Gisele Bündchen: No Carnival for Benjamin – Yet

03/08/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Wagner Az/PacificCoastNews

Gisele Bündchen may have brought husband Tom Brady down to celebrate Carnival in her native Brazil, but the littlest man in her life is going to have to wait a few years.

Benjamin Rein, their 14-month-old son, “will have wait a couple years until he gets to experience the amazing fun of Carnival,” Bündchen, 30, tells PEOPLE in an email from Brazil, where she participated in the local Vila Isabel samba school’s parade display over the weekend.

And while she won’t be teaching her son to samba just yet, she does credit him with helping to keep her in shape.

The supermodel, who is famous for her bikini body, credits yoga, surfing and “taking Benjamin on long walks,” with her post-baby physique.

— Charlotte Triggs

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Mommy of 2 on

that looks nothing like her. not to be rude of anything but she kinda looks like a man here??

Kate on

My thoughts exactly! She looks like a drag queen. Haha.

Top on

She always looks like a man….

Tainah on

She is using a half-mask guys!
She was stunning!!

kazumi on

is it because of the make-up? this doesn’t look like her at all…for the very first time, gisele did not translate well in a picture…ewww

Shelby on

Goodness, when is she going to announce she’s pregnant again? Holy bump!

Shani on


Ness on

She should have used a full mask!

Hea on

This doesn’t look like Gisele? Can we get a close-up?

megan on

I’m sorry, but I think she looks like man too. I think Adriana Lima is much more beautiful then her. I think she got famous because Di Caprio was dating her, otherwise she would not be so famous, there are more sexier women then her.

droopy on

Am I the only one to see a baby bump?

MadisonAve on

Gisele did more in her first 2 years of modeling (pre leo) than that lingerie model Adriana has done i her whole career. Adriana has 2 vogue covers; Gisele has 100 more more. Stop always comparing them. Only someone like Kate Moss or Daria Werbowy is comparable to Gisele , not some panty model. Gisele is gorgeous and her paycheck speaks ALL. haters go away.

MadisonAve on

Gisele is gorgeous.

MadisonAve on

Adriana looks like a bloated chipmunk with mangled teeth. she could never have Giseles career. she looks more like an adult film star, not a model.

MadisonAve on

Bar refeli dates leo for YEARS and she is still a nobody and has a non existent career. nice try fat megan.

Christina on

Must be the angle of this photo or her dress, b/c her tum looks quite flat in these other photos:

dsfg on

Wow, are you guys a bunch of children? Can we not be mature when we comment on this site?

Amanda on

I would never guessed that was her. This pic makes her look like shes 100 years old that had bad plastic surgery (sorry Gisele).

Terri on

Looks like a fun Carnival!

Tara on

Madisonave- you obviously do not work on the MADISON ave or you would know that whilst Giselle indeed has more covers. She has not had 100. She has had a total of 10 INTERNATIONALLY. Additionally Adriana is the second highest paid model currently. Giselle is second, Kate Moss is third. Giselle was stripped of her VS contract due to her demands for more money. They declined and now Adriana draws more revenue in the USA. Giselle also has questionable morals and a huge disdain for the US. She repeatedly demanded that US companies pay her in euro, sonic the euro was stronger than the dollar for a period of time. Due to this rigidness she actually LOST 4 major endorsements in the USA.

Giselle has a very unique look, she is solely regarded as a body. Where as adriana can be used for glamour, runway and print.

I know all this because I worked for VOGUE in France and the UK for 5 years, was the assistant creative director for print ads for DIOR, CHANEL and MCQUEEN for 10 years and am currently a freelance marketing manager for LHMV.

Finally your immaturity only underscores your lack of information on the matters. I do not usually comment on this board but your catty comments compelled me to.

Dbora on

It was the light.. she’s gorgeous!!,,MUL1652065-9798,00-GISELE+BUNDCHEN+E+VENUS+EM+SUA+ESTREIA+NA+AVENIDA.html

kate on

Gisele isn’t attractive at all.
She looks like a drag queen.

Tara on

Two typos; Giselle is highest paid model, Adriana second, Kate moss third, Agnes deyn fourth

And it’s LVMH

Melissa on

Tara FTW!

M on

No, those links aren’t helping either. She looks man-like/not the usual Gisele in those pictures too.

Peque on

I have never seen her as a super model. She is tall and blonde, that’s it. Her face isn’t beautiful neither…

Tam on

Women always feel the need to tear other women apart. It’s terribly sad.

angela on

Are all of the mean comments from the angry bitter baby mama?

angelica on

she looks a REAL MEN SHe is NOT FEENINE. Leo was very intelligent to “go out:

Kristen on

Tara…LHMV? Are you sure you don’t work for LVMH?

MadisonAve on

Giseles VOGUE covers:
Argentina = 5 Covers
Australia = 2 Covers
Brazil = 17 Covers
Chile = 6 Covers
China = 5 Covers
En Español = 5 Covers
France/Paris = 4 Covers
Germany = 2 Covers
Greece = 7 Covers
Índia = 1 Cover
Italy = 4 Covers
Japan/Nippon = 4 Covers
Korea = 12 Covers
Latino América = 4 Covers
México = 11 Covers
Portugal = 4 Covers
Russia = 1 Cover
Spain = 2 Covers
Taiwan = 3 Covers
Turkey = 1 Cover
US = 11 Covers
UK = 12 Covers

Adriana has had the lower end of the spectrum; aka Spain and Brazil. No US,UK,Paris,Italia (the ones who really count)I like the girl. she sells a panty like no other! but I am quite frankly sick of seeing her name mentioned when I look up GISELE BUNDCHEN; the worlds highest paid model,last supermodel and most in demand model on the planet. Adriana is not even a rival. You go to Adriana if you want in your face sexy and GQ work. You go to Gisele if you want high end high fashion Vogue work. point blank. Kate Moss and Daria Werbowy are Gisele’s biggest rivals. not adriana. lol.

MadisonAve on

so Tara, you work for VOGUE,DIOR, CHANEL and MCQUEEN yes? then you must know that Gisele has worked extensively for ALL of those brands and Adriana has worked for none of them, lol. Vogue yes, but only the loweest of the low Vogue’s. Not the ones that count. Sorry, you are obviously not working for French or UK Vogue. (Gisele has 5 Paris covers and 13 Uk covers. Adriana has zero.) so you think adriana is pretty. cool. alot of people do. but she DOES NOTTTTTTTT have Gisele’s status. do not argue that.

Michelle on

To all the “man” comments… she is wearing a MASK.
Ever hear of them? or SEE them? LOL
good grief!!

gabriela on

Gisele estava linda desfilando pela Vila Isabel, fez um belo carnaval……

Gisele was beautiful by parading Vila Isabel, did a beautiful carnival ……

Anonymous on

She is simply radiant!

Josie on

Well said Tara!

I never understood the big whoop over Gisele…her actual face alone isn’t that stunning…sure her hair and bod are great, but the face, not so much.
The link posted by Christina above reinforces that.

Tammy on

Top, you hit the nail on the head. She always looks like a man! Okay, the body and hair are definitely all woman but the face is masculine.

Jen on

@Tainah Looking at the photos from the links that others provided, I don’t think she’s wearing a half-mask. I think that’s just her face.

Andrew on

Gisele is perfect as always(lucky Tom) and Adriana Lima is stunning these Brazilian chicks are amazing actually Brazilian girls are hot and pretty so shut up your jealous

I know on

It is a VERY bad picture of her. She is not wearing a mask it is just an effect of the lighting. Google Giselle Carnival and you’ll see close up photos.

Tara on


If “tara” is who I think she is! Because her resume is carbon copy of this person AND her first name is Tara, you are trying to out fashion the wrong person. Believe me dearest. Anyone can do an Internet search for the info you did. She has actually LIVED it.

tara- you worked with me on a piece for Harpers in dec 09, hope you’re recovery is going well.
Julie Breyers, London

Janine on

C’mon people. Really? The woman is famous for what she does best: being beautiful. Yeah she dated DiCaprio.. some people can take you there but you only stay if you deserve it. Quit being so jealous and negative and start dieting to look just a bit like her :p

Anonymous on


Martha on

Tom was cheating with G LONG before they went public. If Karma has it’s way he will be on to the next supermodel, no questions

marta on

Megan, you might have not heard about her before Leo DiCaprio, but she was a famous super-model many years before, and her career was well stablished long before that.

Hea on

Her true beauty shows best when she’s not wearing that much make-up.

xoxsharxox05 on

Can we say, “WHO CARES”…..

Its not a fricken post on whose better or not!!!! Some of yall, need to seriously GROW UP! Not only are bashing Gisele or Adriana but ur bashing others on here!!!!!

Annelise B. on

No one looks very good in that heat! lol Rio is too hot at this time of the year.

I think MadisonAve is overreacting… chill out, man!

But also: Tara, the Euro continues to be stronger than the Dollar. Just saying. 🙂

H. on

Gisele is the best.Who cares about Adriana the mouse.

Natalie on

She is NOT wearing a mask! View the picture in a larger mode…

Natalie on,,20054137_20920540,00.html

and that bump is called breakfast not a baby…


im from Brazil and ive seen giselle and all the victoria secret models her so many times, the truth is giselle is no natural beauty never was, she has her height and thats it bad nose not pretty at all, adrian lima and alessandra ambrosio are soooooo much more gorgeous then giselle, adriana is a natural beauty her eyes are intense shes gorgeous, and alessandra is also a natural beauty. altough nobody really chooses here in Brazil, but my guess would be ADRIANA LIMA is the most famous!


she needs to retire like YESTERDAY! WHAT AN UGLY LOOKING WITCH!!!!!!

anamel on

I agree this isn’t her best photo… But all this anti-Gisele comments??? I would be very happy if I had her “horrible face” and “giant bump”…


SHE LOOKS GROSS! not pretty at all never was



not winning on


H. on


yeah right you are from BRAZIL.

Tara on

@Julia B-
OMG- how funny. Yes it’s me, but you are giving me too much credit. girls like madison ave are just passionate about the business, but she has her facts wrong. Giselle is poorly regarded by the PROFESSIONALS in the business and that is where it will be detrimental. Figures such as Agnes Deyn, Chanel Iman and Kate Moss are respected due to their work ethic and ability to transcend.
I feel great- hair is growing back finally!
– loved the Dior piece you did- shame about the rest- but will email you

@madisonave- it’s wonderful you are so passionate. But your lack of maturity will not serve you well now or in the future. Additionally your facts are skewed but I am not going to battle with someone on a message board.

@Annalise – thx I know it’s stringer, but not as strong as when Giselle DEMANDED that we at Conde naste pay her solely in euro. That was met with a resounding WTF! 😉

Tina on


take your pill honey.


you couldn’t be more wrong.check your facts again please.

Anonymous on

Tara, if you’re supplying the follow up comments to defend yourself further, and pretending you’re someone else, using someone else’s name, like “Julie Breyers, London”, and adding comments referring to a previous (fake?) jobs, you may want to use a different computer since the cookies remember you, otherwise it looks quite silly

Jillian on


If “tara” is who I think she is! Because her resume is carbon copy of this person AND her first name is Tara, you are trying to out fashion the wrong person. Believe me dearest. Anyone can do an Internet search for the info you did. She has actually LIVED it.

tara- you worked with me on a piece for Harpers in dec 09, hope you’re recovery is going well.
Julie Breyers, London

– Tara on March 9th, 2011

Sending a comment to yourself Tara????? Thanks for the continued laugh. I really needed it today. You can’t stump the computer when it comes to this site. Nice try though. You look quite silly.

dsfg on

Tara, for someone who works in “the business,” you’d think you’d be able to at least spell the models’ names correctly.

Kim on

OMG Tara you comment on your own comment as “someone else” to get some fans, seriously ?

Kim on

And throwing around stuff about treatments and chemo, that’s bad bad BAD karma, girlie !

Caio Abreu on

It doesn’t matter if she’s the most highly-paid supermodel or if she has done more magazine covers than other models…She looks like a MAN PERIOD! And her body is flat.

Anonymous on

@Caio Abreu

Jealous much b*tch???

MadisonAve on

seriosuly you guys are preaching about maturity and half of you spewing mean things lack alot of it. If you come to bash the worlds most famous,prestigious,in demand model on the planet than you’ve came to the wrong place. and what a joke the person and the Brazil comment. Gisele is a Superstar in her own country. The other girls since all they do is Victorias secret, and victorias secret is not even a known brand in Brazil, are not very famous. Let’s stop the comparing to yours truly. I find it funny everyone like to compare to her. wow she really does set standards eh? she can cause a reaction as well,therefore magazines and gossip blogs like this will always report on her;thus making keeping her relevant. People loves this attention they got! By just one mention of one name; Gisele.

MadisonAve on

and yes it does matter that she is the worlds highest paid model,has more magazine covers than any other model all before the age of 30, and is known to make magazine sells go way up and clothes fly of the shelves. AKA her job. Modeling isn’t just sitting there smiling at a camera, lol. At the end of the day, its really to sell product, and gisele does just that. Why do you think she is hired by every huge brand there is? Because she brings mass attention and revenue to the companies. Always has. Its her kegacy. you haters are a minority stalker group; Patriot fans,Bridget fans,bitter panty model fans,etc…you love her bc you keep looking her up. period.

Holly on

Adriana Lima is incredible and a rare beauty. Gisele does not have that same pure beauty. She has a mane of great hair and a tall skinny almost jockish build that made her famous. But to compare her beauty against Adriana Lima is unfair to Gisele or any woman for that matter. Adriana is simply perfection!

Victoria on

What a sickening narcissist. She has no self-awareness about the impact of her often thoughtless statements have on others.

For that reason, I much admire Bridget Moynahan for her maturity and grace and for knowing when to keep her mouth shut.