Spotted: Suri Cruise and Her Ladylike Designer Purse

03/07/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

We didn’t think it was possible for her to top those mini metallic heels, but Suri Cruise has taken kiddie chic to even higher heights.

According to Dolce & Gabbana, the soon-to-be 5-year-old was carrying a pint size version of their Miss Sicily satchel while out and about in Vancouver, Canada on Feb. 24.

At $1295, Suri’s luxe arm candy is more than most toddlers’ yearly clothing budget.

But should we expect anything less for Tom and Katie‘s little girl?

TELL US: What do you think of Suri’s designer handbag?

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Jgirl on

Wow, $1,700? I think that is a tad much? I suppose it is all relative to how much money a person has. But, man, that is a LOT for a child’s purse.

Lisa on

Sorry but $1700 for a purse for a 5 year old is ridiculous. That is the average person’s income for an entire year in Haiti.

Mommy of 2 on

wow!! that is alot of money for a childs handbag.

Audrey on

Her parents may be asking for a very spoiled little girl. And in some ways I feel bad for her, because nothing will ever be new or exciting or a “privilege” when she is older. First “fancy” restaurant? Yawn. First designer purse? Eh. First high heels? In toddler hood. First anything? Ho hum. Part of the fun of being a child is using your imagination to dream about such things.

kal on

OMG. Can Tom and Katie adopt ME? Do you know what I could do with $1700? It doesn’t involve purchasing a ridiculous handbag.

At least I’m glad to see Suri actually does own a coat.

Tams on

I usually don’t comment on these things, but isn’t that a bit too much. I hope Suri learns the value of a dollar and realizes that most kids don’t grow up this way.

Melissa on

I don’t care how much money you have, $1700 for a childs purse is ridiculous! Its basically a toy to them. I wouldn’t even spend that much on a purse for myself if i had the money.

clair on

Usually when i see celebrity children with jeans or shirts on that cost around $100, i think to myself- why not? if celebs they have the money and want to buy their child designer jeans then fine.
This however is just a bit too extravagant for my liking when you think what the money could have been spent on.

torgster on

Before a hundred people post the exact same comments, consider that it’s doubtful they paid a cent for this purse, or any of the designer stuff she wears. I’m sure this stuff is all gifted to them – it’s good advertising for the fashion houses.

Y on


Toya L. on

She’s such a pretty little girl.

nicole on

this little girl is going to turn into a materialistic piece of work for any man someday.. it’s sad, but I think she’ll make Paris Hilton look tame by comparison. Dressing up is fun and cute, but designer handbags? and those fancy-shmancy heels? too bad really —

Dee on

Didn’t Zahara Jolie-Pitt have a designer bag to match Angelina’s at one point? And she was like 2 or 3 at the time. It was probably a gift to them but even if it wasn’t who cares, it’s not my job to tell others how they should spend their money.

Hmmm on

Maybe they got it for free……

Indira on


I don’t recall that.

The Cruise’s can raise their daughter as they see fit but, to ME they’re just ridiculous. Down to the comments Katie has made they don’t seem to be doing any parenting at all. It *seems* like all they do is dress Suri up like a pretty doll.

Kewky on

1,700? For an almost 5 year old? Is this real life? LOL

KintX on


BubbleT on

Katie has already commented that Suri calls the shots around that house, right down to being a factor in her decision whether to have another child or not. That lifestyle choice has the makings for producing a spoiled brat and an unhappy adult. In other articles I’ve seen little girls, including Suri, referred to as “fahionistas” and such, and THAT is just as ridiculous as the price tag on this purse! The parents are providing their “fashion choices” so who are they kidding? I don’t care for Katie or Tom or their pretentious, pompous attitudes and affiliation with the wacked out CO$. Where are the pictures of Suri actually having FUN and being a child?

mandi on

Spoiled brat is all I can say… really? Be a kid!

Lisa on

I just hope Suri shocks us all when she grows up and realizes what a waste this lifestyle is and turns into one of the biggest philanthropist out there. Unfortunately her parents don’t ‘get it’ but maybe she will.

Abi on

Aside from the money it cost, why white?? I try to avoid that color with my kids.. It will be a dirty mess before they trip is over. Oh well, when they send it off to the Goodwill, someone will be exited to get it.

mandi on

First words that come to mind when I see this is SPOILED BRAT! Give me a break.

missy on

How do we even know it’s Suri’s? It looks like the adult in the photo is holding it. Meanwhile, there’s another little pink pocketbook in the photo that looks more appropriate for a child. If it is hers, then I agree it seems ridiculous. But at least a purse is something she can keep forever. It’s not like a dress which she would out grow.

mrscabrera on

Why did CBB even ask that question? They know people are going to be upset about how much the bag cost. It’s not my child so how much they spend is they’re own business. And like one poster said the cost of the purse is relative to their income. I see people in part of NYC where I live, who clearly aren’t rich but push around pricey strollers. Those are the people who are really spending money they don’t have.

Hea on

She looks so sad and tired here. Almost worn. :-S I hope it’s just this pic. Such a pretty girl otherwise.

T on

Um, Crazy?
She is sooo young, she would probably be just as happy with a $5.00 hello kitty purse from Target. No matter the how rich, I doubt Suri cares, it seems like it is Katie that cares more. Take the 1700 and have Suri donate it to a childs charity. Of course I don’t know these people, but for some reason looking at her pics, I do feel kinda sad for this lonely only child 😦
On a side note, I do think she is quite adorable.

mypiecesandbits on

What do I think of her purse? Well its way too expensive for someone of any age let alone a 5 year old. It pains me to think about the fact that people can spend that much money on 1 dinky purse when that same amount of money could put shoes on about 1400 childrens’feet in Africa.

J on

That is really way to much. Why not teach her about giving, and give that much to a charity for kids her age, that don’t have any toys.

stacy on

I’m pretty sure Katie and Tom are smart enough to not let their daughter have a $1700 purse. It has to be a mistake. I don’t even think a purse should cost $1700! Sadly I know that’s probably average. What ever happen to those little purses with the child’s name on it.

Liz on

How do you know it was her purse?? In the picture it seems an adult was carrying it.

People on

People please! Suri is not the only child being pampered by doting parents! Check out the wealthy in your community! Go to the kids department any day in Neimans! Its not the celebrities keeping these designers successful, it anyone who is wealthy that spends money on a regular for their kids! Suri is not the only child in the world with 1700.00 pursues shoes and dresses!

Lila on

I agree that it doesn’t look like she is even the one holding the purse, and no one can confirm it is actually hers. It looks like whomever else is in the photo has her hands full, maybe Suri was helping out?

As far as the spoiling goes, none of you have ever met this child and have no idea what her attitude is like. You don’t know if she is selfish, or selfless.

Sarah N on

$1700 purse fit for a wealthy adult, high heels, and still wearing a pacifier at the age of almost 5.

Maybe they got the purse from the designer but how about the rest of it ?

Anonymous on

Or maybe the purse is Katie’s and Suri is playing with it? I used to play with my mom’s purses all the time when I was little. Not granted, none of them cost that much, but Katie Holmes is not the first celebrity to buy an almost $2000 purse.

nicole on


crazykraut on

1700 for a year worth of kids clothes? I don’t spent that much and my kids are always dressed nicely

nelly on

Hey its there money and their child …cute bag

Lilianne on

I think if it’s their money they should spend it how they like but at the same time that is A LOT of money for a purse no matter who is carrying it. More disturbing to me is combining the fact that they spent that much money on a purse for a little girl who is almost 5 and still sucks a pacifier. :/ Is she an adult or an infant? I don’t think they even know which category to put her in…and they are her parents.

Bianca on

A designer handbag for a kid? That’s just crazy… She will certainly be a fashionita when she grows up. I’m wondering why she always has bare legs when the people around her wear winter clothes. Doesn’t she feel cold?

Lady on

Wow, thats INSANE!!!!!!! Id sure love that 1700 bucks to pay off some bills…& maybe use the extra 20 for a cuter bag at TARGET!!

Toya L. on

@Missy that’s why I didn’t even comment about the purse because I saw all the photos from that day and some other woman was clearly carrying the purse *and not in a way that she was carrying it for Suri either*. In this photo she is holding on to her purse while holding Suri’s hand.

Sarah on

In the rest of these photos the nanny holds the purse the entire time. Whose to say it is even Suri’s purse?

mae on

I wonder what kind of message her parents are sending the whole world and the rest of the little girls her age with the kind of growing up Suri has… 😦

Brooke on

I doubt that they paid a dime for that purse. The designer most likely gave it to them for publicity sake and they sure got it…..

125 on

Is it just me or does Suri look unhappy in nearly every picture we see of her. She just doesn’t show the innocence and joy more children her age do.

T on

I love all the observate CBB viewers! I think you are right, probably not suri’s purse. A closer look at the picture does look like Suri is “holding on” much like when my kids hold onto the end of my jacket if my hands are full etc..People Mag prove it’s Suri’s purse before asking for comments!

Alma on

For me it looks like the adult person is holding the purse and she’s just holding this person’s hand. So you can’t say for sure it’s hers.
But IF it’s hers than I find it ridiculous.

Shannon on

She’s an adorable child, but that’s just it…a child. The way her parents spoil her is ridiculous. They are setting her up for failure as an adult. She is never going to learn the value of earning something or taking pride in herself for accomplishments she has achieved on her own. I feel very sad for her. Sometimes the tough part of parenting is saying NO, but in the end sometimes its the right thing to do. In all the pics I’ve seen Suri just looks lonely. Katie needs to have another child pronto to snap her out of whatever is making her treat that child like a toy.

Amanda on

Celebs rarely if ever pay for their designer bags, clothes, etc. Designers give them out so the public sees them and buys them, even though celebs are the ones with all the money. As for people calling Suri a spoiled brat, that’s not very nice. She’s just a little girl. How would you like people judging you?

Bridget on

If she’s old enough for that fancy bag then she needs to ditch the pacificer

Victoria on

In all honesty I really don’t care how much they spend on her belongings and as said its probably a freebie but i do think she’s incredibly spoilt and maybe one day TomKat will wish they’d had a bit more restraint! In fact I don’t recall this much fuss being made over Isabella or Connor when they were small or even now – I’ll remember the designer ballet flats like mommy’s, the bag like mommy’s etc that Suri had! By the look on her face in almost all pics I’ve seen she never seems filled with joy happiness or excitement like some of the kids on here (i’m thinking Satyana, Levi, Shiloh, Zahara)which I find very sad! Maybe they should invest their time and money on a good old fashioned family holiday ’cause I can’t recall seeing them all together for quite sometime!

Amanda on

That child never smiles or seems happy!

Amy on

Our society seems full of people who spoil their kids. These children grow up to become members of society who expect things to be given to them instead of working for what they have. As a mother of two small children who are being raised to be appreciative and hard working, please stop creating spoiled children. They are our nations future…and its not looking good.

Kim on

Where is the pacifier pic?

anonymous on

they are creating a monster….a miserable monster.
someone mentioned about teaching her about giving? why would they teach about giving? TomKat don’t give or do anything for anyone else, except probably giving to Scientology.

Halley on

The bag was probably a gift, they didnt pay a cent for it. I’m just glad to see she has a coat on! She seems to run around in sundresses no matter the time of year!

Jillian on

1. Probably a free bag.
2. Probably not even her bag.

Alyssa on

Value of a dollar right out the window in that family. So sad.

Alyssa on

$1700 bag to stuff her lip gloss and My Little Ponies in…Give that girl 10-15 years, she’s going to be another Lohan.

suzyq on

Why not post a picture of Suri with her pacifier (taken over the weekend), People? That would really stir up controversy (and increase the number of hits you get on the site $$)

Terri on

Cute, but not $1300 cute. Looks like the little purses I carried to church as a little girl.

annachestnut on

If they paid for the purse, wonderful. Someone (maybe a few people) made some money through the sale and in this economy, that is nothing to sneeze at.

Cheryl F on

No pacifier or bottle pictures?

Jennifer on

I think this is crazy. Regardless of the fact if it was a freebie given to her or something her parents bought for her..the mere fact that an almost 5 year old would carry a bag that expensive around is insane. If it was given to her, why couldn’t they have auctioned it off and given the proceeds to charity or something. I feel like Tom and Katie are raising a very spoiled and indulged little girl. Back in the day, I never thought Katie Holmes would turn out to be the kind of mom who raises a child like this. I hate to say this, but I really can’t stand to watch Tom and Katie anymore in movies…and it makes me sad that their daughter is being raised like she is Aristotle Onassis’s daughter. I am not ususally so fired up like this on here.

Lena on

Nice… I notice that the writer changed the article and adjusted the price down from 1700 to the 1200s. Makes me wonder if People mag really knows what they paid for it or you are just trying to stir up dissent. Do you have it from a reliable source that the cruises actually paid for this purse? If not it’s pretty tacky to post it as fact.

not impressed on

Probably not her purse but I think this child could still use a hairbrush!!

Jacqueline on

I’m sorry, I don’t normally comment: she may carry a $1300 purse, but they can’t afford tights for that little girl? She’s always dressed inappropriate for cold weather! It bothers me!

Marian on

Zahara Jolie-Pitt have a designer bag to match Angelina’s and everyone said oh so cute .. but when Suri has one everyone is attacking!!! get over it probably is a gift and if it isn’t they have the money to buy it

Jennifer on

My rent is not even $1700. And I live in Boston…

soph on

CBB knows what they’re doing when they post pictures and questions like these…

suzyq on

Forget the purse, I still want to know when we can expect to see the pacifier pictures – next week? Anyhow, here’s my comment in advance — maybe it was photoshopped in to create this kind of hysteria and controversy and more hits for the site.

Toya L. on

LMAO I have always wondered how pyramid scammers could find people so gullible to believe their crock of *#@*!!! Hmmm!!

momof3boys on

This child doesn’t look happy – could be the picture. if the parents have the money, why not? but eventually down the road, I’m pretty sure that if Suri goes to a friend’s house for a sleepover, she’ll be shocked to find out what ‘real’ really is.

L. Bond on

Are you kidding me!! $1295 for a 5 year olds purse. Just think what all that money could do for all the people around the country who don’t know where they will sleep tonight or where their next meal will come from. I think a better use of the money would be to start a charity in their daughters name to help those less fortunate!!

Jillian on

A child does not need to wear tights all the time to be warm, especially in 50 degree weather. Not all children are cold…..especially when wearing a big puffy coat. Sigh…so sick of this same argument and people feeling like they KNOW that she must be cold.

I am betting they didn’t pay for it. There was a post on here for Natalie Portman and they made it seem as though she bought the expensive sweater she was wearing, when in fact it was not even for sale yet. She received it from the designer….for free, is what he said, I read on another site.

This site is all about the DRAMA!

Doreen on

Seriously?! $1300 for a handbag for a child? Give me a BREAK! What is she going to carry in it for goodness sakes? Her credit cards and loads of cash?! 🙂 God forbid a stranger snatches that off her arm. Would be so easy to do for someone to do.

daniela on

Maybe it’s a knock off, hopefully it is IF it’s hers.

angela on

Suri’s Dad makes 20 million a movie,do you think he cares about $1300?
If Tommy & Katie want to spoil her it’s their business,I see a lot of average income brats all the time.

Tee on

First of all, I’m inclined to agree that it doesn’t look like it’s Suri’s purse. It looks like Suri is simply holding the hand of the person that is holding the purse.

However, IF it is Suri’s purse, I think it’s insane. I don’t care if they bought it or if it was given to them, a little girl should not be carrying such an expensive purse. I know that we, the general public, only see a small part of the life that Tom, Katie and Suri lead. But it really does seem like Suri is a very spoiled and unhappy little girl. I remember a few pictures where she is smiling and playing but they are few and far between. And yes, I understand that she probably gets really tired of cameras in her face. I would too! But I know that some of these shots are taken from a distance, so I don’t believe that she even realizes when she’s being photographed every time. She just looks miserable!

N.S on

The thing that confuses me is that Katie (not so much Tom) seems so down to earth, a really girl next door type who you can identify with – and then she goes and spends money like that on a handbag for her little girl? As if Suri could tell the difference between that one and one that cost $5, really – so Ridiculous, that is clearly a statement, and a very shallow one. It really makes me mad to see people throw money away on useless things.

Kellie on

First we don’t know if it’s even her’s. second Zahara Joilie-Pitt did it first and had a designer bag at 2 to match Angelina Jolie. People were drooling about how cute it was…so what is the difference. People have to realize the life of the rich and famous is very different.

Hockeymom on

The best part here is that they spend a ridiculous amount on money for her purse, but the kids still uses a pacifier, sorry Katie, I like you but you can’t have a diva and baby all at once, if she’s old enough for heels and a purse then get rid of the pacifier

biscuit on

The kid dont know the handbags value, its her ignorant parents sending the massage that money can buy anything. Anything but love, and I m afraid she will probably find that out tha hard way.

Cindy on

The cost of that purse. It could have help other children with a meal. That go to bed every night with out food. Maybe they need to teach her about what life is without money. Instead of buying her everything. Later they will be sorry. Do Katie and Tom ever help out the poor? Do they give to the poor charities? Have they ever taken her to see the sad faces of the poor children. Instead they take her to plays that she might not have no idea what’s going around her.

Michelle on

Katie wasn’t like this until she hooked up with Tom. What a sell-out. Goes to show that money can buy love.

B.J. on

Say what!? This makes me feel sick. So many people in this country can’t afford to pay for food and shelter, and to see this.. it’s just wrong. I know they’re wealthy beyond belief, I know Suri has always been a spoiled child, but this takes the cake.

Elaine on

Repulsive! That money could have been better spent on children that have no food. This child will have no conception of the real worlds thanks in part to her “parents”

jj on

I give this child MAYBE 15 before she is strung out on drugs, she does not have to do anything but suck on a pacifier and walking around like an adult no. I really do feel sorry for her because she is another Lindsay Lohan waiting to happen.

ang on

where are people getting $1700 from? it says $1295

kazumi on

i like how nicole and keith are raising sunday rose, but for tomkat..ummm..anyways, who am i to comment on how they should raise their kid, right?

Bancie1031 on

“At $1295, Suri’s luxe arm candy is more than most toddlers’ yearly clothing budget.”

I personally think this is ridiculous especially since they just spent on a child’s purse what I pay for an entire month of bills at my house.
But hey Suri is their child and they are the ones that have to pay for her upkeep ……. Mini Paris Hilton in the making …… Hopefully not but I don’t know ….. Tom and Katie are making it VERY hard for Suri to have any normalcy in her life. She’s ALWAYS alone, I don’t think we have EVER seen a picture of her playing with another child, which is extremely sad for Suri ….. She must be so lonely 😦 She just looks sad in this picture ….. maybe it’s just the picture but it honestly makes my heart break 😦

Jennifer on

Bring on the paci-pic!

Toya L. on

Uggghh I can see someone thinking she was spoiled but labeling a CHILD a brat solely based on looks and a couple of interviews about how her personality is without ever interacting with her? Hmmmm Riddle me this,”she has always been photographed going to numerous stores, and not ONE said she was acting bratty, ALL that have talked about her said that she was well-behaved”. Spoiled brats = well behaved? In what world?

The difference between Suri and the kids of let’s say; Jennifer G, Gwyenth P, Julia R, Michelle W, Alicia K, Nicole R, Reese W etc…. is that we don’t know how much they spend on their children. We just assume by how down to earth they seem that they don’t spend as much money on their kids as the Cruises’ do. They could spend the same amount, close to, a little less, a little more than what’s spent on Suri but it’s RARELY reported unless it’s something like a sweater, some jeans, shoes etc….

Hea on

Michelle – Goes to show that life consists of changes and you change with them.

brannon on

Could care less about the purse or how much they spent. Their money and all relative. (Though personally don’t like the bag.) However, over this child being called a fashionista. Usually looks a hot mess and never dressed well – designer maybe, stylish no. The unnecessary style labels are going to come back to haunt her which is really unfair to do to a child.

cris on

I think people always forget that they are commenting about a 5 year old-a kindergartner! I, for one, think her parents are beyond ridiculous and annoying (I refuse to watch their movies b/c I just cringe when I see them) but Suri is still a little girl who is the product of her parents. Katie should join the Real Housewives show, she comes across as just as shallow, with the look of ‘new money’ all over her.

sandra on

Maybe they got it for free (Hmmm)

I think too!
This little girl is a walking advertisement.
Parents are ridiculous!

missy on

Wow, I can’t believe all the nasty comments on this thread! There’s no evidence that the purse is even Suri’s. As many have pointed out it appears that an adult is actually carrying the bag. And yet not only do you guys assume that is her’s, you then proceed to make all sorts of nasty assumptions and comments about this little girl and her parents. It’s almost as if some peoople enjoy attacking them and are just looking for another excuse to do so. How sad!

Kim on

That’s not her bag it doesn’t match her outfit.(smile)

M on

Suri’s bag or not…that’s a ridiculous amount of money for a purse.

I wish I could smile just once seeing a photo & story about this kid. She’s such a pretty little thing. And once again not dressed weather appropriate. Whats the point of putting a coat when she’s not wearing pants? At least it’s proof she does in fact own a coat.

thursday on

I happen to live in Vancouver.I wish these idiots would just leave town.I think Katie gives Suri what she wants as a way to hide her own unhappiness.I doubt Katie would get photographed this much if she didn’t have Suri.It’s like watching a show at the circus.

JMO on

She probably stores her binky in it!!!

Jennifer on

But you do see Jennifer Garner and other celebrities going to the farmers market and library with their kids. All we ever seem to see from Suri is broadway shows, shopping extravaganzas, cupcake and candy pics and extravagant accessories and clothing. A few pics of her at the park in the past…and i might add that she actually looked like she was having fun then in those pics…smiling more. I was impressed by Kate Winslets article the other day talking about how she raises her children to be….you never see her kids toting around these bags and acting indulged. Honestly, I was turned off to Katie and Tom when he acted like a fool on Oprah years ago and jumped up and down on the couch proclaming his love to her. And Katie has dissapointed me in the way she has become. Suri is a cute little girl…but man, I see some problems ahead.

missy on

Jennifer, as a matter of fact there were photos of Suri at the library with Tom last week. There are tons of photos of Suri doing kid friendly things, whether it’s going to the toy store( last week with Katie) museums, dance classes etc. People just tend to not focus on that stuff for whatever reason.

Toya L. on

She has been photoed at the library with Tom at the end of Feb and at a petting zoo in January. I’ve also personally seen 9 or ten different photo dates of her at the Farmer’s market, picking berries, at the circus etc… She does regular “kid like things”, they just aren’t sometimes posted on here. LOL just thinking about Tom on Oprah’s couch.

fuzibuni on

Suri isn’t even holding the purse! she is holding the fingers of the adult who is holding it.

I feel like it’s a bit creepy to purposely ask readers to judge a 5 year old child like this. She is an innocent little girl.

Jennifer on

Sorry…never saw the other pics of her at the library, etc. But, you have to admit….most pics we do see are the extravagant ones. Maybe they are doing those things with her. I hope so.

Nella on

I agree that it’s a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a child’s purse, but no one knows for sure even if it’s hers, or if they got it for free or whatever the deal is. I remember seeing Zahara Jolie Pitt carrying around designer bag purse identical to her mothers and no one mentioned anything bad about that. I think the way Suri dresses, where she goes and how she behaves is Katie’s and Tom’s business. I believe they let her get away with whatever she wants and it seems like they don’t have any control of their own child and for that you can’t blame a five year old little girl, her parents are the ones that should take charge. I believe it states in their religious beliefs (Scientology) that a child needs to make their own decision without parents being strict or much discipline or rules applying to the child, and I believe they follow that. I don’t agree with that way of thinking, but then again I’m not Suri’s parent so it’s none of my business. She’s a cute child, but it seems like she gets lot of publicity more so than a lot of other celeb kids do and it’s always controversial…such as this post and people magazine asking people what they think of it which is obviously set up to stir some drama and get people upset.

Amanda on

Why do people post that this or that celeb should donate to charity? It’s their money, they can do what they want. It’s not their responsibility so many people are poor. If you’re so concerned, why don’t you guys volunteer or donate yourselves.

Alisa on

To whom much is given, much is to be expected…

I personally don’t know how anybody, in good conscience, can buy a $1300 purse for their daughter with the knowledge of all the kids going to bed hungry all around the world.

Suzanna on

Sorry–but a 5yr.old having a $1500-$1700 is outrageous–hate to say this but it’s the treat-Suri is most likely a brat-and it’s going to come back on Tom & Katie–I mean come on-get real! Teach this child what the REAL world is about before it’s too late. Some of you may not like what I say and I understand that–but it’s just downright sickening to see parents spend this kind of money on kids just because they have it-and to let her be the little boss of the house? Not! It’s going to come back on them tenfold

Jade Crystal on

Did anyone stop and think that maybe this purse was given to her as a GIFT?? Its no secret that she is photographed frequently and loves to “dress up”. Lots of times, celebrities are given things.. one picture and there are tons of ppl asking “where can i get that?!” Just a thought…

Jennifer on

Amanda, Guess what? I donate items to charity monthly and volunteer at several places. Do you?

Kim on

Zahara Valentina purse was a gift from the designer especially made for her that’s why it was so small. People were inquiring about where to buy it and the designer rep says it was not for sale.I rembember Burberry making a dress for Suri. As someone mentioned earlier designers give free stuff to celebs.

lucy on

I think this little girl seems so sad… have a look at her eyes…
We barely see pictures of her smilling, none of her having fun in a playpark or playing with toys or others kids…
She has not the age for beeing a “fashonista”, just the age for been a baby girl. They should not let her growing too fast…
I think kids don’t care how much money you spend for them till they are happy, which she is not.
She may have a 1700 dollars bag, but she is not happy, and may not be love.
Poor Suri !

Dee on

While I am the first to say it’s their money they can do as they please, I tend to agree w/ the poster who said the purse was probably a gift from a designer.

A lot of designers give freebies to celebs so they can wear and promote said designer. That being said, if they really did spend that much money on a purse for a five year old then wow!!!

I personally wouldn’t do it, even if I had all the money in the world. To me going to Walmart and buying a purse is sufficient because in reality what does a five year old know about designer stuff???? That is taught….and at five its just a novelty so get them something that is cute, inexpensive and if it gets wrecked then you are not out of pocket for a ridiculous amount of money.

Karli on

Honestly, my heart hurts for this little girl. She has nothing to look forward to. She already has everything. And the whole world has already labeled her a “spoiled brat.” Not saying she doesn’t/won’t earn it. But how sad that that is the image that has been created for her to live up to. And lastly, can you imagine how scary it must be for a child to live in a world with no limits? Even as adults there are limits. It would be terrifying to not have any.

natalie on

it’s killing me that over a hundred person felt the need to comment on the purse, yet as far as i could tell, not a single one of you noticed that poor little suri isn’t wearing any pants. they’re in new york, she’s got a proper winter coat (yay for that!!) yet she’s bare-legged. let her have the purse, it’s just as ridiculous as spending $1000 on a laptop for your toddlers and believe me, i’ve seen people do that. focus on what’s important.

Minnie on

You know it’s a completely different world that celebs. live in. Who cares what sort of purse Suri Cruise carries. Her parents purchase certain items like this because they can! Think about the amount of years Tom Cruise has been in the business and his sweet wife Katie Holmes just so happens to be a very well known celebrity on her own as well. Leave celebrity children out of the press. Don’t photograph them and let them lead the innocent life they are entitled to. The most recent photo I saw of Suri Cruise is her hiding her face in her mommies arms. Obviously can’t stand the flashing lights and strangers approaching her! Let children be children no matter who they are!

Riel on

if theyre only going on this photo for to prove its Suri’s purse, its ridiculous. LOOK AT THE PHOTO. how can you tell it’s HER purse from this photo? It just looks like she’s trying to hold the adult’s hand or just the handle – doesn’t mean she owns it. Everybody is just jealous because she’s rich, pretty and in the media. She’s not the only one.

Layla on

where are all you people getting $1700 from?? it says $1295. Did I miss something? Or do you just post whatever the person before you did without reading the article? Not that $1295 is any better…

12kewkadook on

@Layla Actually it said 1700 and I suppose they changed it by the time you read it. **Most of us** aren’t stupid.. xD