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mary on

There might be some truth to the parents who drank with them at home or during meals were less likely to binge later. Since European countries have a lower drinking age and its common to have wine or beer with their food. In Europe the have less drinking and driving problems and drinking on campuses. Maybe the old saying is if you deny something from someone they want it all the more.

marina on

My parent let me drank with them when I was younger, since I was 13/14 years old. I liked that way, I have learn about drinking, it’s effects and eventually I learn what things I like or are good and which ones are not. I now have quite a different taste in drinks then my peers that drink ANYTHING (bad quality, the most horrible and dangerous mixes) or likes to go out and get drunk.

Does it work for every family? No! But nothing works the same for everyone anyway. All depend of the parents and the children in question.

blah.blah on

Mary I agree with you. I have these 4 younger cousins and when they all reached a certain age my uncle allowed them to drink with him once. They went through that process and they realized alcohol is not really a big deal so they don’t really care for it anymore or to show off to friends. However my other cousins’ mom wouldn’t even let them say the word beer and now they all sneak around drinking fiendishly. Overall, it’s better not to hide these things from your kids.

JM on

mary “europe” is big and made up of many countries, you really really can’t generalise in that way about an entire continent.

britian for example has a very big drinking problem (also a drinking age of 18). there is also a lot drinking in a student lifestyle in britain. (like i said, you can’t generalise).

where i grew up the legal drinking age is 16 and there are far fewer problems with drinking. so in principle i agree with what you are saying. in my experience parents who have a more relaxed attitude to alcohol pass that on to their kids and they don’t think it’s cool or rebellious to binge drink. my parents like that with me and i never drink to get drunk. i drink socially and never too much.

MiB on

I have lived in several different European countries, and I have to say, it varies from country to country, but one thing I do notice is, that you see far less binge drinking in countries where the children grow up seing their parents have a glass of wine or two with dinner.

I also think that the high legal age in the US is counter productive. In most other countries the legal age is 18, an age where most still live at home, which means that you have to get home and face your parents after you’ve been out. I think that that curbs exessive drinking a bit.