, but they’re not pregnant. Going through a pregnancy with your wife is not the same as being pregnant, never will be.

Becky P. on

I didn’t know they were together either, but I love both of them..As for her age, I wouldn’t want to be having twins at 44, but I’m thrilled for her..

Terri on

I have always liked her. Congratulations to them!

annachestnut on

Thumbs up to MiB thumbs down to Kat

kelpy on

Love her. I’ve been a big fan for years. Really pleased to hear that she is happy and I think it’s nice that they are quite private about their lives.
She has class πŸ™‚

mmh on

To Amit and others who don’t like the phrase “we are pregnant” — would you rather have a partner who didn’t share in the excitement, didn’t really care? If your biggest problem is that your hubby says “we’re pregnant” and you’d prefer he say “she’s pregnant” — count your lucky stars…

Cecelia on

Actually, Kat, 44 seems like the perfect age for her and her family. Not everyone wants to be a mother in their twenties and there’s nothing wrong with that. Also, what does it matter if those children were conceived using in vitro or not? You do know that women in their 40s are perfectly capable of getting pregnant without the help of fertility treatments and women over the age of 35 are more likely to conceive twins since often times, more than one egg is released during ovulation.

Now, I’m sure she’d be thrilled to know that a stranger is so concerned with her personal life but really, it’s none of your business.

Lisa on

Kat, your comment is ignorant. Educate yourself about a few things before blurting them out and you might be getting somewhere. You sound like the Archie Bunker of parenting.

M on

Benny & Joon and Fried Green Tomatoes are two of my fave movies! I love her! Congrats to them!

Hi on

For those who were saying they don’t think this is natural, Geena Davis had a baby naturally at 46, then she had twins naturally at 48. As long as a woman hasn’t gone through menopause, she can have a baby without help.
I don’t like the phrase “we’re pregnant” either. It sounds like you have multiple personality disorder or something.

Jillian on

Hi, My husband doesn’t have multiple disorder or something. I am postive of that one…. You love to insult people.

Kat on

@Hi Geena Davis did not have her childen naturally. She used IVF, for both. Her husband is doctor, so they have connections to the best IVF doctors.

Jacqui on

I find it interesting that the name of MSM’s son is kept “private” when she is really not in the public eye at all. This is the first I’ve ever heard of her husband and I haven’t seen her since the 90s.

Holiday on

I cant imagine having a baby at 44 but I guess thats when she matured enough to be a mother. IMO being a young mom has so many more benefits than being an old mom.

rewillia on

kat said “44 is too old to have a baby or get pregnant naturally. We all know this is not a natural occuring pregnancy. It was in-vitro, or something else because it’s twins. I’m wondering why did she wait until mid-forties to have children. Does she not know that Down’s Syndrome goes up dramatically after 35, and autism??”

Wow, kat, just a little bitter, are we?

rewillia on

@kat: you are an idiot.

zappo on

Kat, well I am SO glad that YOU know the ins and outs of her reproductive health and are a firm authority to speak about it so strongly. How can you say that her pregnancy of IVF or “natural”? Are you her ob/gyn? And wtf does it matter how she got pregnant? you make it sound as if anything other than “natural” is a bad thing. Not everyone wants to have a baby when they are younger, as hey ya know what, they may prefer to wait until they have a loving partner. Is that a reason you can accept, because seem awfully concerned about her having to justify all these reasons for YOU. Down’s syndrome is something we all know happens more over 35, and believe it or not, IS not a turn off to all parents.

KT on

Many people who have babies later in life did not meet the right partner until later. For many, they cannot choose when to have the child. Rather, they are just thrilled they get to have one at all.

Lisa on

Hey Kat… I’m guessing she is well aware of her age, duh. I know this may shock you, but maybe she is OK with it. Who cares HOW she conceived these babies, if they have special needs or not, if they have red hair or black. If one of them ends up wearing glasses are you going to jump all over her for that…. because shes just sooooo old??

Go stand out front of your local Wal-mart and preach to every pregnant girl that walks by smoking a cigarette. That should keep you busy for a while and fulfill the holier than thou attitude you’ve got going on.

dsfg on

Holiday, have you ever been an old mom?

There are benefits to both, and everyone is different, both mentally and physically.

CelebBabyLover on

Jacqui- Well, if she’s not in the public eye, why should her son be?

jessicad- Same here! I’ve never understood why people seem to think that it’s impossible for women over 40 to get pregnant naturally. It DOES happen. It’s not super-common, no, and you certainly should expect that you will get pregnant naturally in your 40s. However, the point is that it’s definitely not impossible!

dsfg- I love your response to Kat! Beautifully written!

KT- “For many, they cannot choose when to have the child”. Exactly! I don’t know why people don’t stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the reason some women don’t have kids until their 40s is because they weren’t ABLE to until then! Perhaps Mary and her husband struggled with infertility for years before finally concieving their son!

Also, to throw my 2 cents in about the Down Syndrome/Autism issue….First of all, while there have been studies done in recent years that seem to show an increased chance of giving birth to a baby with Autism for older mothers, those studies are very recent (I think they were done within the last two to three years, if not even sooner than that) and from what I understand the findings are still very premliminary (that is, more studies need to be done before a definitive link between maternal age and autism can be established).

Basically, like so much else about Autism, it is still relatively unknown. Older mothers DO have an increased risk of having a child with Down Syndrome. However, like dsfg and a few other posters have said, some people are okay with the possibility of having a child with DS. Also, if Mary DID do IVF to concieve these twins, she probably did PGD as well. That’s a method of determining which embryos have genetic defects before they are placed into the womb. Then only the healthy embryos are implanted.

Autism probably couldn’t be detected by PGD (since scientists still don’t know exactly what causes it), Down Syndrome probably could. Bottomline: I’m guessing that either Mary did IVF with PGD, or she concieved the babies naturally (or did IVF without PGD) and is fine with the possibility of having a child or children with DS. πŸ™‚

Jillian on

Why does maturity have to do with anything? Maybe she didn’t want children until the age she is at….or maybe she didn’t find a partner to have them with until then. Maturity? Not following that one. She doesn’t seem like she has ever been immature to me.

J.J. on

Congrats!!!! Few points here…

1st I honestly don’t prefer the phrase “We’re pregnant”, but more “we-re expecting or having a baby” because to me it sounds like the husband also is carrying the baby too, however, those who use that SHOULD NOT be put down by that. If they like it, let them say it.

2..Nothing wrong with having a child at 44 or even older. It was so common to have a child at this age back in the olden days when women were having like 10-12 kids. There are women who have babies at this age ALL OVER THE WORLD!! If it’s something that makes them happy…it’s all good and should be the only thing that matters..nothing else… There’s no specific time or shouldn’t be a specific time in which you need to be done having kids. It only matters when the time is right..whether you are 23 or 45, it’ll happen when the time is right…and yes, there are advantages AND disadvantages to both being a young and old mom..and I met many good old and young moms and very horrible young and old moms. What matters is that the individual no matter how old his/her parents are just a good human being and respects people the way they are…

Crystal on

Congrats to them! Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my all time favorite movies! I have always thought he was HOT on Army Wives. I did not know they were married. SUPER JEALOUS! He is super fine!

sky on

Kat, you sound ignorant and i hope you are reading all of the responses. who cares why she waited and how old she is, she is expecting and i say ‘congrats’! she deserves all of the happiness coming her way.

guest2011 on

There must be “something in the water” with so many celebrity couples having TWINS!!!!

Michelle on

I always thought it sounded a little awkward to say “we are pregnant” as opposed to “we are expecting”, since technically, only the mom is pregnant, BUT, I like the sentiment behind it, so, really, in my humble opinion, who cares? πŸ˜‰

Kimberly Wattman on

I was a big fan of Mary Stuart Masterson, I am happy for her and her husband. I am also a big fan of Army Wives, I didn’t realize she was married to Jeremy Davidson.

Nicki on

When I was 26 I got pregnant with twins…no fertility drugs, no IVF, no family history, nothing..At 42, I was on birth control and took antibiotics (forgetting that they can make the pill work about as good as skittles) and I got pregnant with 1 baby, a girl. They did a test for down syndrome and my risk for equivalent to that of someone 34, so they didn’t advise an amnio. I did it anyway, just for my own sanity. Everything was normal. Anyway, KAT, the point of my story is, I had twins at 26, but at 42 I became pregnant WITHOUT help and even on birth control, so it might have happened to them too. And just for the record, I cried and cried when I found out I was pregnant at 42, I thought it was the worst thing, that people would laugh at me, laugh at her, etc. Guess what? She is such a gift. She gives me, her dad, and her sibling such joy. I can’t imagine my life without her. And if anything I think she has made us all feel younger. Nobody ever says anything or acts like we are “older” parents. Maybe it’s because we act young. There are plenty of 20 year olds that act older than some 40 year olds I know…just sayin

Jill on

It was great reading your comments. I had a baby girl at 40 after years of infertility and finally became pregant naturally. Somehow society acts like it is just fine to have a baby at 39 but a day over 40 no way. Strange. I think that has changed a lot though now, which is good to see happening. Just look at this website!

Early 40s are basically the same as late 30s so I do not see why some people make an issue about it at all. It is just a few years — come on people!

I think you would be surprised to see how many women would get pregnant naturally over 40 if they all went off birth control. The media has created this myth that it is so rare or difficult to get pregnant naturally over 40. Not true. There is a reason that doctors say fertility in women starts around 15 and begins to end around 45 — not 40!

Missy on

On the previews for next week’s Army Wives there is a death of a soldier. I bet it is Jeremy so he can be at home more with the new twins….I hate that I love him on that show!!

Elise K on

You’ve said it Nicki!! I just found this this piece of news unexpetedely can relate, so I had to comment. I’m a mother of 3 wonderful children..2 sons and 1 daughter and had experienced being both a “young” mom and “older” mom..and can say that there is NO difference in being a parent at any certain age.

I had my first child when I was only 24 and my husband was 25. 21.5 months later after his birth, my second son was born. We thought our family was complete and was so happy with our boys.

Fast forward to nearly 17 years later. Just days before my husband and I were to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, I found out I was pregnant again unexpectedely at 41.5 years…I thought it was the worst day of my life as I absolutely DID NOT want another baby! My husband was not quite happy either. However, we decided to accept it and contintued along..until the day our daughter was born..perfect and healthy in any way. These horrible times we felt eventually led to the best day of our lives. She’s such a joy and I love her as much as my sons.

Despite the age gap between her and my boys…my kids are sooo incredibly close with each other like crazy…and both my husband and I never dealt with the looking old comments because we look 10-15 younger (thanks to our fitness and health) than we actually are and look about the right age to be my daughter’s parents…though we do get awkward looks when ppl find out we have two adult sons thinking that I had them when I was a very young around 14, LOL. Life as they say.

Anyway, no matter the circumstance..each child is a blessing no matter how old you are πŸ™‚

Kathy on

uhhhh…. i cannot even fathom having a baby that old.

Jill on

Kathy — What do you mean that old? 44 is not old at all. Get with the program. Things have shifted at least 5 years or even 10 years with 40s being the new 30s!